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MAGELLAN Symphony For Misanthrope (Inside Out) (2005)

Magellan have been around for a long time now, the progressive rock band led by the Gardener brothers have been pushing out steady releases now for more than 12 years. 'Symphony For Misanthrope', is their 6th album, I do remember that there are long spells between albums.

As a massive fan of their first two albums, they kind of lost me with, 'Test Of Wills', their third release, and then I totally missed out on the 2 albums that followed.

So I was in two minds before I pressed play, was I going to be disappointed of pleasantly surprised ?

More or less I am split 50/50, 'Symphony For Misanthrope', has it good points, everything I loved about Magellan and everything I din't like so much.

Progressive rock is always such a thin line between brilliance and self indlugent tripe.

Magellan are walking on the brilliant side of the street, crafting their way into the hearts and minds of progrock fans. Magellan, seem to have found their own sound, style and are working on perfecting it. Whether it be, the eighteen minute epic landscape of , 'Cranium Reef Suite', or the quieter tones of, 'Wisdom'.

The album takes plenty of listens to sink in, there is a lot happening the lyrics are telling a story, as the usually seem to do on a Magellan album. The only negatives I found were the sound of the album, the production is weaker than the songs themselves, sonically it doesn't sound as bright and vibrant as the music does.


Review by Graham Boyle

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