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Ten Questions with...


What are you currently up to?

I have been spending a lot of time and energy building up my solo career while still in Danger Danger. I have released 2 very successful solo CD's. Collateral Damage and SMILE, which are both selling great, and I have done some great solo shows, mostly in South America, brazil and even Peru, I have been to Brazil 3 times already and will go back again in November, I love it there, the fans rock and the food is incredible!

How did Pleasure Dome come together and is this likely to be an ongoing band?

It's a really cool CD and it sounds great but I am not actively promoting that CD at this time, I wish Escape Music all the best with it, its not my usual stuff but its really a great CD. I am promoting the POLEY/RIVERA CD which is my next big thing and its going to be huge.

Could you take us through the excellent new album from Pleasure Dome?

Again , I would instead point you to POLEY/RIVERA which is my next project and is the BEST! It's signed to Angelmilk records and will be released in are going to love it.

How pleased were you with the reaction to last year's solo album ‘Smile' from fans and reviewers?

VERY pleased and I thank everyone for their support! That CD and Collateral Damage have exceed all of my expectations and are till kicking ass. if you dont have them yet, please to and get yours today!

What were the highlights of Danger Danger in the late 80's/early 90's? Looking back if you could change anything what would it be and why?

Touring with KISS was the best thing ever... I loved playing arenas everynight, t was a dream come true, also being #1 on the MTV countdown was awesome, instant fame.

Would I change a few things? Sure but I have no regrets, its been a great ride and it ain't over yet.

What have been the live highlights for you so far? How do you approach a live show (e.g. any special warm-up routines or rituals etc)?

Hahaha. I warmed up in 1989 and am still warm! I stay in shape and I would say that my only ritual these days is to make sure that the cheque clears in advance!

So you might say that the way I approach a live show these days is with the cash in my pockets. lol.

Many other long running bands have recently been releasing cover version albums (Tesla, Queensryche, Def Leppard etc). Would Danger Danger ever consider doing on and if so which tunes would the band possibly consider covering?

NO. I hate cover albums. we are working on a new CD now, it's all new stuff, coming soon!

How did you get your first break into the music business? What piece of advice would you pass onto budding musicians?

I am still waiting for my first real break! My advice? Stay in school. be a doctor or a lawyer.

What do you like doing with your spare time outside of music?

I like being at home with my wife and our cats and my 50 inch plasma TV, or spending time in Jamaica, that's fun too.

I don't have much spare time though, I am always working on the next project or getting ready to go do a show somewhere..

Message for your fans...

I love you all and I thank you for your continuing support and hope to see you all at a show sometime soon! Not all at the same show, that would be a bit much, and also a travel nightmare for many, but at several different shows over the course of the next few years, only kidding, I am in a silly mood today, lol...rock on.

Interview © 2008 Jason Ritchie.
All rights reserved.

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