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Ten Questions with...


The build-up to Krokus`s successful 'comeback' started in late 2001 when Marc Storace, the band's charismatic frontman with his trademark voice, returned to join forces with old band mate and lead guitarist Fernando Von Arb.

Tony Castell played in the 1999 line-up of Krokus and was simultaneously Storace's bass player in Marc's solo project. Dominique Favez on rhythm guitar and Patrick Aeby on drums also played in Marc's solo project.

This combination of a proven powerhouse and established foundation made it a natural decision to join forces as the new Krokus line-up.

In 2004 the band released a live double CD. 'Fire and Gasoline' was recorded in Sweden as well as Switzerland and captures twenty greatest hits from a career that has spanned over three decades.

Due to Von Arb's wrist problem, Marc re-connected with guitarist Mandy Meyer, who was a member of Krokus and toured on the British, European & American tours in the early 80's.

In early 2006 the band started recording the follow up to 'Rock The Block', and 'Hellraiser' (released in October 2006) has received good reviews. Marc Storace also appears in the band Biss, whose album 'Xtension' is released on AOR Heaven in November.

1. New album Hellraiser's rather good. How do you feel about it?

I think it's the best one since Metal Rendezvous and Headhunter even though the new touch is hard to compare!!!

Marc Storace
Photo: Artist website

2. Vibes in the band must be good right now?

They are fantastic!!! We are gearing up to tour and have worked a generous amount of new songs into our live set.

3. Why did long time guitarist Fernando Von Arb move on?

He basically did not want to tour.

4. It must feel good to have Mandy Meyer (g) back in the band?

It's very good to have someone who is very enthusiastic about the band and our music sharing the stage with us again. On top of that, this is more like his home coming.

5. The new album mixes that old Krokus sound with some more melodic and mature songs, even the odd ballad. Was that intentional?

It all happened quite naturally and unforced, actually. This was a very turbulent but also the most creatively and productive writing period of my life! In the end we chose the songs best suited for Krokus. Our previous "studio" album did not contain a ballad, so it was high time!

6. Your previous album, a double live set, did quite well didn't it?

Yes, Fire & Gasoline reached No.6 in the Swiss Charts. That's marvellous considering it's a double-"live" album. Not many "live" albums ever make it in the charts at all!!! On the other hand it also contains 20 great Krokus classics and captures a phenomenally great atmosphere.......?

7. After a myriad of line-up changes you've kept the Krokus sound. Is that intentional? And hard work?

The new band members that enrich the new line-up today were Krokus fans way before they joined the band, and play the old classics with personal pride and passion, so, no it's not hard! It was quite easy to carry on in this vein whilst recording the new songs. Dennis Ward helped very much by recording and mixing the band as it really sounds, too.

8. What's the metal scene like in Switzerland and Malta now? Any young bands following in your footsteps?

Oh yes. I'm honoured to say, there have been a couple of hard rock and metal bands in both countries whom we've inspired. We seem to have opened doors in the past and now we're doing it again, but unfortunately, due to the nature of things, none of the ones I am aware of made it through except for China and Gotthard. China did not last that long because unfortunately they had a new singer on each album!

9. After the semi acoustic solo performance at the Verbier Xtreme snowboarding competition in March, will there be a solo album to follow?

That was a fun gig with my fun & party aprés-ski trio "Acoustical Mountain". I do the occasional guest performances and might even record a quick album with other inspiring artists, but I simply do not have the time for a solo album, since this would need loads of time and energy.... and both are now reserved for my biggest baby...that's Krokus!

10. How did the deal with AFM come about?

I first met their charming A&R lady Sandra, when she was a thriving journalist interviewing me before the German release of "Rock The Block" ! We met up again backstage before Krokus` first appearance in Balingen (at the Bang Your Head Festival) when she was already with AFM.. We were looking for a record company that would treat us like family instead of just a product, and of course do the business well too....and this is just what they do ..!

10. Message for your fans?

We would like to hear from you all through our Fan Club. Please tell us your personal views, opinions and special requests. This way we will know, for example, which songs to choose for a concert tour of your particular town or country. Simply go to and sign in to our "Globe Club for Clan & Fan" for our informative Newsletter. We look forward to seeing you all soon !

Interview © 2006 Joe Geesin. All rights reserved.

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