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Ten Questions with...


For those who have yet to discover the joys of Evergrey you are missing out on one of the best progressive metal bands out there today. They have a new live CD & DVD out in March, whilst last year's album, 'The Inner Circle' is a 'must have' for metal fans.

1. What are you currently up to?

Well, we are currently gathering material for our DVD , the backstage, behind the scenes parts so that has kept us busy for the last couple of months as well as I have mixing the DVD/CD audio for - A night to remember- which is coming out in March on CD and May on DVD.

Other than that we are going on tour in Europe in April / May and also having release parties for the DVD in Germany , Italy, France and Sweden. In the Studio I am right now mixing In Flames Live DVD/ CD.

2. When you compose a song where do you get your ideas from and how does a song evolve?

The inspiration can come from almost anything from the daily news to personal tragedies so that is an impossble question to be precise about.

But the evolvement of a song usually starts with someone in the band having a part or a riff for a song and then presenting it for everyone in hte best way possible ,etiher recording it on a Demo or just playing along with a drum-machine. After that everybody else joins in and contribures there parts.

3. How did the Bloodstock show go last year and what have you planned for this year's open air Bloodstock show?

Well according to ourselves I found it to be a VERY well organised festival, probably one of the best so far. and the show was great , the audience made it great for us ! Magazines and fans also seemed to enjoy it quite alot I saw that we got 5 k's Kerrang so i guess that counts for something.

We are just planning to come there to convince people once again that Evergrey is something to really count on ...

4. What tracks do the band most enjoy performing live and why?

That really depends on the aucience and the rush you get from them . Sometimes one song can seem extremely boring and slow to play and on another show the very same song can be great so that is really up to the individual show or occasion , Songs we do tend to enjoy nowadays though are A touch of blessing, More than Ever, Essence of conviction but also old ones like She speaks to the Dead and Solitude within.

5. What do you think Evergrey need to do to gain more exposure and fans? Has the Internet helped spread the word about the band and its music?

I dont know, we had this discussion with our record label when we were negotiating our upcoming contract and came to the conclusion that we, as a band could only make the best albums possible, after that it is up to everybody else to try to hype us or in other ways make us bigger.

But of course touring has a major part in a band getting bigger.

6. Could you take us through some highlights of the last studio album, 'The Inner Circle'?

Well we were recording for 5 and a half months and that in itself was a highlight since we used our own studio and could spend much more time on it in a very relaxed mood . Another thing was having the string-quartet there it was a dream come true to finally have the economic possibility to do it and cpmpose the parts knowing that they were going to play it.

7. Some fans have hinted that Evergrey are a Christian band - do you agree with this and do you think being classed as a Christian band helps or hinders a band's perception?

We are probably as far away from Christianity as any band can come without being Satanic.

The people who even consider this to be true must all be "downloaders" and /or never had the oppurtunity or knowledge to read the lyrics : )

I really dont have a clue if it would hinder a band either but I would think so since "Metal" is a very "EVIL" thing to be so I guess kids rather choose the left hand path in this matter since it feels / is cooler.

8. Evergrey successfully meld heavy music with more classical moments. Was this a conscious decision when the band started out or has this sound developed during the course of writing songs?

I think the classical music has always been somewhat prominent in Evergrey's music however it always happens un-intentionally up until "the Inner Circle" where we knew we had the String-Quartet to rely on and therefor could write whatever we wanted knowing it would sound authentic.

9. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

What spare time? : ) Mix / Produce albums then maybe

10. Message to your fans?

Be sure to check out the - A night to remember - DVD a preview is to be found at Other than that...keep up the darkside...

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Interview © 2005 Jason Ritchie/
Format and edit: The Music Index.

All rights reserved.

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