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THE TRAVELING WILBURYS Collection Rhino (2007)

A deluxe two CD/one DVD collection finally gets released (the two studio albums have long been deleted) with the added bonus of extra tracks and the DVD, which includes all the promo videos and the story behind the songs and the band on their debut album.

Who were the Traveling Wilburys? They were Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne, George Harrison and Roy Orbison (sadly Orbison died shortly after the debut album’s release and plans to replace him with Del Shannon were halted when Shannon committed suicide).

The debut album is a classic from the opener ‘Handle With Care’ to the superb ‘End Of The Line’. In between you get the rock ‘n’ roll of ‘Rattled’(in which drummer Jim Keltner played the fridge!), Roy Orbison singing his heart out on ‘Not Alone Any More’ (complete with ELO approved backing vocals) and the uptempo ‘Heading For The Light’.

Two previously unreleased tracks in the shape of a Tom Petty led sing-a-long ‘Maxine’ and ‘Like A Ship’, which is okay but not up to the standard of the other songs.

The band’s second album ‘Volume 3’ (so called as there were rumoured bootlegs of a second album around at the time of release) is not as good in my own opinion, mainly as Bob Dylan gets more lead vocals and I am not a fan of his voice! That said ‘Wilbury Twist’ is great fun and ‘She’s My Baby’ is another good number (with Gary Moore guesting).

Two bonus tracks are ‘Nobody’s Child’ which has been previously released on a charity album and a cover of Del Shannon’s ‘Runaway’, which was a B-side.

Both albums show these major talents kicking back and going where the musical flow takes them, which resulted in these two fine albums. If you haven’t got them then why not? Add in the DVD and you’ve got a real treat for fans of not only the individual band members but catchy, enjoyable rock ‘n’ roll meets pop rock.


Review by Jason Ritchie

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