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Pure Metal News: November 2006

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November 2006 News Part 1

THRONE OF KATARSIS sign to Candlelight

THRONE OF KATARSIS was spawned in 2003 in Norway by the demonic visions of Grimnisse and Vardalv. Their prophecy was and still is to craft purified and atmospheric occult Black Metal in the true vein of early 90-ties Norwegian Black Metal, and focused on spreading the unholy message through their blasphemous lyrics. Their line-up is simple, yet effective: Vardalv plays the drums and Grimnisse takes care of the rest of the instruments.

March 2004 the now infamous demo recording entitled Unholy Holocaustwinds was unleashed upon the world. There were initially only released 40 copies of the demo, but after massive unforeseen response and requests the demo has been re-released on pro-printed MC and 10" LP by German Warfront Production and on Mini CD by UK based Paradigms Recordings. Unholy Holocaustwinds was recorded on a four-track cassette recorder, partly in the Liarlund Forest.

There was also a second demo recorded in mid 2004, entitled Blodslakt, but this demo was only handed out to a few selected. Blodslakt was never officially released, bearing in mind a future full-length album would contain the same material.

Late 2004, accompanied by two talented session-musicians on bass and guitar, THRONE OF KATARSIS did their first live performance at John Dee, Oslo, Norway.

Apart from a live gig at the Karmøygeddon metal festival, THRONE OF KATARSIS spent 2005 focusing on recording their debut full-length. The recording process took place at Black Dimension Studio owned and operated by Stein Sund of Thundra.

After being offered a couple of record-proposals from different labels in 2006, THRONE OF KATARSIS finally decided to settle on Candlelight.

OMNIUM GATHERUM Begins Recording New Album; Studio Diary

Finnish death metallers OMNIUM GATHERUM entered Southeast Studios in Karhula, Finland on November 6 with producer Teemu Aalto to begin recording their third album, tentatively titled "Stuck Here On Snake's Way". So far, the drums have been recorded, according to a posting on the group's web site.

A studio diary following the band's progress has been launched at this location.

OMNIUM GATHERUM recently inked a deal with Candlelight Records. The band recently uploaded two new tracks to its MySpace profile.

The songs - "A Part of God" and "Undertaker" - are taken from the group's latest promotional recording, which the band used to procure its new record deal.

The demo marks the first material recorded with brand new OMNIUM GATHERUM vocalist Jukka Pelkonen, who joined the group in May.

OMNIUM GATHERUM parted ways with Nuclear Blast Records last year. The band's latest album, "Years in Waste", was released in the in March 2005.

The follow-up to 2003's "Spirits and August Light" was recorded at Sonic Pump studios in Helsinki, Finland with producer Nino Laurenne and engineer Teemu Aalto.

PANTHEON I Begins Recording New Album

PANTHEON I, the Norwegian extreme metal band featuring vocalist/guitarist Andrè Kvebek (1349) and guitarist John Espen Sagstad (TROLLFEST, SARKOM), spent this past weekend at Nye Losjen studio in Sofiemyr, Norway recording drums for its upcoming CD. "The rest of the album will be recorded during the next couple of weeks," the group writes on its web site.

PANTHEON I recently signed a deal with Candlelight Records. Pre-production versions of three new songs that will appear on the band's upcoming CD - "Where Angels Burn", "Core of the Soul" and "Decent into Darkness" - along with a cover of EMPEROR's "Thus Spake The Nightspirit", have been made available for download in the "Media" section of the band's official web site,

PANTHEON I combine aspects of black, death, progressive and speed metal to create a unique sound that features violin and cello. "Atrocity Divine" is said to apeal to those "who have a fascination for brutal, extreme and melancholic music."

OVERMARS will enter the studio in early March

OVERMARS will enter the studio in early March to Record a colossal 40-minute track entitled 'Born Again' with Nicolas Dick (Kill The Thrill, Binaire). Band members Marion & Tiphaine will play only one show with their abstract noise side-project 'Abronzius'. They'll open for Swedish sludge heroes Suma in Lyon on November 22nd at the Sonic. Don't miss it!

MANES post new blog on Myspace about studio updates

"Information overload! We've nearly completed the recording-process, but we've barely started the crucial arranging of it all. We know it's gonna be a damn fine album, but we can take it any which way we want right now.

We're considering to just drone out and basically just let the layered disharmonies we found recorded one snowy morning wobble and wave their way through the best part of an hour, but we probably won't. We just have too much of almost everything. I guess it's a good thing.

Vocals are done, more or less. Asgeir has delivered some truly emotional performances unlike anything we've ever heard him do before. We have left Kristian Moan and Spiren Studio in the Rognes outback behind for now, and started what initially was to be the first subtle steps into the mix in Skansen Studio this last weekend.

We had some folks over doing some additional vocals and besides that tried to focus on structuring the tracks and arranging what we've got. Rune Stavnesli is still with us for this part of the process, but this multible balls in the air juggle-a-thon is giving him his first grey hairs. We're kinda proud of that. Sorry.

We're now on a short break to focus on just listening to what we've got ... try to establish some sort of natural order in the multitrack chaos and confusion.

We'll be back in Skansen Studio to mix it all in mid to late November with Rune and Stein Bratland. That'll be fun. We've included some elements into this process that makes it all very uncertain and "foreign" for us this time, and we're enjoying the sensation. It's exiting times, exiting times indeed.

We might be posting a studio outtake of some sort in a week or two, but we probably will leave it out here for a very limited time. Subscribe to our blog to be sure you get yer hands on it." - MANES


AGE OF SILENCE is still working (albeit even more slowly) on the next album, but here is another update on the members:
Lazare: Completed the recording of the Borknagar acoustic album which is currently being released. Also busy promoting another release with Solefald.

Hellhammer: Has completed drums for the new Dimmu Borgir album and is now recording with Mayhem.

Andy Winter: The new Winds album is now all recorded and Andy will mix it as soon as he has sorted through all the material.

Eikind: Has completed the Before The Dawn tour with Moonspell and other touring activities. Will spend the rest of the year recording.

Kobbergaard: Decided to jump ship from Thailand after the recent military coup there. Is now back in Norway focusing on new projects.

Extant: Also back in Norway after a recent trip to Spain. Currently busy reinstalling Windows.

Exclusive download only TO-MERA single on itunes

An exclusive download only single featuring two tracks from ' Transcendental' plus a demo track can be downloaded from itunes.

FOREST SILENCE'S amazing 'Philosophy of Winter' album out now

FOREST SILENCE, Hungary's well-kept secret was formed by keyboard player Winter in 1997 as a side project of Sear Bliss, a well-known Hungarian act. FOREST SILENCE consists of former and current members of the afore-mentioned band. After releasing three unique demos "The Third Winter" in 1997, "Winter Circle" in 1999 and "Eternal Winter" in 2001, finally time has come for the first officially released FOREST SILENCE full-length album through Appease Me./Candlelight Records.

 "Philosophy Of Winter" contains six outrageous songs, each of them is an individual journey to the very depths of wintry woods. FOREST SILENCE's music can be described as sublime dark winter music.

Unbelievable atmosphere and chaos, monstrous storm of sounds, chilling guitar tones and extremely unique and cold keyboard voices make FOREST SILENCE a musical experience never heard before. "Philosophy Of Winter" is a slow, hypnotic and meditative musical journey.

CROWBAR post 'Slave No More' video from forthcoming DVD on-line

"Slave No More" will be included on the band's upcoming DVD, "Live: With Full Force", due out early next year through Candlelight. Filmed at the popular German open air festival of the same name, "Live: With Full Force" was captured on CROWBAR's world tour supporting their 2005 release "Lifesblood for the Downtrodden".

The live performance DVD also includes candid backstage footage plus the band's second (and previously unavailable) promotional video for "Lifesblood for the Downtrodden" album track "Slave No More". Watch the video here.

"Live: With Full Force" track listing:

01. Self-Inflicted
02. I Am Forever
03. The Lasting Dose
04. Burn Your World
05. New Dawn
06. High Rate Extinction
07. Planets Collide
08. All I Had (I Gave)
09. Slave No More (video)

CROWBAR is planning a series of dates in 2007 while continuing work on new material for their next album (expected early 2008).

SEAR BLISS new live dates and Randall Amplifiers endorsement announced

Sear Bliss will play at Winter Assault Festival in Prague (CZ) on the 15th of December. Also playing are Samael, Sodom, Pungent Stench, and Katatonia amongst many others.

The band will have a couple of headliner shows in Benelux in January. The dates are:

19 - (NL) Rotterdam, Baroeg
20 - (NL) Eindhoven, Dynamo
21 - (BE) TBA

Sear Bliss' guitarist Peter Kovacs has become an official endorser of Randall Amplifiers.
Check him out and his gear here

Sear Bliss is currently working on their as yet untitled new album for Candlelight Records. The recording will start in March and the album will hopefully be out in June.

OCTAVIA studio update

"We have started the recording of our next album. 5 songs are soon to be finished, and the sound is awesome!! Two of the songs are originally from our first EP called Guilty released in 2002.

This EP was released by Octavia, and in a very limited edition. We really liked the songs then, and have now rearranged them for a new birth.
The new versions kick ass and we can't wait to get this stuff out! The album is also to be released on Candlelight Records."

THINE EYES BLEED support Slayer, In Flames, Children of Bodom & Lamb of God on European tour

16 - (SE) Hovet, Stockholm
19 - (UK) Brixton Academy, London
20 - (UK) Brixton Academy, London

ONSLAUGHT studio update

Steve Grice of the reformed lineup of the classic U.K. thrash outfit ONSLAUGHT has sent the following update from the studio:

"ONSLAUGHT have now completed the recording of their new studio album 'Killing Peace', which is due for release in February [via Candlelight Records]. The album is an uncompromising mixture of true thrash tunes which will grab you by the throat.

"On a recent airing by Terrorizer's Ian Glasper, the album was described as 'better than Slayer at their best.' The record-buying thrash fans will be able to judge that themselves in February."

Commented Grice: "We don't feel is if we are competing against the likes of Slayer etc. but we are sure giving these guys a run for their money."

"Killing Peace" is being recorded at Backstage studio in Derbyshire, England with producer Andy Sneap (Arch Enemy, Nevermore, Machine Head, Exodus). Songtitles set to appear on the CD include "Destroyer of Worlds", "Pain", "Tested to Destruction", "Burn", "Shock and Awe", "Prayer for the Dead", "Twisted Jesus", and "Killing Peace". The band's current lineup includes Sy Keeler (vocals), Nige Rockett (guitars), Steve Grice (drums), James Hinder (bass) and the group's latest addition, guitarist Alan Jordan (ex-Mirror Mirror, Frankenstein).

ONSLAUGHT recorded three albums in the late 1980s - including "In Search of Sanity" - before calling it a day.

27 - (GR) Thessaloniki, Hydrogios
28 - (GR) Athens, An Club

NOVEMBERS DOOM is headlining the following tour with support from Agalloch (USA), Saturnus (DK) & Thurisaz (BE)

17 - (NL) Plato, Helmond
18 - (BE) Biebob, Vosselaar
19 - (NL) Metropool, Hengelo
20 - (DK) Loppen, Kopenagen
21 - (D) K17, Berlin
22 - (PL) Mega Club, Katowice
23 - (CZ) Black Pes, Prague
24 - (D) Backstage, Munich
25 - (BE) Gildenhuis, Wervik: (w/ Thurisaz & Gwyllion)
27 - (UK) Satan's Hallow, Manchester (w/ The Prophecy, Thurisaz)

Candlelight bands’ live dates

18 - (DK) Copenhagen, Danish Metal Awards
24 - (DK) Slagelse, Musikhuset

09 - (USA) Springfield, VA
10 - (USA) New York, New York
11 - (USA) Montreal, Quebec
12 - (USA) Quebec City, Quebec
13 - (CAN) Toronto, Ontario
14 - (CAN) Cleveland, Ohio
15 - (USA) Mokena, Illinois
16 - (USA) St. Paul, Minnesota
19 - (USA) Orangevale, California
20 - (USA) San Francisco, California
21 - (USA) West Hollywood, California
22 - (USA) Santa Ana, California
23 - (USA) Tempe, Arizona
25 - (USA) Denver, Colorado
26 - (USA) Albuquerque, New Mexico
27 - (USA) El Paso, Texas
28 - (USA) San Antonio, Texas
29 - (USA) Ft. Worth, Texas
30 - (USA) Houston, Texas
01 - (USA) St. Petersburg, Florida
02 - (USA) Fayetteville, North Carolina
03 - (USA) Poughkeepsie, New York
04 - (USA) Hartford, Connecticut
05 - (USA) Bedford, New Hampshire
07 - (USA) Royun Nonanda, Quebec
08 - (USA) Sudbury, Ontario

16 - (N) Tønsberg, Hammerslang Festivalen
26 - (USA) Sonar Maryland Deathfest, Baltimore

01 - (FI) Seinäjoki, Club 15
02 - (FI) Vaasa, Club 25
08 - (FI) Turku, Klubi

27 - (GR) Thessaloniki, Hydrogios
28 - (GR) Athens, An Club


01 - (NO) Scene 37, Horten
02 - (NO) Rockefeller, Oslo


17 - (NO) Rockefeller, Oslo

16 - (USA) Masquerade (GA), Atlanta
17 - (USA) Jaxx Nite Club (VA), W. Springfield
18 - (USA) Saratoga Winners (NY), Cohoes
19 - (USA) Webster Theater (CT), Hartford

Falcon complete recording of second album

Falcon, the raw heavy rock power trio featuring guitarist/vocalist Perry Grayson (ex-Destiny’s End, ex-Artisan, Isen Torr and Metal Maniacs staff writer), bassist/keyboardist Greg Lindstrom (Cirith Ungol) and drummer Darin McCloskey (Pale Divine), have completed recording and mixing their second full-length album, DIE WONTCHA. DIE WONTCHA was recorded and mixed at the Polar Bear Lair in Middletown, Maryland by Chris Kozlowski (Pentagram, Internal Void, Penance, The Obsessed, Spirit Caravan, Clutch, Blue Cheer, Earthride, etc.) from November 21-29. Basic tracks (rhyhtm guitar, bass and drums) were recorded live, the same way Falcon tackled their 2004 debut album, adding to the spontaneous and vintage vibe inherent in the band’s sound. The album was co-produced by Chris Kozlowski and Falcon.

DIE WONTCHA will be released by mid 2007 on Liquid Flames Records and includes ten tracks: "Jimmy Clark" (Lindstrom), "Elfland’s Daughter" (Grayson), "Corporate Whore" (Grayson), "The Wreck of the John Deere" (instrumental -Grayson/Lindstrom), "Falcon" (Grayson), "No Future" (Grayson), "Careless" (Grayson), "Everything There Is To Know" (Lindstrom), "Show You All" (Lindstrom) and the Buffalo cover "Leader" (Dave Tice/John Baxter/Pete Wells, Arranged by Falcon).

Guitarist/vocalist Perry Grayson is ecstatic about the recording of DIE WONTCHA. "We only had three nights to rehearse in Pennsylvania before hitting the Polar Bear Lair to record. Greg and Darin busted their asses just as much as I did. The DIE WONTCHA sessions far exceeded my expectations, and I really have to thank Greg and Darin for a job well done! Chris Kozlowski surpassed himself in preserving the loud, raw edge of Falcon. I even played keyboard for the very first time on a recording!

The whole experience was just killer. From the actual performances on the songs to hanging out with Chris Kozlowski and the guys from Blue Cheer and Internal Void and seeing Cactus simply destroy live in Virginia. Darin, Greg and Chris did their part to make sure DIE WONTCHA got knocked out before my impending move to Sydney, Australia, and that’s the best going-away present anyone could have given me. Yes, you read that right!"

Grayson will be relocating to Australia in December, but plans to continue recording Falcon material with Lindstrom and McCloskey for future Falcon releases. "Real estate is ridiculous in California, and it’s high time I stopped paying rent to ‘the man’ and got a pad of my own with my fianceé, Tanya. Tanya’s originally from Sydney, and it just makes sense for us to move to Oz for a better quality of life. I aim to concentrate even more on music after settling in Down Under," says Perry. "I’m excited about the adventure and challenges of releasing DIE WONTCHA and starting fresh with something new in Sydney. I’ll be on the prowl for some good ‘musos’ shortly after I arrive for my new band aside from Falcon. For those taking notes, the album title is a nod to West, Bruce & Laing."

As previously reported, Falcon recorded several tunes with their former Los Angeles drummer, Metal Maniacs scribe and metal radio personality Andrew "Drewcifer" Sample, in April prior to Sample’s move to Kansas. The tracks with Andrew on drums, as well as outtakes from the first Falcon album and demos will be released following DIE WONTCHA on a rarities collection.

Cannibal Corpse tour USA

CANNIBAL CORPSE with Dying Fetus, Necorphagist, Unmerciful

Nov. 15 - Toronto, ON @ The Opera House
Nov. 16 - Buffalo, NY @ The Buffalo Icon
Nov. 17 - Detroit, MI @ Harpo's
Nov. 18 - Milwaukee, WI @ The Eagles Club
Nov. 19 - St. Paul, MN @ Station 4
Nov. 20 - Lawrence, KS @ The Granada
Nov. 21 - Englewood, CO @ Gothic Theatre
Nov. 22 - Salt Lake City, UT @ Avalon Theater
Nov. 24 - Seattle, WA @ El Corazon
Nov. 25 - Portland, OR @ Roseland
Nov. 26 - San Francisco, CA @ Slim's
Nov. 27 - Los Angeles, CA @ House of Blues
Nov. 28 - Santa Ana, CA @ Galaxay Theatre
Nov. 29 - Tempe, AZ @ Marquee Theatre w/ Job For A Cowboy
Dec. 01 - Austin, TX @ Emo's
Dec. 02 - Houston, TX @ Java Jazz
Dec. 03 - Dallas, TX @ Gypsy Ballroom
Dec. 04 - Memphis. TN @ The Complex
Dec. 05 - Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade
Dec. 06 - Lake Buena Vista, FL @ House of Blues
Dec. 07 - Ft Lauderdale, FL @ Culture Room

IMPETIGO "Ultimo Mondo Cannibale" CD out now on Razorback Records!

The underground Death/Grind/Gore Metal classic from 1990 has been re-issued with the originally banned cover art fully restored in all its gory glory! The album has been re-mastered by Patrick Bruss from Crypticus and includes the infamous "Faceless" EP along with bonus live tracks!

Also includes detailed liner notes from vocalist Stevo and all the old classic artwork, show flyers, photos and more! This is the ultimate edition of this beloved splatter classic! Uncle Creepy lives yet again!

Witchcraft USA tour update

Here are the new confirmed dates on the US-tour.

SAT NOV 11, Washington, DC - Rock Hotel
MON NOV 20, Seattle, WA - Sunset Tavern
TUES NOV 21, Portland, OR - Doug Fir
THURS NOV 23, San Francisco, CA - Bottom Of The Hill
FRI NOV 24, Big Sur, CA - Fernwood Lodge
SAT NOV 25, Los Angeles, CA - Safari Sams

Trenchhead to record new CD

Trenchhead are hitting the studios this month to records their new CD "Feasting on Visceral Detritus"

INTO ETERNITY Vocal Lesson Posted

The buzz on INTO ETERNITY right now is undeniable as their new album, The Scattering of Ashes, continues to be hailed by critics and fans alike as a metal masterpiece. The disc also had an impressive first week at retail landing at #45 Top Independent chart, #57 on the Top New Artist chart and #76 on the Hard Music chart.

This is the group’s first release with charismatic frontman Stu Block, who is quickly cementing his status as one of the genre’s most dynamic and talented vocalists. Click on the link below to further witness Block’s stunning range and undeniable energy as he goes through some of his favorite vocal techniques.

INTO ETERNITY gained legions of rabid fans on this year’s Gigantour, emerging as one of the fest’s most talked about acts. This was their first nationwide tour in support of the highly anticipated, The Scattering of Ashes. They also just completed a new video for the album’s opening track, "Severe Emotional Distress," with up-and-coming director Kevin Wildt (Set Your Goals, The Warriors); look for it to make its online debut next month. Click on the link below to steam an MP3 of the track.

Drawing from all aspects of heavy music, The Scattering of Ashes is the perfect blend of technicality, memorable songwriting, traditional heavy metal and the sheer savagery of metal’s extreme genres. INTO ETERNITY have shown that they aren’t afraid to bridge the gap between Dream Theater and Death, as well as appease all fans of guitar-oriented music. With The Scattering of Ashes, they prove that they are here to ride the new wave of technically proficient metal and create a tsunami all their own.


FIREWIND Conquers Europe With Dragonforce; Tour Report

The Greek metal powerhouse FIREWIND recently embarked on a massive European tour as direct support to Dragonforce, which marked the kickoff of the world tour in support of Allegiance. FIREWIND are quickly making a name for themselves led by the young phenomenon known as Gus G. (ex-Dream Evil, Nightrage, Mystic Prophecy, Arch Enemy), who recently turned heads with his stunning "Betcha Can’t Play This" feature in Guitar World, while Total Guitar magazine hailed him as metal’s newest guitar sensation. Click the link below to check out some of Gus G.’s dizzying fretwork.

Gus G. checks in with the following report: "We’re back on the road again touring Europe with our mates DragonForce. The first two shows in Groningen and Amsterdam, Holland were both sold out! What a great start and we are having a blast. Next up was Cologne. It was a small, but packed club and another killer show went down. It’s been really cool meeting the fans, so those of you that plan to come out you’ll most likely catch us at the merchandise stand after the show. So, come out there and have a beer with us!

"We had a day off in Hamburg to wondered around town, do some shopping and of course paid a visit to Reeperbahn! Some other cool news that our label informed us about, is that our CD single ‘Falling to Pieces’ is back on the Top 50 singles chart in Greece climbing to #27 this week! We’re playing Hamburg next and after that we’re heading for Scandinavia where we’ll play shows in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. So, we’ll keep you posted on how things go in the following days and we look forward to seeing you all soon."

After the European tour, FIREWIND will rejoin Dragonforce and special guests All That Remains for a two-week U.K. trek beginning Nov. 29th. Allegiance peaked at #10 on the Greek album charts and spent six weeks in the Top 20, a further testament of the group’s growing presence throughout Europe. The album is set for a January 23rd release in the U.S. and is a must for any fan of Dragonforce, Iced Earth, Hammerfall or anyone who claims to be a heavy metal fanatic.

After catching the metal community’s attention with 2005’s Forged In Fire, the group has triumphantly returned with Allegiance, which is a dynamic display of traditional heavy metal with more of an emphasis on speed, technicality and catchy songwriting. This effort marks the first album with new vocalist Apollo Papathanasio (ex-Majestic, Time Requiem) and drummer Mark Cross (ex-Helloween, Metalium), whose talents had a prominent impact on the creative process. Allegiance was mixed at the famed Studio Fredman with the acclaimed Fredrik Nordstrom (Hammerfall, Arch Enemy, Opeth), and the results are breathtaking.

BRAND NEW SIN Video Makes Its YouTube Debut

BRAND NEW SIN are currently in the midst of a massive Jagermeister-sponsored tour with Mushroomhead, Soil and The Autumn Offering in support of their highly acclaimed new album Tequila, which is now available. The group recently shot a video for the new track "Motormeth" in their hometown of Syracuse in front of over 2,000 rabid fans.


BRAND NEW SIN have also scheduled a hometown "record release show" at The Country Club in Syracuse on Nov. 24th, and after seven weeks of playing abbreviated sets on the Jager tour, the group looks forward to dishing out a special, unrelenting, hour-plus performance.

Decibel magazine praises Tequila as "accessible, blue-collar, booze-tinged metal...there's a conviction in the music, a complete lack of pretension, that makes these five guys easy to like."

The disc also includes a bonus video enhancement of the band performing an acoustic version of Big Show theme "Crank It Up" live in the WWE studios. Tequila is a voracious hard rock assault laden with soaring, captivating melodies and crushing anthems that are sure to get anyone’s blood flowing and fists pumping. The album will also further establish BNS as one of rock’s premiere tandems.

BRAND NEW SIN’s Tequila will prove that authentic, meat-and-potatoes classic hard rock is chased with an undeniable raw fury that refuses to be denied.


Keep It True VIII Festival line-up

Hi friends,

we are proud to present you our complete billing for KEEP IT TRUE VIII:

"City’s Gonna Burn"

(exclusive German Show)
(Original "Dreamweaver" Line Up!!)
(First Time In Europe)
(First Time In Europe)

Saturday, April 14th 2007
Tauberfrankenhalle Lauda-Königshofen

"Storm Of Steel"

(exclusive European Show)

Friday, April 13th 2007
Sporthalle Dittigheim

The tickets will be available from November 6th 2006 on our website for 19 Euro (Saturday) and 10 Euro (Friday)plus postage and also through

The tickets for Friday are limited to 500 so please get them as soon as possible, cause the last three times the Friday was sold out after a short time.

We hope we could create an interesting and crushing billing for 2007 and hope you will all enjoy it.

Metal On,

Oli + Tarek

THE HAUNTED Returns With The Dead Eye; Complete Fall Tour Itinerary

Swedish titans THE HAUNTED have returned a dynamic new offering, The Dead Eye, which sees the band effectively combine elements of their previous efforts while exploring new ideas to continuously challenge themselves.

The album is now in stores, while a special collector’s edition of The Dead Eye is also available, featuring two bonus tracks ("The Highwire" and "The Program"), a bonus DVD with the "Making of The Dead Eye," music videos for "All Against All" and No Compromise" and two live audio versions of "99" and "Abysmal." The videos and live tracks are all from rEVOLVEr, the band’s 2004 album.

Peter Dolving (vocals) describes his thoughts on the new disc: "This album is simply more diverse, dynamic and heavy as fu*k. Look forwar

d to an album we're all extremely proud of." The highly anticipated new effort was recorded in Denmark at Antfarm Studios with renowned producer Tue Madsen (Himsa, Sick Of It All) and looks to be their most accomplished work yet. A video for the track "The Flood" was also recently shot by renowned director Roger Johansson (Arch Enemy, In Flames); look for it to make its online debut in the coming weeks.

THE HAUNTED will make their triumphant return to the U.S. this November on the Blackest of The Black tour with Danzig, labelmates Lacuna Coil, Belphegor and Asesino. Their complete fall touring itinerary is below.

Since their inception, the group have been pigeonholed as a thrash unit, a moniker further solidified by their lineup featuring two ex-members of the legendary At The Gates, but the quintet have continually evolved over the years and strived to create offerings that defied the musical boundaries attached to the genre. With this album, THE HAUNTED ultimately prove that their songwriting prowess is indefinable and undeniable, hoping to show everyone that within this genre, there are no limitations.


W/Danzig, Lacuna Coil, Belphegor, Asesino (Blackest of the Black)

11/17 The Fenix - Seattle, WA
11/18 Big Easy - Spokane, WA
11/19 Crystal Ballroom - Portland, OR
11/21 House of Blues - Las Vegas, NV
11/22 Soma - San Diego, CA
11/25 Marquee Theatre - Tempe, AZ
11/26 Sunshine Theater - Albuquerque, NM
11/28 Rainbow Ballroom - Fresno, CA
11/29 The Wiltern - Los Angeles, CA
11/30 The Catalyst - Santa Cruz, CA

Official Website -

New FIREBALL MINISTRY Video To Make Its Headbangers Ball Debut

FIREBALL MINISTRY are currently serving up the rock to the masses on the Hot Topic-sponsored "Triple Threat Tour" alongside Artimus Pyledriver and Vains of Jenna. The group's new live video for "The Broken" is also set to make its Headbangers Ball debut this Saturday, Nov. 4th at 10PM EST/7PM PST. The video was inspired by a fan's homemade video that was recently posted on

(The fan's clip can be viewed at

Using footage shot during their summer tour with Disturbed, frontman James Rota then edited a homemade video of his own for the song. For those who can't wait to see it feel free to click the link below.

Over the course of the tour, FIREBALL MINISTRY is inviting fans to create their own videos for "The Broken" and also post them on YouTube. When the tour ends in Las Vegas two days before Thanksgiving, the group will select a winner, who will be rewarded with an autographed Dean VX Guitar. (Please make sure include the words "Fireball Ministry" in the title of any uploaded clips.)

The complete itinerary for the Triple Threat Tour appears below. Another longtime friend of FIREBALL MINISTRY, skateboard hero and Jackass/Viva La Bam personality Bam Margera - who picked the group to appear on his "Viva La Bands" compilation and its corresponding tour, and whose just-launched record label, Filthy Note, features Vains of Jenna on its roster - will appear at select stops.

FIREBALL MINISTRY w/Artimus Pyledriver and Vains of Jenna

11/16 The Big Fish Pub - Tempe, AZ
11/17 Plush - Tucson, AZ
11/18 Jumping Turtle - San Marcos, CA
11/19 The Knitting Factory - Los Angeles, CA
11/20 The Dome - Bakersfield, CA
11/21 Empire Ballroom - Las Vegas, NV

Official Website -

DREAM EVIL Announce First U.S. Performance; New Video Posted Online

On Dec. 13th, Sweden’s DREAM EVIL will make their first U.S. performance, when they headline the Century Family’s Third Annual Christmas Balls show at The Key Club in Hollywood. Tickets are on sale now. More performances will be announced in the coming weeks.

Peter Stalfors (bass) further conveys the band’s excitement over their first U.S. performance: "Ever since we released our first album, DragonSlayer, we hoped to have the opportunity to perform in the U.S. Over the years, we received tons of mails from fans all over North America, and now at last we have the opportunity to give at least some of you a chance to see us.

We are really excited about this and look forward to see you at the Key Club in Los Angeles, when it's finally time to show the U.S. what we’ve got. We will play songs from our new album United, along with a ton of oldies as well, so we hope you are ready for a full-on metal onslaught."

DREAM EVIL triumphantly returns with their fourth full-length album United, a ferocious larger-than-life assault that will leave anyone proudly screaming for vengeance.

The group recently completed a new video for the album’s opening track, "Fire! Battle! In Metal!," with renowned director Patric Ullaeus (Dimmu Borgir, Lacuna Coil). The video definitely lives up to its title; click on the link below to check it out.

United was recorded at Sweden’s famed Studio Fredman with DREAM EVIL guitarist and legendary producer Fredrik Nordstrom (Arch Enemy, Opeth, At The Gates). The album carries on with the band’s tradition of stunning melodies, captivating vocals and bombastic guitar solos, all capped off with a bittersweet ballad approach and thunderous speed outbursts. The limited edition first pressing of United will include a bonus second CD containing five exclusive, brand new songs.

DREAM EVIL have returned with their most accomplished work yet, and all will stand united to champion heavy metal’s most dedicated supporters.

Official Website -

All Ages gig at the Croydon Cartoon

26th November 7:30 PM - ALL AGES @ Croydon Cartoon.



£4, DOORS @ 7:30
1st band 8pm

Daath on tour in USA

With Cattle Decapitation:

Nov 16 2006, House Of Rock N Roll, El Paso, Texas

Nov 17 2006, Red Rum, Austin, TX

Nov 18 2006, Walter’s On Washington, Houston, TX

Nov 19 2006, Galaxy Club, Dallas, TX

Nov 20 2006, The High Ground, Metairie, Louisiana

Nov 21 2006, Big Daddy’s, Tallahassee, FL

Nov 22 2006, Backbooth, Orlando, FL

With Cattle Decapitation & Goatwhore:

Nov 23 2006, Thee Imperial, Jacksonville, FL

Nov 24 2006, The Masquerade, Atlanta, GA

Nov 25 2006, Lucky’s Pub, Wilmington, NC

Nov 26 2006, Peppermint Beach Club, Virginia Beach

Nov 27 2006, Village Pub South, Amityville, NY

Nov 28 2006, Knitting Factory, New York, NY

Nov 29 2006, Ottobar, Baltimore, MD

Nov 30 2006, Crocodile Rock, Allentown, PA

Dec 1 2006, Club Bijou, Toledo, Ohio

Dec 2 2006, Champs Rock Room, Burbank, Illinois

Dec 3 2006, Peabody’s Downunder, Cleveland, OH

Dec 4 2006, The Rocker, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Dec 5 2006, Picador, Iowa City, Iowa

Dec 6 2006, Fargo VFW, Fargo, ND

Dec 7 2006, Station 4, St. Paul, MN

Dec 8 2006, Venue Eight, Rapid City, South Dakota

Dec 9 2006, Hubba’s House Of Rock And Roll, Aurora, CO (also with Entombed)

Dec 10 2006, Club Boom, Ogden, Utah

Dec 12 2006, Trilogy Theatre, Victorville, California

Dec 14 2006, The Whisky, W. Hollywood, California

Dec 15 2006, SOMA, San Diego, California

NAPALM DEATH Exclusive YouTube Video Debut

The highly-anticipated new NAPALM DEATH video for "When All Is Said and Done" is now exclusively available on Century Media’s YouTube page. The clip was shot by up-and-coming director Kevin Wildt (Into Eternity, The Warriors); click the link below to check it out.

When All Is Said And Done

This fall, the seminal grindcore pioneers will annihilate the masses on the "Death By Decibels" Tour, their first U.S. headlining tour in more than five years. The Decibel magazine-sponsored trek kicks off on November 15th and also features A Life Once Lost, Dead To Fall and Animosity in the support slots, with Arsis and Impaled joining on select dates. See below for the tour’s complete itinerary.

NAPALM DEATH recently completed an extremely successful run on the Monsters of Mayhem U.S. tour with Hatebreed, Black Dahlia Murder, Exodus, First Blood and Despised Icon in support of Smear Campaign, their highly acclaimed new album. The disc, produced once again with Russ Russel, is an uncompromising, ferocious assault that continues to address serious social issues that plague today’s society.

After celebrating its 25th anniversary, the band’s goals still remain the same: to outlast every trend; to never compromise; to provide a political voice for the voiceless; and to create the most brutal, challenging music on earth.


W/A Life Once Lost, Dead to Fall, Animosity, Impaled, Arsis

11/24 Club Ritual - Levittown, NY
11/25 Club Infinity - Buffalo, NY
11/26 I-Rock - Detroit, MI
11/27 Pearl Room - Mokena, IL
11/28 Sokol Underground - Omaha, NE
11/29 Bluebird Theatre - Denver, CO
11/30 The Ritz - Salt Lake City, UT
12/01 The Venue - Boise, ID
12/02 Studio Seven - Seattle, WA
12/03 The Satyricon - Portland, OR
12/05 The Pound - San Francisco, CA
12/06 The Boardwalk - Orangevale, CA
12/07 The Galaxy - Santa Ana, CA
12/08 The Whisky - Los Angeles, CA
12/09 El Patio Ole Caribe - Mexicali, Mexico
12/10 Clubhouse - Phoenix, AZ
12/11 Chic’s Bar - El Paso, TX
12/12 White Rabbit - San Antonio, TX
12/13 Meridian - Houston, TX
12/14 Howlin Wolf - New Orleans, LA
12/15 The Masquerade - Atlanta, GA
12/16 Jaxx - Springfield, VA
12/17 Sonar - Baltimore, MD
12/18 Peabody’s - Cleveland, OH
12/19 Starlight Ballroom - Philadelphia, PA
12/20 The Stone Pony - Asbury Park, NJ
12/21 Knitting Factory - New York, NY

Daath to release debut album

Recent Roadrunner signees DAATH (pronounced like "goth," but with a "D") will release their debut album, "The Hinderers", on January 30, 2007.

Produced by James Murphy (ex-DEATH, OBITUARY, DISINCARNATE, TESTAMENT), co-produced by DAATH, and mixed by Colin Richardson (BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE, MACHINE HEAD, CRADLE OF FILTH, FEAR FACTORY), with additional engineering by Andy Sneap, "The Hinderers" is a strong return to the classic death metal/black metal sound that ruled the scene in the early '90s.

States the band's guitarist Eyal Levi, "Colin Richardson's mix is, as expected, CRUSHING! Working with him has been a blast and having Andy Sneap re-amp our rhythm guitars is no side note. This album is going to sound like we intended it to!" The result is a classic, progressive and technical death metal album featuring the songs "Ovum", "Festival Mass Soulform", "Subterfuge", "Under A Sober Sign" and more.

"The Hinderers" track listing:

01. Sightless
02. Subterfuge
03. Under A Somber Sign
04. From The Blind
05. Cosmic Forge
06. Ovum
07. Festival Mass Soulform
08. Above Lucium
09. War Born (Tri-Adverserenade)
10. Dead On The Dancefloor
11. Who Will Take The Blame
12. Blessed Through Misery
13. The Hinderers

DAATH also welcomes drummer Kevin Talley (ex-CHIMAIRA, DYING FETUS) to the fold. Comments Levi, "Playing with Kevin has always been a natural choice for us. He's been involved with the project for years now and not only is he one of the greatest metal drummers out there, but also one of our good friends. We're excited to have him in the band and we're also extremely excited to be doing our first proper U.S. tour with the mighty CATTLE DECAPITATION." The band will be joining CATTLE DECAPITATION and GOATWHORE on the road beginning November 17 through December 15.

GOD FORBID To Embark On Canadian Tour; Launch GFTV

Early next month GOD FORBID will embark on a weeklong Canadian trek as direct support to Protest The Hero, which will be their most extensive run of this country yet. The tour kicks off on Dec. 9th and wraps up on Dec. 16th and will be preceded by a GOD FORBID headlining show in Levittown, NY. Their complete touring itinerary is listed below.

Doc Coyle (guitars, vocals) states: "GOD FORBID is very happy to announce this Canadian run with Protest The Hero and The Human Abstract. These are two of the most exciting and talented young metal bands around right now. It'll also be a great opportunity to play some towns in Canada that a lot of American bands don't get to play. See everyone at the gigs!"

A new live video for the track "Chains of Humanity" is currently being edited by David Brodsky (Diecast, GWAR, The Red Chord) and will be primarily composed of footage from the renowned Metal Hammer Awards show, alongside a slew of hilarious backstage antics. The group have also uploaded the first episode of God Forbid TV (GFTV); click the link below to check it out.


Be sure to check out the group’s MySpace page at to check out all of their latest photos from the Saints and Sinners festival. GOD FORBID definitely dressed up for the occasion like you never seen them before.

GOD FORBID W/Protest the Hero and The Human Abstract

12/08 Club Ritual - Levittown, NY (GOD FORBID headlining w/local openers)
12/09 Phoenix Concert Theater - Toronto, ON
12/10 The Foundation - Barrie, ON
12/12 Cowboy’s Bar - Guelph, ON
12/13 Club Lambi - Montreal, QC
12/14 The Salt Lounge - London, ON
12/15 Babylon - Ottawa, ON
12/16 The Music Centre - Burlington, ON

Ultra Dolphins debut album available on vinyl

It's been a long time coming, but ULTRA DOLPHINS' debut album MAR is finally upon us, and the vinyl for this beast turned out pretty freakin' crucial! While the CD is now available in stores and distros across the land, the vinyl won't really surface elsewhere until November 21st... so we're the only place to pick up this thing right now. We made 1200 copies of MAR on vinyl, and couldn't be too much happier with the results. Here's what we wrote about the album for those who don't know about it yet:

ULTRA DOLPHINS debut album, briefly titled MAR, represents a fairly major departure from the band's previous spazz-oriented, garage band freak-outs. Without losing focus on songwriting, the off-kilter structures move continually forward building up frantic but calculated momentum. Several piano tracks accompany drums and noisy guitars along with well-placed vocal melodies. The result is a dizzying but somehow unified listening experience which features a band at the height of their creative prowess. The packaging for this thing is equally intense, with a nice full-color jacket and large 12-page song book. A solid debut album to say the least, and a true masterpiece to say the most!

You can sample 3 different MP3s from this behemoth here and/or here.

If you've read enough and know you want this, please hit up the Robotic Empire - Online Store.

We're guessing the vinyl fanatics will want to know pressing info, so here it is. A total of 1200 copies of this beast were made:

* CLEAR VINYL w/ RED HALO: 200 copies

The "metallic" opaque gold vinyl has some opaque silver streaks thrown in for good measure, the clear vinyl has a translucent red "halo" which looks weird but awesome, and the translucent orange vinyl pretty much looks like a Jolly Rancher.

So now you've probably decided whether you want this or not, and if the answer is "yes" (and we hope it is because we bought a lot of LP mailers), please head on over to the Robotic Empire - Online Store to order.

We like making random merch as well, so we printed up some wallets with our logo(s) on it! Yep, we shelled out the big bucks and got black American Apparel-brand wallets printed up with white ink on them featuring two old Robotic Empire logos revamped just for this jam. Keep your money safe in (weird) style, as this thing is pretty much top-notch!

HEAVEN SHALL BURN Debut New Video For "Counterweight" On YouTube

The German powerhouse HEAVEN SHALL BURN triumphantly return with Deaf To Our Prayers, which is a stunning portrayal of sheer aggression and musical technicality that will quickly catch the attention of any extreme music fan. The group’s new video for the track, "Counterweight," was taken from their Summerbreeze 2006 festival performance that perfectly captures the band’s live intensity in front a rabid German crowd. Click the link below to check it out.


Maik Weichert (guitars) states: "Upon seeing the initial footage of this performance we immediately knew that it would make for a perfect promotional video. It was a really cool night with crazy fans and we are extremely proud to capture this special feeling. You can feel the energy and fun in every frame of the clip. We are sure that everybody who couldn’t make it to Summerbreeze will still be able to feel how special of a night it was for us. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do."

In December, HEAVEN SHALL BURN will co-headline the European Spirit tour with Caliban. Weichert comments: "Finally we get to a co-headlining tour with our good friends from Caliban! Many years ago we both played in a tiny club in front of less than 100 people, most of which were older than we were. Since that day every HSB/Caliban show has been a unique experience. We will continue this tradition on the upcoming Spirit tour and ask everybody to come out and dance away some extra pounds gathered during winter!"

Deaf To Our Prayers is the long-awaited follow-up to HEAVEN SHALL BURN’s highly acclaimed album Antigone, which was their first release to garner worldwide praise. The new disc was recorded and mixed by renowned producer Jacob Hansen (Mercenary, Raunchy) in Denmark and it quickly evolved into the group’s most brutal offering yet.

Celtic Frost announce Japanese tour dates

Celtic Frost have announced new tour dates for Japan, beginning in January of 2007, as part of the "Extreme The Dojo Vol. 16" tour (which also includes Satyricon):

+ January 16, 2007 - Tokyo, Japan at Club Quattro
+ January 17, 2007 - Osaka, Japan at Club Quattro
+ January 18, 2007 - Nagoya, Japan at Club Quattro

This marks the first time that Celtic Frost have ever toured Japan.

"It goes without saying that we are very much looking forward to finally bringing Celtic Frost to Japan," stated guitarist/vocalist Tom Gabriel Fischer. "After touring extensively in Europe and North America these past few months, our live show will speak for itself."

Celtic Frost is currently finishing up it's North American Tour in support of "Monotheist". Click on the "Itinerary" section at for more detailed information on all upcoming tour dates.

Metal On Metal 2 compilation released

This from Fall Of The Idols:

Metal On Metal 2 - Finnish Heavy Metal Revolution compilation has been released by Metal Warning!

The compilation features one exclusive track from us, called Empire. Other bands on the compilation are legendary finnish doom bands like Spiritus Mortis and Minotauri so we're in excellent company. Make sure to get this gem right away! Not for sissies or trendy clowns!

Pale Divine on I Hate

The most recent addition to our ever growing stable of fantastic Doom acts are U.S. based PALE DIVINE, whom we have just contracted for their third full length called Cemetery Earth.

The album is much more METAL oriented than the bands previous releases, taking its cues from a wide range of inspirational sources - BLACK SABBATH, PENTAGRAM, SAINT VITUS, THE OBSESSED, TROUBLE for sure, but also JUDAS PRIEST, IRON MAIDEN, WITCHFINDER GENERAL, CANDLEMASS and CIRITH UNGHOL must be mentioned.

Slightly more up-tempo than their label mates and fellow country men THE GATES OF SLUMBER they still are of the same spirit and fans of Suffer No Guilt will be stricken by the riff-filled might of Cemetery Earth for sure! Cemetery Earth is due for an early 07 spring release and in the mean time we advice you to go check PALE DIVINE's Myspace site for sound samples at:

Evoken has signed to I Hate!!!

Yes, it is true, the worlds premier Doom/Death act will release their upcoming album through us! EVOKEN are, together with THERGOTHON, WINTER and DISEMBOWELMENT, the originators of the Doom/Death scene, a scene we have hithertho never ventured into. The reason is simple, we haven't found bands genuine enough to work with. With EVOKEN it's different, they are able to conjure truly nightmarish visions of abysmal depths in Lovecraftian fashion like no other band, without ever falling prey to contrived "gothmospheric" sobbing or teen-angst-ridden nonsense.

They are indeed performing "Dark & Abysmally Desolate Doom/Death", as their own description of the music reads, and has done so since the bands inception in early 1992 - we're talking die hard veterans here! Thus it is with great satisfaction we welcome Nick and the guys onboard - look out for the new crushing album in May/June -07! Read more on:

I Hate proudly present Space Eater!

Melodic 80’s styled U.S. Thrash Metal maniacs from Belgrade! SPACE EATER offers music from a branch of the genre few bands cling to these days. Influences from TESTAMENT, AGENT STEEL, HEATHEN and even NUCLEAR ASSAULT is to be heard in the catchy-as-hell SPACE EATER tunes and if head banging monsters like "Bombs away" and "Merciful Angel" leave you blank you might as well insert that SOILWORK disc of yours into that warm, brown hole where it belongs…SPACE EATER’s debut album will be recorded in January and you may expect an early summer -07 release… Read more on:

Nifelheim/Vulcan - Thunder Metal split sent to press!

This from I Hate Records:

Yes, yes, yes, we know, it is ridiculously delayed already but now this absolute CULT gem has been sent to press and we await the result with baited breath. The 7" is limited to 900 copies on black vinyl and 100 on picture disc and we expect this Underground Metal Treasure to be sold out very rapidly, judging by all the pre-orders we have received.

The 7" vinyl, suitably baptized Thunder Metal, features two new tracks from each horde; VULCANO presents their most evil sounding and ripping stuff since Bloody Vengeance while NIFELHEIM’s contributions pisses over all lame attempts at entering the black throne that’s been made in their six year of relative absence. The release date is preliminary but we aim for November 30, and yes, we mean this year 2006.…

The Puritan release MLP on I Hate

In a time where adjectives hang freely in the air like worn out dish cloths it feels good to know that when we describe the sound of THE PURITAN as cold, bleak and crushingly heavy we’re not exaggerating one bit. Hailing from Finland, a land that ooze depression from every pore of its collective folk soul, THE PURITAN is set to carve their own niche within the realm of extremely heavy and slow music! Their self titled debut MLP consist of two lengthy tracks that are divided into three and two parts respectively, the total playing time being no less than 35:40 minutes of pure nihilism.

Life will not become less pointless just because you buy this MLP (limited to 500 copies…) but at least you’ll have a sound track to the mess you’re in… THE PURITAN -S/T MLP will be available through our mail order on November 30 if all goes well. And remember:" The Stars Above Us Are All Evil…"

Hellish Crossfire - Slaves of the Burning Pentagram LP

…is the best German Thrash Metal-release in many years, delivering Necronomical Darkness, Destruction, Assassinations and Death to the Living! A true Force of German Teutonic Violence! Poisoning the minds of those not knowing what REAL German Thrash should be about; Rawness, Aggression and songs that will cut their way into you mind! Simply a must!

Release date is 30 November 2006 if Satan wills it!

Orne debut album out now

Dark progressive rockers Orne’s debut album is out NOW!!!

This from Kimi Kärki a.k.a. Peter Vicar, guitarist in Orne:

Black Widow Records have informed me that the CD version has arrived and LP should follow in 1-2 weeks.


Trouble releases

Straight from the band themselves:

"The Good News Is,

After many unpredictable setbacks, We now have release dates for most of the Trouble catalog.

"Psalm 9" and" The Skull" will be released world wide on Oct 24, 2006, with added footage from those era's.

The new CD, "Simple Mind Condition", and "Plastic Green Head" will be released on Feb 20, 2007, with bonus footage for Plastic.

Trouble will tour to support the releases starting in March of 2007. A US tour is in the works to be followed by two European tours slated for mid summer and fall. A new DVD featuring many new songs will be filmed during the European tours, So be sure to come out in full force to support the band.

The Trouble unplugged CD featuring 40% new material and some of the old favorites will be completed the summer of 2007.

So after many obstacles concerning the business end of Trouble. Everything is finally in order (thanks to Escapi Music) once again, and you can expect that Trouble will continue to write, record, and tour for many many more years."


Hammy and Lisa Halmshaw, founders and long standing managers of Peaceville Records are leaving the label at the end of this month in a move which sees Paul Groundwell take over as general manager, in association with Snapper Music, who have been involved with the business since 2000.

Hammy states "While it has obviously been a difficult decision to make, after 25 years I think we’ve contributed as much as we can to the business and now it’s time to move on to another chapter in life."

Cliff Dane of Snapper adds "We are sad to see Hammy and Lisa go and wish them well, and are looking forward to the future, developing the label in the spirit they created."


CULT OF LUNA have yielded bounties of positive press and recognition for their latest Earache release, "Somewhere Along the Highway," which has captured fans and new listeners with its’ genuinely dynamic, unique sound. Metallically savvy and diverse, DECIBEL magazine have named CULT OF LUNA’S "Somewhere Along the Highway" #5 on their "Top 40" of 2006 list - praising "Somewhere Along the Highway" as an album that "...makes its points straight away, evoking a rich gamut of bad moods, than marching purposefully toward the gray at the end of the tunnel."

Atmospherically driven, yet ominously organic, "Somewhere Along the Highway" was recorded in very basic conditions, augmenting the already diverse feeling of the music. CULT OF LUNA have recently recorded a video for "Back to Chapel Town" - check it out at! CULT OF LUNA will be launching into a full Swedish tour in February of 2007 in full support of "Somewhere Along the Highway."

Pick up the year end issue of DECIBEL at a retailer near you and check DECIBEL out at:



Florida’s Poison The Well will release VERSIONS, their first record in over 3 years on April 3rd. After selling hundreds of thousands of records on Trustkill and Atlantic, the band has made the move to Ferret Music. The band are currently holed up in a barn in Sweden recording what they are calling their most pissed off and beautiful collection of songs ever. Once they are done, they will hit the road to tour the world, like they have done in the past couple years with Warped Tour, Strhess Tour and Deftones More news coming soon.

Speaking of crossover tours, our newest success story, Heavy Heavy Low Low, just landed a slot on the Thursday tour for early 2007. This will put the band in front of their biggest crowds yet. Their new record, EVERYTHING’S WATCHED, EVERYONE’S WATCHING continues to grow every week, and will definitely be a post-holiday seller with their appearance on this tour. And don’t forget that they’ll be touring with Haste The Day in December as well.

Every Time I Die have become a multi-platform phenomenon. First with the success of their CD "Gutter Phenomenon", then having their new DVD "Shit Happens" debut #24 on the charts. Now, over 2 million kids are playing along to the song "Guitarred And Feathered" on GUITAR HERO 2 which his streets last week! The band is wrapping up a tour with Atreyu this week, and then head home for some much needed rest after touring for the past 2 years with everyone from My Chemical Romance to Sounds Of The Underground to Warped Tour.

LoveHateHero have teamed up with to debut a new song every couple of weeks from their Feb 20th release of WHITE LIES. The track "Brother" can be heard exclusively here: Look for the band on tour starting in January for all of 2007.


MISERY SIGNALS still blowing away the Radio Rebellion tour along side Norma Jean and Between The Buried And Me
DEAD HEARTS just locked down a Feb US tour with Bloodlined Calligraphy
TWELVE TRIBES are destroying Europe and the UK with Unearth and Hatebreed all November

MAYLENE AND THE SONS OF DISASTER’s (ex-Underoath) new album in stores MARCH 20, 2007
SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY’s debut album in stores MARCH 20, 2007

ONE MAN ARMY AND THE UNDEAD QUARTET - Release date for "error in evolution" + tour update

"Error In Evolution", the new album of ONE MAN ARMY AND THE UNDEAD QUARTET, is almost completed and will be released Europe-wide on March 9th 2007. Be prepared for another aural killing machine!

Before that, taste the sheer power of ONE MAN ARMY AND THE UNDEAD QUARTET live on stage at one or more concerts of the guy's X-Mas Mayhem Tour, check the dates here! (please notice that the venues on January 4th and 5th have changed!).

CLAWFINGER - Take part in the Jägermeister Rock:Liga

Sweden's CLAWFINGER have been confirmed to take part in the Jägermeister Rock:Liga along with bands like BLOODHOUND GANG, LENINGRAD COWBOYS, WE and DEICHKIND. For those of you who don't know what exactly the Rock:Liga is, a short introduction: Twelve bands compete against each other, split into four groups à three teams.

Each group tours through five German cities, with each band trying to get the best feedback from the audience. Only one band of each group can make it to the finals, where the champion is chosen.

CLAWFINGER's playing schedule is as follows:


07.02.2007 ESSEN - Zeche Karl (D)
08.02.2007 NüRNBERG - Hirsch (D)
09.02.2007 CHEMNITZ - Talschock (D)
11.02.2007 BRAUNSCHWEIG - Jolly (D)
10.07.2007 ROSTOCK - Mau Club (D)

You can find more information about the competition here:

SUBWAY TO SALLY - Wacken special on premiere

Today, November 17th, SUBWAY TO SALLY's CD/DVD package "Nackt" gets in stores finally. And as luck would have it, German Pay TV channel Premiere broadcasts exclusive live recordings from this year's Wacken Open Air today - featuring SUBWAY TO SALLY as well! For more details, check out, there'll also be an online broadcasting at

DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER - Live at Wacken special on premiere

Wacen fans, watch out: On November 17th, the German Pay TV channel Premiere broadcasts live recordings from this year's Wacken Open Air exclusively! Featured bands are: DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER and SUBWAY TO SALLY among other acts such as MOTÖRHEAD, ROSE TATTOO, CELTIC FROST and more.

For more details, check out, there'll also be an online broadcasting at

SLAYER announces Winter 2007 headline tour with direct support Unearth!

"Slayer is one of the most influential bands of all time in the metal genre. We get to tour with those guys and bring our brand of metal to their stage. It is an honor, privilege and a god damn milestone for us." Trevor Phipps of Unearth

This monster of a tour will hit the road on January 24th for a four-week North American tour. The dates are in support of the Unearth’s latest album, III: In The Eyes Of Fire (Terry Date, Soundgarden, White Zombie, Pantera, Deftones 8/06). III: In The Eyes Of Fire tipped the Billboard Top 200 Chart debuting at #35 and was Unearth’s first new studio album since 2004’s critically acclaimed Metal Blade Records debut titled, The Oncoming Storm.

"UNEARTH leaves no stone unturned in creating a monstrous album that incorporates elements of everyone from IRON MAIDEN (guitar harmonies) to the best of the Swedish melodic death metal bands".

"This is easily a front running candidate for Metal Album of the Year."

"Unearth is actually as dark, hard and heavy as they claim it is… utilitarian metal at its finest." Decibel

"The Metal progenitors hit back with the brilliant and brutal III In The Eyes Of Fire." Guitar World

"A Stunning accomplishment, one that repeatedly pushes the boundaries of heaviness, yet contains enough sonic and lyrical layers to give the songs depth and staying power." Revolver Magazine

"The punishing metal quintet from Mass- fans of seven string guitars- made lots of new fans on Ozzfest this summer: It’s like Anthrax and Megadeth rolled into one. It’s everything you want in a great metal song" Cory Taylor of Slipknot in Rolling Stone Magazine

The last three years of touring has transformed Unearth into the most powerful live show to see, attracting Slayer to ask them to be direct support for this upcoming tour. Unearth has shared the stage with Black Label Society on Ozzfest 2006, Slipknot, Sounds Of The Underground 2005, Lamb Of God, Killswitch Engage among others; and has delivered their metal at a fever pitch on recent sold- out tours of Australia, Japan, and Europe as well

Unearth will have a new video, their second one off III: In The Eyes Of Fire for the track Sanctity of Brothers produced by Darren Doane (Every Time I Die, Lamb Of God)

CATTLE DECAPITATION announces Clif Bar endorsement!

Cattle Decapitation is STOKED to announce we’re officially endorsed by CLIF BAR! Ever wondered how Cattle D stays so gore night after night after night?!?!? Clif Bar Energy Bars are the key ingredient in the sheer brutality that is Cattle Decap’s live show. Made with organic ingredients, high in protein and contains a natural source of caffeine to keep you buzzing through your day or goreifying the remnants on stage like Cattle do night after night on tour! Clif Bar also supports organizations that address environmental, health and social issues. Stay gore… eat a Clif Bar!!!

AMON AMARTH launches tour diary!

Amon Amarth has launched a tour diary to chronicle their plundering across Europe! Check it here! The tour diary currently features entries for the first week of touring and will be updated constantly, so be sure to check back often!

Headbangers Ball and Revolver Magazine’s Best Metal Videos of 2006!

Headbangers Ball and revolver Magazine have teamed up to bring you the Best Metal Videos of 2006! Vote for your favorite videos and watch the results on a special year-end Headbangers Ball in December. For more information go to

Nominated Metal Blade artists include:

As I Lay Dying Darkest Nights

The Black Dahlia Murder Statutory Ape

Cannibal Corpse Make Them Suffer

Unearth Giles

GOD DETHRONED recaps Blitzkrieg 2006!

After 6 weeks of European madness, we’re home again. It’s always strange to return home after a tour and to pick up a "normal" way of living. We can look back and be very satisfied; the Blitzkrieg tour with Vader and Severe Torture was a big success and we are happy we were part of it. A big HORNS UP to everyone who made this trip impossible for forget: Massive Music, TM Brovar, Adam and Piotr (you definitely rock!), Zoe, drivers from hell Chris and Radek (vodki natychmiast!), everyone in Vader, Severe Torture, Sardonic, Goddamned X and Inactive Messiah for the bullshit talk, teaching me PS2 games, sharing drinks and being great people. Hope to meet you all again in the future!

And, of course, we’d like to thank all the people who supported us day after day. See you next time! Expect a lot of new pictures in our gallery soon!

BORN FROM PAIN relaunch website!

The new Born From Pain website is now up and running, so make sure you add to your favourites list or as your homepage. The website has has a complete overhaul and looks killer and will be updated on a regular basis with everything Born From Pain affiliated, whether it be tour dates, journal entries, competitions or band news in general. Make sure you drop by and check it out.

MESHUGGAH - Clinics and recording update!

An audio recording of MESHUGGAH bassist Dick Lövgren and drummer Tomas Haake's clinic on Wednesday (Nov. 15) in Örebro, Sweden has been posted online

A MESHUGGAH fan by the name of Anders who attended the clinic put together the following report: "It was like this: First they played a medley of different MESHUGGAH parts like 12-15 minutes. Then there was a lot of talk about all sorts of stuff. Their approach to music in general, some examples of 'odd cycles,' a lot of questions for the audience. And then they played a second medley about the same length. Did not hear any new material since they are in writing mode right now.

Tomas talked a little bit about the new material and to say something about that is that they will use a lot of odd cycles (of course), but they will be much longer before they repeat, if they ever repeat. Something like that. And also that they, for this album, are gonna rehearse a lot as a band before entering the studio, which they haven't been able to do due to time/financial concerns.

Tomas has always recorded the drums by himself with out any rough guitar ('cuz the others haven't learned the songs). His mind is so focused on the structure of the song that he haven't been able to play free or feeling as confident with the material as he would like."

Upcoming Dick Lövgren / Tomas Haake Swedish clinics:
Nov. 22 - Göteborg Sticky Fingers
Nov. 24 - Borlänge
Nov. 25 - Gävle 15.00, Musikhuset/Sjömanskyrkan, St Esplanadgatan 1
Nov. 27 - Falköping Lilla Teatern, Dotorpsgatan 13
Nov. 28 - Motala
Nov. 30 - Stockholm 20.00, Street, Hornstulls Strand 9

MESHUGGAH has issued the following update on the group's current activities:

"Right now we are writing material for the new album. After the 'Nothing' re-release, we more or less finished working on our studio, so know we're putting together a kind of demo to see where we are at material-wise and basically give the studio, the songs, and us a test run, heh, heh.

We are swimming in dark waters that constitute putting an album together and whatever we find beneath the surface is definitely gonna be… interesting. Suffice to say that we're in a weird but inspirational period right now. It's all gonna be about the writing during November.

The demo recording is hopefully happening in December in-between the pinball tournaments here in the studio. Then we'll see where we're at, I guess. In hell, probably. We've got no working title or concrete cover ideas yet, but it's getting there. It's the slow process of coming to terms with the material we've got and hopefully understand what to make of it.

The plan is to have the album out late spring or — if things get fu*ked up — early fall. Naturally, the touring will be planned around the album release, so we'll see when we get closer to completing the album."

The re-issue of 2002's Nothing album, available since November 31st, includes re-recorded guitars and comes in a custom-shaped slipcase featuring a 3D hologram card. The CD, which was also remixed and remastered, contains a bonus DVD featuring the band's appearance at the Download 2005 festival and other video clips. Check out the cover artwork here!

DIMMU BORGIR - Album title revealed!

Finally the long-awaited album title for the upcoming DIMMU BORGIR opus has been revealed by guitarist Silenoz: "After what we can call a pretty mellow and relaxed mixing session (at least from a dimmucratic point of view), 'In Sorte Diaboli' is now mixed and ready for mastering! Ooops…happened to mention the album title there. Anyways, mastering duties will be done pretty soon courtesy of Russ Russell at an undisclosed location in the U.K."

'In Sorte Diaboli' will be a concept album with a story located in Medieval Europe. "There's this dude that works as a priest's assistant, and after a while he just discovers that he has nothing to do with Christianity. He just sort of has this awakening and realizes that he has different abilities and different powers and is leaning more to the dark side," explains Silenoz the not exactly Christianity-friendly story concept.

MANES is putting the finishing touches on its new album

MANES, the Norwegian band featuring members of Third and the Mortal, Atrox and Chton, is putting the finishing touches on its new album, tentatively titled "Invention - Or How The World Came To An End And Why We Did It", at Spiren Studio in Rognes (near Trondheim) with producer Rune Stavnesli. The CD will be the group's first for Candlelight Records and is planned for an early 2007 release.

Commented the band: "When you get presented with a piece of cake, you eat it. When you get presented with two pieces, you eat 'em both. At least some do. We do. We're supersizing. I guess the conceptual nature of this coming album seems to reveal itself to us before our very eyes, but I guess it's one of those things you need to get out of the system.

We've been very process-oriented with this album, something we might have mentioned before, but as this process is about to end we seem to find out what we're actually doing. I can say as much as this album will be varied ... Dark as Hell, but equally varied. Hell. It's all-out 'more is more.' This will be our 'this-kinda-album' album, and not the start of something new for us, or whatever veteran artists say to the press to justify their current release.

"As we also might have mentioned once, we're working on another album. When it'll be done is another matter completely, but it'll be another story all together. Not that it's important now, but we've structured our writing process in this manner to keep things interesting. Maxing out in all directions, and trying to tie a knot at the end of 'em all. What I'm trying to say is that we're seeing how the world comes to an end, and we're humming along as the dustclouds rise above the ruins."

A live video by MANES performing the song "The Neoflagellata Revision" has been made available for download at this location (Windows Media, 38 MB). The clip is also available for viewing at

The video was edited from bootleg footage shot at a 2004 gig in MANES' hometown Trondheim.

"The Neoflagellata Revision" is one of two new songs that appeared on MANES' 2006 release, the seven-track EP entitled "[view]", out on Aural Music. Among the other songs on the EP is a cover song of "Cinder Alley" (originally by 16 Horsepower), which can also be heard on the band's MySpace profile.

MANES was founded back in late 1992 and released three demos, plus a debut album ("Under ein Blodraud Maane", Hammerheart Records) as a two-piece, but has since then evolved to become a multi-headed monster. With members from bands like Third and the Mortal, Atrox and Chton, the band released the album "Vilosophe" on the Italian label Code666 in 2003 to great reviews. As a stepping stone before the next album is released, the EP "[view]" came out as a limited edition in February 2006 on Aural Music, the mother label of MANES' previous record company, Code666. The band left Aural Music not long after the release of this EP and signed to Candlelight Records.

MANES' music defies any easy genre definitions, but can best be described as a dark mix of metal, rock and electronica.

SEAR BLISS new live dates and Randall Amplifiers endorsement announced

Sear Bliss will play at Winter Assault Festival in Prague (CZ) on the 15th of December. Also playing are Samael, Sodom, Pungent Stench, and Katatonia amongst many others.

The band will have a couple of headliner shows in Benelux in January. The dates are:

19 - (NL) Rotterdam, Baroeg
20 - (NL) Eindhoven, Dynamo
21 - (BE) TBA

Sear Bliss' guitarist Peter Kovacs has become an official endorser of Randall Amplifiers.
Check him out and his gear here

Sear Bliss is currently working on their as yet untitled new album for Candlelight Records. The recording will start in March and the album will hopefully be out in June.

OCTAVIA studio update

"We have started the recording of our next album. 5 songs are soon to be finished, and the sound is awesome!! Two of the songs are originally from our first EP called Guilty released in 2002. This EP was released by Octavia, and in a very limited edition. We really liked the songs then, and have now rearranged them for a new birth.

The new versions kick ass and we can't wait to get this stuff out! The album is also to be released on Candlelight Records."

ONSLAUGHT studio update

Steve Grice of the reformed lineup of the classic U.K. thrash outfit ONSLAUGHT has sent the following update from the studio:

"ONSLAUGHT have now completed the recording of their new studio album 'Killing Peace', which is due for release in February [via Candlelight Records]. The album is an uncompromising mixture of true thrash tunes which will grab you by the throat.

"On a recent airing by Terrorizer's Ian Glasper, the album was described as 'better than Slayer at their best.' The record-buying thrash fans will be able to judge that themselves in February."

Commented Grice: "We don't feel is if we are competing against the likes of Slayer etc. but we are sure giving these guys a run for their money."

27 - (GR) Thessaloniki, Hydrogios
28 - (GR) Athens, An Club


NOVEMBERS DOOM is headlining the following tour with support from Agalloch (USA), Saturnus (DK) & Thurisaz (BE)

22 - (PL) Mega Club, Katowice
23 - (CZ) Black Pes, Prague
24 - (D) Backstage, Munich
25 - (BE) Gildenhuis, Wervik: (w/ Thurisaz & Gwyllion)
27 - (UK) Satan's Hallow, Manchester (w/ The Prophecy, Thurisaz)

November FILE

Three track EP out on now - CHECK THE TRACKS OUT ON MYSPACE
November FILE release the new EP 'Hallow Be Thy Army' on Monday via Candlelight Records. The tracklisitng is a follows:

Hallowed Be Thy Army
Friendly Fire
My magnificent Circus

You can order the EP at

New album - title confirmed

The new November FILE album which contains their heaviest and darkest material to date is to be called "Holy Armour From The Jaws Of God". The confirmed track listing so far is:

My Magnificent Circus
Friendly Fire
Hallowed Be Thy Army

Live Dates for Candlelight bands


09 - (USA) Springfield, VA
10 - (USA) New York, New York
11 - (CDN) Montreal, Quebec
12 - (CDN) Quebec City, Quebec
13 - (CDN) Toronto, Ontario
14 - (USA) Cleveland, Ohio
15 - (USA) Mokena, Illinois
16 - (USA) St. Paul, Minnesota
19 - (USA) Orangevale, California
20 - (USA) San Francisco, California
21 - (USA) West Hollywood, California
22 - (USA) Santa Ana, California
23 - (USA) Tempe, Arizona
25 - (USA) Denver, Colorado
26 - (USA) Albuquerque, New Mexico
27 - (USA) El Paso, Texas
28 - (USA) San Antonio, Texas
29 - (USA) Ft. Worth, Texas
30 - (USA) Houston, Texas
01 - (USA) St. Petersburg, Florida
02 - (USA) Fayetteville, North Carolina
03 - (USA) Poughkeepsie, New York
04 - (USA) Hartford, Connecticut
05 - (USA) Bedford, New Hampshire
07 - (CDN) Royun Nonanda, Quebec
08 - (CDN) Sudbury, Ontario


16 - (N) Tønsberg, Hammerslang Festivalen

26 - (USA) Sonar Maryland Deathfest, Baltimore


01 - (FI) Seinäjoki, Club 15
02 - (FI) Vaasa, Club 25
08 - (FI) Turku, Klubi


27 - (GR) Thessaloniki, Hydrogios
28 - (GR) Athens, An Club


01 - (NO) Scene 37, Horten
02 - (NO) Rockefeller, Oslo


24 - (DK) Slagelse, Musikhuset


22 - (PL) Mega Club, Katowice
23 - (CZ) Black Pes, Prague
24 - (D) Backstage, Munich
25 - (BE) Gildenhuis, Wervik:
27 - (UK) Satan's Hallow, Manchester

Last week we told you about the brand new signing of Swedish black metallers WATAIN on Season of Mist. We can now announce that the band's debut - which title will be revealed soon - on our label is due next February 19th, along with RED HARVEST's "A Greater Darkness" new album. Wait for that double blow!

Due to bureaucratic problems with obtaining visas, the band's announced tour in the USA during November 2006 was postponed to May 2007. As soon as the first dates are confirmed for this tour, they will be posted on the Rotting Christ website and and Season of Mist websites.

As a teaser for ROTTING CHRIST's upcoming opus "Theogonia", out next January 22nd on Season of Mist, you can download one song from the upcoming album on this website. Check out "Enuma Elish"!

Here's the complete tracklisting :

1. The Sign of prime Creation
2. Keravnos Kivernitos
3. Enuma Elish
4. Gaia Tellus
5. Helios Hyperion
6. Nemecic
7. He, the Aethyr
8. Phobos' Synagogue
9. Rege Diabolicus
10. Threnody


24 Nov 06 Auch (32) (FR) Le Cri'Art
25 Nov 06 Agen (47) (FR) Le Florida
08 Dec 06 Paris (75) (FR) Elyse Montmartre (+ The Arrs)
09 Dec 06 Nancy (54) (FR) MJC du Haut du Livre
15 Dec 06 Le Thor (84) (FR) Auditorium
16 Dec 06 Tarbes (65) (FR) La Gespe
13 Jan 07 La Louvire (BE) LL Metal Fest
03 Feb 07 Livin (62) (FR) Arc-en-Ciel

25 Nov 06 Savise (CH) Aoc Rock Festival (+ Destruction + ...)
16 Dec 06 Macon (FR) Cave Musique (+ Semtazone + WDCS + Zatopek + Soft Parade)
10 Mar 07 Nevers (FR) Caf Charbon (+ Cadavera)
11 Mar 07 Paris (FR) La scne Bastille

09 Dec 06 Arnhem (NL) Musis Sacrum - Arnhem Metal Meeting

17 Feb 07 Oostende (BE) Memento Mori Metal Fest

26 Jan 07 Istanbul (TR) Studio Live
27 Jan 07 Eskisehir (TR) 222 Park
28 Jan 07 Ankara (TR) Saklikent

ROTTING CHRIST + CARPATHIAN FOREST (+ Malevolent Creation + Incantation + Neuraxis + Harm)
14 Feb 07 Berlin (DE) Kato
15 Feb 07 Leipzig (DE) Hellriser
16 Feb 07 Wien (AU) Szene
17 Feb 07 Salzburg (AU) Rockhaus
18 Feb 07 Innsbruck (AU) Hafen
19 Feb 07 Plattern (CH) Z7
20 Feb 07 Strasbourg (FR) Laiterie
21 Feb 07 Paris (FR) Locomotive
22 Feb 07 Eindhoven (NL) Effenaar
23 Feb 07 Vosselaar (BE) Biebob
24 Feb 07 Adelsheim (DE) Live Factory
25 Feb 07 Brno (CZ) Fledo
26 Feb 07 Bratislava (CZ) Randal
27 Feb 07 Este (PD) Sottosopra (IT) Rock Club
28 Feb 07 Munchen (DE) Metropolis
01 Mar 07 Osnabruck (DE) N8
02 Mar 07 Groningen (NL) Vera
03 Mar 07 Essen (DE) Turock
04 Mar 07 Rotterdam (NL) Baroeg

09-11 Aug 07 Bad Berka (DE) Party San Festival (+ Vader, Belphegor, Melechesh...)

THREAT SIGNAL - Tour videos available!

Vocalist Jon Howard of the Canadian metallers THREAT SIGNAL has posted the following message on the band's official web site:

"We're back home from the SOILWORK tour now, so I'll have time to put together some video clips for you guys. I've uploaded a live video of 'One Last Breath' recorded at B.B. King in [New York City] November 5.

Also, a clip of us onstage with SOILWORK!! It was the last show of the tour, and Speed [SOILWORK frontman Björn 'Speed' Strid] pulled us all up on stage; check that crazy sh*t out. I'll be putting together various clips from the tour and making them available to watch, so keep checkin' the video section. Watch out for more tour dates early next year!!" Click here for THREAT SIGNAL videos!

RAGE - New DVD details revealed

Mighty RAGE filmed their show in St. Petersburg, Russia earlier this year in front of 15,000 fans for their stunning live DVD "Full Moon in St. Petersburg". The DVD will be released on February 23rd 2007 and is packed with loads of Teutonic Metal goodies!

DVD 1 will contain the complete concert in St. Petersburg, including both old classics and new smashers from RAGE´S last album, "Speak Of The Dead". Also, disc one will feature the band's last two promotional videos, Brazilian TV footage, and a live performance at the "Masters of Rock" festival 2006 in the Czech Republic.

Meanwhile, DVD2 will consist out of comprehensive bonus material, including a full-length documentary, a detailed documentary recorded on the last European tour, featuring insight into the band's life "on the road" and backstage.

In addition, each member of the band has contributed personal footage - which means you can now witness frontman Peavy Wagner discussing his ice age bone collection or join a drum workshop with Mike Terrana!!!

The first edition will be available in a special steelbook with two DVDs and an audio CD, but will also be available as a separate DVD or audio CD. The artwork was once again designed by Anthony Clarkson, who was responsible for the cover of the "Speak of the Dead" album.

AFTER FOREVER - Floor Jansen to sing Junkie XL song live

AFTER FOREVER's singer Floor Jansen will perform the song 'Today' of JUNKIE XL (famous Dutch Electro band) at the "Games In Concert" event with the Dutch Metropool Orchestra in Utrecht on November 26th. For more information about the venue (Music Centre Vredenburg), click here:

IMPIOUS - All album details revealed!

Swedish Powerhouse IMPIOUS has finished recordings for their forthcoming new album „Holy Murder Masquerade"!

"The album was mainly recorded at my own "Studio Deadline"", comments guitarist Valle Adzic. "Only drums were recorded at Studio Mega. Simply because when it was time for recording the drums, my studio wasn’t quite finished."

The new album is different to it´s predecessor. "We had one goal: To make the songs more simple and memorable. We wanted more songs that people can easily sing along with on concerts. When we were done with the album, we realized we had a little bit more melodies than before, and the average tempo was a bit slower. But it still sounds like Impious… just a little bit more Impious than before."

"Holy Murder Masquerade" is a concept album, a real bloody one indeed. "We hired this Italian guy Andrea Cavaletto who does horror comics for a living. The whole booklet is made like a comic book, with the lyrics inserted in those speech balloons just like in an ordinary comic book. We also hired professional voice actors to bring life to the characters.

The story is about this guy, Trent, who is a true servant of God. At least according to his own sick mind. He’s soon to complete his work and the listener/reader gets to follow him as he arrives at his final destination. There are a lot of deaths, violence, blood, etc... It’s a brutal story indeed."

"I actually came up with the comic idea after reading a review where it said the music was very good, but not original. That got me thinking… I didn’t want to change our music, so what was there more to change? Well, the lyrical part! And from that moment everything just came to me.

Why not make a concept album where the listener can follow the whole story both sonically, lyrically and even visually?? So we did! It took us thousands and thousands hours of work, but we did it! This way you get a whole new experience, and you definitely miss out on very much if you just download the album on the internet."

"When we recorded the title track "Holy Murder Masquerade" we felt that the song needed some screaming vocals. So we contacted long time friend Thomas Backelin from Lord Belial, and he was happy to do it."

The cover was done by Justin Kamerer who has done work for bands like Slayer, Slipknot, Mudvayne, Black Sabbath, etc…


1 - The Confession

2 - Bound To Bleed (For A Sacred Need)

3 - T.P.S.

4 - Bloodcraft

5 - Holy Murder Masquerade

6 - Death On Floor 44

7 - Slaughtertown Report

8 - Three Of One

9 - Everlasting Punishment

10 - Purified By Fire

11 - Dark Closure

"Holy Murder Masquerade" will be released January, 26th, 2007 in G/A/S and on the 29th in the rest of Europe!

Akercocke work on new album

Akercocke are gearing up for the recording of their fifth album. The suited ones plan to commence recording at their very own Goat of Mendes Studios in December.

Frontman Jason Mendonca describes the new material as "...a logical development from Words That Go Unspoken. We are continuing to enhance and highlight the dynamics in our music. The contrast between light and shade is stronger in places although in essence, our new work promises to be our most violent.

Expect hyperblast speeds that will shame the pretenders. Bludgeoning primitive death grooves, rancorous hate filled black metal and teutonic thrash assaults all seared with swathes of mind shredding electronica and dark, ancient textures."

Akercocke's last album "Words That Go Unspoken, Deeds That Go Undone" was released on Earache in 2005. The forthcoming album to be released in May 2007 will be the band's third with Earache records.
For more information go to:



Germany's most exotic Metalheads DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER have been confirmed to play the Metalcamp open air 2007! Thus the billing features the following artists so far: BLIND GUARDIAN, IMMORTAL, THRESHOLD, DIE APOKALYPTSCHEN REITER, DEW-SCENTED, GRAVEWORM, AMON AMARTH, SODOM and DORO. More bands to be announced soon!

Tourdates have been updated!

24.11.06 MILANO - Transilvania Club (I)
25.11.06 PRATO - Siddharta Club (I)
26.11.06 PRATO - Siddharta Club (I)
28.11.06 LONDON - Underworld (GB) *
29.11.06 LIVERPOOL - The Cavern (GB) *
30.11.06 GLASGOW - The Soundhouse (GB) *
02.12.06 POITIERS - BCS Café (F)
03.12.06 ROTTERDAM - Baroeg (NL)
04.12.06 GENT - Frontline (B)
05.12.06 AUGSBURG - Musikkantine (D)
06.12.06 ZüRICH - Alpenrock (CH)
07.12.06 GRAZ - Orpheum (A)
08.12.06 SAND IN TAUFERS - Bürgersaal (I)
09.12.06 GLAUCHAU - Alte Spinnerei (D)
16.12.06 NAILA - Frankenhalle (D) rockXmas II **
27.01.07 MOSKAU - Club Toschka (RUS)
28.01.07 ST. PETERSBURG - Club Rocks (RUS)
16.-22.07.07 TOLMIN - Metalcamp 2007 (SLO) **
02.08.07 WACKEN - Wacken Open Air 2007 (D)
16.08.07 DINKELSBüHL - Summer Breeze Open Air 2007 (D)


CLAWFINGER - Working on new songs

Swedish crossover pioneers CLAWFINGER are back in the studio, working on new songs for the follow-up album of "Hate Yourself With Style" (released on November 18th 2005). "So Bård is in town since Sunday evening and we've started another round of writing and recording", says singer Zak Tell about the proceeding. Read his full statement here!

CLAWFINGER have recently been confirmed to play the German Jägermeister Rock:Liga, click here to get more info.


BORN FROM PAIN - The War Is Out!

"Our new album "War" was released in Europe last week Monday! The album had already been released in the States on the 14th November and in Germany, Austria and Switzerland on the 17th November. So far, the feedback for the album has been very positive and we are siked that "War" is getting some killer reactions. Check out some of scores from various magazines in Europe.

Rock Hard (D) - 8.5/10 Soundcheck #8
Metal Hammer (D) - 5/7 Soundcheck #11
Heavy (D) - 10/12
Metal Heart (D) - 9/10 Soundcheck #5
Legacy (D) - 12/15

Kerrang (UK) - 4/5
Metal Hammer (UK) - 8/10
Aardschok (NL) - 84/100 Soundcheck #3
Mindview (B) - 6/7 Soundcheck #5
Rock Sound (F) - 4/5
Hard n’ Heavy (F) - 3,5/5

Make sure you pick up your copy now so that you don't miss out on the LTD edition release that has a bonus DVD that features live footage from Wacken open Air Metal Festival in Germany 2006 and Hellfest in France 2006.

The Tour Is Gone

We have just finished up our 33 date main support tour with Napalm Death and Mendeed across Europe and it was a blast. We want to extend our thanks to the bands and crew for such a good time and to all the people that came out to the shows and had a rocking time moshing or banging their heads. We made a lot of new friends and fans and we hope to see you again at another Born From Pain show in the future.

This is The New Website

Check out as we have a new site online. You can check out all things Born From Pain, whether its to do with tours, news, journals or whatever, so make sure you add it to your favourites or as your homepage.

The "War" through Europe

We have just confirmed a headline tour throughout Europe for February - March 2007. Supporting on the tour will be our good friends in First Blood, Bloodlined Calligraphy and The Setup. Stay tuned for exact dates and places. This tour is set to annihilate everything in it's way.

MIDDIAN - new song online!

„We put up a rough mix of one of the tunes that will be on our new album at Myspace a couple days ago. So far it has been played over 1500 times since then and our page has had 3000 visits since then too. The sound we have at the Myspace page is about 95% mixed for instrument levels and whatnot", says band leader Mike Scheidt. MIDDIAN is his new band sine YOB split up a few months ago. Surf over to and check out this amazing tune!

DISILLUSION live update

01. Dezember 2006 Pirmasens- Quasimodo

02. Dezember 2006 Riesa - Gummioper

15. Dezember 2006 Oberhausen - Zentrum Altenberg

16. Dezember 2006 Anröchte - Last Night On Earth Festival

26. Dezember 2006 Kassel- Masters of Kassel

23. Dezember 2006 Oeventrop - Winternachtstraum Festival

17. Februar 2007 Bochum - Matrix

23.März 2007 Rüsselsheim - Das Rind

13. April 2007 Leipzig - Scheddelspalter

29./30. Juni 2007 Linz (AUT) - Soul of Metal

02-04. August Wacken Open Air


The band has posted this update regarding the upcoming tour and the new album:

"It has been a while since any news... so here we go. We are getting ready for these upcoming 5 dates here in the North East right after Thanksgiving. Directly after those dates Roger will take out his Disasters for 4 shows premiering his "My Riot" album that was recently released on Sailors Grave Records. Those show begin November 30th - December 3rd and are all in Southern West Coast."

"Just so you all know we have been working on a new record and have 10 songs already! We are set to start recording by February but right before that we will be doing 10 shows down the East Coast from Baltimore, MD to Orlando, FL. and look out Japan, Australia and New Zealand here we come! April is dedicated to those 3 countries!

We will see Europe by end of 2007 and we will also visit other parts of the US... p.s... somewhere in the mix South America will get concord!!! ... Cheers and happy holidays to all, Agnostic Front!"

For any detailed information about the new record or tour schedules check out our homepage or visit

SIRENIA - Confirmed for "Metal Female Voices Fest 5"

Norway's SIRENIA have been confirmed to play the "Metal Female Voices Fest 5" in Belgium on November 20th 2007. Other bands on the billing so far are THEATRE OF TRAGEDY, HOLY MOSES and IMPERIA.

"Nine Destinies And A Downfall", the new album of SIRENIA, will get in stores on February 23rd 2007, featuring the following tracks:

1. The Last Call
2. My Mind´s Eye
3. One By One
4. Sundown
5. Absent Without Leave
6. The Other Side
7. Seven Keys And Nine Doors
8. Downfall
9. Glades Of Summer

Summer Breeze festival update

Hello friends of SUMMER BREEZE!

Well, the temperature outside might not give you a Christmas feeling. But the quiet time of the year is coming closer and closer though. But there is one reliable sign, which proves again and again that it’s the time of the year: it’s our Christmas calendar. Starting December 1st we will be opening one door every day at midnight. Instead of unhealthy chocolate we have bands for you to recover behind each door. Everyday you can find out about another band playing at SUMMER BREEZE 2007. So enjoy "unpacking".

Three of the highlights to come have been released already: IN EXTREMO, AMON AMARTH and DIE APOKALYTISCHEN REITER. Please note: clicking on the band’s logo on our homepage does not lead you to the band’s homepage but will show you more detailed information about the artist.

In case you are still looking for the perfect Christmas gift we’ve got something for you.

The first 1.000 tickets are nearly gone and just very few ones are left.

On our homepage ( you have the opportunity to get hold of the tickets which are still being sold for a special price of 55,- EURO instead of the regular price of 60,- EURO (incl. Parking and camping).

Any ticket ordered will come with a very limited "REH-volution" T shirt which will never ever be on regular sale. So make sure you note your size on your order. Ordering until December, 6th gives you also the chance to buy the 2006 merchandise with a 50% off. That considers money to be credited on our account within 8 days after placing the order as otherwise we will have to cancel the order. As Steve Winwood used to sing "While you see a chance, take it".

Talking about it, all orders done already will start to be shipped in the next couple of days. As we wanted to consider all sizes ordered we had to wait for as many orders as possible. So please be patient just a little bit longer.

As mentioned in the news already we have discovered the MySpace universe for our concerns.

From now on you can also get any information regarding SUMMER BREEZE at

Become our "friend" and communicate with us, or just pop in. We’d be happy about your visits and links!

And now have fun dealing with all that information given to you.


CHIMAIRA - New album and video

Cleveland based metallers CHIMAIRA are going to shoot their new video "Resurrection" on the 6th and 7th December around Los Angeles! Just send an email to and you have got the chance to appear in CHIMAIRA´s video - please send this email only, if you are really interested in!

After signing new deals with Nuclear Blast (Europe) and Ferret Music (North America), the new record is going to be released in early March 2007! "Resurrection" was recorded in November with Jason Suecof and Andy Sneap (MACHINE HEAD, ARCH ENEMY). besides, the band has posted a leftover track from their last record "Chimaira" called "Threnody" - check it out at


All dates listed are confirmed dates:

Dec 01, 06 Toledo OH Club Bijou

Dec 02, 06 Burbank, IL Champs Rock Room (starts @ 5PM)

Dec 02, 06 Chicago, IL The Note (21+ show)

Dec 03, 06 Cleveland OH Peabodys

Dec 04, 06 Grand Rapids, MI The Rocker

Dec 05, 06 Iowa City, IA Picador

Dec 06, 06 Fargo, ND Fargo VFW

Dec 07, 06 St. Paul MN Station 4

Dec 08, 06 Rapid City, SD Venue Eight

Dec 09, 06 Aurora CO Hubba's w/ Dismember & Grave

Dec 10, 06 Ogden,UT Club Boom VA **

Dec 13, 06 Victorville, CA Trilogy Theater **

Dec 15, 06 San Diego, CA The Soma **

* with DAATH only
** with Goatwhore & DAATH
with Goatwhore, Lair of the Minotaur, DAATH

Cattle Decapitation announces new tour…and drummer Kevin Talley steps in

Pulling themselves out of yet another awkwardly sticky situation with drummers, Cattle Decapitation recruits long time drumming guru Kevin Talley (ex-Dying Fetus, Misery Index, CHIMAIRA). Singer Travis Ryan shares his thoughts on the upcoming tour.

"We're very excited to not only finally do our own headlining tour, but also to get back out and deliver the tracks from our new "Karma.Bloody.Karma" album to the masses. The last thing we want to do right now is to stay home and not be out on the road! We're glad to have a seasoned guy like Kevin filling in. It will be a refreshing change to get someone in there that's as professional in his approach to touring as the rest of the guys in the band. See you soon!"

Not only will Kevin Talley be lending his talents to Cattle Decapitation, he will be pulling double duties each night and also fill in behind the throne for the Atlanta based DAATH, whom Talley recorded the drums for their Roadrunner Records debut due out in January of 2007. DAATH guitarist Eyal Levi comments:

"Playing with Kevin has always been a natural choice for us. He's been involved with the project for years now and not only is he one of the greatest metal drummers out there, but also one of our good friends. We're excited to have him in the band and we also extremely excited to be during our first proper US tour with the mighty Cattle Decapitation!"

The tour is a four week jaunt across North America officially kicking off in El Paso Texas, and ending in California in December. Meeting up with Cattle Decapitation and DAATH will be Southern Lord recording artists LAIR OF THE MINOTAUR, and Metal Blade/Rotten Records recording artists GOATWHORE!

Fore more information you can check out the following sites, and the newly launched Kevin Talley website.

GOD FORBID Cancel Canadian Tour; Need Videos and Photos From Fans For New Video

GOD FORBID canceled their weeklong Canadian trek as direct support to Protest The Hero. Their only remaining show for 2006 will be a headlining performance in Levittown, NY at Club Ritual on Dec. 8th. GOD FORBID will return to the road in 2007 to annihilate the masses headlining the Revolver-sponsored "Chains of Humanity" tour with Goatwhore, Mnemic, Arsis, The Human Abstract and Byzantine in the support slots. This tour is GOD FORBID’s first headlining run in support of their latest acclaimed album, IV: Constitution of Treason, and is a package that guarantees total brutality and devastation from start to finish.

Doc Coyle (guitars, vocals) states: "Due to an inability to come to an agreement over a discrepancy between the booking and announcing of a Toronto show on our on headline tour, GOD FORBID and Protest The Hero mutually decided it would be best if we didn't take part in the upcoming Canadian run. We are very disappointed that this couldn't be worked out, but we are still friends and fans of PTH and consider this just a postponement of future touring that I'm sure will be bigger and better. Again, we apologize to any Canadian fans who already bought tickets. We will be playing Toronto and Montreal as part of our headline tour with Goatwhore, Mnemic, Arsis, The Human Abstract and Byzantine, so we hope to see you all then."

GOD FORBID has also teamed up with video production company MyGoodEye (All That Remains, Diecast) to work on a special video for the song "Chains of Humanity" in celebration of their upcoming headlining tour with the same name. The video will be composed of footage and photos spanning their entire career.

The band, along with acclaimed director David Brodsky (GWAR, The Red Chord), are asking fans, friends, family and anyone else that has photo or video files having to do with GOD FORBID to share them for the project. It will be put together as a tribute and thank you to their fans that have supported them through the years. This is not limited to just photos or videos of GOD FORBID performing; any files involving them (parties, pictures with fans, etc.) are encouraged.

Anyone interested in helping out can upload their files here:

GOD FORBID w/Goatwhore, Mnemic, The Human Abstract and Arsis

01/04 First Unitarian Church - Philadelphia, PA
01/05 Webster Theatre - Hartford, CT
01/06 Mark’s Place - Bedford, CT
01/07 B.B. King’s - New York, NY
01/09 The Opera House - Toronto, ON
01/10 I-Rock - Detroit, MI
01/11 Peabody’s - Cleveland, OH
01/12 Headliner’s Music Hall - Louisville, KY
01/13 The Pearl Room - Mokena, IL
01/14 Station 4 - St. Paul, MN
01/15 Reverb - Cedar Falls, IA
01/16 Static Bar - Topeka, KS
01/17 Bluebird Theater - Denver, CO
01/19 Gravity Room - Portland, OR
01/20 The Showbox - Seattle, WA
01/21 WOW Hall - Eugene, OR
01/22 The Boardwalk - Orangevale, CA
01/23 Bourbon Street - Concord, CA
01/24 The Whisky - Hollywood, CA
01/25 The Showcase Theatre - Corona, CA
01/27 The Launch Pad - Albuquerque, NM
01/28 Chic’s Bar - El Paso, TX
01/29 The Sanctuary - San Antonio, TX
01/30 Palladium Ballroom - Dallas, TX
01/31 Walter’s on Washington - Houston, TX

GOD FORBID w/Goatwhore, Mnemic, Byzantine and Arsis

02/02 The Masquerade - Atlanta, GA
02/03 The Handlebar - Greenville, SC
02/04 Thee Imperial - Jacksonville, FL
02/05 Culture Room - Ft. Lauderdale, FL
02/06 Backbooth - Orlando, FL
02/07 The Garage - St. Petersburg, FL
02/09 The Mad Hatter - Covington, KY
02/10 The Muse - Nashville, TN
02/11 Jaxx - Springfield, VA
02/12 Tremont Music Hall - Charlotte, NC
02/14 Huntington Music Hall/Monkey Bar - Huntington, WV
02/16 The Chance - Poughkeepsie, NY
02/17 Penny Arcade - Rochester, NY

WITCHFINDER GENERAL Reunites, Begins Work On New Album - Nov. 14, 2006

WITCHFINDER GENERAL, one of the few bands of the NWOBHM (New Wave of British Heavy Metal) era to opt for the classic early BLACK SABBATH dirge rather than the more uptempo metal of most of their countrymen, has reformed and is presently holding auditions to replace singer Zeeb Parkes. "Derm [drummer Dermot Redmond], Rod [Hawkes, bass] and Phil [Cope, guitar] are back together and it's official," reads a press release. "They start recording two tracks next weekend with a view to doing the third album. The band are currently looking for a vocalist to replace Zeeb.

"We have been asked so many questions about what has happened to Zeeb Parkes? The name Zeeb Parkes was invented purely for the band. When the band split, Zeeb Parkes ceased to be. The character behind Zeeb Parkes who wishes to keep his identity anonymous has moved on to other things."

Commented Phil: "It is no secret that the friendship between Zeeb and myself has finished. Looking back Zeeb was an inspiration to us all and I have some great and happy memories of him, so many that I could write a bestseller about it! But Zeeb is into other things now and I wish him all the best.

"We are back together hopefully to record the 'elusive' third album. There may even be a track including the first rhythm section of Steve [Kinsell, drums] and Toss [McCready, bass], if they can be forced out of retirement ha! ha! This is a small thanks to everyone who has stood by the band. The guys have no plans to ever play live again but at least new material is on its way."

New album by Solitude Aeturnus

Filed under, "it's about time" this is a pre-sale for the brand new album from long running U.S. heavy doom band. A return to the more EPIC and morose sound of the first album, "Alone" is a complete journey into the realms of dreary, dark and heavy DOOM METAL!

Slow crawling riffs and power doom drumming mesh with some of Robert Lowe's best vocal performances ever committed to tape. It's all here! Easily the best sounding record from the band and equally true of the songwriting on this long awaited release.

Limited digipack version with extra song - "Lucid Destitution" making this disc over 70 minutes in length! Awesome depressing artwork courtesy of Travis Smith (King Diamond, Nevermore, etc..) This is a pre-sale and all orders will ship on Nov 12 (possibly sooner).

Limited amount of these digipacks before we begin selling the regular version - reserve your copy now at this discounted presale price! Don't forget to also listen and worship Candlemass, Black Sabbath, Cathedral, Trouble, Vitus, Pentagram, Black Hole, Warcry, Solstice, While Heaven Wept, Forsaken, Isole, Burning Saviours, Reverend Bizarre, Liquid Sound Company, Doomshine, Dawn of Winter, Mirror of Deception, Iron Man, Blood of the Sun etc...

New album from Officium Triste

Hi, we will start recording our 4th, still untitled, album on January 1st 2007 at the Excess Studio in Rotterdam. We have written 6 new songs, one of them still untitled. The other 5 tracks are titled:

-Master of your own Demise
-On the Crossroad of Souls
-My Charcoal Heart
-Your Eyes

A release date hasn't been set yet, but expect it to be released before the summer.

Pim & Officium Triste




Jernee Mill Rd
Sayerville, NJ 08904

Keep It True Festival warm up show sold out

Hi friends,

we have to inform you, that the KIT 8 Warm Up show on April 13th 2007 is already sold out. All orders that arrived till now will get their tickets when the money arrived. If we get back tickets we will inform you, but for now the Warm Up Show ticket sales are closed. For the bigger KIT Saturday we have also already sold 1/3 of the tickets. Thanks again for the huge support...

Metal On,

Tarek + Oli

14. April Lauda-Königshofen Tauberfrankenhalle
13. April 2006, Dittigheim Sporthalle


Hey folks,

just in case you haven't heard it yet, ROB GRAVES (former singer and guitarist of Texas Horror Metal legends RIPPER) is back from hell!! His new band is called TOMBZTONE and they continue exactly where Ripper came to an end some 16 years ago... Horror Metal's on the rise again!! Please spread the word for Rob & Tombztone and add 'em to your friends lost and forward this message to all of your MySpace pals!!

Be aware for this eerie Horror Metal fiend is just about to rise from its darkened crypt and take the world by storm with rotten sounds of death and darkness!! Tombztone's first spine chillin' & thrillin' shock metal attack is called "66AngelEyez" and can be checked out at their profile!! Don't miss this killer song and leave some feedback for fu*kin' TOMBZTONE!!

All the best & Bang your heads!!

Tombztone's MySpace:


10 tracks of brutal old-school Death Metal heavily influenced by Dismember,Unleashed,Cianide and older Hypocrisy!

With songs titled:"Into The Woodchipper","Gutted With A Shovel","Stiffs In The Basement" and more sick tracks you know this is going to be heart stopping death rot!! Gruesome old style artwork as well!

10th release on Redrum Records!


2nd full-length album out now from these Death/Grind maniacs from Italy!! 13 tracks-even heavier and sicker than "A Chainsaw In The C**t!"!!

Song titles such as:"Vaginal Cannibal","Whorehouse","Kobe Tai" and more sick tracks!! 9th release on Redrum Records!

Celtic Frost: fan recordings wanted

Did you happen to either record or film one of the shows on Celtic Frost's recently-completed "Monotheist" tour across North America, or even one of their European Festival shows from this past summer? The official Celtic Frost Website (the same individuals who also run the Official Celtic Frost MySpace page) is asking fans to contact them if you did for a possible project that is being put together.

Please contact them at:

Thank you for all your dedication and support!

News from Fondlecorpse

Hey you sick freaks,

We finished recording all our tracks yesterday (for the split CD with FRIGHTMARE) and are bound for excess studio Rotterdam in the next few weeks (when a spot opens up we are jumping in) to mix and master and than we are DONE. We also recorded the track Sacrificial Zombie for a tribute cd to the mighty Nunslaughter that should be out somewhere next year.

And we think that track came out pretty well too. So new stuff is underway people we are now hard at work writing material for the creaturegore cd (already have about 5 tracks) and will try and release the cancelled split with Engorged as a mcd ourselves, we will record a few additional tracks and release it as a pure Fondlecorpse mcd or cd depending how fast we write a few extra tracks we have 5 done for this one as well. So things are happening people! More news when we have it!


Forsaken Up-Coming Show & More

Forsaken are set to hit the stage again at Poxx Bar, Paceville on Saturday 16th December 2006. Special guests for the occasion shall be provided by the promising heavy metal band Abyss. Entrance Lm 2.

Doors open at 9.00 pm. Spread the word!

This shall be the first in a series of local gigs before Forsaken's appearance at next year's edition of the Doom Shall Rise festival in Goppingen, Germany in April 2007.

The band are also presently finalising terms on an appearance at another leading metal festival in Europe during April next year. Forsaken are also presently in the process of negotiating a new record deal. More details to follow shortly.

Hanzel Und Gretyl with Methodical & Mutiny!!!

Friday Dec 01, 2006
620 Van Houten Ave.
Clifton, NJ 07013

Severed Hand's New Years Metalution feat. Mutiny + more!!!

Saturday Dec 30, 2006
20 Main Street
Keansburg, NJ 07734

Nunslaughter Re-releases

Hells Headbangers have re-released the following:

Previously pressed as a black vinyl 7" limited to only 13 copies released in 2003 by NunSlaughter Records. Now available as a PICTURE DISC with killer custom circular shaped death black outer cover with metallic gold print & embossed Devil Metal Goat head. Limited pressing of 100 hand-numbered copies only sold through HHR mailorder. Slaughtering God & His False Prophet Christ with 20 Years of Devil Metal Death

Previously released as a Picture Disc limited to only 100 copies in 2001 by NunSlaughter Records. Now available on death black vinyl with killer death black circular shaped pocket cover with metallic siver print & embossed Devil Metal Goat head. Limited pressing of 100 hand-numbered copies only sold through HHR mailorder. Slaughtering God & His False Prophet Christ with 20 Years of Devil Metal Death

The Devil Metal Masters return with four brand new studio blasphemies. This is the DIE HARD "Death Black Edition". Comes with an outer black jacket with cult "Vomit Priest" artwork and black heavy-stock insert both with metallic silver print. The actual PICTURE DISC is on black vinyl and is UNCUT (not shaped). Limited pressing of 333 hand-numbered copies! KILL FOR SATAN.... KILL FOR NUNSLAUGHTER!

CHURCH BIZARRE 'Sinister Glorification'
(12" LP w/ Special Packaging)
Hell has again opened its gates and has spewed forth an entity of totally abominable proportions in the shape of Church Bizarre! After a crushing demo & an EP comes the much anticipated debut album. A bit more blackened than their previous atrocities with a great powerful sound, excellent riffs, varied and grotesque vocals, pounding bass and drums that sounds like Kim Ruzz of MERCYFUL FATE playing Death Metal. Features members of VICTIMIZER, PAGAN RITES & KARNARIUM! OUT DECEMBER 15, PRE-ORDER NOW!!

"Sinister Glorification" [505KB]
"Into The Dark" [478KB]


TRENCH HELL 'Alcoholic Disaster'
(7" PICTURE DISC w/ Insert)
Limited edition Picture Disc version of the well-received sold out black vinyl. Comes with heavy-stock insert.The return of the Satanic Rites is TRENCH HELL. Dirty Black Thrashing Tom G Warrior warship from down under. Certain to be added to your list of Australia's finest. For those who discovered the brilliance of newer old school bands like TOXIC HOLOCAUST and/or crave the sound of real fu*king metal from over 20 years ago, this is for you! You won't escape TRENCH HELL's hammer!!! OUT DECEMBER 7, PRE-ORDER NOW!!


GRAVEWURM 'Ancient Storms Of War'

(12" LP on Orange Vinyl w/ Insert)

Their debut album finally on vinyl! From the deepest pit of Hell crawls the GRAVEWURM. Not to be confused with those Italian fag-goth wimps, these Americans pick up with "Ancient Storms Of War" or "Black Candles" where HELLHAMMER and SODOM did not dare to continue after their first demos. For those of you in the or die. For those not...thou shalt rot! First 100 copies on orange vinyl only available through HELLS HEADBANGERS mailorder. Released on NunSlaughter Records with exclusive distribution through Hells Headbangers Records.

And the following are available for pre-order:

SABBAT 'Evoke'
(12" LP w/ Poster & Insert)
The second unholy sabbatical attack from the oldest existing Black Metal band after mighty VENOM! Darker and faster than before! Available for the very first time on regular vinyl LP & never before published lyrics! Follow this Blacking Metal Command! ALL copies come with large 18" x 24" poster & heavy-stock insert. 666 hand-numbered copies copies on BLACK Vinyl, 222 hand-numbered copies on RED Splatter Vinyl, 111 hand-numbered copies on SILVER Splatter Vinyl only being sold through HHR mailorder. OUT DECEMBER 7, PRE-ORDER NOW!!

(10" Gatefold MLP)

Forged in the sulphur fires of Hades. Cursed in the temple down there. Spoken of in the witches sinful song. Foreseen in all the omens of Doom. Feared even by the catacomb dwellers. BESTIAL MOCKERY and DESTRUKTOR brings you the gut-ripping shard broken of the Reaper's scythe that is the Metal of Death!!!

Comes in a noble 10" gatefold cover with crushing artwork & layout. Over 18 minutes of exclusive studio audio. First 200 DIE HARD hand-numbered copies on SILVER vinyl with extra outer RAZOR WIRE jacket (yes, real razor wire) only being sold through HHR mailorder. OUT DECEMBER 15, PRE-ORDER NOW!!

(12" Gatefold Double LP on COLORED VINYL w/ Poster & Inner Sleeves)

ALL copies on colored vinyl (record 1: GOLD w/ RED bleed. record 2: SILVER w/ RED bleed) Records come in heavy-stock printed inner sleeves (wasn't on 1st pressing). Large 18" x 24" FULL COLOR poster (different from 1st pressing). Metallic GOLD print (wasn't on 1st pressing) on ultra heavy noble GATEFOLD COVER.

Prepare, as sodomy shall be brought upon the nuns rotting as**ole once again!!! Legendary and influential, the Black Cult of PROFANATICA set the example for the first flux of 90's Black Metal. "The Enemy Of Virtue" compiles all of the bands work including the unreleased "Passion Of A Liar" 7" Single, an obscure rehearsal of TOTEN cover songs, and the bands first live performance in 9 years at "The Return of Darkness And Evil Festival 2001".

Total of 29 blasphemies with detailed track listing. This double LP set comes on sick colored vinyl with a large 18" x 24" full color poster stored in a high quality noble GATEFOLD cover documenting the entire history of the cult. "The Enemy Of Virtue" is nothing less than monumental. PROFANATICA vomit on your god and sh*t on your so-called Black Metal!! OUT DECEMBER 25, PRE-ORDER NOW!!

THE END Unveil More Album Details; Make New Track Available

Canadian quintet THE END has released more details, as well as the first track from their long-awaited new full-length album Elementary.

Elementary, which marks an enormous step forward in creative growth and songwriting for the band, was recorded throughout the summer at BWC Studios in Brampton, Ontario with engineer and longtime friend Greg Dawson.

The finished track listing for Elementary is as follows; "Dangerous", "The Never Ever Aftermath", "Animals", "The Moth and I", "Throwing Stones", "My Abyss", "Awake?", "A Fell Wind", "In Distress", and "And Always...".

"We have been hiding in obscurity for the last year writing and recording this album and we’re all about ready to explode." guitarist Andrew Hercules illuminates; "Hopefully that doesn’t actually happen or else we’d have a big gory mess to clean out of the van. Simply put I think this will be one of those records you fall madly in love with or decree it to be the bane of your existence, but you won’t forget it."

Elementary’s album art was designed by U.K. artist Colin Marks. Hercules (the band is rounded out by vocalist Aaron Wolff, guitarist Steve Watson, bassist Sean Dooley and drummer Anthony Salajko) comments on the connection between art and title: "The artwork is all generated from the ideas and imagery in the songs themselves.

The cover is symbolic of the perils of idolatry, which is a reoccurring theme throughout the record. The album being titled Elementary is complimented by the simplicity of the images. Which is usually one image comprised of two different interacting forces striving to achieve balance. Why? Because that’s the way things are. Basic. Elegant."

An advance preview track taken from Elementary, "Animals", is available now via the band’s official MySpace page,, and PureVolume page, Elementary is set for a February 6, 2007 North American release date (February 12 internationally).

You can pre-order the CD version of Elementary and the LP version through Relapse Records

MINSK Completes Work on Relapse Debut

MINSK has completed work on their Relapse debut full-length entitled The Ritual Fires of Abandonment.

The Chicago / Peoria, IL quartet (bassist / vocalist Sanford Parker, drummer Anthony Couri, guitarist / vocalist Chris Bennett and vocalist / synth player Tim Mead) recorded The Ritual Fires of Abandonment at Parker's Volume Recording studio (PELICAN, UNEARTHLY TRANCE) in Chicago. The finished track listing for the hour long effort is as follows: "Embers", "White Wings", "Mescaline Sunrise", "The Orphans of Piety", "Circle of Ashes", and "Ceremony Ek Stasis".

The album art for The Ritual Fires of Abandonment, designed by artist Orion Landau (ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY, HIGH ON FIRE), can be previewed at this location. The Ritual Fires of Abandonment is set for a February 20th, 2007 North American release date, February 26th internationally.

Warning - new CD advance reservations

WARNING reservations are now been taken.

email only -

1) Standard edition. single disc album

2) Die hard edition. Double disc edition, with bonus demo's CD, woven patch and two postcards. Limited to 125 copies only

3) "The Right hand of Doom" Edition. Double disc edition, with bonus demo's CD, woven patch, two postcards,numbered insert and sticker and badge in handmade wooden box with band logo. Limited to 125 copies only.

NOTE : "The Right Hand Of Doom" Edition is individually numbered and signed to the buyer to prevent resale on ebay.

E mail which you want, and I'll get back to you ASAP with price and payment options. Do not be alarmed if it takes up to 48 hours to get a reply. one more thing, no prices set yet, but will be as soon as I get everything in through customs. Version 3 will be the most expensive due to the shipping weight and manufacturing costs, but will be worth it.

Rich Walker, The Miskatonic Foundation

Ten Foot Nun live dates

Ten Foot Nun & Kobrakai are playing at the Rock N' Rant Awards, Command House, Dock Rd. Chatham, Kent on Saturday 2nd December

brand-B, Ten Foot Nun & Love and a .45 are playing at The Little Driver, Bow, London on Saturday 9 December

Sikfuk live dates

December 1 2006 Bev’s Juke Joint (w/Incinderate, Devitalize, Synthetic Almighty, Shattered Grave) Superior, Wisconsin

December 16 2006 Club Shoots (w/Out of the Suffering and Troglodyte) Blue Springs, Missouri

January 4 2007 Triple Rock (w/Foetopsy, Vulnerata and Wrath) Minneapolis, Minnesota

January 6 2007 Kiwannis Field House (w/XXX Manic, Putrid Pile, Screaming Afterbirth, Foetopsy and more) Sheboygan, Wisconsin

January 21 2007 The What’s Up! Lounge, Mankato, Minnesota

January 27 2007 The Hive (w/Destruction, Sadus, Municipal Waste, Divine Pustulence) Tulsa, Oklahoma

January 28 2007 The War Legion (w/ Divine Pustulence, Septic Devourment, Episiotomy and more tba) Amarillo, Texas

January 30 2007 Cesspool Castle (with Divine Pustulence, Kings of Prussia and more tba) Joplin, Mississippi

February 10 2007 Ye Olde Town Inn, Mount Prospect, Illinois

May 6 2007 Chicago Metal Devastation Fest 4 at Ye Olde Town Inn, Mount Prospect, Illinois

June 23 2007 Liver Damage Metal Fest (w/ Cemetary Rapist, Humarn Artifacts, Stench of Humanity and 2 more bands tba) venue tbc, Indiana

Sacrificial Blood/Zombie split cd Available now

You heard it here first folks, the Sacrificial Blood/Zombie split cd is finally out, 5 tracks of Gut Ripping, Skull Fu*king Thrashing Mayhem from both bands!!!!

Blood Island Raiders live dates

December 1 2006, The Cooler (ESP2), Bristol

December 9 2006, Old Kings Head, London

January 20 2007, The Purple Turtle, Camden, London

Celtic Frost: Conclusion of North American Tour

On the occasion of the conclusion of the 2006 North American leg of Celtic Frost's "Monotheist" tour, we would like to pause for a moment to thank the many who made this massive undertaking possible.

We wish to pay tribute to the extraordinary audiences we were granted to play for and encounter during our 46 concerts in the United States and Canada. Never before in the band's history have we been made to feel so welcome and respected. We particularly wish to thank the many who attended multiple tour dates, from two to what we believe is the current record, ten concerts.

We are further deeply indebted to our crew, each member of which has gone far beyond the call of duty to ensure each day that Celtic Frost were able to exercise onstage the required musical darkness.

Gratitude and respect is also due to our special guests and friends 1349, Sahg, Sunn O))), and Goatwhore. In conclusion, we feel deeply honored to have been able to welcome to our shows many of our peers and friends, among them former Celtic Frost drummer Reed St. Mark.

The Frost bows to all of you.

This was Celtic Frost's first tour of North America in over 17 years. As currently intended, we will return to the United States and Canada, after the group concludes the currently scheduled tours in Japan and Europe in the first half of 2007.

Doom Shall Rise V

The date is April 27 & 28 2007 and it will once again take place at the Chapel in Göppingen Germany.

The following bands have been confirmed so far:

Centurions Ghost (UK)
Dreaming (Germany)
Earthride (USA)
Faith (Sweden)
Forsaken (Malta)
Low Man's Tune (Germany)
Mael Mordha (Ireland)
Memory Garden (Sweden)
Officium Triste (Netherlands)
Our Survival Depends On Us (Austria)
Serpentcult (Belgium)
Stereochrist (Hungary)
The Last Supper (Germany)
The Gates of Slumber (USA)

more will follow...

Trouble - new album imminent

Escapi Music has set a February 20, 2007 release date for the long-awaited new studio album from the legendary Chicago doomsters TROUBLE, entitled "Simple Mind Condition". The follow-up to 1995's "Plastic Green Head" was produced by Vinny Wojno (KREATOR, MACHINE HEAD) and features vocalist Eric Wagner, guitarists Rick Wartell and Bruce Franklin, drummer Jeff Olson and bassist Chuck Robinson (formerly of THIS TORTURED SOUL).

"Simple Mind Condition" tentative track listing (in no particular order):

01. Seven
02. Mind Bender
03. Goin' Home
04. Pictures
05. After the Rain
06. Arthur Brown's Whiskey Bar
07. Trouble Maker
08. Bad Situation
09. Beginning of Sorrows
10. Reasons
11. Ride the Sky (European bonus track?)

The U.S. version of the album may include an as-yet-undetermined bonus cut.

TROUBLE's previously announced "unplugged" EP is currently "on hold" and will be completed at a later date.

As previously reported, Escapi Music will reissue TROUBLE's classic first two albums, "Psalm 9" (1984) and "The Skull" (1985), on November 24. Both were digitally remastered and are packed with rare photos and brand new liner notes. "Psalm 9" includes an extremely rare exclusive bonus DVD of a public-access TV performance from 1982. "The Skull" comes with an extremely rare exclusive bonus DVD of a 16-track live performance from 1984. The details are as follows:

"Psalm 9"

01. The Tempter
02. Assassin
03. Victim of the Insane
04. Revelation (Life or Death)
05. Bastards Will Pay
06. Fall of Lucifer
07. Endtime
08. Psalm 9
09. Tales of Brave Ulysses

Bonus DVD:

* Public-Access Cable TV Show From 1982 (approximately 19 minutes)
- Exclusive Interview Pt. 1
- "Assassin"
- Exclusive Interview Pt. 2
- "Psalm 9"
- Exclusive Interview Pt. 3
- "Victim of the Insane"

"The Skull"

01. Pray for the Dead
02. Fear No Evil
03. The Wish
04. Truth Is, What Is
05. Wickedness of Man
06. Gideon
07. The Skull

Bonus DVD:

Live At Malos in Aurora, IL - Nov. 10, 1984:

01. Bastards Will Pay
02. Fear No Evil
03. Truth Is, What Is
04. Revelation (Life or Death)
05. Psalm 9
06. The Last Judgment
07. Assassin
08. Pray for the Dead
09. Heart Full of Soul (YARDBIRDS cover)
10. Endtime
11. Run to the Light
12. The Tempter
13. Wickedness of Man
14. The Skull
15. Children of the Grave (BLACK SABBATH cover)
16. Tales of Brave Ulysses

The River - 10" out soon

The River have now recorded a 10" for The Church Within Records (Germany). It has a re-recorded-slower-than-the-album version of 'Broken Window', a re-recorded-with-completely-different-to-the-album-ending version of 'Inside The Flood Diary' plus a brand new track entitled 'To Bring Closure' which we've been playing live recently. We only have the rough mix at the moment but it sounds monstrous, stupidly heavy yet crystal clear at the same time. Look out for it at some point in the new year.

Rotting Christ - new album & tour

New album info: "Theogonia"

Season Of Mist has set a January 22, 2007 European release date for the new album from Rotting Christ, entitled "Theogonia". The track listing for the effort is as follows:

01. The Sign of prime Creation
02. Keravnos Kivernitos
03. Enuma Elish
04. Gaia Tellus
05. Helios Hyperion
06. Nemecic
07. He, the Aethyr
08. Phobos' Synagogue
09. Rege Diabolicus
10. Threnody

Rotting Christ will embark on an extensive European tour in February 2007 beginning with the third edition of The Domination Tour.

The band also stated, that the tour announced for November of 2006 in the US will be postponed to March of 2007, due to bureaucratic problems with obtaining visas. As soon as the first dates are confirmed for this tour, they will be posted on the band's official website.

Burning Saviours: Live video on Myspace

Burning Saviours perform "The Giant" live in Stockholm April 2006. The Giant is one of the songs on the coming 7"

Immolation: New Album in the works

Immolation is fine tuning the tracks for their new upcoming lp. They will be entering the studio any day now to start work on their 7th full length cd. The new material is very aggressive and much more intense than their past work. Songs are shorter, but pack more of a punch; definitely a darker, meaner album.

The band is currently holed up at drummer Steve Shalaty..s house in Ohio prepping away. They will be making their way over to Millbrook, NY by the end of the week to meet up with Paul Orofino, the band..s producer for the last four records, at Millbrook Sound Studios.

..We are really excited about the new material. It is really a powerful bunch of songs. They kick you hard right from the start and leave you pummeled by the end!.., says Robert Vigna, one of the band..s original members since their inception. ..I think the fans are going to go ape sh*t when they hear these tracks!..

..The new stuff definitely has a very dark feel, but does not let up on the heaviness or intensity at all.., says Ross Dolan, the band..s lead vocalist/bassist and other original Immolation veteran. ..There is a hint of both the last two records, ..Unholy Cult.. & ..Harnessing Ruin.., in the new songs, but they are coming from a completely different approach. They are going to knock you on you’re a**!..

..I'm just glad they gave me more than six days to get the new tracks down before we hit the studio!.., says Steve Shalaty, drummer extraordinaire, the calm playing tornado behind the kit.

Immolation will also be heading out to Amsterdam directly after the studio to play the Arnhem Metal Meeting Festival with Arch Enemy, then they are off to Paris to shoot a new video for the upcoming album.

Listenable Records will be releasing an ep in February, Immolation..s first ever, that will also contain a live DVD, a complete show from one of the band..s most recent performances at BB Kings night club in New York City. The video was shot by Evil Eye Productions and really captures the feeling of the night. ..The way they shot it was great, really cool angles and camera work, will feel like in the front row!..

The new full length will be out in April through Century Media & Listenable Records in the US and Europe respectively. Look out for the band to hit Europe for a full length tour in May 2007!!!! As well as some European summer festivals. US dates are sure to follow!!!

Blitzkrieg to play Bloodstock 2007

Blitzkrieg have been confirmed for the Bloodstock Indoor Festival at Derby Assembly Rooms on Aug 31st / Sep 1st 2007.

The band will play on Sat 1st Sept 2007

* also confirmed so far are Sinner , PowerQuest .... more TBC*


Dynamic, organically conceived, and original - WITH PASSION exemplify all of these characteristics and their forthcoming release, "What We See When We Shut Our Eyes," carries that sentiment forward. World renowned artist, Dave Quiggle, is widely known for his custom tattoo work and work with popular bands such as ATREYU, SICK OF IT ALL, SCARS OF TOMMOROW and many more metal and hardcore heavy hitters.

Dave Quiggle has completed cover artwork for WITH PASSION, displayed below, which combines themes of the album with Dave Quiggles’ signature style and temperament. Awesomely detailed, borderline frightening, yet poignantly beautiful - Quiggle’s work compliments the musical complexity and depth of "What We See When We Shut Our Eyes." WITH PASSION’S second release is due out late February 2006, featuring 10 blistering tracks of forward-thinking metal from Sacramento’s fiercest contenders!

Deicide Doomsday in L.A.

DEICIDE 'Doomsday in L.A.' live DVD due January 22 2007

Following the outstanding success of "The Stench of Redemption", Floridian Death Metal legends Deicide will release a brand new DVD filmed on multiple cameras at Knitting Factory, L.A. on 10 November 2006.

Featuring the new line up of Glen Benton (bass), Steve Asheim (drums), Jack Owen (guitar) and Ralph Santolla (guitar) on DVD for the first time, the main feature takes in a full 18 track set featuring old classics and tracks from 'The Stench of Redemption'.

The bonus material will incorporate exclusive interviews and promo videos including the recent 'Homage for Satan' clip.

The full tracklisting runs as follows:

‘Doomsday in L.A.’

Recorded live at Knitting Factory, L.A., 10 November 2006

01. Intro

02. Dead By Dawn

03. Once Upon The Cross

04. Scars of the Crucifix

05. The Stench of Redemption

06. Death to Jesus

07. When Satan Rules His World

08. Serpents of the Light

09. They Are The Children Of The Underworld 10. Desecration 11. Bastards of Christ 12. Dead But Dreaming 13. Trifixion 14. When Heaven Burns 15. Walk With the Devil in Dreams You Behold 16. Homage for Satan 17. Kill the Christian 18. Sacrificial Suicide

Catch DEICIDE on tour in Europe on

The Stench Of Redemption European Tour 2007


05.01.07 HOL Eindhoven Effenaar

06.01.07 HOL Nijmegen Doornroosje

07.01.07 GER Saarbrucken Roxy

08.01.07 HOL Rotterdam Baroeg

09.01.07 UK Manchester Jilly's Rockworld

10.01.07 IRE Dublin Temple Bar Music Centre

11.01.07 UK Glasgow Cathouse

12.01.07 UK London London ULU

13.01.07 FR Paris La Locomotive

14.01.07 FR Limoges CC John Lennon

15.01.07 SP Bilbao Bilborock

16.01.07 POR Corroios-Almada @ Cine Club

17.01.07 SP Madrid Caracol

18.01.07 SP Barcelona Razzmatazz II

19.01.01 FR Marseille Le Jas Rod

20.01.07 ITA Ravenna Rock Planet

21.01.07 ITA San Giorgio In Bosco (PD) La Gabbia

22.01.07 CRO Zagreb Mochvara

23.01.07 A Graz Opheum

24.01.07 A Traun n/Linz Spinnerei

25.01.07 A Innsbruck Hafen

26.01.07 GER Essen Zeche Carl

27.01.07 HOL Sneek Het Bolwerk

28.01.07 BEL Vosselaar Biebob

29.01.07 DE Hannover MuzikZentrum

30.01.07 DE Berlin SO36

Cult of luna nominated for best rock/metal album

Cult of Luna are proud to announce that they have been nominated at The P3 Gold awards in Sweden for Best rock / metal album for the year for SOMEWHERE ALONG THE HIGHWAY The awards will take place on 20th January 2007 in Gothenburg and live on Swedish televsion

Cult of Luna will headline a full European tour next February, see dates


Cult of Luna European Headline tour 2007

06.02.2007 Umeå Scharinska SWE

07.02.2007 Nyköing Mittwoch/Gamla Teatern SWE

08.02.2007 Oslo John Dee NOR

09.02.2007 Göteborg Pustervik SWE

10.02.2007 Köpenhamn Stengarde 30 DEN

11.02.2007 Berlin Magnet GER

12.02.2007 Wroclaw Firlej GER

13.02.2007 Leipzig Conne Island GER

14.02.2007 Wien Arena AUS

15.02.2007 Bern Isc Euro SWI

16.02.2007 Lausanne Le Romandie SWI

17.02.2007 Paris - La Loco FRA

18.02.2007 Sheffield - Corporation UK

19.02.2007 Newcastle - Academy UK

20.02.2007 Manchester - Musicbox UK

21.02.2007 Southampton - Joiners UK

22.02.2007 London - Underworld UK

23.02.2007 Gent - Charlatan Club BEL

24.02.2007 Sneek - Bolwerk HOL

25.02.2007 Tilburg - 013 HOL

26.02.2007 Karlsruhe - Die Stadtmitte GER

27.02.2007 Hamburg - Haffenklang GER

01.03.2007 Stockholm - Debaser SWE

For more information go to:

NOX - new MP3 'Choronzonic Chaos Gods' available online

Dutch Death Metal crew NOX have posted an advance mp3 on the Wicked World Records myspace page

Titled 'Choronzonic Chaos Gods' the track is the opening cut on the new 'Ixaxaar' album due on Feb 19.

'Ixaxaar' (pron. 'ick-sack-sar', meaning a seal or gateway to hell) broods with the unhealthy marriage of cosmic chaos theories and grim-faced aggression. With the kind of oily serpentine riffs not heard since early Morbid Angel or Angelcorpse efforts, the band blend supreme technical mastery with immediate catchiness and unholy malice.

Favouring a blast-based attack of extreme speed and sharply direct riffing, the approach is deliberately lean and pretence-free.

Having performed with like-minded misanthropists such as Antaeus and Nifelheim and with links to nefarious underground occult organisations including the notorious M.L.O., Nox are intent on taking their subterranean sound and beliefs to a wider audience IN 2007.

The band features ex-members of Centurian who issued one album via Listenable, and current members of Severe Torture.

For more information go to

AS I LAY DYING reschedule UK-Dates!

San Diego wrecking crew As I Lay Dying have confirmed that they will be taking time out from the final stage of the writing process for their, as yet untitled, third album (due for spring release via Metal Blade) to finish their UK tour dates as guests to Bullet For My Valentine which were postponed due to Bullet vocalist Matt Tuck being struck down with laryngitis brought on from a throat infection and fatigue.

The rescheduled dates are as follows:
Wednesday 3rd Newcastle Academy
(moved from 21st Nov)
Thursday 4th Manchester Apollo
(moved from 22nd Nov)
Friday 5th Birmingham Academy
(Moved from 27th Nov)
Sunday 7th Cardiff University
(Moved from 24th Nov)
Monday 8th Hammersmith Apollo
(moved from 28th Nov)

SACRED REICH re-union!

The original line-up of the long-defunct Arizona thrashers SACRED REICH — Phil Rind (bass, vocals), Wiley Arnett (lead guitar), Jason Rainey (rhythm guitar) and Greg Hall (drums) — will reunite for several shows in Europe next summer, including an appearance at the Wacken Open Air festival on August 4, 2007.

The group's schedule is shaping up as follows:
Jul. 29 - Underworld - London, England
Aug. 01 - Hof Ter Loo - Antwerp, Belgium
Aug. 02 - Dynamo Club - Eindhoven, Holland
Aug. 04 - Wacken Open Air - Wacken, Germany

Metal Blade Records will release a SACRED REICH premium boxset including "Ignorance", "Surf Nicaragua" and loads of bonus material as a 3-disc-package in spring of 2007!

VOIVOD - New videos, new album

VOIVOD drummer Michel "Away" Langevin has issued the following update on the band's current activities:
"A video for 'The Getaway' has just been completed and submitted to all national and regional cable outlets such as MTV2, Fuse, etc. The footage was pulled from the 2003 American tours and the 2006 recording sessions of 'Katorz'. Currently we are working on a video for 'Polaroids' with Banger Productions ('Metal: A Headbangers Journey') and then we will follow that up with a video for 'The X-Stream'.

The pre-production for the follow-up to 'Katorz' will start this winter. Also, we are still trying to coordinate a tribute show for 2007.

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