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Ten Questions with...


Jadis are one of the veteran British prog rock bands who came along just after Marillion et al broke big. They are currently working on a new album for release soon. Thanks to Charlie Farrell for the contact.
1. What are you currently up to?

I am currently in the studio finishing the mixing of our new CD 'Fanatic'. I have been working on the recording off and on since late October. I am also just finalising a 10 date promo tour in Germany and Holland for this coming May.

2. What has been the highlight(s) and lowpoints(s) of your career to date?

I suppose every few years you get highpoints that you can look back on and which act as building blocks to a career, these are some of them

1. Supporting Marillion back when we were just starting out 2 .The reaction we received to our debut CD 'More than Meets the Eye' 3 .Playing the Symfo Festival at de Kuip Stadium in Holland with Fish back in '94 4 .Playing gigs in Slovakia & Poland in '96 5. Playing in Santiago ,Chile with Martin Orford 6. Releasing 'Understand' a couple of years back

3. How is work progressing on the new Jadis album? What direction/style can fans expect this album to take?

The style and sound is still typically Jadis, I know that much. The songs are what ever happens at the time - the only consious decision I make is that the album must have a balance. I try to keep a tight reign on songs. I want there to be a balance of fast, slow & mid paced tunes. I dont want all songs to start with the same instrument or sound, but as far as the riffs / chords / melodies go they just happen and I then try to refine them slightly.

4. Has your playing changed / evolved over the years at all?

I think I probably have my sound & own style of playing. I think that a lot of that is down to the fact that I taught myself in a very rough and ready way. I was far to lazy to read music and the way I record always gives our engineer / producer, Rob, a nightmare ! My timing is slightly dodgy and I like to record guitar parts at an inhumane volume.The only thing about my writing that has changed a bit is that I now try and put things together in a much more song orientated way, where as I used just bung riff after riff together whether they matched or not.

5. How did Jadis get together? How did the band go about getting exposure and do you think you would get the same level of suucess if you were starting out now?

I have been putting bands together ever since I was at school. Jadis is just an off shoot of that. I believe that there have been about 15 different musicians in Jadis over the years. We initially decided to move to London and all live under the same roof, I thought (wrongly!) that this would be the most productive way of moving the band on. After playing the small pub circuit, the band started to get their most positive recognition when they were supporting IQ around the Nomzamo era especially during the Marquee days back in Wardour Street. You can achieve a lot if you are focussed and determined. I think that when we came on to the scene, all those years ago, we just missed the wave - all the interest was surrounding IQ, Pendragon and Marillion, to name a few.

6. What are your views on the current rock scene ?is it in better shape than say 10 years ago? Any bands that you would recommend?
There will always be good newer rock bands coming thru onto the scene but unfortunately, now there are less and less forums available for bands like ourselves to use radio shows like 'The Friday Rock Show'. Alan Freeman & Tommy Vance seem to be relegated to smaller local stations. The nearest we have is Jools Holland, but must of those acts are already signed and on the ladder.
7. Is touring important ?

Yes it is and I love going away and performing, but it isnt something that we can do very often because it is expensive and it also has to fit in with the commitments of the other band members. But to witness people in the audience really getting carried away with your music is something special.

8. Any rock and roll tales to tell ?

When we were touring with Enchant in Europe to promote our 'Across the Water' album, it was the first time we had used a tour bus yet we still managed to find the one bus that would catch fire in the early hours while travelling thru France and cause mass evacuation. Then we walked to the nearest village to get some assistance but on our return found that the double decker sleeper bus had vanished .......ou est le fromage ? Ici ...!!!

9. Who have been your main influences on your career?

Main influences still have to be Genesis,Steve Hackett,Yes,Camel,and Floyd.

Interview © 2003 Jason Ritchie/
Format and edit: The Music Index.

All rights reserved.

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