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Singles Bar: February 2010

We've listed singles/EPs/demos in order of star rating. Best first.


Recently championed by XFM DJ John Kennedy, 'Anything' is an infectious dose of guitar fuelled alternative rock. The track kicks off with a thumping rhythm section, before some subtle guitar parts lead us nicely into the chorus. Vocally they don't pull any punches either, with some nice falsetto style vocals. ****

Review by Darren Coomber

KENDAL SANT One Night (Sorcy Productions)

Brighton based singer songwriter Kendal Sant releases a single that shows maturity way beyond his 22 years. One night is a well crafted tale of two lovers wanting more than a one night stand. Definitely one to watch in 2010. ****

Review by Darren Coomber


Norwegian band Shoot The Breeze have taken elements of the melodic, progressive and classic rock sounds of the '60's and '70's and have used modern production techniques to create a sound that is ideally suited to today's American music market. The result is the newly released 'Angels Avenue EP' - riff based, packed with hooks and backing vocals- this may be the heavier end of melodic rock but it will no doubt ignite interest in the band.

Formed as a trio in 2004, the band soon expanded to a four piece and has been hard at work since, recently teaming up with TNT guitarist Ronni le Tekro, who produced the EP. 'Angels Avenue' is a strong release, featuring 5 tracks, the highlights of which are 'Higher Ground', 'Feel as a Victim' and 'What Have We Done', which has a late '60's West Coast vibe to it.

With US dates in the pipeline and the band receiving positive feedback to this EP, I doubt it will be too long before we get to hear a full album from Shoot The Breeze. ****

Review by Nikk Gunns

PLANK Plank EP (Dieseled Entertainment)

Boston based band Plank have a sound that is not too dissimilar to Nickelback, albeit it with a twist of late ‘80's heavy rock. This is where producer Beau Hill comes in, having previously worked with the likes of Warrant, Ratt, Winger and many more, he has done a good job of capturing the band as you would expect to hear them live.

Featuring the single 'So Wicked', this 6 track EP is a good introduction to the band. Good solid hard rock with plenty of harmonies and guitars. Other highlights on the EP include 'Standing on the Edge' and 'Some Kind Of Mistake'.

If you like bands like Nickelback, then check out Plank  - you won't be disappointed.  ****

Review by Nikk Gunns

H.E.A.T. Beg Beg Beg EP

H.E.A.T. made a big imapct with their debut album that appealed to lovers of 80's melodic rock bands as well as drawing in a younger set of fans who've enjoyed bands like Brother Firetribe and the Poodles. This three track EP is a taster of the band's new album due this spring.

The title track is an instant hit and is the only song on here that will make the new album. It's got a big chorus and is made for radio aitplay. I defy anyone not to be singing after just one listen.

'Tonight' and 'Living In Memory' take the pace down slightly and both would beat many fellow rock bands at their best. Bon Jovi take note... Again each song has a hook filled chorus and if songs of this quality don't make the album then we are in for a treat!

A nice stop gap until we get the new album so go grab a copy now! ****

Review by Jason Ritchie


Eight years since his last album release (So, 2002) and never one to court convention, Peter Gabriel is set to release his first 'covers' album.

Of course, Gabriel doesn't do straight covers, the songs on Scratch My Back are 'interpretations' recorded exclusively with orchestral instruments and voice. Not a single guitar or drum present.

You might think that an unusual ploy, but if the beautiful Book Of Love single is anything to go by, the broadsheet media hype surrounding the album's release will be well deserved.

Gabriel's half spoken, half sung lines, underpinned some lovely female vocals tug at the heart strings. Of course this Magnetic Fields cover isn't exactly a new piece of work having already appeared on the 2004 film soundtrack Shall We Dance? and on the US TV Series 'Scrubs'. But nevertheless, it bodes well for Scratch My Back. ***½

Review by Pete Whalley

WISHBONE ASH Reason To Believe (Barebones Records)

Like some other fellow 70's rock bands Wishbone Ash come in two forms nowadays. You have the Martin Turner fronted version and then this version featuring Andy Powell.

Although the press release claims this is the band's first official single since 1989 I am sure Martin Turner would have something to say about that!

As for the song, its not too bad at all, perhaps lacking in a nice, long guitar solo but it has that clsssic Wishbone Ash sound.

This version of the band will be touring the UK in April and releasing this single in May. Just a shame they can't join together again for a tour but it seems from recent interviews that won't be happening any time soon, if at all. ***½

Review by Jason Ritchie

YOU ME AT SIX  Underdog (EMI)

'Underdog' is the first official single to be taken from the Surrey quintet's second album 'Hold Me Down'. A lively post-punk number in the same vein as Fall Out Boy. These guys are obviously doing something right as this single is getting serious airplay on XFM. Catch them on their UK tour in March, including a sold-out date at Brixton Academy. ***

Review by Darren Coomber


Enjoyable set this and a style that's hard to pinpoint. In the opening title track there's a hint of the new wave / mod / pub rock of Nine Below Zero, there's also a hint of uptempo Skynyrd southern rock. And some classic rock too.

Anyway, it all comes in at some pretty decent rock'n'roll. The first 2 tracks stand out and flow smoothly, but “Pull The Trigger” is a little more jerky, sounding a little disjointed. That said, there's a hint of Nugent or Triumph with keyboards.

“All The Same” is more keyboard led. The piano parts are balladic, while the synths nod to Eloy. Yes, a strange mix.

Some excellent moments on this mini (6 track) album, but too much variation to be that consistent.  ***

Review by Joe Geesin

LISBEE STAINTON Never Quite An Angel (Marionet Music)

New single from Stainton - asinger-songwriter who lends a melodic touch to folk and pop. She plays an 8 string guitar, we are told, and the lead track is gentle, whimsical and a decent listen. This is folk/pop, but she does have a great voice.

The second track is far more whimsical, being voice / strings / piano. The kind of song you could fall asleep to while lying in the sunshine in a meadow. ***

Review by Joe Geesin


Dublin 4 piece Delorentos serve up a palatable blend of post punk indie pop / rock. Think the like of The Wombats and The Editors and you won’t be wide of the mark.

S.E.C.R.E.T a big sing-a-long number - heralds the release of the band’s debut album You Can Make Sound. 2009 saw the band enter the Irish charts at #2, and they’ll no doubt be dominating a festival stage near you in summer 2010.

And with the likes of Delorentos stepping up to the mark this NME style of pop / rock is a genre that’s going nowhere soon. ***

Review by Pete Whalley

EIGHT LEGS Best Of Me (Bootleg Records)

Eight Legs return with a foreboding tale of paranoia. With a slightly more sinister edge than their previous releases, 'Best Of Me' is a catchy ska tinged beast. If you want a bit more of 'Eight Legs', new album 'The Electric Kool-Aid Cuckoo Nest is due out Monday 22nd February. ***

Review by Darren Coomber


Following on the recent success of his debut album 'The Scene', York's Aaron Carey releases single '6 Strings'. A tongue in cheek tale of a nerdy public school boy and his ambition to be a rapper.

Imagine Jack Johnson in a hip hop style duel with The Wombats and you get the idea. The track even features a cleverly rapped bridge! A charming song from a no doubt talented singer-songwriter, but it's hard to imagine the novelty of the lyrics won't wear out after a couple of listens. **

Review by Darren Coomber

MARVIN B. NAYLOR Little Speck of Blue (Barcarolle Records)

With a definite nod to the psychadelic sixties, Marvin B.Naylor releses latest single 'Little Speck of Blue'. Clever word play over a warm and rich souding acoustic guitar. This track has a real happy Beach Boys vibe about it and if you fancy a nostalgic trip back to that era, you could do a lot worse. **

Review by Darren Coomber


These four guys from Norway, who are apparently slaves to fashion, play a mix of modern and melodic rock with a touch of prog. Open track 'Mrs Hero' is at times powerful, catchy and searing, but has lighter moments that are nearer pop.

The fluctuation is like grunge without the grunge. 'Left Out In The Cold' is slightly more alternative but does have a good underlying riff, and a decent guitar solo, but a shame about the grunge tendencies again.

The intro to 'The Garden' (remix) is so trebly it sounds like a poor quality radio, and the main track mixes alternative with guitar pop. A nice melody but not too much else.

Of the four tracks, two stand out, a good start but not consistent.  **½

Review by Joe Geesin


Experimental hard rock, that opens with a gothic piano before moving to a chunky rough rhythm with tuneless shred.

This 6 track set then gels in an alternative jangly way. Some of the riffs could almost be stoner if they weren’t so uptempo, and the trebly effects on the vocals add to the jangliness. Edgy it may be, but despite the high energy it isn’t as blistering or supersonic as the press release tells us.

I was just about coping until track 5, when someone hit the 'Psychedelic Metal' button and I really must conclude there, for medical reasons. **½

Review by Joe Geesin


A weird combination, Beatbullyz. Somewhere between, Madness and Basement Jaxx with a large splash of electro hiphop thrown in. According to the Guardian, a possible UK response to Black Eyed Peas.

If Black Eyed Peas have a single redeeming feature, it's Fergie (as Slash will testify, her vocals on Paradise City are blistering). But Beatbullyz have no such secret weapon. And with a line up featuring Bozo on raps, a drummer called disco, and Philonius Funk on turntables, it is, indeed madness. **

Review by Pete Whalley


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