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GREENSLADE ‘Going South’ Angel Air SJPCD168 (2004)


With all the Greenslade activity right now, with both his reformed eponymous band and Colosseum, now’s as good a time as any to look at some of Dave’s other projects.

This album, recorded by Dave Greenslade alone, was released originally in 1999 and is inspired by migrating birds, hence the title. It is therefore largely atmospheric, bordering on ambient, and is a far cry from his better known (in fact, just better) band work.

Based largely on Dave’s keyboard work, there’s also some acoustic guitar and some interesting rhythms. But there is little to pick up the soul. ‘Flying V’ features some Colin Towns style keyboards, and ‘Crane Dance’ is the only other track to stand out. A great album, or poor, depending on your state of mind, but really for fans only.

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Review by Joe Geesin

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Going South

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