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Pure Metal News: November 2006

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November 2006 News Part 2

MENDEED - Tracklist of new album revealed

MENDEED have revealed the tracklist of their forthcoming album "Dead Lived By Love", due in Spring 2007:

1. Burning Fear
2. The Fight
3. The Dead Live By Love
4. Fuel The Fire
5. Gravedigger
6. Our War
7. Blood Brothers
8. Through Dead Eyes
9. Reload 'N' Kill
10. Take Me As I Am
11. It's Not Over Yet
12. Thirteen

At the moment, our Scots are still kicking major ass live on stage with NAPALM DEATH and BORN FROM PAIN, check out the tour dates to experience their fiercely show at a club nearby!

AFTER FOREVER - Amazon metal @ Nuclear Blast

There have been a lot of rumours already, now it's finally official: Another superb band has found its way to the realms of Nuclear Blast - AFTER FOREVER! The Dutch act around front amazon Floor Jansen (also known from various guest appearances for projects of Arjen Lucassen / AYREON) is specialized in thrilling Melodic / Gothic Metal and ranks among the "big ones" of the scene in their home country.

The band already toured with NIGHTWISH and had appearances at EVERY important festival BeNeLux-wide (such as Lowlands, Pinkpop, Graspop, Dynamo Open Air, Fields Of Rock), not to forget a steadily growing fan base in South America, France, Spain and Germany!

Guitarist Sander Gommans about the signing: "AFTER FOREVER has grown a lot the past years, we´ve done more and more shows and festivals worldwide and also experienced a lot of improvement musically. I feel that AFTER FOREVER is stronger than ever, as a group but also musically, this is the right time to choose for a label that can help us realising our dreams! Because the core of the AFTER FOREVER songs is metal orientated, it´s a very natural decision for us to choose for Nuclear Blast!"

AFTER FOREVER have almost finished the recordings for their new, yet untitled album, which is going to be released in Spring 2007. Produced by Gordon Groothedde (Dutch studio luminary), the record not only contains great new songs but also an overwhelming session with the Prague Symphonic Orchestra! A tour afterwards is already planned as well…

The Provenance - 'Red Flags' out now

The new album by Sweden's The Provenance is finally available. 'Red Flags' contains 10 tracks of completely unique rock/metal and is essential listening for music lovers everywhere.

Cornelius speaks about the Solefald and Sturmgeist albums

Jagshemash, Ladies and Gentlemen!

It is a pleasure to write you on the eve of Borat's great movie film premiere - I for sure will not miss out on that one. I am now back in Berlin, where I try to recuperate after a long and sunny Norwegian summer (I know it sounds like a contradiction in terms, that a Norwegian summer could be long and sunny; global warning has finally come to Scandinavia, though. Check out the film "An Inconvient Truth" for more infoganda:

Over to the music updates:

On November 16th, Sturmgeist's new album "Über" was released world wide through Season of Mist. Metal Hammer (UK) magazine's Malcolm Dome gave the album the score 8/10, stating that "Sturmgeist deliver a cohesive, cogent performance. One reason is that each track showcases almost the complete breadth of the project's inventive, splayed sense of adventure.

At times it is like listening to Lordi interpreted by Dimmu Borgir, with the depraved guidance of Al Jourgensen and Finntroll. And some of the choruses sound like old German drinking songs."

The German magazine Rock Hard awarded the album a lousy 3/10, claiming that this "wenig bis gar nicht beseelten Scheibe" would only fit in on dancefloors in the countryside. Not too bad, after all, as being Jäger-drunk in Redneck County definitely matches the Sturmgeist definition of "party".

I have edited a Sturmgeist profile at MySpace (, where you will find the songs "Rock Me Amadeus", a cover of Falco's classic from 1985, and "Blood-Axe", along with "Master Hunter" and "Shock & Awe" from last year's "Meister Mephisto album.

On November 13th, Solefald's sixth studio album "Black for Death: An Icelandic Odyssey part 2" will see the light of day on Season of Mist. Concluding our Icelandic odyssey is something of a high for me, as we have been working on it since 2003. The album tells the story of an outlawed poet in medieval Iceland, Bragi, and how he strives for survival, revenge and sanity. More than being just plain Viking Metal, this album offers a psychological journey to the frontiers of life, told by Loki the Trickster:

"Centuries have flowed down the cyclical drain of time since the events I am about to tell; kings born and queens gone, the chain of human lives grown in one end and withered away in the other. My skin is still tight like a drumskin, my mind unpredictable as ever, whereas all that remains of the protagonists you are about to know, is teeth and bones. Know me not by name, but by my colours: RED FOR FIRE + BLACK FOR DEATH. Sometimes I confess my evil actions, not because I really regret them, but because making a confession makes me feel good. Such is the case of the drama I once participated in, a fight for the QUEEN IN THE BAY OF SMOKE.

 I visited the hall of King Haukur, disguised as a warrior, and fell in love with his frost-white queen, Disa. I saw how little she loved her husband, and how fond she was of the king's poet, who was known sometimes as Bragi the Beautiful. The queen and the skald loved each other. I told Haukur about the unfaithfulness of his wife, and consequently, Bragi was outlawed at the Althing the following year. For seven years he strayed the land of ice, until he tried to jump into the fire of the volcano Hekla.

Then, unexpectedly, the High One intervened, encouraging Bragi to live on and have justice done. When Bragi decided to return to Haukur's hall in Reykjavik, he was pulled into a stone and led to the SILVER DWARF, the king of the UNDERWORLD. The Silver Dwarf taught Bragi a lesson about pride and endurance, and thus fortified, the poet continued his NECRODYSSEY towards the Bay of Smoke. While walking he summoned his ancestors, the ALLFATHERS, resolved to fight for their legend and their honour. You can guess, mortal, that my fellow gods disapproved of my ploys, for while Bragi suffered in the cold, I went to the banquet in Ægir's hall, where the unforgettable LOKASENNA took place, the quarrel of the gods.

LOKI TRICKSTER GOD was the cause of the fight, as he had had Bragi outlawed in Midgard. Loki's disrepute shall be SPOKEN TO THE END OF ALL. Now that you know my name, do not judge me too harshly; I still carry the scar that Bragi's sword left on my abdomen. When he came back to the hall of the king, Disa stood there waiting for him, with the thrall Jarður. As she embraced Bragi, and told him what had really happened, they were spotted by Haukur's guard. As soon as Haukur arrived, Bragi drove his sword into the king's right eye, in a fit of divine rage, then he buryed the same sword deeply into my stomach. Haukur died on the spot, Bragi was killed shortly after. Disa and Jarður managed to get away unnoticed, and escape with the ship they had waiting. They crossed the DARK WAVES DYING, fleeing from yet another LOKASENNA, finally landing on the shores of Norway. May you enjoy my story, and honour your SAGATELLER by living it, over and over again."

Talking of Loki the Trickster: The track "Loki Trickster God" features a vocal guest appearance by Ulver's Trickster G., expressing the Norse jester's yearning for c.a.r.n.a.l. love.

Today I completed a new Solefald profile at MySpace (, that contains two tracks from the new album. I am sure the entire album is floating around in bit torrent space already, but by visiting our MySpace page you can listen to parts of it while actually retaining your status as a lawful citizen.

Next year I will publish my first book in English through my own piccolissimo publishing house, Propagenia Press. Put simply, the book will be a subjective biography about Solefald, containing all published and some unpublished lyrics, band photographs, as well as a few funny anecdotes and controversial statements on the State of the Me(n)tal Nation.

In 2007 it will be ten years since our debut album "The Linear Scaffold" first appeared, thus I find it appropriate to recapitulate our saga of mindcrime and madness, poverty and poetry, in the form of a book. Designers Trine Paulsen and Kim Sølve will take care of the design.
For those about to rock - we you salute!
Cornelius Jakhelln

IN FLAMES Exclusive in-store signing @ The VANS shop in London!

IN FLAMES will be doing an exclusive signing in the VANS shop on Carnaby Street while in London for the UNHOLY ALLIANCE tour with Slayer, Lamb Of God and Children Of Bodom.

The signing takes place on November 20th @ 4pm

The address is:
The Vans Shop
47 Carnaby St.
W1f 9TP

We are also together with ESP Guitars arranging a competition where one lucky winner will walk away with a brand new ESP guitar.
For more info on the competition, please check

Aeternus + Devilish Impressions EU Tour

1- Devilish Impressions LIVE!
AETERNUS (NO) European tour in December will be supported by DEVILISH IMPRESSIONS (Conquer Rec. UK), the Polish Avant-Garde Black/Death metalers ( ).

Together with DARKSHINE (FR) and ARUM (BR), they are now ready to destroy the stages!> (below dats as TBA - we are looking for promotor who want to book this date!!!)

Routing plan:
28.11.06 -Tue - D - Hamburg @ Markthalle
29.11.06 -Wed- D - Berlin @ K17
30.11.06 -Thu - D - Waltershausen @ KuFa
01.12.06 - Fri - D - Bitterfeld @ Festung
02.12.06 - Sat - D - Elterlein @ Hagalaz
03.12.06 - Sun - D - Munchen @ Titanic City
04.12.06 - Mon- tba - we are looking for promoter who want to book this date!!!
05.12.06 - Tue- A - Vienna @ Escape
06.12.06 - Wed- SLO - Maribor @ Klub Mc-Pekarna
07.12.06 - Thu- tba - we are looking for promotor who want to book this date!!!
08.12.06 - Fri- tba - we are looking for promotor who want to book this date!!!
09.12.06 - Sat- NL - Arnhem @ Metal Meeting
10.12.06 - Sun- LONDON @ ELECTROWERKZ doors 6PM
11.12.06 - Mon- UK - tba - we are looking for promotor who want to book this date!!!
12.12.06 - Tue- UK - BRADFORD @ Rio's
13.12.06 - Wed- UK - DERBY, @ The First Floor Club
14.12.06 - Thu - BEL - GENT @ The Frontline
15.12.06 - Fri - tba - we are looking for promotor who want to book this date!!!
16.12.06 - Sat - IT - Prato @ Anomalia
17.12.06 - Sun - IT - Torino

2- Live
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter (D) + Natron (I) + Rotting Faith (F), Worms Of Sabnock
28-11-2006 - UK, LONDON @ Camden THE UNDERWORLD doors at 6PM (18.00)

10.12.06 - Sun- UK, LONDON @ ELECTROWERKZ doors 6PM Tickets available at

DEVILISH IMPRESSIONS who has signed records deal with British label Conquer Records in June 2006 has been confirmed as a main support act for AETERNUS on their European tour in November/December this year. The band will be promoting their latest effort - 'Plurima Mortis Imago' which is out now.

The band's first official release consists of 9 new compositions, plus - as a special bonus - video clip to "SataniChaoSymphony'. DEVILISH IMPRESSIONS' new album may be a big step forward on the Avant-Garde Black/Death metal scene, as this time the band goes even further to gain more brutality combined with unique atmosphere and a subtle melody of each track.

According to one of the band's member: ' (...) it is a record for every metal fan, as it contains a mass of technical death metal riffs as well as essential dose of original melodies, breathtakingly fast blasts, raging vocals and beautiful keyboard passages, enveloped in a totally sick and furious atmosphere of all-pervading coldness, rebellion and licentiousness!

With this record we want to prove that not everything within this field has been said. Moving across the genre makes it possible to distance oneself and play the music a little differently, but without losing the original spirit of what metal has always been, is and what it should be in the future!!!' (Quazarre)

One of 'Plurima Mortis Imago' producers is Arek Malczewski, who is also the producer and sound engineer for Behemoth, Vesania, Asgaard and Lost Soul amongst others. Editing and mixing were carried out in the home studio of Asgaard's keyboard player, Wojtek Kostrzewa, and finally the album was mastered by the Wieslawski Brothers of the Hertz Studio in Bialystok (Vader, Decapitated, Hate etc.).



- Upcoming TOURS and shows in EU & UK 2006/2007
- Songs on CD-Compilations: Terrorizer (UK), 2x Zero-Tolerance (UK), Legacy (GER), Metallian (FR) Necromance Mag, Brutallica Mag.,+ many others
- 1 video-clip promoting an album (to be played on TV)
- CD including 1 video clip

Style; Avantgarde Black Metal
Format; LTD. CD
01 Lunarium
02 Rebellion Of Will Manifesto
03 Visions Of Kingdome To Come
04 Dracula's Mechanized Universe
05 Funeral Of God
06 Alpha & Omega Spaces
07 Crowned To Be Crucified
08 Smell Of Death
09 SataniChaoSymphony


Blood Red Throne start work on new album

Norwegian death metallers Blood Red Throne have been working in Jailhouse studio for the last 2 days on a pre production for the new album due out on Earache early 2007.
70% of the material is written and the band started pre production to test both the studio and the two new members, Anders Haave (drums) and Vald (vocals).

4 songs have been recorded so far and the band is extremely pleased with both the material and the sound.

"This time, we aim for a more classic Death Metal sound, ala Gorguts "Considered Dead" / Suffocation "Despise the Sun" kind of sound. We have grown tired with the over-produced and fully triggered drum kits that so many bands use today, besides we have taken a slightly new direction with our music and the analog and dynamic sound fits the music better. We have also chosen a different approach to the recording process of the instruments.

We are very pleased with the outcome of the 4 songs and cant wait till the actual album recording starts, hopefully sometime in December".
Some working titles of the forthcoming songs: "Rebirth in Blood", "Come Death" and "No New beginning".

For more information see: or

Severe Torture hit the UK!

Dutch death metallers SEVERE TORTURE hit the UK this week with VADER and GOD DETHRONED Catch them in Dublin tonight at the Temple Bar Music Centre, tomorrow at the UNDERWORLD in Camden, London And Saturday 4th November at the Concorde 2 in Brighton

Further dates include:
6/11/06 Essen, Germancy at Turock
7/11/06 Haarlem, Holland at Patronaat
8/11/06 Bremen, Germany at Schlachthof
9/11/06 Eindhoven, Holland at Effenaar


Hear SEVERE TORTURE interviewed LIVE on at 4pm UK time on Friday 3rd November Email the studio with questions

The latest Severe Torture tour diary installment:

After we left Spain we had one show to do in Dijon (FR) before going to Italy. We played in this venue called The Vapeur and it was an amazing venue! Best catering sofar and huge stage as well. 300 people showed up and we had the chance to play a extra long set with Sawn Off & Consuming the Dying added.

For the next days we are playing 4 shows in Italy, which is new to us because usually we only play Italy once when we're on tour. The first show took place in the city of Bologna. The venue was huge and way to big for the package we had so it appeared al little strange at first. But luckily, the people that showed up were up or a solid night of deathmetal. The atmosphere was great and the crowd gave us a warm welcome back to Italy. Grazi!

Rome was the setting for the second day in Italy. We arrived in time to do some serious sightseeing, so we got the chance to visit the Colloseum and such. This was kinda cool since we were playing Shadows of Rome in the nightliner at night for a couple of weeks now so it was cool to be able to witness where the carnage used to take place. After we went out of the tourist mode we did a show for a bloodthirsty crowd at the Alpheus. It was great to hear people screaming for songs ranging from "Misanthropic Carnage" to "End of Christ".

The next 2 shows on the list were Siena and Padova. Club Sonar in Siena started out a little calm but turned into a good show after we did our little trick... Next was Padova and for the last Italian show it was great!

People were really into us and went crazy! We stayed at the cub pretty long and had a nice little party outside till early in the morning...

After 4 days we left Italy and invaded Austria. First on the list was Althofen and club Endorphin turned out to be a really small bar with a tiny stage in the corner. With a minimal backline and no triggers we did our best to turn the place upside down and that was much appreciated by the fans. After the show we headed off to Salzburg were we woke up at 10 in the morning. Time enough to do some sightseeing and get some real breakfast.

Rockhaus is a great venue and we did a great show. After the show we took our place in the bar next to the venue and after Vaders show the whole tour entourage joined the party!

Last show in Austria was Vienna and we have good memories of Vienna. In the past we played in the Arena but this time the show was in a venue called Planet Music. Great venue and the show was organised by the guys from Goddamned X who were support act since Italy. They did a very good job and the show went very smooth.

Get more information on Severe torture here: or

Cult of Luna video online

Swedish art-noise collective CULT OF LUNA have released their video for "Back to Chapel Town", a track that features on their latest album out on Earache records "Somewhere Along the Highway".

Filmed in Umea near where the band are from, the video took 5 days to make and is produced and directed by the band The video "Back To Chapel Town" is now finished and you can watch it here:

Look out for Cult of Luna on tour in Europe early 2007

Check for more updates and your local music TV!

Leaves Eyes vocalist Liv Kirstine releases debut album

'Enter My Religion' enchants with beautiful melodies, irresistible rhythms and subdued folk flair - first class atmospheric pop/rock sending shivers down your spine!" Daniela Sickinger ( Metal Heart)

Since Liv Kristine appeared in the music scene, she turned out to be one of the most extraordinary and creative female artists in Europe. She has left her footprints in various genres: with her gothic metal band Theatre of Tragedy she secured her position in the history of music and as front-woman of Leaves Eyes she continued with that success. Liv Kristine - the charismatic singer with the unique and seducing voice announces the comeback of her solo project in 2006.

Together with Leaves Eyes she has gained worldwide success. Moreover, in her former band Theatre of Tragedy she and her soprano-voice were always in the centre of attention. As a solo artist she enchants with pop music of her own brand. No wonder that there always are musicians asking for a collaboration with the talented Norwegian singer. Her guest vocals for Atrocity and Umbra et Imago are only some projects to mention in which Liv was involved in 2004.

The most successful of all is the song 'Nymphetamine' which she recorded with the British cult band Cradle of Filth which brought a nomination for the Grammy 2005 awards.

AS I LAY DYING headline shows + reschedule Paris show!

AILD will play two headline shows on off days. Here´s the dates:
Friday, 10th of November - LINGEN (GER) / ALTER SCHLACHTHOF

Saturday, 18th of November - STOKE (UK) / SUGAR MILL
The Paris show with BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE last week got cancelled since the Bullet singer was suffering from a throat infection. The whole show got rescheduled for the 12th of November!

POWERWOLF preparing for studio & launch of new website!

Great news for all children of the night: On all hallow´s eve Powerwolf will unleash their brandnew website featuring a lot of specials and content all wolfmanicas were longing for since months. Vivist and get lost.

Moreover the wolves have revealed more details about their schedule for the recordings of the follow up for "Return in bloodred": "Right now we have started with a pre-production, which will keep us busy throughout November" says Falk Maria Schlegel. In early January the wolves will enter famous Woodhouse Studios in Hagen/Germany for the recordings before they will head on to Studio Fredman in Gothenburg/Sweden in February to mix the album with no one else than Mr. Fredrik Nordström (Hammerfall, In flames, Dimmu Borgir), who also was responsible for the sound on "Return in bloodred".

"Working out the new songs is exciting as hell and we can´t wait to finally record what we´re elaborating at the moment." sais Falk. "Attila is at his best and there a lots of melodies to die for - along with the heaviest tunes we´ve written so far" More details to follow.

THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER prepares to go down under!

Fresh off the very successful Hatebreed tour where The Black Dahlia Murder was direct support and an incredible set at LOUD PARK Festival in Japan where the band played in front of over 7,000 kids; BDM are now preparing to take their ferocious live set down under to promote their sophomore album Miasma to their Aussie fans.

Once the band returns from Australia they will head home to continue working on their 3rd full length release which will be out the summer of 2007. In other news the band's final video for the album Miasma is Statutory Ape, just made its premier on Saturday 10/21 on Headbangers Ball.

If you missed HBB this last weekend you can go to or to catch the band slaying the audience at Sounds of the Underground and running amuck with The Ape!

Here's what madman and death metal vocalist extraordinaire Trevor Strnad had to say about the tour with Hatebreed, the band's set in Japan, and the premier of their latest video Statutory Ape.

'The Hatebreed tour was indeed a lot of fun and was a brutal package. All five of the bands were very cool guys and we had an absolute blast touring with them… Although Jamey Jasta almost poisoned Brian and I with his heavy handed bar tending skills. Oh and we love Gary Holt in a very platonic metal-man way.

As for our stop in Japan, it was an honor to be playing at the biggest metal festival of all time in Japan. The reaction was something that we never could have expected. The energy of the crowd was unbelievable and it was great to feel so much metal in the air in one place. We can't wait to come back to Japan and follow up this successful performance.

Keep your eyes peeled for the Statutory Ape video that we shot this summer on the Sounds of the underground tour. You can see how much fun we had on the tour as well as our honorary mascot The Ape. The video will premier this weekend on Headbangers Ball and is also available on and so check it out.'

CANNIBAL CORPSE recaps Australia/New Zealand tour!

We have just returned from a very successful tour of Australia and New Zealand. We would like to thank the guys at Soundworks Touring for doing such a great job with the organization and promotion of the tour.
Thanks also go out to Darren and all at Stomp for the help they gave us before and during the tour, and to the clubs and local promoters that helped make the tour possible.

We would also like to say thanks and hello to Psycroptic, Plague, and Ulcerate. It was great to share the stage with such killer bands while we were down there.

Finally, and most importantly, we would like to say a huge thank you to all of the fans who attended the shows in Australia and New Zealand. We had not been to Australia in many years, and we had never been to New Zealand, so we were not entirely sure what to expect. The size and enthusiasm of the crowds was even greater than we had hoped for, and we wanted to make sure you all knew how much we appreciate that.

We got the chance to hang out with a lot of friends old and new, and you all made the long trip and hectic schedule (8 shows in 8 days, with flights between each city) more than worth the effort for us. We'll make sure that we return to Australia and New Zealand a lot more often, because you guys rule!

FOREVER IN TERROR to begin recording new record!

Summer... was amazing. We made great friends, saw great places and jammed. We want to thank everyone who was involved. We realize that there are tons of people involved that made it possible for all of those shows to happen. There are way too many people for us to thank individually but we would like to thank all of you. At every venue, bar, hotel, gas station, Wendy's, and the people that make hot pockets for making it possible. Thanks. Now down to business, we have a lot going on this fall and winter.

Our recording schedule is nearly finalized and we can't wait to get started. The songs we have been writing are killer and we're sure you'll all love them. We'll be releasing our Metal Blade Records debut next summer. We have been excited and hysterical about this for months and can't wait for you to hear the final product. Up until the start of pre-production for the album we'll be doing weekend shows to keep up our chops and try out new songs.

All those shows will be on the shows page so check them out and see if we are playing near you. One of those shows will be November 27th @ Fat Jimmy's in Kent. The show will be a Halloween show hosted by Mistress Juliya who we have had the pleasure of chilling with before. And now we'll do it again.

Another weekend of Forever in Terror/Mistress Juliya mayhem. We hope to see all of you there costume or no costume. It's going to be a blast. For now... good day. F.I.T.

Upcoming BRAINSTORM Shows

28.12.06 Munich (D) Metropolis Stormbringer Metal Meeting
29.12.06 Bochum (D) Matrix X-mas Metal Meeting
30.12.06 Pratteln (CH) Z7 End Of Days Festival
22./23.06.07 Balingen (D) Bang Your Head

Deathchain continues with Dynamic Arts Records

Deathchain continues with Dynamic Arts Records

Deathchain, the biggest name in Death/Thrash Metal from Finland has re-signed with Dynamic Arts Records. Production of third album has already begun under the title Cult of Death. Release of the upcoming album have been scheduled to May 2007.

On the upcoming album Deathchain dwells into the darker sound of Death/Thrash Metal. Some titles from the forthcoming album: Incantations Of Shub-Niggurath, Serpent of the Deep, Deathammer, In the Crypt of Vengeance ja Witchstorm.

Dynamic Arts Records have released the previous albums Deadmeat Disciples (2003) and Deathrash Assault (2005). During the November and December '05 Deathchain travelled through 13 countries and did 25 shows along the legends Destruction and Candlemass. Latest album Deathrash Assault hit the official Finnish charts to place 18.

Municipal Waste - Landphil recorded in coffin

Landphil, bassist of Virginian thrashers Municipal Waste has claimed in this week's Kerrang magazine that he recorded his bass lines from inside a coffin

Those of you who have seen Municipal Waste, may believe this highly likely story.

For you to become a believer catch them in the USA on the following dates:

3 Nov 2006 Ogden Theater Denver, CO
4 Nov 2006 Avalon Theater Salt Lake City, UT
5 Nov 2006 Big Easy Concert House Boise, ID
7 Nov 2006 Big Easy Spokane, WA
8 Nov 2006 The Fenix (formerly the Premier) Seattle, WA
9 Nov 2006 Commodore Ballroom Vancouver
10 Nov 2006 Roseland Theater Portland, OR
11 Nov 2006 Midtown Bend, OR
12 Nov 2006 Senator Theater Chico, CA
13 Nov 2006 New Oasis Sparks, NV
14 Nov 2006 The Warfield San Francisco, CA
15 Nov 2006 House of Blues San Diego, CA
18 Nov 2006 Glasshouse Pomona, CA
19 Nov 2006 Ventura Theatre Ventura, CA
20 Nov 2006 House of Blues West Hollywood, CA
21 Nov 2006 Key Club@ Morongo Cabazon, CA
22 Nov 2006 Marquee Theater Tempe, AZ
24 Nov 2006 White Rabbit San Antonio, TX
25 Nov 2006 Gypsy Tea Room Dallas, TX
26 Nov 2006 Meridian Houston, TX
27 Nov 2006 House of Blues New Orleans, LA
28 Nov 2006 Floyd's Music Store Tallahassee, FL
29 Nov 2006 Culture Room Ft. Lauderdale, FL 30 Nov 2006 Jannus Landing St. Petersburg, FL
1 Dec 2006 House of Blues Buena Vista, FL
2 Dec 2006 Tremont Music Hall Charlotte, NC
4 Dec 2006 Exit/In Nashville, TN
5 Dec 2006 Blue Cats Knoxville, TN
6 Dec 2006 The Masquerade Atlanta, GA
8 Dec 2006 House of Blues N. Myrtle Beach
9 Dec 2006 The Canal Club Richmond, VA
10 Dec 2006 9:30 Club Washington D.C., DC
11 Dec 2006 The Chance Poughkeepsie, NY
12 Dec 2006 The Buffalo Icon Buffalo, NY

Ephel Duath's drummer talks sheet music on youtube and Ephel Duath report on Italian Jazz-metallers Ephel Duath are now back home in Italy after their European tour.

"We've just returned home after seventeen hours travelling from Bruxelles to Padua." Davide Ephel Duath's guitarist reports "The first part of the Ephel Duath's Imploding Euro Tour is finished and it's time to reflect.

We have been lucky with nine UK dates and extremely good support band, the math-corers Tangaroa. The tour crew has became a sort of enlarged family, and we have to thanks these five crazy Tangaroa guys for some of the funniest moments of the whole tour. Our favourite shows were at London Underworld, the Bournemouth's Gander and supporting Red Sparowes @ Southampton's Nexus.

Before leaving the UK we have did a last minute show at the University of Luton with our label mates Biomechanical. That was one hell of a crazy crowd! Yeh!

Then we were off to France and Belgium playing in two very different venues.

The Batofar in Paris - an old red boat in the river Seine, and Magasen 4 in Brussels a sort of small musical factory in the centre of the city.

Probably the best two shows of the whole tour for the band's performance, but go to Paris was the strangest and funniest show of the Ephel Duath's Imploding tour.

We want to thank all the people who came out to see us on the tour, we feel a growing support for Ephel Duath and this pushes us to do the best at every occasion.
Up the Ephels!

Thanks, Lucio, Fabio, Sergio and Davide."

Ephel Duath's new drummer Sergio talks about playing live from Sheet music on a short You tube clip

Now Ephel Duath are back home they are ready to continue work on their next album.

For more information on Ephel Duath and what they are currently up to tune in tomorrow to hear the band interviewed by the legendary Malcolm Dome on

From "Sat 4th Nov 18:00 - 21:00 Doom & Co Experimental, extreme jazz metallers, Ephel Duath, chat about their genius new release "Pain Necessary To Know"

Biomechanical Dytone endorsement

Jamie, guitar wizard of Biomechanical has recently been endorsed by Dytone - he explains here:

"What happened is the guys from Guitar, amp and keyboard in Brighton basically arranged for a string endorsement for the tour, and as a result of this I got a Dytone endorsement.
Dytone is a German company that makes effects pedals, they are all handmade

- I use them for distortion boost on solos and also the delays in choruses Maybe in the future I'll have a chance to have some hand made to my specification!"

See Jamie, his new effects pedals, and Biomechanical tomorrow night at the Underworld in London with Exodus Or on these dates throughout Europe:

7-Nov-06 Tuesday UK London Underworld
9-Nov-06 Thursday Holland Eindhoven Effenaar
10-Nov-06 Friday Holland Haarlem Patronaat
11-Nov-06 Saturday Belgium Hasselt Muziek-o-droom
13-Nov-06 Monday Germany Osnabrück Rosenhof
14-Nov-06 Tuesday Germany Bochum Matrix
15-Nov-06 Wednesday Germany schweinfurt Stattbahnhof
16-Nov-06 Thursday Germany Berlin Kato
17-Nov-06 Friday Germany Saarbrucken Roxy
18-Nov-06 Saturday Denmark Copenhagen Kino
19-Nov-06 Sunday Norway Olso John Dee
20-Nov-06 Monday Sweden Gothenburg Sticky Fingers
22-Nov-06 Wednesday finland Oulu Teatria
23-Nov-06 Thursday finland Helsinki Tavastia
25-Nov-06 Saturday Poland Poznan Eskalup
26-Nov-06 Sunday Czech Rep Brno Faval club
27-Nov-06 Monday Austria Wien Arena
28-Nov-06 Tuesday Hungary Budapest Wigwam
29-Nov-06 Wednesday Serbia Belgrade SKC
30-Nov-06 Thursday Italy Padova Sottosopra
1-Dec-06 Friday Italy Siena Sonar Club
2-Dec-06 Saturday Italy Senigalia(Ancona) Mamamia
3-Dec-06 Sunday Italy Naples Duel Beat
4-Dec-06 Monday Switzerland Wil Remise
7-Dec-06 Thursday Spain Villareal Salatal
8-Dec-06 Friday Spain Bilbao Santana
9-Dec-06 Saturday Spain Madrid Ritmo & Compas
10-Dec-06 Sunday Spain Barcelona Apolo 2

SUBWAY TO SALLY - "Nackt"-release pushed back

Dear fans and partners,

please notice: Due to shipment delays, we have to push back the release of SUBWAY TO SALLY's live CD/DVD "Nackt" a week.

Which means: "Nackt" won't be released on November 10th but November 17th!

SOILWORK - To headline the X-mas festivals

After the cancellation of SIX FEET UNDER, the X-mas festival tour finally found a new headliner: SOILWORK! The guys will bring you the full Swedish Melodic Death attack at the following dates:


08.12. D BERLIN @ K 17
09.12. D ENGELDORF(leipzig) @ HELLRAISER
12.12. CH PRATTELN @ Z7
17.12. NL TILBURG @ 013


The graves are about to open! Swedish Black Metal inquisitors WATAIN just inked a deal with Season of Mist to release their third full-length album in Europe. The tentative release date is set for March 2007.

The release will be followed by a European Tour.
After the release of the highly acclaimed 'Casus Luciferi' album in 2003 and the tour with Dissection in 2004, Watain have been forging and wielding material that clearly reveals their true potential as craftsmen of lethal Black Metal Magic.

The recording of the album will take place in the infamous Necromorbus Studio (Funeral mist, Malign, Ofermod etc).

Those who experienced Watain on stage can witness of a blood-soaked, rusty metallic machinery embodying every aspect of the traditional Satanic Black Metal cult, re-living and taking further the sinister legacy of Venom, Hellhammer and Mayhem. But believe us when we say ‘you have seen nothing yet!'


We're proud to announce that DAGOBA's overwhelming rise isn't about to stop! After last week's successful show in Paris with STONE SOUR and the late November gigs in Benelux that unleashed tons of cheerful comments on the band's MySpace page, the French metallers have been confirmed to play at the 14th edition of the With Full Force festival, set to take place in Leipzig, Germany, from June 29th to July 1st, 2007. Other confirmed acts are CHILDREN OF BODOM, CANNIBAL CORPSE, EKTOMORF, CREMATORY, and many others.
More information on


Those of you mighty metal freaks who attended this year's edition of France's Hellfest late June probably noticed that many cameras were set all around the place to shoot bands performing on stage. The DVD will be ready pretty soon, and for now you can watch the trailer on Snatch Music's MySpace page here. We're pleased to inform you that it will feature DAGOBA, among others. And if you look really carefully, you might see yourself in the crowd. Hi mom!!

Sturm story

Following the recent release of Sturmgeist's sophomore album 'Über', kommandant Cornelius von Jakhelln has an interesting and funny idea…

Here's the message from the man:
"I hereby announce the first Sturmgeist competition ever! If you do remember the PartyGeist section of our late website, where listeners could have their party pictures posted for all to see, then you'll easily get the point.

Here it is: As we want to emphasize the fraternal nature of Sturmgeist (after all, our MySpace page carries the name 'Sturmbruderschaft'), we ask all fanatics out there to send us footage from your very own party action! Make it hot or cold, hard or smooth, as long as it R.O.C.K.S! We only ask you two things, namely that the footage contains: a) a quarrel and b) the colours red, black and orange.

If you want to appear in our "Bloodaxe" video, record your fun in high-resolution MPEG format, burn a DVD and send it to our Norwegian distributor Indie Distribution:

Indie Distribution AS
C/O Eric Bloodaxe
Sinsenveien 4
N-0572 Oslo

We will edit a hilarious video for "Bloodaxe" from the contributions we receive, and distribute it through TV and the Internet. You can listen to the song "Bloodaxe" in our MySpace profile, or find it on the album "Über" that came out November 16th.

If you're in lack of ideas, here are some further suggestions:
- Sing "Bloodaxe" in a particularly spectacular way (gestures, costumes, feathers, blood... everything is allowed!)
- Play along on the guitar like a true hero, even if you're not in possession of one (a guitar, that is...)
- Give someone a hug when soaked with beer
- Striptease or titty flashing done the Viking way
- Film your own drinking contest
- Engage someone in a duel with a paper axe
- Stage an England-Germany soccer match indoors
Party über Alles!"


11 Nov 06 La Roche s/ Yon (85) (FR) Le Fuzz'Yon (+ Redrum)
17 Nov 06 Nantes (44) (FR) Olympic (+ Black Bomb A)
18 Nov 06 Savigny le Temple (77) (FR) l'Empreinte (+ Kaizen)
24 Nov 06 Auch (32) (FR) Le Cri'Art
25 Nov 06 Agen (47) (FR) Le Florida
08 Dec 06 Paris (75) (FR) Elysée Montmartre (+ The Arrs)
09 Dec 06 Nancy (54) (FR) MJC du Haut du Lièvre
15 Dec 06 Le Thor (84) (FR) Auditorium
16 Dec 06 Tarbes (65) (FR) La Gespe
13 Jan 07 La Louvière (BE) LL Metal Fest
03 Feb 07 Liévin (62) (FR) Arc-en-Ciel

14 Nov 06 Marseille (FR) La Machine à Coudre (+ Enablers)

FURIA live

25 Nov 06 Saviése (CH) Aoc Rock Festival (+ Destruction + )
16 Dec 06 Macon (FR) Cave à Musique (+ Semtazone + WDCS + Zatopek + Soft Parade)


09 Dec 06 Arnhem (NL) Musis Sacrum - Arnhem Metal Meeting
17 Feb 07 Oostende (BE) Memento Mori Metal Fest


26 Jan 07 Istanbul (TR) Studio Live
27 Jan 07 Eskisehir (TR) 222 Park
28 Jan 07 Ankara (TR) Saklikent


(+ Malevolent Creation + Incantation + Neuraxis)
14 Feb 07 Warsaw (PL) Progresja
15 Feb 07 Leipzig (DE) Hellriser
16 Feb 07 Wien (AU) Szene
17 Feb 07 Salzburg (AU) Rockhaus
18 Feb 07 Innsbruck (AU) Hafen
19 Feb 07 Plattern (CH) Z7
20 Feb 07 Strasbourg (FR) Laiterie
21 Feb 07 Paris (FR) Locomotive
22 Feb 07 Eindhoven (NL) Effenaar
23 Feb 07 Vosselaar (BE) Biebob
24 Feb 07 Adelsheim (DE) Live Factory
25 Feb 07 Brno (CZ) Fledo
26 Feb 07 Bratislava (CZ) Randal
27 Feb 07 Este (PD) Sottosopra (IT) Rock Club
28 Feb 07 Munchen (DE) Metropolis
01 Mar 07 Osnabruck (DE) N8
02 Mar 07 Groningen (NL) Vera
03 Mar 07 Essen (DE) Turock
04 Mar 07 Rotterdam (NL) Baroeg

Cambian Dawn in studio

CAMBIAN DAWN are currently recording a new 5-song EP at The Library in North London with evil studio genius Will Spong, who produced and engineered the "Wastrel Children Of An Insane Universe" demo.

This will be the first recording to feature the band's new line-up with Chris Goodchild on guitar, and the plan is that we'll use this EP to snare ourselves a record deal next year.

From what we've heard of the rough studio mixes, the end result will be something really special. We'll keep you posted on our progress.

If anyone's that curious, you might like to take a look at my blog on my myspace page.

Much to our surprise, Wychwood Brewery (creators of the mighty brew Hobgoblin) have partly sponsored the recording, and intend to post photos of us all wearing Hobgoblin t-shirts in the studio on their website! Out-fu*king-standing!!

In "other news", our friend Susie has come up with a rather nifty design which will feature on the updated band website and also (sometime in the future) official t-shirts.
In the meantime, feel free to email us at this address or via myspace.

Thanks for all your support so far - the best is yet to come! Chin chin!



The re-issue of the 1996 doom/goth metal classic 'Brave Murder Day' from Katatonia is out now. This release has been re-mastered and also includes the follow-up EP 'Sounds of Decay'. Buy HERE.

TAROT - Video "Ashes To The Stars" online!

NIGHTWISH bass player Marco Hietala and his side band TAROT recently locked up in studio to record their new album "Crows Fly Black'.

The result of these sessions: very intense and exciting Finnish Heavy Metal songs - not for nothing the band is called "Godfathers of Finnish Heavy Metal' in their home country.

The record has already been released in Finland at the end of November and will finally be available in the rest of Europe starting on January 19th 2007. Thus, it does not take too long for the first glorious highlight in 2007 to arise - TAROT! Check out the new video for 'Ashes To The Stars' on the band homepage

BORN FROM PAIN update / competition

'We're currently on tour with Napalm Death and Mendeed in Europe and having a blast. We have about 10 days left of the tour and the previous 3 weeks or so have been killer. Everyone is having a good time and the shows have been really good for us and we seem to be getting people into the Born From Pain sound, which is very encouraging.

There have been a few mishaps on the way, such as buses breaking down, or amps blowing up, but apart from that its all been smooth sailing with some awesome shows. I'm sure the rest of the tour will rock just as hard too. As for Born From Pain, the new album titled "War" is out via Metal Blade Records on the 14th November in the States, the 17th November in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and the 20th November in the rest of Europe.

So far the feedback we have been getting from fans and press has been awesome and we're siked for everybody to get to hear it. The War Is On.'

There´s a HUGE competition going on for BORN FROM PAIN maniacs in Germany, Austria and Switzerland! Don´t miss the chance to win a guitar, an amp, fan packages and other goodies! Surf over to for more details!


ONE MAN ARMY AND THE UNDEAD QUARTET, the new Swedish band featuring former THE CROWN vocalist Johan Lindstrand, will embark on a two-week European tour, dubbed "The X-Mass Mayhem Tour", in late December/early January. Confirmed dates are as follows:

25.12.2006 BERLIN - K17 (D)
26.12.2006 KASSEL - Musiktheater (D)
27.12.2006 CHEMNITZ - Südbahnhof (D)
28.12.2006 OBERNDORF - Bahnhof (D)
29.12.2006 SAARBRüCKEN - Roxy (D)
30.12.2006 WüRZBURG - AKW (D)
31.12.2006 PRATTELN - Z7 (CH)
01.01.2007 KONSTANZ - Contrast (D)
02.01.2007 KARLSRUHE - Katakombe (D)
03.01.2007 BIELEFELD - Movie (D)
04.01.2007 ESSEN - tbc (D)
05.01.2007 RIJSSEN - Club Lucky (NL)
06.01.2007 FLENSBURG - Roxy (D)

SUBWAY TO SALLY - Premiere of "Nackt" a complete success!

On last Monday, November 6th, the world premiere of Subway To Sally's "Nackt" DVD took place in five UCI KINOWELT movie theatres (Berlin, Gera, Leipzig, Dresden and Vienna). Especially the event in the German capital Berlin turned out to be a fulminate success:

Sold out venue, enthusiastic audience - and of course the band also attended the party, giving an exclusive signing session for their fans who, in parts, travelled long distances to enjoy the premiere.

IMPORTANT: Due to delays in delivery, the release of "Nackt" has been pushed back a week; the CD/DVD package will be available on November 17th now!

MADDER MORTEM - December tour dates announced

Madder Mortem will be playing some European shows throughout December. Click here for a full list of dates, plus information on the other bands on the bill.

THUNDERSTONE - Eurovision song contest

Our Finnish melodic metal darlings THUNDERSTONE will be part of a rather special event: they are one of a dozen acts that will compete to represent Finland in the 2007 edition of the EUROVISION SONG CONTEST! The contest will take place in May 2007 in Helsinki - and as everybody will remember, this year's winner were LORDI. Good luck to THUNDERSTONE!

HAMMERFALL - Music video contest

Be a director yourself - and win loads of money! In co-operation with the online platform MusiTag, HAMMERFALL want YOU to create a new video for one of their songs. The contest runs until November 25th and the best clip gets rewarded with 1.000 Euro! Just follow this link to get more info and instructions. Become part of the HAMMERFALL film universe!

VARIOUS ARTISTS - New podblast & myspace available!

Check out the second POD BLAST - Nuclear Blast's one and only podcast - by following this link! This time, Abbath from I / IMMORTAL and Zoltan Farkas of EKTOMORF present you songs of WINTERSUN, DEATHSTARS, SUBWAY TO SALLY and MESHUGGAH and of course also material from their own bands.

The official Nuclear Blast Europe MySpace page has been completed:

Designed with the help of Mike Ruiz and Robert Kimura - both employees of the Nuclear Blast American office - Nuclear Blast Europe can now also enjoy the benefits of being part of, the world's largest online community! Orpheus Spiliotopoulos (NB Greece) and Eugen Leis (NB Europe Street Team) will be the two people who will maintain this page from here and forward. Take a look and enjoy!

DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER - Live over Russia and Summer Breeze confirmed!

Nastrovje! DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER are going to play two exclusive shows in mother Russia! The dates are as follows:

27.01.07 RU-MOSKAU (Club Toschka)
28.01.07 RU-ST.PETERSBURG (Club Roks)

In other news, the REITER have just been confirmed as first band on the billing of the Summer Breeze Open Air 2007! More bands to be confirmed soon, check for regular updates.

NEAERA to play two tours this Winter!

Germanys up and rising Metalheroes NEAERA have secured slots on two great tours this coming Winter!

Metal Hammer presents SPIRIT TOUR 2006
25.12. Leipzig (D) / Werk 2
26.12. Essen (D) / Weststadthalle
27.12. Karlsruhe (D) / Substage
28.12. Losheim (D) / Eisenbahnhalle
29.12. Tielt (B) / Europahal
30.12. Hamburg (D) / Markthalle

Metal Hammer presents

Thursday 04-01 Arnhem, Holland @ Goudvishal
Friday 05-01 Vosselaar, Belgium @ Biebob
Saturday 06-01 Hannover, Germany @ Muzik Zentrum
Sunday 07-01 Flensburg, Germany @ Roxy
Monday 08-01 Essen, Germany @ Zeche Karl
Tuesday 09-01 Berlin, Germany @ K-17 Berlin
Wednesday 10-01 Copenhagen, Denmark @ Stengade
Thursday 11-01 Engelsdorf, Germany @ Hellraiser Club
Friday 12-01 Jena, Germany @ F Haus
Saturday 13-01 Munich, Germany @ Backstage
Sunday 14-01 Budapest, Hungary @ Kultiplex
Monday 15-01 Prague, Czech Rep @ Back Pez
Tuesday 16-01 Zagreb, Croatia @ Boogaloo
Wednesday17-01 Ljubliana, Slovenia @ Media Park
Thursday 18-01 Adelsheim, Germany @ Live factory
Friday 19-01 Karlsruhe, Germany @ Substage
Saturday 20-01 Erstfelt, Switzerland @ Transilvania Live
Sunday 21-01 Frankfurt, Germany @ Backstapp
Monday 22-01 Osnabruck, Germany @ Bastard Club
Tuesday 23-01 Dornbin, Austria @ Spielboden
Wednesday 24-01 Martigny, Switzerland @ Caves du manoir
Thursday 25-01 Bolzano, Italy @ Bunker
Friday 26-01 Salzburg, Austria @ Rockhouse
Saturday 27-01 Vienna, Austria @ Planet Music

other NEAERA shows:
02.12.06 St. Petersburg (RUS) / Arctic
03.12.06 Moscow (RUS) / Tabula Rasa Club

A Greater Harvest

We're pleased to announce that the new RED HARVEST album will be entitled 'A Greater Darkness'. The Norwegian gang's debut on Season of Mist is to be released next February 19th in Europe (February 20th in the U.S. ).

Here's the tracklisting:
1. Antidote
2. Hole In Me
3. Dead Cities
4. Mouth Of Madness
5. Beyond The Limits Of Physical X-perience
6. Icons Of Fear The Curse Of The Universe
7. I Sweat W.O.M.D
8. WarThemes
9. Distorted Eyes
10. Proprioception

After having witnessed the sheer force of Ofu Kahn and his crew steering their dark vessel on the recently released 'Harvest Bloody Harvest' DVD, it's time to get a new experience of pure industrial metal and discover some unknown glacial soundscapes…

This Ending changing Myspace address!

THIS ENDING changing myspace address - the new address is - update your URL's and make sure you recruit yourself as one of This Ending victims.

Circulus - Song Of Our Despair CD Single/7" (RISEMCD/794) Released this Monday 20 Nov 06

It got to number one in Mark Ratcliffe round table last week and is receiving national airplay as we speak.
Yes, the new single from the amazing Circulus is released on Monday. Song Of Our Despair comes in CD & 7" limited vinyl formats.

The vinyl will be in Lilac, Clear & black and will feature the previously unreleased B-Side Honeycomb.
CD version will feature non Album track Tapestry & Honeycomb.
This single will not be available through the Rise Above store for a few weeks. However you can buy it online from here


Or at Fopp, HMV, Virgin & selected stores

Catch the band at their Xmas extravaganza, which promises to be something that really should really not be missed. It's a medieval cosmic showdown between Circulus and Chrome Hoof that will have folk talking for years to come. Programme & refreshments available on the night!

Saturday 16th Dec

An Evening with Circulus & Chrome Hoof - Purcell Room, Southbank London
Book online -
Box Office - 08703 800 400

Chrome Hoof

Controversial Cosmonaughts, Chrome Hoof, release their long awaited self titled EP through Rise Above Monday 27th November. It will come in CD & limited vinyl formats.
As well as their performance at the Purcell Rooms with Circulus on Dec 16th, the band have the following date;

Thurs 23 November

Chrome Hoof Live @Too 2 Much (Raymonds Review Bar)Walkers Court( Off Brewer St) London, Soho W1.

Onstage at 9.45.

New Witchcraft Vinyl only Single out now!

Having been initially refused entry to the States, the boys had to fly back to Sweden to await their visas being reprocessed. Having missed the first week of shows, they had them rescheduled and got back in the States second time lucky a week after their initial refusal.

The gigs with Danava have been going down a storm, several of which have sold out completely.

Hero and inspiration to the band Bobby Liebling from the legendary Pentagram even shared the stage with the lads for songs in DC!

The new vinyl only single featuring two brand new tracks - 'If Crimson Was Your Colour' / 'I Know You Killed Someone' is available now in three colours - Red, Clear & Black.
Order yours now from the store whilst there's still a chance.

Firebird / Gentlemans Pistols / Winters Tour

The new Firebird album, Hot Wings is out now! Vinyl version will follow shortly. In the mean time they have line up shows with this killer package at the following venues;


12 Underworld, London
13 Fenton, Leeds
14 Independent, Sunderland
17 Monkey Bar, Swansea
18 Nottingham, Old Angel (TBC)

Litmus - Planetfall released early 2007

Yes, their album is finally finished and will be released early next year. What can we say - it rules! Great songs with hypnotic vocals, layers of effects, Mellotrons & Moogs that will take you to dimensions you never yet realised. Spacerock for the 21st Century indeed! More news on this release soon.

Winters EP/12" out now!

Hailed as the UK's answer to Redd Kross, Saint Vitus & Melvins, Winters begin work on their debut Lp "Black Clouds In Twin Galaxies" on the 22nd November with producer Dan Swift to be released in March 2007. In the meantime their debut EP is available now on CD & Limited 12" vinyl through the Rise Above store.

Catch them out on the road with Gentlemans Pistols & Firebird. They also have their own date beforehand;


11 Bull & Gate London

Burning Saviours / Gentlemans Pistols 7"s coming at you soon

Yes, after some heavy delays beyond our control, these 7's will be finally be with us shortly. Both will be limited to 500, first 100 of each will be clear vinyl.

On another note we are delighted to announce that Gentlemans Pistols will be recording their debut album for Rise Above in early 2007!

Capricorns to support - Neurosis at The Forum, London this Saturday 18th Nov

See the band seriously destroying right now at the following other shows;


17 The Cooler, Bristol (With Taint)
26 Medicine Bar Birmingham (with Don Cabalero)
30 Scala London (with Don Cabalero)


Will begin work on their next masterwork in April 2007.


17 The Cooler Bristol + Capricorns
25 Underworld w/ Noiselust & Mahakala Athens, Greece
26 Rock Bottom w/ Noiselust & Mahakala Thessalonika, Greece

16 Mean Fiddler, London (with Orange Goblin & Grand Magus)

Grand Magus writing new material & London show

Following the success of this years Doomed Trinity Tour, ‘Real Swedish Metal Band'; Grand Magus, have since enlisted the services of new drummer Sebastian.

They are currently working hard on new material, with a view to start recording in the summer of 2007.

In the meantime they play the Orange Goblin Xmas knees up at the Mean Fiddler, London December 16th.

Possessed/Luv Machine LP Vinyl delays

They will be with us soon - sorry for the delay. Please keep checking back on the site.

The Berzerker - touring update

The Berzerker have been forced to cancel their Birmingham show after the club burnt down.

The Berzerker himself has this to say:

"As I'm sure some of your are aware Edward's No.8 club has burnt to the ground. We were set to play there on the 14th of December. We are sorting out a new venue as we speak and details will follow as they are confirmed"

City nightclub destroyed by fire.

A major fire has destroyed a busy nightclub in Birmingham's city centre.

Five hundred people had to be led to safety as the blaze took hold in the early hours at Edward's No.8 club.

Ten people were treated for minor injuries but firefighters, who praised nightclub staff for their actions, say all inside the club escaped.

Get your tickets to see THE BERZERKER while you still can!!

3 The Engine room - Brighton
4 The Nexus - Southampton
5 The Cavern club - Exeter
6 The first floor club - Derby
7 Hobbits - Weston super mare
8 Tomms Sanctuary music venue - Pontypridd
9 The Soundhouse - Bolton
10 Temple bar music centre - Dublin
11 The Soundhaus - Glasgow
12 Jilly's - Manchester
13 The Brickyard - Carlisle
14 Edwards No 8 - Birmingham
15 The Attic - Rushden
16 The Dome - London

The Berzerker December 2007 tour will consist of:

sam bean
Matt wilcock and Dave gray of Akercocke
and LUKE KENNY the lady killer

For more information go to

The Haunted - European tour 2007/New UK Date & video tour-diary online

One of the most interesting and challenging metal outfits of our times, THE HAUNTED, have just released their monster 'The Dead Eye' and are back home from the initial European showcase run for the album, but this was just the beginning of a long live campaign for this outstanding album!

THE HAUNTED posted a statement on their myspace on their European tour, here we go:

'Hey! The European shows went great. A special thank you to the people who came out to the shows in Stockholm and Gothenburg. We've never had as big a crowd as this at home and that feels extra special to us, being home and all. We have a special request for all our fans out there...

If you have video recordings from any of the show - share it man! Send us a file or a link to the material so we can post it on our youtube-thing etc. and let other folks see it as well. These next couple of days is resting and hanging with the families. Just chillin´ and getting the batteries loaded again.

We're posting a little diary film from these last two weeks, a little something the Bergman of the band put together for our entertainment, hope you enjoy...On Thursday we get on the plane and head to Seattle and Blackest Of The Black, and Mr Glen Danzig! We are stoked!

Thank you all and we'll see you soon!

Peace!/ The Haunted'

Here's the link the band's tour diary - just click HERE!
THE HAUNTED will gather all their energy once again for a full European assault in early 2007.


03.02. UK London Mean Fiddler * NEW DATE
04.02. UK Bristol Academy 2
05.02. UK Birmingham Academy 2
06.02. UK Dublin Voodo Lounge
07.02. UK Liverpool Academy 2
08.02. UK Nottingham Rock City
09.02. UK Glasgow Cathouse
10.02. UK Manchester Hope & Grape
11.02. UK Leeds Cockpit
12.02. UK Norwich Waterfront

Norma Jean - UK Release Date For The New album "Redeemer" & Tour!

On Monday 15th January 2006, Atlanta-based noisecore quintet NORMA JEAN return with, 'Redeemer', the stunning follow-up to 2005's critically acclaimed 'O' God, The Aftermath'.

(Please note different release dates - US Sept 06, Rest Of Europe - 6th November 2006, UK - 15th January 2007).
Produced by Ross Robinson (At The Drive-in, From First To Last, Sepultura), 'Redeemer' is at once the heaviest and most personal album in this band's arsenal.

With their 2002 Solid State Records debut, 'Bless The Martyr And Kiss The Child', NORMA JEAN established themselves as one of the noisiest and most adventurous young bands in extreme music today. With 'O' God, The Aftermath' (2005), drummer Daniel Davison, bassist Jake Schultz, and guitarists Chris Day and Scottie Henry welcomed new vocalist and Arkansas native Cory Brandan to their lineup and took their artful, technical noise to the proverbial next level, earning raving reviews and a 2006 Grammy nomination (for Asterik Studios' awe-inspiring artwork) in the process, and embarking on a grueling tour schedule that most recently found them on the US Ozzfest 2006's second stage.

Licensed from the band's US label Solid State Records, Century Media Records now is proud to present 'Redeemer' to the European audience. Simply slide it into your player, and you will feel 'Redeemer' more than any other NORMA JEAN album. Emotional, spiritual, visceral, physical - this isn't just the third album NORMA JEAN wanted to make; it's the career-defining statement they had to make! That 'Redeemer' marks a new step in the success story of the band has been proved lately at the US Billboard Top 200, where the US release of the album entered at #38.

Watch out for NORMA JEAN presenting their new material Live to European fans alongside label mates HE IS LEGEND (new album ‘Suck Out The Poison' to be released on 15th January on Century Media) in early 2007, see below for the exact dates!


16.01.2007 Academy 3, Birmingham (UK)
17.01.2007 Academy 3, Manchester (UK)
18.01.2007 Corporation, Sheffield (UK)
19.01.2007 tba, Glasgow (UK)
20.01.2007 Cockpit, Leeds (UK)
21.01.2007 Sugar Mill, Stoke (UK)
22.01.2007 Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth (UK)
23.01.2007 Zodiac, Oxford (UK)
24.01.2007 Islington Academy, London (UK)

Neuraxis confirm European dates

Following the release of their fourth studio album "Trilateral Progression" through Earache last year, Montreal-based technical death metal act NEURAXIS have been officially confirmed for The Domination Tour 2007.

The tour kicks off on February 15 and runs through first days of March.

Neuraxis - Domination Tour
Rotting Christ + Malevolent Creation + Carpathian Forest
+ Incantation + Neuraxis + Harm

14.02.07 - GER, Berlin @ Kato
15.02.07 - GER, Leipzig @ Hellriser
16.02.07 - AUSTRIA, Wien @ Szene
17.02.07 - AUSTRIA, Salzburg @ Rockhaus
18.02.07 - AUSTRIA, Innsbruck @ Hafen
19.02.07 - CH(SWITZERLAND), Plattern @ Z7
20.02.07 - FR, Strasbourg @ Laiterie
21.02.07 - FR, Paris @ Locomotive
22.02.07 - HOL, Eindhoven @ Effenaar
23.02.07 - BEL, Vosselaar @ Biebob
24.02.07 - GER, Adelsheim @ Live Factory
25.02.07 - CZ, Brno @ Fledo
26.02.07 - CZ, Bratislava @ Randal
27.02.07 - ITA, Este (PD) @ Sottosopra Rock Club
28.02.07 - GER, Munchen @ Metropolis
01.03.07 - GER, Osnabruck @ N8
02.03.07 - HOL, Groningen @ Vera
03.03.07 - GER, Essen @ Turock
04.03.07 - HOL, Rotterdam @ Baroeg

Municipal Waste - A Photo editorial on life on the road!

Road warriors, MUNICIPAL WASTE, are no strangers to the touring life - spending a majority of the year on tour throughout the US an Europe, the road has become a welcome signature of the band's lifestyle! Independent music authority, IMPOSE Magazine, has photo documented a glimpse into the touring life of MUNICIPAL WASTE in their September/November 2006 issue (FREE at most independent music outlets in the the US - find it and it is yours!).

The photos, taken at a recent Philadelphia show, exposes the fun, the uncomfortable, and the sheer awesomeness of touring with the waste! Check out some select shots from IMPOSE (taken by ALEX SMITH) below and check out for more details!

A re-issue of 'Hazardous Mutation,' complete with bonus live footage DVD and clips of MUNICIPAL WASTE antics, is due out January 2007 - face the waste!

EXODUS - On BBC radio 6 show!

Exodus will be featured on the Bruce Dickinson show on BBC Radio 6 on November 25th

For more info please check this location!

Iron Maiden front-man Bruce's special guests on Saturday 25th November are veteran San Francisco Bay Area metallers EXODUS.

Listen to Bruce's weekly BBC 6 Music rock show live via the internet between 9:00pm to Midnight UK Time (between 3:00pm and 6:00pm EST) (plus online or on DAB)


MESHUGGAH´s over-the-top record 'Nothing' has been released again on the 3rd of november with a new hammering guitar sound and special DVD, but we´ve also got some brandnew and hot news regarding the upcoming MESHUGGAH album!

According to MESHUGGAH guitar player Marten, the band´s currently writing some new material and 'the plan is to have the album out late spring.' Of course, they will announce some tourdates around this time, so watch out!

The band hasn´t got a working title or any cover ideas yet, but the whole process is getting closer! More MESHUGGAH news coming soon!

THRESHOLD - To play Metalcamp festival

Threshold are booked to perform at Metalcamp 2007 in Slovenia next July. Metalcamp claims to be the hottest and longest metal event of 2007 with 7 days of camping and beach party, 5 days of live music across 2 stages, and more than 80 bands.

Other bands confirmed for Metalcamp 2007 so far include BLIND GUARDIAN, IMMORTAL, DORO, SODOM, DEW-SCENTED and GRAVEWORM.

THRESHOLD's last album Subsurface picked up 15 "Album Of The Month" awards across the globe.
Threshold are currently in the studio recording their new album Pilot in the Sky of Dreams to be released in March 2007.

MALEVOLENT CREATION - New album, touring update

The legendary Death Metal band MALVEVOLENT CREATION has completed the writing and the preproduction demos for 13 songs. The recording sessions of the tenth album will start in the coming weeks of november! The expected title is still "DOOMSDAY X". In other news, MALEVOLENT CREATION will play many shows in the next time. Check out the dates:

Touring starts in Europe with "The Domination Tour 2007"
Rotting Christ + Malevolent Creation + Carpathian Forest + Incantation + Neuraxis + Harm

14.02.07 GER Berlin @ Kato
15.02.07 GER Leipzig @ Hellriser
16.02.07 A Wien @ Szene
17.02.07 A Salzburg @ Rockhaus
18.02.07 A Innsbruck @ Hafen
19.02.07 CH Plattern @ Z7
20.02.07 FR Strasbourg @ Laiterie
21.02.07 FR Paris @ Locomotive
22.02.07 HOL Eindhoven @ Effenaar
23.02.07 BEL Vosselaar @ Biebob
24.02.07 GER Adelsheim @ Live Factory
25.02.07 CZ Brno @ Fledo
26.02.07 SK Bratislava @ Randal
27.02.07 ITA Este (PD) @ Sottosopra Rock Club
28.02.07 GER Munchen @ Metropolis
01.03.07 GER Osnabruck @ N8
02.03.07 HOL Groningen @ Vera
03.03.07 GER Essen @ Turock
04.03.07 HOL Rotterdam @ Baroeg

Malevolent Creation then continues throughout Europe headlining shows for the "Malevolent Creation- European tour 2007 with:

Malevolent Creation + Rotten Sound + Nightrage + Incantation ** + Sardonic *

06.03.07 UK Bradford @ Rio **
07.03.07 UK Glasgow @ Soundhaus **
08.03.07 IRE Dublin @ Voodoo Lounge **
09.03.07 UK Bolton @ Soundhause **
10.03.07 UK London @ Elektrowerkz **
11.03.07 HOL Arnhem @ Goudvishal **
12.03.07 GER tba @ tba *
13.03.07 DEN Kopenhagen @ The Rock *
14.03.07 DEN Aalborg @ Studenterhuset *
15.03.07 SWE Gothenburg @ Musikens Hus *
16.03.07 SWE Stockholm @ Klubben *
17.03.07 SWE Malmoe @ Bodini *
18.03.07 GER tba @ tba *
19.03.07 GER day off *
20.03.07 GER tba @ tba *
21.03.07 GER Trier @ ExHaus *
22.03.07 GER/CH tba @ tba *
23.03.07 ITA Rome @ tba
24.03.07 ITA Colle Val Di'Elsa @ Sonar
25.03.07 FR Marseille @ Le Korigan
26.03.07 SP Barcelona @ Mephisto
27.03.07 SP Madrid @ Ritmo & Compas
28.03.07 SP tba @ tba
29.03.07 SP Almeria @ Sala Genesis
30.03.07 POR Corroios n/Lisbon @ Cine Teatro
31.03.07 POR Mangualde @ CC St.Andre
01.04.07 SP Irun @ Tunk
02.04.07 FR tba @ tba
03.04.07 FR/CH tba @ tba
04.04.07 GER tba @ tba

MALEVOLENT CREATION recording and touring line up:
Jon Rubin - guitars
Phil Fasciana - guitars
Dave Culross - drums
Jason Blachowicz - bass
Brett Hoffmann - vocals

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