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Ten Questions with...


Marc Ferrari has played guitar with Keel, Cold Sweat and will release his new album soon via Z Records.
1. What are you currently up to?

Just finished putting together my new release "Lights, Camera, Action" for Z Records. Also, I wrote a book which was just published called "Rock Star 101."

2. I have just received a press release today saying that you have signed for Z Records. What style will the album be? Will you tour with this new CD at all?

In the vein of Commercial Hard Rock that I've always done: hard-hitting, melodic, good writing!! Touring, that's up in the air...we'll have to wait to see what the response is, but I'd like to!!

3. What has been the highlight(s) and lowpoints(s) of your career to date?

Highpoints would be:

1) Playing the Texxas Jam with Van Halen for 80,000 people

2) Opening for Aerosmith outside Boston (where I moved here from)

3) Headling Japan

Lowpoints would be: 1) Coming off the sold-out Bon Jovi tour (playing multiple nights in the biggest arenas) and 1 week later playing to half-empty clubs then having the rest of the tour cancel

2) Getting second billing to a fish fry (think "Spinal Tap" getting second-billed to a puppet show)

3) Cold Sweat getting dropped while on the road, and spending our own money to get back to town. Ouch!

4. Keel - do you still keep in contact with Ron Keel? Would you be up for a reunion of Keel at some point? These 80's metal bands package tours seem to do good business in the US at the moment. What are your views on the US rock scene at the moment? Does radio still play new rock music by established artists?.

Yes, I keep in touch with Ron (and Bryan, too)...the others are in Arizona so I don't see them too often.

As far as a tour goes, I don't think it's gonna happen. I personally would love to get together with the 5 original members and play, but we're all spread across the country, everyone has families, and some of us have not been very active with music. The rock scene seems to be healthy, although the styles which are popular are different from what they were in the 80's.I d don't listen to the radio so I have no idea what's going on there...

5. Is there any band you wish you could have been in? If you could form a fantasy band lineup - who would be in it and why?


John Bonham-drums Phil Lynott-bass/vocals Steve Marriott lead vocals Malcolm Young:Rhythm guitar

Why?? These are all my favorite musicians!!

6. Cold Sweat - how did this band form? When did the band call it a day and why?
The whole story would take too long, but I put Cold Sweat together after I left Keel, we did 1 album which was released in 1990, we toured with Dio, played the Monsters of Rock festival in Germany and eventually broke up
7. What are you currently listening to? Outside of business, what do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Nora Jones, David Gray, Audioslave, old Rolling Stones.

Well, besides fatherhood, which takes up a LOT of my time, I'm into backpacking/hiking/snow-shoeing and seeing movies!!

8. You run a very successful music based company called Master Source. How did this start off? What current/future projects has the company got lined-up?

I started MasterSource about 10 years ago, after having a demo of mine used in a small film. I started finding out about other opportunities in film / TV and the business took off. I have music in current films as "Biker Boyz", "Antwoine Fisher", "Darkness Falls", "Shanghai Knights" (Jackie Chan) as well as many TV shows.

9. The last thing that you read?

Gene Simmons' book

10. Message for your fans...

Thank you for all your support throughout the years..I am grateful to have had as long of a career as I've had and I will always strive to do better!

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Format and edit: The Music Index.

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