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Greasy Truckers

Originally a double album, and mid-price at that, EMI have trawled the vaults and come up with an expanded 3-CD set. Additional material was located that couldn’t be squeezed on to the original album so that we get the complete sets performed on the night.

‘Greasy Truckers’ is somewhat of its time, a gig at the hallowed Roundhouse in February 1972 during a period of miners’ strikes and power cuts. In fact one track on the original is simply called ‘Power Cut’. It has been safely omitted from this reissue.

Man, Hawkwind and Brinsley Schwarz are the star-turns. Man took up a whole side of the original, with a 22-minute version of ‘Spunk Rock’. Now boosted with ‘Many Are Called But Few Get Up’, ‘Romaine’, and a formative ‘Bananas’ these tracks demonstrate that Man were the masters of the elongated jam that was always better in the live environment with some stimulatory substance close to hand.

Hawkwind are captured in their ascendancy and there is a splendid ‘Silver Machine’ which was then used for the hit single version. This chart success gave the band the funds that would permit the lavish ‘Space Ritual’ tour the following winter.

Nascent pub-rockers Brinsley Schwarz are probably the most coherent musically showcasing material off their excellent Silver Pistol album. Brinsley were a solid crew who were perhaps better known for what they went on to than their own output. Graham Parker’s Rumour beckoned for Schwarz and keyboard player Bob Andrews whilst Nick Lowe and Ian Gomm followed solo careers, the former also developing a separate life as in-house producer for the legendary Stiff label.

Add in the ‘weird’ factor - performance 'artist' Magic Michael - and you have an evocative and pungent set. You simply had to be there to really appreciate it. And whilst the original vinyl copy will better revive happy memories of lying around the local Virgin store on beanbags, EMI have done an excellent restoration job and the bonus material makes this more than just a seventies curio.


Review by David Randall

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