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Quick Play: A round-up of June 2007 album releases

We've listed albums in order of star rating. Best first.

TWIN SPIRITS The Music That Will Heal The World (Lion Music)

Debut album that covers virtuosity and melodic prog metal. The main sound comes froim guitarist Timmy Ermolli and pianist Daniele Liverani, whose intricate runs weave in and out of the music.

'Back To Reality' is interesting, while 'What You Want' nods at 80s trad metal, the vocals strong too.

The slower balladic end is good, while thereís some modern sounds and production that make it all smooth.

'Power To Kill' ups the game somewhat, solid power metal with a rough edge. 'Understand' sees guitar and keyboards swap over, a nice prog metal touch. The vocal harmonies and keyboards work very well over the solid riffs.

This band really are worth checking out. ***½

Review by Joe Geesin

FURY UK Face of Adversity (Rocksector Records)

Dark, crunchy, rifftastic heavy metal, thereís an element of Tank to the opening track 'Krueger', and despite the slightly muffled recording quality, the guitar solo is clean and outstanding.

'Natural Disaster' follows, the vocals outstanding for this kind of metal. The heavy dark riffs very reminiscent of the NWoBHM at the slower doomier end. Odd touches of Paul Samson but beyond that thing Wicthfynde and Witchfinder General. A decent sound for a three piece.

'Words You Say' is a lighter track, a nod at guitar pop mixed with heavy metal.

'Breakthrough' is the kind of metal that would have influenced Anthrax 25 years ago.

The album does lighten up, with some near acoustic moments. Maturity and energy and a nice angle. ***

Review by Joe Geesin

MEACULPA First To Ripen (Sugar Shack Records)

Extreme, hardcore and noisy. Intelligent extreme guitar work on the opening track 'Pheromones', with samples and grindcore vocals. Gothic too. NFD with a nod at Prodigy, A U2 sound to the bass line. And progressive too, running at nearly 8 minutes.

Yes itís a mixture, but a good one, intelligent enough to keep the extreme fan interested.

'Buried Concrete' continues in a similar vein, some excellent guitar work, with vocals that mix Napalm Death with Gremlins / Critters. No Junebe Napalm Death is too extreme, but Definitely the girndcore end of NFD.

Different, but actually quite enjoyable. ***

Review by Joe Geesin

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