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Ten Questions with...


Rowan Robertson played guitar on Dio's 'Lock Up The Wolves' album at the tender age of 19!

1. What are you currently up to?

I'm In a band called AM Radio, We're about to record our debut CD on Blue/Elektra records, So far other than local Los Angeles gigs weve toured in the US and Japan with Weezer. Other than that, I am writing constantly, also working with Oni Logan in the studio and gigging with LA based artist Angel.

2. What has been the highlight(s) and lowpoints(s) of your career to date?

Highlights would obviously be recording and writing with DIO, signing my own band,'Violets Demise' with Oni Logan to Atlantic, getting back into the spotlight with 'VAST' in '98... Lowpoints would include selling shampoo to balding men, painting houses, construction (actually that wasn't so bad) door to door art print sales, sandwich delivery... .

3. If you could form a fantasy band line-up - who would be in it and why?

Every line up I've had is a fantasy lineup because I live in fantasy. I don't know there are so many wonderful players. .

4. You are part of a new band AM Radio - tell us a little about it please. Also, you were in Violet's Demise - did any material ever get released from this band?

AM Radio is a melodic rock band with a sometimes fun sound, It draws influences from 80's british sounds and modern rock, I play loud distorted guitar so that works for me, on the new CD we are going to be bringing out the heavier side so I am looking forward to getting into the studio.

Violets Demise never officially had anything released due to record company politics and other things that got in the way, but we are looking to get it properly released... until then it's available on Oni's site:, Oni and I are still working together. By the way,(shameless self promotion, gotta do it) my site is:

5. How was the experience of being in Dio? Why did you leave after just the one album? I see from your website that you were due to rejoin Dio late last year but the events of Sep 11th put an end to that. Would you like to tour/work with Dio again at some point?

I would love to work with DIO again, maybe someday. I was not going to join recently, rather I was going to fill in for Craig for a tour. The Experience of working with DIO was just the best. I still can't believe it happened.

6. What is your advice for young, upcoming guitarists? Do you think it is easier now to make a name for yourself with the Internet and the exposure this gives people now?

My advice would be to hang out with musicians and people who you aspire towards and to create music with others because thats where the best bands come from, the most identifiable fresh sounds. Get good at what you do at home, yes, but get in the scene. Most importantly write your own material.

7. Outside of business, what do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I've just taken up Boogie boarding and I love it I want to graduate to a surf board soon... dude.

8. What are your views on the current rock music scene? Do you think radio will ever embrace your style of music more? (It seems only punk/nu metal get a look in on mainstream radio). Has the Internet helped you gain exposure or been a hinderance (eg downloading music,etc)?

I think now as has always been there is good and bad in the current music scene, I like to embrace and change, The only thing that stops me from changing is fear. If you speak to guys in the bands on the radio, you'll probably find most of them love Maiden and Priest.

The Internet has definitely been only a help to me as far as exposure, and you have to view the download thing a useful tool, not a hole in your money pipeline. (Of course I don't work for a record company though).

9. The last thing that you read?

'A Story Like The wind' by Laurens Vanderpost.

10. Message for your fans...

Hi Mum, Hi Dad.


Interview © 2002 Jason Ritchie/
Format and edit: The Music Index.

All rights reserved.

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