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Ten Questions with...


Burning Point are a power metal rock band from Finland fronted by vocalist Pete Ahonen.

1. What are you currently up to?

Currently we are rehearsing for the upcoming gigs, doing interviews, negotiating with some booking agencys for a possible gigs outside Finland and also plans for shooting a promo video of one of the songs is on the way...I'm also writing new songs to my other band, Stargazery. And of course rehearsing with them for the upcoming world premiere in April! And when i have the time i lay down a few guitar tracks in the studio to the new Ghost Machinery album heh heh

Burning Point

2. Could you take us through the tracks on the new album 'Burned Down The Enemy' (eg ideas behind the songs etc)...

1. Parasite / Great track that combines Symphony X, Yngwie and Judas Priest. I love that very 'nasty ' singing in the verses. Also huge refrain with lots of choir vocals.

2. Heart of gold / Our most melodic track ever. Very 80's influenced guitar/keyboard riff and very sing-a-long chorus. We are planning a video from this one.

3. Dawn of the ancient war / One of the new songs. Funny thing was that i planned this for a different band, but one of the guys said that this is a Burning Point track so, here it is : ) You can hear influences from Dio, Manowar and Bruce Dickinson in this one. Very 'epic' sounding chorus and lots of harmony vocals.

4. Hell awaits / Fastest track we have ever done. I love those rhythmic changes in the verses so, it's not just a doublebass drum attack.

5. From the beginning of it all / I think this is our first power ballad. Very 80's influenced with beautiful keyboards and harmony vocals in the chorus. Solo part gives this song a little harder edge which is very cool.

6. Icebound / Very heavy track with a epic and symphonic refrain. Again lots of harmony vocals in the chorus!

7. Deceiver / Little bit of Judas Priest and Yngwie Malmsteen in this one. Semi fast song. This is also a type of song we haven't done before.

8. Eye for an eye / I remember in one of the reviews someone said that: ...' A song that Iron Maiden would die for..' heh heh I think it sums this one up greatly :)

9. To hell and back / This is kind of Into the fire ( a song from our previous album Feeding the Flames ) part.2.

Also very cool 'classical' piece in the beginning of the solo.

10. Against the madness of time / This is also one of the new tracks. In some review they said that this reminds Tarot, another Finnish band? I've always been a big Tarot fan so, maybe...?

11. Burned down the enemy / My opinion this is one of the 'masterpieces' on the album. Also our longest and most progressive songs ever. Lots of different influences here, Yngwie, Helloween. Gamma Ray, King Diamond etc And what a great way to end this 'fiery' saga, Salvation By Fire, Feeding The Flames and Burned Down The Enemy! Also one of the 2 tracks where i play bass : )

Lyrics are mixture of facts and fiction. I really don't want to explain them because i want that everybody could find their own stories behind them :)

3. How did you hook-up with Metal Heaven?

After all the legal shit we had to go through, because the manager of the label (Mastervox Records ) who initially licenced us to LMP lost his final braincell and tried to claim us some mysterious sums of money etc, we ended up loosing the deal with LMP. I had old demo containing 6 of the new tracks and i just send that to Georg in Metal Heaven. He was very impressed about the songs and offered us a new deal...Thats about it in a nutshell :=)

4. Which song(s) do you enjoy performing most live and why?

From this new album, Heart of Gold, Eye for an Eye, Parasite...No any spesific reason, they're just fun to play :)

But as you can see from this setlist ( from our release party setlist 3rd of February ) we love to play our older songs too..

1. Parasite - 2. Lake Of Fire - 3. Blackened The Sun - 4. Black Star - 5. Deceiver - 6. From The Beginning Of It All - 7. Eye For An Eye - 8. To Hell And Back - 9. All The Madness - 10. Fall Of Thy Kingdom

Encore 1. Into The Fire

Encore 2. Heart Of Gold

5. You released two albums before with Limb Music. How did these fare and are there any plans to re-release them with your new label?

Well, there has been some thoughts about it, but lets see what happens.

6. Have you seen an upswing in interest in power/melodic metal in the last few years? What other bands out there have caught your attention and why?

Yes, definitely! I am a huge music lover and I purchase a lot of new CDs & DVDs. I think that you most know the field you're working on heh There are so many great bands out there, but if i list few here...At Vance (Olaf Lenk is amazing guitarist and awesome composer ) Nocturnal rites & Dream Evil ( 2 Swedish bands with high quality of songwriting and musicianship ) thats only a few bands but otherwise my list would be endless heh heh

7. If you could create a fantasy band line-up who would be in it and why?

Hmm..very difficult because there are so many great musicians..

Just from the top of my hat... Yngwie Malmsteen/ guitar, Marcel Jacob/ bass, Oliver Hartmann/ vocals, Kai Hansen/ guitar and Mike Terrana/ drums ;=)

8. How did you get your first break into the music business? What piece of advice would you pass onto budding musicians?

I've been in bands all of my life, but I think that when we joined forces with our former guitarist and did our first demo with Burning Point things went forward ( although, we have had more than our fair share of difficulties ). My advice, hmm...Nothing is more certain than uncertain!

9. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Play with my dogs (and wife heh heh ), reading, making music, listening and watching music and watching movies.

10. Message to your fans...

Thanks for all of our fans all over the world for the support and believing in us, WE ARE BACK!!!

And all you metalheads out there who haven't heard of us, if you're a fan of melodic heavy metal check us out! You won't be disappointed!!

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Interview © 2007 Jason Ritchie. All rights reserved.

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