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STEVE THORNE - Emotional Creatures Part One
GEP GEPCD1035 (2005)

Steve Thorne

A UK based singer songwriter who has released a diverse and highly accomplished set of songs based on aspects of human life. He also ropes in a few ‘names’ including Tony Levin, Asia’s Geoff Downes, Spock Beard’s Nick D’Virgilio and members of IQ and Jadis.

After a brief instrumental opener we are into the gentle acoustic number ‘God Bless America’ an anti-Bush song. Then we have drugs tackled head on in the moving ‘Last Line’, whilst ‘Therapy’ goes onto the human mind and rebuilding your life.

This may all sound deeply depressing but then isn’t life at times? What lifts it is not only the thoughtful lyrics but the wonderful music interwoven in between from the prog rock on ‘Therapy’ to the sparse sound on ‘Well Outta That’. The trippy electronica of ‘Every Second Counts’ moves into Ozric Tentacles territory.

Steve Thorne has a melodic voice - not dissimilar to Marillion’s Steve Hogarth and will appeal to anyone after well-played music with though provoking lyrics.


Review by Jason Ritchie

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Well Outta That

© 2005 Steve Thorne/ Giant Electric Pea. All rights reserved.

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