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Ten Questions with...

JIM PETERIK (update July 2006)

Songwriting legend Jim Peterik who was a pivotal member of Survivor in the band's 80's heyday and now has Pride of Lions, with the vocal talents of Toby Hitchcock. Prior to Survivor Jim Peterik also appeared with Ides of March, who have since been touring again.

1. What are you currently up to?

Right now I am busy writing new material for the next Pride of Lions CD - it is tentatively called "The Roaring of Dreams" and goes back a bit to the hookier approach of our first album- and a bit of Vital Signs and the Eye of the Tiger album.

Of course there's plenty of Pride of Lions identity as well. I am also doing shows with the Ides of March and preparing for a big Pride of Lions show on Oct 7th at Moraine Valley College near Chicago.

Jim Peterik
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2. Could you take us through the songs on the new Pride of Lions live CD/DVD eg how did you chose the tracklist etc

I wanted to of course feature songs from the first and second POL album as well as black ribbons - but I also wanted to show my legacy by including some favorites of mine from my Survivor days.

We even pulled out a really cool version of my Ides hit from 1970 - Vehicle. As far as the POL stuff - I really think "Gone". "Unbreakable" and "Gift of Song" really worked well on the DVD.

3. Your latest solo album has been gaining rave reviews and rightly so! Any plans to tour this album and which songs would you really like to perform live given a chance?

I am doing a set within the POL set on Oct 7th featuring stuff from ats. Live Life for sure - and probably the title track as well as Stand and be Counted.

4. Survivor have changed vocalists again now meaning fans can hear Survivor songs in three different bands - Survivor, Jimi Jamison band and yourself. Do you think this dilutes the band's heritage/image in anyway and what is your take on Jimi Jamison leaving for the second time and so soon after the new album?

I am not sure what effect this will have on the image etc. I haven't spoken to either Frankie or Jimi since the split so I really dont know the story - but I was very surprised that it happened.

5. Would you ever consider a joint tour with Pride of Lions and Ides of March on the same bill? How do you manage your time and songwriting skills between the two bands?

I would love that - but I think I would collapse at the end of the night! I write a lot - so material is no problem.

6. Have you been pleased with the progress Pride of Lions have made so far eg fan reaction, live shows and has the band achieved what you imagined it would do?

It has gone beyond my dreams. It has also set a high standard- and I always want to exceed the audience's expectations- that's why me and Toby are working so hard right now to put together new songs.

7. You have written many classic tunes down the years. What are your particular favourites and how do you approach yuor song writing?

I love most of them like my own children- some have done better that others - but I am deeply connected to each one. I particularly like I Can't Hold Back - The Search is Over - Ever Since The World Began - Oceans - Rebel Son - Hold on Loosely and What Do You Really Think.

8. What piece of advice would you pass on to budding musicians wanting to start out today in the music business?

Do it because you love it- not because you hope to become famous and get rich - those motives rarely work for long. Keep the passion for what you do in your heart and play in front of people every chance you get - even if it's for free.

9. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I love to cycle with my wife- take my 16 year old musician son Colin to rock shows - collect guitars - and see great inspiring movies - oh yeah and eat great food and enjoy an occasional gin martini!

10. Message to your fans...

Thank you a millions for believing in me - and listening to my message. I believe in you- 100% love - jim

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