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Ten Questions with...


Dougie White, top vocalist who has sung with Rainbow, Cornerstone, Midnight Blue & Yngwie Malmsteen amongst others.

1. What are you currently up to?

I am just back from Miami having sung on Yngwie Malmsteens album Attack. Due for release in Sept. Then we will tour. I am finishing an album with Bill Liesegang who has played guitar with Nina Hagen and Rod Stewart and Transvision Vamp amongst others. It is exciting to be so busy, and Steen and I are exchanging ideas for the next Cornerstone album.

2. Who were your influences?

Many people have been influential but Ritchie must get a special mention. His craft and knowledge and ability along with the vibe he radiates taught me much about myself as well as about him.

3. Which band would you like to see reform?

I dont really have a band I wish would reform. I have a couple that should disband but thats not for now. As for Ritchie.... I would not have any problem working with him again.

4. Would Midnight Blue ever reform? The album is a gem.

I have not heard the album in many years and dont own a copy. Alex, Jem and I still play together on the Sacktrick albums. Al and I have done some acoustic gigs recently. A full blown MB gig , probably not...

5. Please tell us about Cornerstone and your plans for this band.

Cornerstone is built round bass player Steen Mogensen (Royal Hunt) and myself along with Allen Sorensen and Kasper Damngard on Drums and guitar respectively. We have had 2 albums "ARRIVAL" and "HUMAN STAIN" out on Massacre records in Europe and Marquee in Japan We have one more to do and are writing at the moment. There are also plans to tour at some point.

6. You have done many sessions - which was the most enjoyable and which was an absolute nightmare?

I enjoyed the sessions with Lea Hart on the Tribute albums. Quick and to the point. I did some country sessions some time back and the writer could not sing and kept interrupting. What should have taken a couple of hours took almost 8. I was not amused.

7. Who would you like to work with in the future (or would have liked to in regards to dead rock stars)?

I dont know, Who do you guys think I should work with....????

8. What do you think about the state of rock music at the moment? It seems classic rock/ 'hair' band music is big news again but only as a touring vehicle (eg all the classic rock bands touring the US - Styx, REO, Scorpions, Poison - but no new albums in many band's cases)?

Anything that keeps these mass produced pop acts out of the charts is fine by me. Where are the next great songwriters coming from??? When a DJ spinning a piece of black plastic is worth more attention than the artist who created it, it is a sad day..

9. What was the last thing you read?

The manual for my new computer set up.

10. Message for your fans...

Lets all get together and go on holiday. Somewhere nice like the Isle of Arran. My favourite place in the world.

We could hire a cottage and have BBQ's and drink beer. End of September good for everyone???? See ya there....

Interview © 2002 Jason Ritchie/
Format and edit: The Music Index.

All rights reserved.

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