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Ten Questions with...


Toby Jepson was the lead singer with the excellent UK rockers Little Angels who achieved chart success in the UK in the late 80's and early 90's. He has since gone solo and you can find out more at his website

1. What are you currently up to?

Resting after the Thunder tour! Then putting a comprehensive dvd package together that includes all things Angels as well as my most recent stuff, oh and beginning to write my next record.

2. How did you onto the recent tour with Thunder? What was it like being back on the big stages again?

It was emotional! Last time I played the venues I was selling them out as the singer in the Angels! I have to say it was incredible, the audience reaction was nothing short of astounding every night and I take my hat off to the Thunder boys for managing to keep the flame alive, they rocked hard every night and were absolute gentlemen.

3. Highlights of the recent UK tour with Thunder and Roadstar? Any chance you will appear at this year's Monsters of Rock festival in June?

Don't know about monsters of rock, would love to but will wait to be asked! Highlights? Far too many - just being able to feel that buzz again at that level and to know that my music has managed to survive after all these years was amazing.

4. Could you take us through your latest release ‘Twisted Rhapsodies' and some of the ideas/stories behind the songs?

The Twisted album is a collection of songs written over the last 10 years that appear on the album in various forms. There are unfinished masters, demo's, songs written for others, home recordings etc -it shows my working process and also the nature of my musical interests.

The album is by no means a fully fledged rock album, I have experimented with various musical forms over the years and this release was an opportunity to give the fans a record that reflected my search. The album I am beginning to make at the moment will be a new start. Twisted represents the end of the beginning if you like.

5. Who made you want to start singing? Anyone you would love to work with in the future if given the chance?

I loved Freddie Mercury, and still do. I wish I had a fraction of his wit, singing ability, and grace as a performer. Others would include David Coverdale, John Lennon.

I would love to work with Dave Grohl I think the guy is a phenomenal writer and performer. Also Jon Bon Jovi, he was THE nicest guy I met and worked with in the Angels days and was and still is a huge talent.

6. Why did Little Angels call it a day and what were the live highlights with the band?

Same sad answer This ground is too heavily trodden and laboured to give a clear answer. Suffice to say we had reached the end of our journey. I loved every minute of being in that band…apart from the breaking up bit!

7. Would you ever consider reforming Little Angels or are you happy enough to play the Little Angels tunes as part of your solo touring?

I would never reform the band. Full stop. I love the songs and love performing them, but I don't want to live on my past forever, it is the creation of new music that interest me now and I am grateful for the opportunity to do so.

8. Which song(s) do you enjoy performing most live and why?

Don't have specific favourite, I love them all. I don't perform the ones I DON'T like!

9. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Being with my family, Watching movies, wine, building stuff.

10. Message for our fans?

Love is what drives me to keep making music. Respect yourselves and respect to you from me for always being there. I exist because you want me to.

Peace is what I do it for.

Interview © 2006 Jason Ritchie/
Format and edit: The Music Index.

All rights reserved.

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