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BOB CATLEY/Danny Vaughn
London, Underworld,Camden 30 May 2003

Quite a group (around a dozen) of us die-hard Magnum fans in attendance for this one, including our Magnum discussion list founder, Mike, who was amazingly at his first ever Magnum / Bob C gig - he is American, in the US forces, and has just begun a 3 year tour in the UK - so the anticipation was high in the World's End pub before hand, with the band to keep us company, and Bob's latest songwriter (keyboard player Paul Hodson) managing to remain extremely modest in the face of the rave reviews the album (When Empire's Burn) has been getting.

So, into the leaky, creaky Underworld we go, to join a good sized crowd for the venue (about the same number as John Wetton pulled in earlier in the year). Danny Vaughn first up and he played a pretty good set of acoustic material - I'm not familiar with his solo works, so couldn't really get into it played acoustically until the last track of the set, which was Tyketto's `Forever Young', and was excellent. Mid way through he had a little dig at Aerosmith, seeming to suggest that their `Hangman Jury' from the `Permanent Vacation' album wasn't quite as original as had been made out, and proceeding to play a very similar sounding track.

Then the main event of the evening - Bob & band came on in darkness to the strains of `The Torment' on tape, fired up into `Children Of The Circle', and remained in darkness for about 30-40 seconds until someone found the switch for the stage lighting. This song immediately lets you know that the new album is a change in direction, with a harder edged rock sound, whilst still retaining the character and expression in Bob's vocals. Another new song, `This Is The Day' followed, and it became clear that playing together in the studio has really helped this band on stage - they are now so tight, and really interact well together. Vince O'Regan's guitar solos are now unmistakably his own, rather than trying to emulate a Vinny Burns studio solo.

Bob Catley

Photography by Martin Kessel

We then sojourned into `Middle Earth' for the majestic (pun intended) `Return of the Mountain King' and `Stormcrow & Pilgrim' before returning for the title track of the new album. The opening two tracks of Bob's solo career then followed, `Dreams' and `Scream', and are clearly still firm favourites with band and fans alike. The fourth new song of the eight played so far, `I'll Be Your Fool', shows that Bob is really happy with this album and believes it can stand up well against the Gary Hughes penned material (and he's right), before going back to the first collaboration with Mr. Hughes and `Far Away'.

Then came the moment that always gets the crowd bouncing at a Bob gig (although quite a lot of us already were) - a couple of Magnum songs, `Start Talking Love' and `Lonely Night', the latter featuring a return to the stage of Danny Vaughn to lend his six strings and vocal chords to the effort. Nicely done all round, but then came the shock of the evening - new track `My America', probably unheard by quite a few of those there before this moment, gained an equally exuberant crowd reaction as the Magnum songs. Well done Paul Hodson, this one is probably a dead cert for every Bob Catley live show from now until the end of time. Off they went for a couple of minutes before returning with `The Pain' - the only inclusion from the `Legends' album on this tour, and the now traditional closers `Fear Of The Dark' and an excerpt from `Madrigal'.

Top performance all round, 110% effort from Bob and the band as usual, not forgetting the phenomenal efforts of Annie Minion on the merchandise stand as always.

The Bullingdon, Oxford (31 May 2003)

Not much to add as set list identical to the previous night. The Bullingdon is a pub with a back room for music, and an even smaller stage than the Underworld. Paul's keyboards were perched right on the edge, and he was a bit worried about falling off, especially as it was so high (2ft is a long way to a little guy). Full marks on the night to Danny Vaughn, as the air conditioning was off during his set and the conditions were not far from tropical. He carried on regardless and played his full set, but must have come off a few pounds lighter.

Bob Catley

Photography by Martin Kessel

De-hydration was not a problem for Vince though, as it became clear that his more vigorous face pulling towards the end was not an attempt to mimic Bob, but rather an intense need to part company with some of the liquid refreshment he had enjoyed earlier. You can imagine his glee when Bob decided they wouldn't leave the stage between main set and encore, and a pained cry of "will you f***ing hurry up" when Bob was introducing the band at the end was followed by a Vince shaped blur heading off stage.

`My America' once again received a fantastic response from those present, and Danny Vaughn had obviously recovered enough from his ordeal to once again join an already crowded stage area for `Lonely Night'. Another interesting moment was Al standing behind Bob and perfectly imitating his hand gestures as he introduced `Stormcrow & Pilgrim', which earned him a laugh from the crowd and a curse from Bob.

Once again, all were as sociable before and after the gig as always. The UK tour is now over, but a European tour is being planned for later in the year, so if there's a show in your area - check it out!


Bob Catley - Vocals, expansive arm waving, and Olympic class gurning. Vince O'Regan - Guitars, backing vocals, clowning around, and general horseplay. Al Barrow - Bass, backing vocals, short (yes, short) hair, and crowd interaction supervisor. Paul Hodson - keyboards, backing vocals, song writing, and still sobering up from Wolves' playoff win. Jamie Little - Drums and generally encouraging Vince to make a fool of himself.

Set list:

Intro (The Torment) Children Of The Circle This Is The Day Hall Of The Mountain King Stormcrow & Pilgrim When Empires Burn Dreams Scream I'll Be Your Fool Far Away Start Talking Love Lonely Night My America


The Pain Fear Of The Dark Excerpt from Madrigal

Text © 2003 Ian Pollard

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