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ENCHANT ‘Blink Of An Eye’ (Inside Out 2002)

A US band whose line-up consists of Doug Ott (guitar), Ted Leonard (vocals) and Ed Platt (bass). This is the band's fourth full album and the follow-up to the critically acclaimed `Juggling 9 Or Dropping 10'.

`Under Fire' starts the album with a driving bass line and soaring guitar. This soon builds into a Saga-like slab of techo rock with an acoustic led chorus line. `Monday' is a mellower, laid back tune with some great drumming from Sean Flanegan. The keyboard led `Seeds of Hate', highlights vocalist's Ted Leonard's range - sounding a lot like Marillion's Steve Hogarth at times. An album highlight for me. Keyboards and guitars combine again for `Flat Line', another piece of quality music. The keyboards really are superb and very clear in the mix of the whole album.

`Follow the Sun' is an acoustic ballad, which sounds not unlike Mitch Malloy! When I first heard `Ultimate Gift' I thought I was listening to Marillion's `Season's End'! That is not to detract anything from the band, as this is a superb ballad with a moving lyric of love and friendship. The weakest track on the album for me is `My Ever After', although the keyboards on this are prime time 70's Kansas! `Invisible', is a more up-tempo number with a gentle chorus. `Despicable' is a tale of a wasted life and highlights guitarist Doug Ott nicely with some very tasty solos. Instrumental bonus track `Prognosis' closes the CD in fine style, with the band's musicianship really let loose and possibly the heaviest track on the CD.

This is a very approachable CD - don't be put off by the prog rock tag if that normally has you running for the hills! This band really is good and can be enjoyed by all rock fans. Fans of Marillion will warm to this release, due to vocalist's Leonard's similarity to Steve Hogarth. Also, if you enjoy Saga or melodic prog rock then this is well worth a place in your CD collection.


Review by Jason Ritchie

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Under Fire
© 2002 Inside Out. All rights reserved.

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