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IN FLAMES Come Clarity Nuclear Blast (2006)

In Flames

While In Flames recent history, has been somewhat controversial in some circles. The direction of the last two albums, in particular, has brought on some heated debate, even forced the band to close their own official forum. In my eyes there has been nothing to fuss about, In Flames have continued to progress and make music that can appeal to all generations of fans.

'Come Clarity', is the natural progression from the previous, Soundtrack To Your Escape', album. Its also brings the /new with the old/. Back from hibernation from recent memory are the guitar solo's, as is the twin harmony guitar leads, that were once the trademark, In Flames sound. This doesn’t mean In Flames have gone back to re-hasing their older sound, they'd successfully blended the 'nu' sound of their most recent offerings, with the classic older style, that many fans yeared for, but have been left empty handed, since 2000's, 'Clayman'.

The thirteen songs on 'Come Clarity', pack a punch, offer many different In Flames styles, yet manage to sound vibrant, fresh and of course heavy. Vocalist Anders Fridén, has brought some his vocals prowess, that was shown on the side project, Passenger, to In Flames.

That release, showed us all that Anders is more than a mere screamer, and has a pretty broud ranger in his vocals.

Fridén brings this to In Flames, adding another string to an already snappy and tight bow. The variety of the vocals is a much welcomed addition and there is also some female vocals found on, 'Dead End'.

I've played this album 8 times, mostly in my car, where I can be at peace and concentrate on the music, I mean the road.

Each play I am hearing new things, things that I like, and make me want to play this album again and again.

The retail version of 'Come Clarity', adds a bonus DVD of In Flames performing the whole album live in rehearsal. It's a great album and if that isn't enough to tempt you...


Review by Graham Boyle

***** Out of this world | **** Pretty damn fine |
*** OK, approach with caution unless you are a fan |
** Instant bargain bin fodder | * Ugly. Just ugly

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