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ENCHANT ‘Tug Of War’ (Inside Out 08565812) (2003)

This is the follow-up to last year’s excellent ‘Blink Of An Eye’ with the core line-up of Ted Leonard (vocals), Doug Ott (guitar) and Ed Platt (bass) joined by newer members Sean Flanegan (drums) and Bill Jenkins (keys). The good thing about this band is that they don’t follow any formula for releases, they all have different styles (but this can be a downside for some though). Now to my ears vocalist Ted Leonard does have some similarity to Marillion’s Steve Hogarth and none more so than on the opening track, ‘Sinking Sand’. A beautiful number that veers from heavy guitar to atmospheric pieces complete with washes of keyboards.

‘Holding The Wind’ features some complex guitar and percussion interplay, sandwiched either side by Leonard’s strong vocals. Another strength of the band is that melody comes first, rather than tagging lyrics onto a instrumental frenzy. Take the ballad ‘Beautiful’ - piano led, strong lyric and busy backing all wrapped up in a memorable melody. The band gels well on the harmonies contained on ‘Living In A Movie’ and again Marillion come to mind! But the big difference is that Enchant really lay down the melodies and the tunes stay in your head long after you’ve finished playing the album. Instrumental ‘Progtology’ has a neat organ mid-section and guitarist Doug Ott gets a chance to fly free! The only track I’ve yet to warm to is ‘Comatose’, which despite a driving riff fails to click.

Another fine album from Enchant and surely this can bring the band a deserved wider audience. Much here for prog rock fans to enjoy (especially Marillion/Rush/It Bites fans) but also fans of well played melodic rock, with an emphasis on quiet being loud!


Review by Jason Ritchie

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