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Ten Questions with...

ANDY CAIRNS (Therapy?)

Therapy? have just put out a great new album, 'High Anxiety' via Spitfire (check out 'Hey Satan - You Rock', a must hear) and recently played some UK dates. The band have been going since the 90's and have a very loyal following. Over to main man Andy Cairns...

1. What are you currently up to?

Mars Volta, peaches, old thrash metal, D.J. Shadow, Killing Joke and Biffy Clyro

2. What has been the highlight(s) and lowpoints(s) of your career to date?

High points? getting our first album 'babyteeth' released. touring the world with 'troublegum', getting a chance to get neil cooper rockin' behind the kit and our recent 'homecoming' gig at the mandela hall belfast

Low points? 2002. no deal (again), no drummer (again) and many doors being closed on us by people we helped out in the beginning.

3. How did you first get into the music business? Who have been your main influences on your career to date?

Formed a band with like minded people with the purpose of playing gigs to our friends and releasing a single on our own label. we formed the band as a release.

Influences? michael mckeegan, fyfe ewing, husker du, steve albini. anything with tunes, grooves, melody, noise and high energy, basically.

4. Could you take us through a few personal highlights on the new album, High Anxiety please?

it was conceived, rehearsed and recorded in under a month with a brand new drummer.

It was a joy to record. Personal faves are 'who knows?' and 'stand in line'. High Anxiety is a return to form, the next one will make you shit your pants.

5. How did the recent tour dates go? What has been the highlight touring wise for the band?

Recent tour was a real revelation. without any radio/video play we managed to play to packed venues with a healthy dose of younger kids down the front. Every gig should be a highlight. that's the aim anyway, otherwise why bother?

6. How did Therapy? Get their first big break?

Releasing our own single got us played on local radio and john peel which in turn got us noticed by the following three people to whom we are forever grateful: gary walker at wiiija records, john loder at southern and corey rusk at touch and go/quarterstick.

7. How do you view the rock scene now in terms of live gigs and getting yourselves heard?

it's a bit more mainstream and corporate these days in it's attitude. bands have to tow the line a bit more or else they're dropped. when we were on a major we recorded three albums before they started sticking their slimy fingers in. these days the video is made before the band have even finished their album.

The line between Good Charlotte and Busted is practically non existant.

8. Looking back is there anything you would go back and change?

Some of my more 'daring' facial hair.

9. What do you do in your spare time outside of music?

Apart from the healthy pursuit of spending time with my family and friends not in the business I also read a lot and go to the cinema. I'm a season ticket holder at Chelsea as well.

10. Message to your fans...

I am bowled over by the dedication of our fans. they've stuck with us (the real ones at least!) through many changes musically and line-up wise, our website is always busy and they don't hold back opinions. in short, they're the best.

Interview © 2003 Jason Ritchie/
Format and edit: The Music Index.

All rights reserved.

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