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Legendary label returns with old and new...

Track Records

Track Records, arguably the most successful and significant of the 60's Independent record labels,brainchild of feted aristocratic hothead, Kit Lambert and his street wise partner, Chris (brother of actor, Terence) Stamp, is alive once more.

It is now run by former Stranglers, Cult, Big Country, manager - Ian Grant. Originally the home of Jimi Hendrix,The Who, The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown & Thunderclap Newman in the 60's. Grant who was given the right to reform the label by former co-founder and original owner Chris Stamp, initially re-introduced the label with Theatrical Impressario and Everton FC owner Bill Kenwright in 1999 says "We have released music by artists that have existing catalogue, still tour and have an active fan base and record new material, particularly from the late 60s 'psychedelic' through 'punk rock' period". Too often artists are told they are "past their sell by date" or a "one hit wonder". This wouldn't be said of bluesmen or rock and rollers of the 30's - 50's but is often said by so called trend setters, music critics and the executives at major record labels if the artist is no longer selling to the mass market. If it's good music it's good music no matter the artists age or genre.

"If it's good music it's good music no matter the artist's age or genre."

"I also hope to be re-releasing some of the recordings that were originally on Track Records". A second label "T2' now exists which will be exclusively for new bands. We will be developing new bands and making downloads of their material available if not ready for making an album. If its good music its good music no matter the artist's age or genre.

"I have drawn from artists I have been associated with initially. I also look for albums that have not been released on CD before. With my management back ground I offer a combined service to bands and artistes. Find unpaid royalties, make sure their catalogue is exploited and if not release it on the label and sometimes help arrange tours".

Track Records - T2

So far the new Track has released albums by Noel Redding, Big Country, Hugh Cornwell, The Deviants, Blue Cheer and on the T2 label, Candyheads. The 'Best of' Paul Kossoff and the "Best of" Ronnie Lane are planned for September as well as a brand new album by original Track recording artist, The Crazy World of Arthur Brown.

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