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Ten Questions with...


Vocalist Kelly Keeling has sung with many leading rock bands including Blue Murder, Baton Rogue, MSG, Carmine Appice's Guitar Zeus & many more! Over to a rock vocal legend...
1. What are you currently up to?

Relaxing after two years of writing and recording critique. Sun , air, beach, life. Also in the process of reforming, organizing my band for upcoming shows., tour. Really looking forward to playing this album and maybe a few from the near past.

2. What has been the highlight(s) and lowpoints(s) of your career to date?

High I must say was working with my bands, Tony, Carmine, John Norum, Schenker, Also recently Kerry Livgren on my new album, Roger Daltry, Denny Laine, All such talented people and great company. So many highs. Don Dokken . The new Dokken album I really enjoyed working on. It's all been great and it's just begun. I can't recall any lows that we can include in "career".

3. Which song(s) are you most proud of and why?

hmmm,,,, changes . I like "Angels". Many of my new songs on the new album. I hope people get it. "I Believe". So many.. check back on the tour. Songs I wrote and recorded with my Dad. One called "Nights Are Days", another called "prayer for peace" . That experience taught / inspired me so much. Some songs I did with Michael Schenker like , "Hello Angel" is really nice. I really enjoy "Tower" as well.

John Norum's, hmmm,,, Now That Your Considering Your Rights,,, ones we pay the govornment to steal... Don't remember the title but what a furious song. The song called Morning Song which I hope will be released . "Where the grass is green" is a good one .Many personal reasons for Morning Song being a favorite. The song Ground Zero. A dream come true with Maestro Kerry Livgren on Piano. I dunno. A new one is brewing. I am enjoying it. Actually if I may go a bit further. I am enjoying the music. It seems to come from afar as if I am a radio. There it is. Little Girl and I've Found.. I've Found is one of my favorite songs. It needs to be re-recorded.

4. Baton Rouge were your first signed band. How did the band come together? What was the highlight(s) of the Baton Rouge days? How did the band come to break-up?

Baton Rouge came together in a small parish,/ County called Pearl River, which we had a standard for experimental art music . We had wives, roadies, soundmen, techs and my new child there during the 8 or so month period we were there. No one would accept original bands at this time in LA so we aimed toward where we could play. New York was dismal, LA seeemed cool and was.. We played to our friend Randy Jackson's manager Jim Recor.,.,He brought along Mike Clink , Gn R's producer, then another time, David Foster, who was in association with JAYMES Foster Levey. This opened many doors.. I was no longer expected after this to be a support musician, doing keys, leads,, I had to do lead vocals or else we went home..We had some great songs. Or should I say Jack Ponti and band wrote some good songs. It was great. John Sykes called and I went. It felt more at home. Sykes was so cool, I gave it all up to do Blue Murder. I met Carmine and Tony there,, It became furiously serious then

5. Heaven & Earth - what are the bands plans for the coming year? How have the band been doing as regards reviews & exposure on the radio/Net etc?

I am hoping we do a live album. We are knocking it around. I just finished my album so, it's time to think about that. Or if I will just do it all with my new band and have them guest if they will on the songs we did.. It's all about the music, birth , delivery of the songs. All should be set aside for that. A few minutes to live those songs again would be fun I think. Richie also did an album - Richie Onori. So.. I hope we all say hello real soon.

6.You have a solo album in the works. What style will this take and are there any special guests helping out at all? Could you tell us a liitle bit about some of your personal highlights on the album?
I have already shared a bit. Of Course Kerry Livgren is on piano on a song, Carmine and Vinnie Appice, Ken MAry, Shane Gaalaas, John Perrine on drums. The rest is basically me on the rest with a few great friends, Mitch Perry plays guitar on a song. Chuck Wright on bass for the same song. This was understood from the start that it was a solo album of sorts. Who is Kelly Wayne Keeling? What is my best? I tried really hard to capture that in a selection of songs. it was not easy. Actually dangerous. But I think you'll find a little closer, who I am here.

Style? hmm.. Rock & Roul. Soul, garage, I think it's up to u to define what it is. I'm just trying to feel and get music together to play on tour. Piano Music, Rock, metal, I dunno. Looking forward to live shows.

7. You've worked extensively with Carmine Appice via Guitar Zeus & other projects. How did you hook up with him? Are there anymore projects involving you & Carmine coming anytime soon?

Carmine is my soul brother. That guy has been such an enrichment to my life and music. Absolutely the best drummer I know of because he understands me and can direct me. I can't say enough good about him. He's got soul. He is soul. Listen to the newer recordings we have done. He is always better. As if he wasn't the best years ago. An inspiration to any drummer who doesn't want to follow a band, but lead. I am so blessed , really.

We are preparing for some performances, maybe a small tour in support of the Guitar Zeus Project. Check out his site for more info

8. MSG - how did you tenure in the band go? What was it like working with Michael Schenker who has a volatile reputation to say the least!

Michael was an angel. I don't really understand what all the talk is about. We did the album,, tour, stayed on schedule.,. Then it was done. I think he's great. Inspires great melodies and songs. A master,, what else can I say. Another blessed talent . Love him. I don't think volatile is a fair word to use with him. Disciplined. Yes. I hope we do something again.

9. What do you do in your spare time outside of music?

Beach, Drive, Pursue lasting happiness, Love life. Love, try to get closer to my family. Pray,meditate.Write,Optimum health.

10. Message for your fans...

Love one another.. Love Is The Answer

Interview © 2003 Jason Ritchie/
Format and edit: The Music Index.

All rights reserved.

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