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Here we go again - The Odd Trio - A very Odd Trio indeed ! On guitar we have Michael Schenker, on the bassguitar Harry Cobham and finally on drums Kathy Brown This is the third electric instrumental CD from Schenker year 2000! But this time HE's doin' all the instrument, guitar - bass - drums. And I love it....

It's 10 rocker-track's, well the first - Far Beyond The Ocean is a cool opener. It sound's like the ocean.... very calm and melancholy with his acoustic guitar - NICE. The next one out is Searching and it starts up with a cool riff mixed with acoustic guitar and then moves on, mixed with the typical 'Schenker-feeling-guitar'. The ending is just superb - will make your hair rise on the back of your neck..... my favorite!!

Rockin' And Lovin' - heavy rock blues goes straight into a nice acoustic guitar - soft and beautiful - then back to the hard driven riffs with solo-guitar in the back, great middle solo, end's up with the typical 'Schenker-howling-solo', clean and nice.

The fourth track out is Welcome, an up-tempo rocker with guitar solos comin' in and out all the time and with a middle solo wich is 'furious'. The Good Old Days - well ! the 'same' as Welcome but 'different'. This one is a little bit faster.

Half way through we stop at Watching. A basic rock track but in the middle it opens up very soft and then he dives into the furious solo but ends up soft again, so nice nice nice....

Track No. 7 - In Good Faith - is one of my absolute favorites on this, great, album. The opening riff is coming back all the time mixed with the Spanish guitar sections. But the middle solo is with the elctric guitar - short and explosive.

Achievement - opens up with the now typical: 'riffs-up' or give me your money..... and then ends into a soft and nice on-going theme, the 'background' is filled with acoustic guitar, organ and with Michael's solo guitar infront.

What now, no heavy riff opening ? Hangin' Out begins with a car ! Well, after a short while a suggestive guitar comes in the picture mixed with acoustic guitar.

The last track is called It's OK and has a Jimi Hendrix feeling in the beginning. It's a soft rocker and moves on slowly, a little bit suggestive and combined with a piano, but the solo is HOT. Then back to normal but with a howling guitar way back in the background, high long tunes - it's like the back of a man walking away slowly at the end of a film/movie.... Goodbye.

Over all this is a true MS instrumental album. Lot's of nice guitar stuff - all those 'things' we've been waiting for. I can't say that this one is his best. AOTI and Dreams And Expressions are also very very good albums. They are all great in their own way...

Dremas & Expressions (Review)


Review by Magnus Beronius (Sweden)

***** Out of this world | **** Pretty damn fine |
*** OK, approach with caution unless you are a fan |
** Instant bargain bin fodder | * Ugly. Just ugly

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