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Ten Questions with...


Following the successful spectacular at London's Astoria here are some questions for that living legend Arthur Brown (note how he cunningly plugs his upcoming biography at every opportunity - a publicist's dream!) - Hey there bugeyman...

1. What are you currently up to?

I'm recording a new CD with the trio. Also, we're launching The Hellfire Club. This is a travelling club which will play in venues that are not necessarily associated with music. We will establish about 20 venues in the South of England to begin with, where we can play, say, once every two months. It will be for those who are at present disenfranchised. Those who don't want to go to a rock venue, with all its dirt and noise, or to a pub with the possibility of harassment by drunkos. It will be relaxing and stimulating, and you will be able to eat a little, and then listen to stories, songs, and a variety of entertainment. So, if you see The Hellfire Club advertised, come and join us.

2. How did the Astoria event go? Did it turn out as you had wanted? How did you get such an impressive line-up for the evening?

It was entirely successful. It was a group of people who are friends.

So it was all done out of love. The road crew, sound crew, the caterers, the stage managers, and the musicians all left with a smile on their face - and that's how it should be.

My thanks go out to all of them, and to MC Howard Marks and DJ Bruce Dickinson. The gig was originally thought up between me, a young guy called Paul Vitty and Will Twork, who is a lighting designer. Then, Billy Jones and Phil Rose drove the event along. Sanctuary records gave us assistance with the equipment. And we had a fantastic publicist in Dave Clarke from Planet Earth Publicity.

3. What was it like playing with Kingdom Come again?

A lot of fun!

4. Have you seen an upswing in interest in your music in general over the past couple of years?

Well with the release of the Vampire Suite (Track Records), and then the reissue of my old stuff on Sanctuary, there's been a lot of media attention, including the national dailies. Myself, I've continued gigging, as I love performing. It's been noticeable that a lot of young people are turning up at my gigs. One group of them said they'd read of how I inspired many performers into their current direction, and felt they had to come and check me out. I think that goes for quite a few of them.

5. Your last album, `Vampire Suite' continued your fascination with vampires. How did you get interested in this subject and were you pleased with the reaction to the album?

I was born in Whitby, where Dracula was conceived. Maybe that has something to do with my interest in vampires. Also, I enjoy Anne Rice's novels. I wanted to do something to show that even the darkest and destructive of creatures has the possibility of enlightenment. So a vampire seemed to fit the bill! Reaction to the album has been good, so yeah I was pleased.

6. How did you first come-up with the flaming headpiece for `Fire'? Do you ever tire of performing this song?

You can find this elsewhere - for instance in my soon to be published biography, by Polly Marshall (SAF Publishing)!!!

7. What made you first want to perform music and how has your music developed down the years?

I don't know what first made me do it. I was in some theatre pieces in Junior school and enjoyed them. My music grows as I do, so it's still changing. I suppose my tastes have got wider, and my expression simpler. I think I have become less obscure.

8. What have been the highlights and lowlights for you?

Again, you'll have to read the forthcoming biography to find out!

9. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

What spare time?

10. Message to your fans?

Hi! Let's get together when we can!

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Interview © 2005 Jason Ritchie/
Format and edit: The Music Index.

All rights reserved.

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