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Ten Questions with...


J.R. Blackmore, son of Ritchie, is based in Germany and has released an excellent new album 'Between Darkness And Light'

1. What are you currently up to?

We doing promotion work, like meet and greet partys or interviews and that kind of stuff. Also we just started to work on our new big project.

JR Blackmore
© 2006 Artist website

2. Who was/is/are the biggest influences on you, musically, and as a guitarist?

Hmmm....I realy think I didn't had a big influence in my live for guitar playing like other guitarist have, but there are some people who influenced me to find my own way...

Uli John Roth.....he gave me the importance for single notes that each tone must have life inside....not only rushing many notes in a speed time.

Van Halen...I remember I loved Van Halen when I was young ...I went to many concerts with my friends and it was much fun.

I think this band gave me the idea to become a musician.

Of course my father...he teached me to get discipline was hard to understand in the beginning but in the end I know what he tried to tell me.

Also the touring and meetings together with my father gave me a lot of input in the real musician world.

3. As son of Ritchie, when did you first become aware that your Dad was a major rock star and guitarist? (i.e. your earliest recollections)

I would say it was around 10.....but I didn't took much sense about it because I played with my friends and it wasn't important who is my father.... in the end that was great, because I learned to be a normal boy from the street ;-)

4. Has your father offered any tips or tuition to develop your guitar playing?

Hmmmm, always when we saw us he gave me the guitar in the hand and say 'come on play' when we met...just to see how I am playing the guitar....but he only told me...take your 4th finger...never forget that....I didn't have problems with that because I took this 4th finger already ;-) ...So that wasn't a big tip I guess ....but he had a look at my playing ...that was OK for me.

5. What do you think of his current projects with Blackmore’s Night – do you think it sad that he has moved away from playing more mainstream rock music?

I think it is normal that a musician change his style often because nobody stands always on the same point....we all learn and love to gain experience he is finished with the rock period at this time....but I think he also loves to play sometimes the rock guitar also...

You see for me it is normal and I think the listeners are also changing the music styles in their that's why a lot of people went together with him to this music style.

6. When did you realise you wanted to play guitar professionally and what helped you achieve this goal.

The professional musician way was I think at 16....but I really started when I was around 18

It was a fluke that some friends called Iron Angel asked me to play in there group as a 3rd guitar the end it was stupid but this gave me the kick to start professionally.

7. There are some great guitar moments on your current album, what are your own tips to aspiring guitar players? (eg technique, tone, tuition, equipment)

Always take the 4th finger...hahahahaha

I think they have to find out witch music style they like to play and then concentrate on that.

I also can say that the guitar playing is not a race...if they think about that they will get different ideas in writing and playing.

Try to give each tone a real life ...this is not easy, I swear.

Then try to find your own guitar doesn't makes much sense to have the same sound like a famous guitar is the same as a singer singing like anybody else....who needs that?

So, I don't want to tell people to play the tapping style or picking style or anything like that.....everyone has to find it out by himself...but the best look inside yourself, what you like to play, and find your way...don't try to copy anyone...there are thousands who are doing it, and I think that is enough.

8. Are you based in Germany? Is heavy rock still popular in Germany?

Yes, I was born in England but I grow up in Germany.

So till now I am still here....but I would love to go to Spain to live there with the sun and the sea.

Maybe this comes true one day.

Heavy Rock had its top time in the 80's and after that it lost momentum...but know I think that it comes back...maybe it takes another 3 or 5 years but then more people want the rock back.

9. Have you any plans to play dates in the UK?

No, not now...but when we release our new project I swear we play in the is a big heart is always there because I have still got my British passport and never will give that up.

10. Message for your fans?

1.) I was very sad, when England lost against Portugal.

2.) Maybe we do a meet and greet party somewhere in England this year so I like to meet all fans of rock music there to have fun together...I will let you know.

3.)Can anyone get me some fish and ships please? You don't get it here...this is very bad, I miss that!

4.) For us (me and Malte) it is very important to have contact with our fans. So please write us mails or come to our page to chat with us.

All my love goes to my fans and I hope to see you soon...

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Interview © 2006 David Randall

All rights reserved.

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