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STATUS QUO Quid Pro Quo Forth Chord Records (2011)

Status Qio

New album from the legendary UK boogie masters. Released as a download and through Tescos (to you Americans, I guess that's closest to AC/DC's Walmart deal), and while that may seem a sell-out, the first thing that strikes you when you play the album is just how solid and ballsy it is.

Once the sledgehammer of Two Way Traffic has woken you up and got you listening, we're into classic Quo roots territory with Rock'n'Roll' You. Rossi and Parfitt are on form, and the banging piano stands out. In a positive way this is what Tesco shoppers will like and, well, if that's contrived, then so be it, it still a good album.

There's plenty of boogie, but it's not as clichéd as the 70s work, there's an extra dimension to the hard rock on top of the commercial feel.

Let's Rock is closer to the heads down knees up, and the horns and rhythm guitar make it a much fuller sound than the music of 35 years ago. Can't See For Looking is kinda uplifting, and there's good feel to Better Than That, which sees Bob Young co-writing with Rossi. Again co-written by Young is Movin' On, another belter.

It wouldn't be a Status Quo if it didn't have a head banging rhythm, but this album is full of surprises, as it's a good balance of classic Quo, a commercial touch and some extra dimension heaviness.

14 new tracks, and a 2010 version of In The Army Now, and a second disc of the Greatest Hits - Live.

As groundbreaking as Quo will ever get (which, to be honest, isn't hugely), but they always know how to rock and leave you smiling.


Review by Joe Geesin

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