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Ten Questions with...


Guitarist Micky Moody, along with fellow guitarist Bernie Marsden, formed part of the classic early era Whitesnake line-up before both left the band in the mid-80's.

Since then they've continued to work solo and together plus as part of M3, along with fellow ex-Whitesnake member Neil Murray.

Big thanks to Batttttty for arranging the Q's and replies.

1. What are you currently up to?

At the moment I'm on tour with Roger Chapman in Germany. I've worked and recorded with Roger since his first solo album back in 1978 - he's quite unique!

2. What have been the fan's reactions to M3 so far and what have been your favourite gigs and why?

The reaction has been favourable though a few people have remarked we should have kept the name Company Of Snakes. I just need to explain that Company Of Snakes was a band that played both Whitesnake AND original songs. M3 Classic Whitesnake deals only with the original work that myself, Bernie and Neil were involved in.

3. Tell us more about the new vocalist in M3 and why Tony Martin left, and what kind of set the fans can expect to hear this time around?

Stefan Berggren is back! He sang in Company Of Snakes, having joined when Gary Barden failed to deliver. Tony Martin just didn't work out in M3 - he had difficulty with the songs (believe me, they're not easy to sing!) and to be honest, his personality never fitted. He had little in common with the rest of the band.

Regarding the set, we try to choose material that both the band and the audiences enjoy, though we can't do everything or we'd be playing for 3 to 4 hours! We're not spring chickens any more! M3 is not a permanent set-up. The three of us are involved in other things. Suits us, sir! Next year Bernie will be presenting some guitar clinics which will feature Whitesnake guitar parts etc. The M3 tour starts in April in Italy.

4. Is there likely to be another World Stage tour/album at some point? How did the idea come together for this?

There will be another world stage album for sure - possibly a DVD also. We may be filming the show we are doing on Feb 5th 05 near Chicago. My idea was to bring together artist/ friends that I have worked with through the years - toured with, written with etc. I wanted to also expose new talent that I had the pleasure of discovering. we put all that energy on one stage and you see some real chemistry.

5. What made you want to take up playing guitar and how has your style changed down the years, and what things have influenced the changes?

I started playing in 1963 during the British beat boom, though I'd always liked the sound of the guitar on records by instrumental bands, e.g. The Shadows, Johnny and The Hurricanes etc.

I discovered American Blues not long after, via Chess Records (Chicago Blues label). I've played all styles down the years out of sheer interest in what the instrument can produce in the right hands.

Micky Moody

6. What were the highlights of your time with Whitesnake?

Getting my first silver album for Ready And Willing. Jon Lord's first gig at the City Hall in Newcastle (I think!). Monsters Of Rock at Donington with AC/DC in 1981

7. Whitesnake fans seem split between the classic Moody-Marsden era and the latter post-87 line-ups. Do you see any chance that you and Bernie Marsden could do a one-off show with David Coverdale?

The ball's always been in David's court. Personally I can't see it happening.

8. Why do you think Whitesnake's blues based rock became so popular in the late 70's/early 80's, especially as most rock bands were part of the NWOBHM like Iron Maiden, Saxon, etc.

Because it had such a great feeling to it. The band were all highly- rated musicians and it showed in the performances. Our influences were steeped in good taste.

9. Of all the various songs you've played on, many are now considered classics. Which ones do you consider classics and which are your favourites and why?

Well, the obvious Whitesnake ones like Here I Go Again, Fool For Your Loving, Slow And Easy and Love Hunter etc. There are a lot of great songs on the early albums. Oh, and Aint Gonna Cry No More.

10. Message to your fans?

Thanks for all the support over the years. Keep it up - we're not getting any younger!

Interview © 2004 Jason Ritchie/
Format and edit: The Music Index.

All rights reserved.

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