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DECAPITATED ‘The Negation ’ (Earache Records 2004)


Polish history began in the early 9th century when the Polians (dwellers in the field) obtained hegemony over the other Slavic tribes that occupied the country. Polish people were occupied by the Russians (17th century). The First World War (1914-18) gave Poland an opportunity to recover its independence only until 1939 when the country was invaded by the Germans. Early in 1945 the last German troops were expelled from Poland by the Soviet army and since then the country has been through difficult times - both Politically and Economically. My intention here is not to give you history lessons, but to justify the existence of a brutal Death Metal band called Decapitated.

The band was formed in 1996 in Krosno, Southern Poland by four 14 year old guys who all attended the same music school. (before you start jumping to conclusions I need to remind you that the members of Death Angel were sixteen years old when they released the "Ultra Violence" album). The band's first two demo's ("Cemeteral Gardens" and "The Eye Of Horus") made known to the world that the quartet's intentions were to challenge Death Metal's big guns. In 2000 the band signed with Earache records and released their debut CD "Winds Of Creation". The extensive UK tour which followed in support of "Lock Up" (Shane Embury and Co) obliged Terrorizer magazine to vote Decapitated as "Best Newcomer". The band's second release "Nihility" strengthened the band's position in the global Death Metal scene and increased their loyal fan base.

"The Negation" is the band's third studio release which will bring a huge smile to every Death Metal fan's face. The furious attack starts from the very first notes of the opening track "The Fury", which gives justice to it's name. Hyper speed Riffs, brutal drumming, stunning death metal screams and excellent solos. A brilliant mixture of technicality and brutality. A nice technical riff will introduce you to "Three-Dimensional Defect", a rhythmical song in which the guitar playing (especially the solos) will remind you a lot of Malevolent Creation's first two albums. You'll be impressed with the maturity of this composition and the technical skills of the band. "Lying And Weak" is mostly influenced by the early 90's American Death Metal scene with plenty of blastbeats and technical riffs. Perodicaly the song will bring you a Thrash Metal atmosphere which only improves the quality of the composition. "Calling" is the introduction to the best song of the album "The Negatio! n". It's been a long time since I've listened to such a great head-banging tune that I already started to feel sorry for my neck! By now you will probably feel like relaxing, but "Long-Desired Dementia" has other plans for you! The last song of this eight track CD is "The Empty Throne", my second favourite song of the album and a great choice for the ending.

This album has everything you could possibly need from a Death Metal band: Aggressive drumming, powerful vocals and amazing guitar work. The band's London show is on the 28th of February and I'll definitely be there - so must you!



Review by John Stefanis

***** Out of this world | **** Pretty damn fine |
*** OK, approach with caution unless you are a fan |
** Instant bargain bin fodder | * Ugly. Just ugly

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