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Pure Metal News: October 2006 Part 2

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October 2006 News Part 1

FLOTSAM & JETSAM's Doomsday for the Deceiver 20th Anniversary Set

"Flotz Fanz".

Here we are again facing another release, but this one is different" On November 3rd/6th we will be unleashing the very album that put us on the map in the metal world.

Doomsday for the Deceiver 20th Anniversary Set

The set will include unreleased material and live footage from the Bootlegger in Phoenix from 1985 as well as other live footage. Also included is a photo history that goes back before Mike and Ed joined the band."

Original drummer Kelly Smith was nice enough to provide some inside info on Flotsam's history and the upcoming release:

The Beginning - Stage One

"In 1982 I had put together a band during my early high school years, "PARADOX". It was 2 guitar players and myself, no singer or bass player. The usual makings of an everyday early stage garage band. So we decided to run an ad in the local paper since we didn't know any bass players. So a few called back but no one stuck, than I received a knock at the door. Here stood a curly haired guy with his black explorer bass guitar in hand. So we met and proceeded to the back porch of my parent's house. We practiced for a few months and then Jason asked do you know of any other guitar players that like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and the like."

Stage Two - New Line Up

"I asked around and got a hold of the next set of guitar players that would eventually turn us towards the path of Flotsam. Kevin Horton - Rhythm Guitar and Mark Vasquez - Lead Guitar. We started to learn all sorts of great music; UFO, Iron Maiden, Motley Crue, Judas Priest, and Ted Nugent.

At our first gig professionally as, "DREDLOX". Jason sang lead and had acquired a friendship with Jeff Newsome who at the time was running sound for UFO on the road. We played at the infamous "Mason Jar Lounge" in Phoenix. I'm sure a lot of you who have been through Phoenix have been there or played there. So anyways back to the story. We played that evening and we were so loud that we knocked eight glasses off of the bar. We didn't get paid and the owner fired us on the spot."

Stage Three - A Singer Evolved

"We made a decision that a front man might suit us better for the music we were playing.

I was in summer school and I remembered seeing this guy in my class who sang in the talent show earlier that year. He sang a lot like Halford although what he sang at the show wasn't metal he was still an awesome singer. So I asked him if he wanted to audition. He had to learn 4 Judas Priest songs in 4 days. I am not certain but this is the list as I remember it:

1. Desert Plains

2. Hot Rockin'

3. Victim of Changes

4. The Green Manaleshi

So we played on his back patio for his audition. He kicked ass like no one we had heard or seen. We put him on 2 week probation. Later on he took a denim jacket cut off the sleeves and wrote "2 WEEKER" on the back. We joked about that for years. Shortly after AK joined the clan we wanted to get another lead player in the band. We were heavily influenced by the dual lead scenario of the bands of the era; Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and the like. We found Ed Carlson from a rival band in Phoenix called Exodus, it's not the same one you're thinking of; I think every city had an Exodus then.

We also decided that we should change our name to "THE DOGZ" as DREDLOX didn't suit us at all. Ed joined the band and played his first show with DOGZ after only five days in the band. We played at the local ice arena with local heroes Surgical Steel. As time went on we developed our own repertoire of music and locally we started to get a name for ourselves. We played with artists like: Armored Saint, Riot, Exciter, Mercyful Fate, Alcatraz featuring - Yngvie Malmsteen and a many others."

Stage Four - Transformation

"So at this point the line up was:

Eric A.K. - Vocals

Jason Newsted - Bass

Mark Vasquez - Lead Guitar

Ed Carlson - Lead Guitar

Kelly D Smith - Drums

In 1984 or late '83 we decided another name change would do us some good. We had written a song back in the DOGZ days called "Flotsam and Jetsam". It was written from the Tolkien Trilogy of two drifters in the story. We were getting stronger locally and writing more and more. During this time I was in deep in my addiction to cocaine and then it happened. I was indicted for the sales of narcotics and sent to prison. Not long, 30 days in D.O.C. During my time in prison, Mark decided he wanted to go another direction and left the band. Jason and the remaining members sought out Mike Gilbert, who at the time was 17 years old. He was in the local band called "The Kids".

So when I got out of the clink they had already started to write songs together."

Stage Five - New Direction

"Before Mike Gilbert, Mark had been the main writer in the band. Jason was always the lyrics guy with musical input as well. Now that Mike was in the band and things were starting to make the final turn towards the sound and feel of Flotsam is known for. I was very resistant to the new wave of metal that was appearing. I was still in the Maiden/Priest stages of music.

Now Metallica, Anthrax, S.O.D, Megadeth and Metal Church were coming up in the scene. I remember it clear as day when the band was pushing me "play it faster" and I was mad that I had too. I grew up with Neil Peart and Rush as my Idol and now there was no room for that. In fact it was the writing of the song Metal Shock that this happened. The first song Mike wrote for Flotsam was I Live You Die. Pretty amazing, Huh?

We started getting more speed metal songs under are belt. Jason was doing the business part of things at this point. We used to play at the local club "The Bootlegger". It became our home. Gloria Cavelera (manager and wife to Max from Soulfly, Sepultura) was the former owner of the Bootlegger. She had a battle of the bands at her club and the band that won broke up.

 Gloria gave the studio time to us. She was the one responsible for the making of the Metal Shock Demo which eventually got Flotsam signed to Metal Blade Records and of course led to Jason's departure into Metallica."

Stage Six - Evolution

"After the demo was completed, Jason came up with a plan to get some of the people around us to invest in us and duplicate the demo and send it out to magazines, fanzines, radio stations and record labels. We also sold them through Zia records a small local chain in Phoenix.

All the proceeds went to the promotion of the band. So we made our first MTV like video "HAMMERHEAD" in Jason's apartment living room. Really, no kidding!!! We used to practice there as well in a room just off to the side of the apartment. We also recorded live video from the Bootlegger which we sent out to Brian Slagel of Metal Blade Records. We had finally gained a record deal with Metal Blade records. It was amazing to us."

Stage Seven - Revelation

"In the winter of 1985 we went to Los Angeles and started recording "Doomsday for the Deceiver". We had a tight budget 12000.00 to make the entire record. A time period of two weeks total. I had two days to record my drum tracks and I had fifteen stitches in my arm five days prior. Life was chaotic but it was good. We were making the first record of our lives. It was very surreal to think from the back porch to this point how it all worked out the way it did.

So on July 26th 1986, Flotsam was unleashed on the world with a label behind them. We had Roadrunner the best metal label in Europe supporting us as well. Some of you may remember that in 1986 we were the first band in Kerrang's history to achieve the 6k rating. As a band we had never at that point even toured any farther than California with Megadeth on a few shows and at the Country Club in LA. It was amazing how we were buzzing the scene. So it was working well and the BUZZ was BIG."

Stage Eight - An Open Door

"On September 27th, 1986, the world of metal suffered a terrible blow. Cliff Burton had been killed on the Master of Puppets tour in Europe. No one could believe it. It was strange as we had seen Metallica in Phoenix only months before. That night I stood in front of the stage banging my head with Cliff up above on stage and now he's gone. They had been on tour with WASP in the states.

We all wondered what would happen now. Then Metallica announced they were going to audition to replace Cliff. Jason had been working with one of the A&R's from Elektra keeping an open dialogue since Doomsday had been released. Mike Alago, who was responsible for signing Metallica to Elektra Records as well as Metal Church, Rob Zombie and many others in metal, was a factor in helping Jason get the audition as well as Brian Slagel and a few others.

Mike Gilbert and Kevin Horton helped Jason to learn the songs so he could go in finely tuned for the job. Jason is not a person that fails when he sets his mind on a goal. He had been through a lot up to this point. He even stayed in a 10 x 20 steel warehouse that we rented to practice in. He was jobless and homeless and in Phoenix where it gets up to 115 degrees. He lived on only peanut butter sandwiches and whatever he could scrounge up. So now he is looking at the ultimate gig. He wasn't leaving without the gig. As you all know he made it."

Stage Nine - Moving On

"The last show that Jason played with Flotsam was exactly 20 years to the day of this release. That's right Oct 31st, 1986. There is a picture from that night inside the anniversary box set. Quite ironic that it ended up this way. Let me reassure you it was not at all planned this way. He was and is an awesome choice to this day for Metallica. It is unfortunate that they had a falling out."

Stage 10 - And So On

"Since his departure we created the second master piece being one of the fan favorites "No Place for Disgrace". On Elektra Records 1988 Jason was a co-writer on three of the songs on this record as well. These were written before he left to join Metallica.

No Place For Disgrace
I Live You Die
Other Albums include:

When the Storm Comes Down - MCA 1990

Cuatro - MCA 1992

Drift - MCA 1995

HIGH - Metal Blade Records 1997 *Last record with Mike Gilbert and Kelly D Smith

Unnatural Selection - 1999 *Craig Nelson and Mark Simpson enter the band

My God - 2001

Dreams of Death - 2005 most current release

When I got the remix copy of Doomsday I nearly cried at the performance and the realization of how great a band we were at that time. We practiced nearly everyday for at least 2-3 hours and even more after Jason left as we wanted to be the best metal band as well as the best musicians we could be.

We lived it, we ate it, and we breathed it in and made it apart of each of us. I hope it is that way with you out there. I am very proud that I was a part of this project and had the chance to play with such awesome musicians and work with great talent behind the board.

Enjoy the Anniversary of Doomsday, for us you have made the path along the way more than great. It is unexplainable."

As Fans and Believers of Flotsam YOU FUCKIN' RULE.

We thank you!!

Flotz ‘til death

Kelly D Smith

LIZZY BORDEN working hard on new record!

LIZZY BORDEN has signed with Coallier Entertainment Ltd. (W.A.S.P., TWISTED SISTER).

"We are all very excited to be with Coallier Entertainment," the band said in a statement. "Touring in all territories has been our goal for a long, long time and now with Coallier Entertainment booking us, we can play in places that we never have before and bring the LIZZY BORDEN show worldwide."

For booking information, contact or

LIZZY BORDEN is working on a new record and is looking to recreate the LIZZY BORDEN logo to fit with the new concept. The logo shape has not changed very much over the years, but the inside of the logo has gone from red with blades ("Give 'em the Axe") to a hypnotizing green ("Visual Lies") to the American flag with exposed bones ("The Murderess Metal Roadshow") and then finally on a contract signed by the horned one himself ("Deal with the Devil").

Commented Lizzy: "With every record we try and make the logo fit the concept. The concept for the new record is very dark and ominous and we need the logo to reflect that.

"We've seen some amazing artwork on MySpace and other places on the net and would love to find that artist who understands Lizzy Borden and be the one to pen the logo for the forthcoming Lizzy Borden record."

Interested parties are encouraged to submit their ideas to: and

Biomechanical: Painkiller cover version Mp3 now online

London's progressive metal thrashers Biomechanical have placed online an advance preview of their Judas Priest cover track Painkiller, which they recorded last week with the original Judas Priest producer Chris Tsangarides at the production helm. Their cover of one of metal's all-time standout cuts is now available on Mp3 for fans to preview online here:

The cover of the legendary ‘Painkiller' was recorded over three days with the track's original producer Tsangarides, at his own studio in Dover, UK.Singer John K from Biomechanical recently spoke about his appreciation of the track, which has featured as a highlight of the band's set for some time, stating: "When the song was first introduced to the scene in 1990 it blew everything out of the water, it was an instant classic and sure withstood the test of time. We're really glad to be able to do homage to the original".

You can take a look at a pic of the band with Chris Tsangardies in the studio here

‘Painkiller' will be released by Earache on a limited edition re-dux of Biomechanical's second album ‘The Empires Of The Worlds', which will also include 3 bonus Quicktime Videos including behind the scenes footage of the band in the studio and on location filming their promo clip last year.It is instores across UK and Europe on November 3rd.

To co-incide, Biomechanical also head out on tour throughout Europe supporting US Thrashers Exodus on the following dates:

1-Nov-06 Wednesday UK Manchester Music Box

2-Nov-06 Thursday UK Nottingham Junktion 7

3-Nov-06 Friday UK Bradford Rio

4-Nov-06 Saturday Ireland Dublin Voodoo Lounge

5-Nov-06 Sunday UK Newcastle Trillians

6-Nov-06 Monday UK Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall

7-Nov-06 Tuesday UK London Underworld

8-Nov-06 Wednesday France Paris - venue

9-Nov-06 Thursday Holland Eindhoven Effenaar

10-Nov-06 Friday Holland Haarlem Patronaat

11-Nov-06 Saturday Belgium Hasselt Muziek-o-droom

13-Nov-06 Monday Germany Osnabrück Rosenhof

14-Nov-06 Tuesday Germany Bochum Matrix

15-Nov-06 Wednesday Germany schweinfurt Stattbahnhof

16-Nov-06 Thursday Germany Berlin Kato

17-Nov-06 Friday Germany Saarbrucken Roxy

18-Nov-06 Saturday Denmark Copenhagen Kino

19-Nov-06 Sunday Norway Olso John Dee

20-Nov-06 Monday Sweden Gothenburg Sticky Fingers

22-Nov-06 Wednesday finland Oulu Teatria

23-Nov-06 Thursday finland Helsinki Tavastia

25-Nov-06 Saturday Poland Poznan Eskalup

26-Nov-06 Sunday Czech Rep Brno Faval club

27-Nov-06 Monday Austria Wien Arena

28-Nov-06 Tuesday Hungary Budapest Wigwam

29-Nov-06 Wednesday Serbia Belgrade SKC

30-Nov-06 Thursday Italy Padova Sottosopra

1-Dec-06 Friday Italy Siena Sonar Club

2-Dec-06 Saturday Italy Senigalia(Ancona) Mamamia

3-Dec-06 Sunday Italy Naples Duel Beat

4-Dec-06 Monday Switzerland Wil Remise

5-Dec-06 Tuesday France Lyon

7-Dec-06 Thursday Spain Villareal Salatal

8-Dec-06 Friday Spain Bilbao Santana

9-Dec-06 Saturday Spain Madrid Ritmo & Compas

10-Dec-06 Sunday Spain Barcelona Apolo 2

Eyeless on MP3

As a teaser for the album that will be released next January 22nd via our label, you can download a MP3 by French core madmen EYELESS here

Season-Of-Mist bands on Myspace

We recently informed you about THE OLD DEAD TREE's MySpace page. Now it's STURMGEIST's turn to join this ever increasing community. Enter Cornelius von Jakhelln's twisted own world here:

As a reminder, here are some links to Season of Mist bands' MySpace pages :






















NEW Season Of Mist videos

You can now download some video tracks off the recently released DVDs from ARCTURUS, CONFESSOR, RED HARVEST and TSJUDER. Just follow the links!


Upcoming live dates for Season of Mist bands


21 Oct 06 Beauvais (60) (FR) L'Ouvre Boite (+Sleepers + Yrkoon)
25 Oct 06 Chaumont (52) (FR) Centre Culturel (+ Zuul FX)
26 Oct 06 Kln (DE) MTC Club
27 Oct 06 Arnhem (NL) Willemeen (+ Demia)
28 Oct 06 Orchies (59) (FR) La Grange ? Musikadonf festival
29 Oct 06 Tilburg (NL) 013 (+ Demia)
31 Oct 06 Paris (FR) Le Bataclan (+ Stone Sour)
01 Nov 06 Saarbruecken (DE) Kulturfabrik (+ Dry Kill Logic)
03 Nov 06 Cognac (16) (FR) Les Abattoirs (+ Black Bomb A)
04 Nov 06 Bordeaux (33) (FR) Thtre Barbey (+ Punish Yourself)
11 Nov 06 La Roche s/ Yon (85) (FR) Le Fuzz'Yon (+ Redrum)
17 Nov 06 Nantes (44) (FR) Olympic (+ Black Bomb A)
18 Nov 06 Savigny le Temple (77) (FR) l'Empreinte (+ Kaizen)
24 Nov 06 Auch (32) (FR) Le Cri'Art
25 Nov 06 Agen (47) (FR) Le Florida
08 Dec 06 Paris (75) (FR) Elyse Montmartre (+ The Arrs)
09 Dec 06 Nancy (54) (FR) MJC du Haut du Livre
15 Dec 06 Le Thor (84) (FR) Auditorium
16 Dec 06 Tarbes (65) (FR) La Gespe
13 Jan 07 La Louvire (BE) LL Metal Fest
03 Feb 07 Livin (62) (FR) Arc-en-Ciel


09 Dec 06 Arnhem (NL) Musis Sacrum ? Arnhem Metal Meeting
17 Feb 07 Oostende (BE) Memento Mori Metal Fest

ROTTING CHRIST + CARPATHIAN FOREST (+ Malevolent Creation + Incantation + Neuraxis)

14 Feb 07 Warsaw (PL) Progresja
15 Feb 07 Leipzig (DE) Hellriser
16 Feb 07 Wien (AU) Szene
17 Feb 07 Salzburg (AU) Rockhaus
18 Feb 07 Innsbruck (AU) Hafen
19 Feb 07 Plattern (CH) Z7
20 Feb 07 Strasbourg (FR) Laiterie
21 Feb 07 Paris (FR) Locomotive
22 Feb 07 Eindhoven (NL) Effenaar
23 Feb 07 Vosselaar (BE) Biebob
24 Feb 07 Adelsheim (DE) Live Factory
25 Feb 07 Brno (CZ) Fledo
26 Feb 07 Bratislava (CZ) Randal
27 Feb 07 Este (PD) Sottosopra (IT) Rock Club
28 Feb 07 Munchen (DE) Metropolis
01 Mar 07 Osnabruck (DE) N8
02 Mar 07 Groningen (NL) Vera
03 Mar 07 Essen (DE) Turock
04 Mar 07 Rotterdam (NL) Baroeg

News from Vomitort

Vomitory will enter Leon Music Studios outside Karlstad/Sweden on December 3rd to start recording the new album.

"This time we'll work with producer Rikard Löfgren, who is the founder/owner of Leon Music. Rikard Löfgren is still a pretty unfamiliar name within the death metal scene.

He mostly works with more commercial music but he is a great producer and has his roots in metal. We know the guy since ages and we have great confidence in him."

"It's going to feel strange to do a new Vomitory album not working with our side-kick Henrik Larsson, but we feel it's time to try something new.

Since Vomitory isn't exactly an experimental band, we feel that working in a new studio with a new producer is a good way of renewing the band. We have two weeks for the recording and one week of mix and mastering."

The album is planned to be released by the end of April next year through Metal Blade Records.

Deicide's dynamic frontman, Glen Benton, spews out musical wisdom

Glen Benton is known for his poignant, yet cutting opinions on life and religion (amongst many other things) and has never been one to stray away from telling the brutal truth.

In the December issue of metals' most thought provoking publication, DECIBEL, Glen Benton throws out some opinionated darts of wrath on a variety of artists in the "Call and Response" section.

Benton was asked to evaluate and provide his thoughts on a variety of musical tracks and subsequently laid out varying thoughts on tracks from artists such as SHAT, JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, and IRON MAIDEN.

In a true melting pot of the minds, when asked to share his thoughts about the radio hit "Sexy Back" by JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, he adamantly replied "Sorry, I don't do techno in any way, shape, or form."

Pick up the December issue of DECIBEL (check Decibel out online @ to check out more of Glen's thoughts on these assorted titles and experience articles that present some of the most forward thinking opinions in extreme music today!

Ferret news - Ligeia tour + A Life Once Lost re-issue

LIGEIA announce European tour for December 2006

Genre defying Massachusetts five-piece LIGEIA has announced they will tour Europe in December.

December 2006

7th - GENT (B) - Frontline

8th - EINDHOVEN (NL) - Dynamo

9th - MEERHOUT (B) - Volkhuis

(w/ Alexisonfire, This Is Hell & Cancer Bats) 10th - KINGSTON (UK) - The Peel (w/ Bring Me The Horizon) 11th - STOKE (UK) - The Glebe (w/ Penknifelovelife) 12th - LEEDS (UK) - Joseph's Well (w/ Penknifelovelife) 13th - MANCHESTER (UK) - Satan's Hollow (w/ Penknifelovelife) 14th - NEWCASTLE (UK) - University (w/ Penknifelovelife) 15th - MIDDLESBOROUGH (UK) - TBA (w/ Penknifelovelife) 16th - SWINDON (UK) - Furnace (w/ Penknifelovelife) 17th - EXETER (UK) - The Cavern (w/ Penknifelovelife) 18th - TAMWORTH (UK) - The Palace


‘YOUR GHOST IS A GIFT' was released in March 2006 on Ferret and produced by Ken Susi of Unearth (If Hope Dies, Since the Flood).

LIGEIA are currently on tour in the USA with label mates HEAVY HEAVY LOW LOW plus Ed Gein and Stand Before The Firing Squad.





A LIFE ONCE LOST re-issue ‘A GREAT ARTIST' on October 30th

Philadelphia's A LIFE ONCE LOST will re-issue their groundbreaking ‘A GREAT ARTIST' album on Ferret on October 30th

The band will tour the USA with Napalm Death, Dead To Fall, Animosity, Impaled and Arsis for a month from November 24th




Earache new signing EVILE announced

Earache Records is happy to announce the signing of fast-rising young UK thrashers EVILE, fresh from their triumphant performance at last weekend's Damnation Festival, where they slayed the crowd on the Jagermeister stage, as openers for The Haunted, Skindred & Biomechanical.

EVILE formed 2 years ago in Huddersfield, Yorkshire, UK by brothers Matt Drake (vocals/guitar) and Ol Drake (lead guitar), along with Ben Carter

(drums) and Mike Alexander (bass) and have since rapidly picked up a rabid following, eager to enjoy a night of heads-down, no-nonsense Thrash.

Though unsigned,EVILE were hand-picked to play 2 prestigious UK festivals in the summer of 2006 -Bloodstock Open Air and most recently, Damnation Festival-both to great acclaim from fans.Now the band will spend the rest of the year gigging far and wide, and expect to record and release their debut album on Earache early in 2007.

Meanwhile, check out EVILE's demo and pics at their myspace page:


Municipal Waste have a fan in comedian Brian Posehn

Comedian Brian Posehn is best known for his variety of quirky roles in films like The Devil's Rejects, numerous memorable sitcom roles, as well as a multitude of Comedy Central appearances and specials. Brian Posehn recently released a complete comedy live album, Live in: Nerd Rage, through metal heavy hitter Relapse Records.

As a proclaimed lover of all things musically heavy, Brian has been known to single out and affirm the bands he has come to know and love - such as LAMB OF GOD and MASTADON. When asked in the December issue of DECIBEL magazine what bands he was currently into, Brian enthusiastically discloses his newfound love of thrash masters MUNICIPAL WASTE. Brian proclaimed his love for thrash classic DRI and alluded to the connection between MUNICIPAL WASTE and DRI stating that, ""I really dig the direction that they are going in." Check out MUNICIPAL WASTE for yourself, currently on the road with GWAR and see what all the hype is about!

MUNICIPAL WASTE'S latest Earache release, "Hazardous Mutation" is due out for re-issue with bonus live DVD footage in early 2007.

Rare Ewigkeit performance Live from a Bunker

EWIGKEIT - "Live from a bunker" was recorded on Saturday the 4th of October 2006.

Mr Fog outlines the plan:

"It really is an old nuclear bunker - converted into a studio, it belongs to a rich friend of mine. Its on the outskirts of Brighton, and is a underground concrete complex of 3 rooms. The room we used is the reinforced room which is supposed to be where you ideally go when the nuclear strike takes place. The ceiling is 6ft thick, with a lead lining and wire mesh throughout"


James Fogarty (vox/ guitar), Jordan Long (bass) (nominated for a Perrier award for his comedic ability and an in demand actor) & Andrew Bridge (keys and digital manipulations) Camera by Anthony Gates

Mr. Fog, front man and reclusive genius behind Ewigkeit states "EWIGKEIT played it's first live studio performance deep in a converted nuclear bunker because due to the themes of the music, we thought it would be the safest place to escape the tyrannical power of the New World Order"

He continues - "the bunker is (as far as we know) bunker-buster proof, and impenetrable to US spy satellites"

The gig which lasts for about half an hour "it is dedicated to all those who fight the powers-that-be past, present and future and the successful continuation of anti-establishment musical warfare"

Mister Fog also mentions that "The gig induced extreme paranoia"

Fogarty continues to prepare for all-out total war with the illuminati through sonic mind altering and anarchic riot inducing noise. Battle plans are currently being drawn up to continue where the last musical assault on the fascistic global elite left off (Conspiritus Earache rec. 2005)

Warning: Watching this video "can lead to paralysis of your gullibility in the mass media machine"


Ephel Duath on youtube live at Camden Underworld

See Eccentric Jazz-metallers Ephel Duath on you tube in two short snippets from Tuesday night's Camden Underworld show:

Or live at these venues over the next fortnight:

Oct 19 2006 The Gasworks Bar

Oct 20 2006 No. Fifteen Bolton

Oct 21 2006 Attik Rushden

Oct 22 2006 Opera House Bournemouth

Oct 23 2006 Cavern Exeter

Oct 24 2006 Nexus Supporting Red Sparowes Southampton Oct 26 2006 The Crown Middlesbrough Oct 31 2006 Batofar Paris Nov 1 2006 Magasin 4 Bruxelles

Devilish Impressions + More Conquer Records news

DEVILISH IMPRESSIONS who has signed records deal with British label Conquer Records in June 2006 has been confirmed as a main support act for AETERNUS on their European tour in November/December this year. The band will be promoting their latest effort - "Plurima Mortis Imago" which is out now.

The band's first official release consists of 9 new compositions, plus - as a special bonus - video clip to "SataniChaoSymphony". DEVILISH IMPRESSIONS' new album may be a big step forward on the Avant-Garde Black/Death metal scene, as this time the band goes even further to gain more brutality combined with unique atmosphere and a subtle melody of each track.

According to one of the band's member: „ (...) it is a record for every metal fan, as it contains a mass of technical death metal riffs as well as essential dose of original melodies, breathtakingly fast blasts, raging vocals and beautiful keyboard passages, enveloped in a totally sick and furious atmosphere of all-pervading coldness, rebellion and licentiousness!

With this record we want to prove that not everything within this field has been said. Moving across the genre makes it possible to distance oneself and play the music a little differently, but without losing the original spirit of what metal has always been, is and what it should be in the future!!!" (Quazarre)

One of "Plurima Mortis Imago" producers is Arek Malczewski, who is also the producer and sound engineer for Behemoth, Vesania, Asgaard and Lost Soul amongst others. Editing and mixing were carried out in the home studio of Asgaard's keyboard player, Wojtek Kostrzewa, and finally the album was mastered by the Wieslawski Brothers of the Hertz Studio in Bialystok (Vader, Decapitated, Hate etc.).



- Upcoming TOURS and shows in EU & UK 2006/2007


- Songs on CD-Compilations: Terrorizer (UK), 2x Zero-Tolerance (UK), Legacy (GER), Metallian (FR) Necromance Mag, Brutallica Mag.,+ many others

- 1 video-clip promoting an album (to be played on TV)

- CD including 1 video clip



Style; Avantgarde Black Metal

Format; LTD. CD


01 Lunarium
02 Rebellion Of Will Manifesto
03 Visions Of Kingdome To Come
04 Dracula's Mechanized Universe
05 Funeral Of God
06 Alpha & Omega Spaces
07 Crowned To Be Crucified
08 Smell Of Death
09 SataniChaoSymphony


2 ** upcoming shows!!!
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter (D) + Natron (I) + Rotting Faith (F), Worms Of Sabnock



AS I LAY DYING vocalist Tim Lambesis has issued the following update:

"In case you are wondering why you haven't heard from us in the last month, we have been hard at work writing songs for our next full-length album.

So far the writing process has been very enjoyable. We have four songs done and a couple other songs that are still very rough. Starting on Halloween, we will take a break from song writing to tour Europe. We're looking forward to it!"













13.11.2006 UK LEEDS UNI


16.11.2006 UK NORWICH UEA






24.11.2006 UK CARDIFF UNI




THERION - New album title revealed

Sweden's THERION has set Gothic Kabbalah as the title of the new album, due in early 2007.
The band will team up with GRAVE DIGGER and SABATON for European tour beginning on January 17 in Essen, Germany. A complete list of tour dates can be found at the THERION website!

THERION will play with a full symphonic orchestra, choir, plus international opera stars on December 9, 2006 at the Palace Hall in Bucharest, Romania.

DARKANE - Guitar clinic

DARKANE's guitarist Christofer Malmström has posted the following message on his official web site:

"I will hold a guitar clinic next Wednesday (October 25th, 13:00 CET) in RumEtt at Dunkers Kulturhus in Helsingborg [Sweden]. The clinic is arranged by Mega Musikgymnasium and is mainly for their guitar students, but since the room is open to the public, anyone can attend if they are interested.

I will play along to songs with DARKANE and [solo project] Non-Human Level, and will talk about what I think is important for a metal guitarist."


Our shooting stars ONE MAN ARMY (with Ex-THE CROWN frontman Johan Lindstrand in it's ranks) are in the studio again in order to record the follow up to the killer debut "21st Century Killing Machine".

The name of the second album will be "Error In Evolution". Expect another masterpiece of Deaththrashin' Rock´n´Roll! An early March 2007 release is expected.

The album will be recorded by Ex-bass player Valle Adzic (IMPIOUS). These new tracks will be on the album:

01. Mine for the Taking
02. The Supreme Butcher
03. Such a Sick Boy
04. Knights in Satan's Service
05. Battlefield Paradise
06. Heaven Knows No Pain
07. Nightmare in Ashes And Blood
08. The Sun Never Shines
09. He's Back (The Man behind the Mask) - Alice Cooper coverversion!
10. See Them Burn
11. Silencer
12. Hail the King

Please notice that the final order of the songs could be changed!
For regular studio updates check the ONE MAN ARMY homepage !

AMON AMARTH - more info on Scandinavian tour 2007!

31.01.2007 Gothenburg (SWE) / Musikens Hus

01.02.2007 Malmö (SWE) / KB

02.02.2007 Huskvarna (SWE) / Folkets Park

03.02.2007 Oslo (N) / John Dee

04.02.2007 Stockholm (SWE) / Klubben


CATARACT back from hell - with a massive news update!

"We've had a very successful three weeks on the hell on earth tour passing England, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Austria, Italy, Danmark and of course the center of the world, Switzerland. We'll be finishing the tour report soon so you can check out where we've been rocking out.

We want to thank all the people who made this trip so f'ing amazing for us, most of all Schlumpf "der Kassierer" and MAD for making it happen, all our drivers (we stopped counting at five), AK, our drinking buddies in Heaven Shall Burn including Benny and Maroon plus Pappe, Narziss, God Forbid, Purified in Blood (Manowar form Norway) and our French compagnons from Perfect Murder - très bien.

All hail to the local promoters for making it all possible and once again the people coming to the shows, especially the crowd at Kofmehl Solothurn for making it one of our best shows ever!

Some other news:

We have some new merch which should also be uploaded soon, plus there will be various new designs made by Imperial Clothing. We will also upload some more pictures soonish.

We also started booking shows for 2007, first date confirmed is the Rock Hard Festival where we will play Friday with Heaven Shall Burn, Grave Digger and Amon Amarth. We're working on a trip to southern Europe, plus on a headlining tour next year.

We're not going on the X-Mass tour as you might have catched, this is final. We're sorry about this and thank all the people who sent emails and phoned in - we will make sure we come by soon, especially to Paris.

Finally we will be presenting the X-Mas Mosh on the 22nd of december with Kingshot, besides us Soul Demise, Dark Day Dungeon, Vale Tudo and Taste of Tears will be entering the stage of the Galvanik in Zug.

DESASTER live update

28.10.06 D Ettlingen (bei Karlsruhe) - Jugendhaus Specht (w/ Pentacle, Chant of Blasphemy, and more ...)

31.10.06 LUX Kehlen - Shiny'z Fetish Pub (w/ Desdemonia am.)

03.11.06 NOR Oslo - Betong (w/ Rambokk/Lobotomized)

24.11.06 D Gosslar - Tor3 (w/ Final Cry)

25.11.06 D Hamm - Ragers Elite Festival (w/ Delirious, Squealer AD, The Unchallenged am...)

16.12.06 D Naila - rockXmas II - Frankenhalle (w/ Destruction, Apokalyptischen Reiter")

10.02.07 D Berlin - Knaack (w/ Spawn)

14.04.07 D Koblenz - METAL CRUISE - MS Rheingold (w/ Metal Inquisitor, Primordial)

11.05.07 FIN Tampere - Hellbangers Festival (w/ Nocturnal, Urn am.)

02.06.07 D Koblenz - Hellbangers Festival - Festung Ehrenbreitstein (w/ Nocturnal, Metal Inquisitor, Zarathustra, Urn, Flame)

10.06.07 D Wachenroth - SufferingLifeFestival (w/...)

Desaster- web dungeon:


The Haunted confirm headline UK tour for Feb 2007

Swedish metal titans The Haunted have announced that they will be returning to the UK in February 2007 for a full UK tour in support of their new album "The Dead Eye" - the full touring package is still to be confirmed and will be announced shortly along with additional shows.

The band have been confirmed to play the following venues so far:

04-Feb Bristol Academy 2

05-Feb Birmingham Academy 2

06-Feb Dublin Temple Bar

07-Feb Liverpool Academy 2

08-Feb Nottingham Rock City

09-Feb Glasgow Cathouse

10-Feb Manchester Hop & Grape

11-Feb Leeds Cockpit

12-Feb Norwich Waterfront

Before February The Haunted will be playing a one-off show in London for the release of their brand new album "The Dead Eye" due to be released on Monday 30th October 2006

01.11.2006 London Underworld (w/ Mercenary & Needleye)

With their highly anticipated new album only a week away from release and already receiving rave reviews in the media worldwide it is safe to say The Haunted are still a musical force to be reckoned with, they have pushed themselves to create something unique that effectively combines elements of their previous works while exploring new ideas to continuously challenge themselves. Vocalist Peter Dolving says it best, "This album is simply more diverse, dynamic and heavy as fu*k. Look forward to an album that we're all extremely proud of."

Their video from the album will be for the track "The Flood" is complete and will be hitting TV Channels very soon .. if you think you know the band, think again you'll be seeing something rather different and unexpected.

Norma Jean - "Redeemer" UK release date confirmed & European Tour in January

After being released in the US through Solid State Records and debuting at

#38 in the Billboard Top 100, Atlanta-based NORMA JEAN will now unleash their new album ‘Redeemer' their latest slab of emotion-laden noisy sound eruptions in UK via Century Media Records on January 15th 2007.

With 2005 released "O' God, The Aftermath", drummer Daniel Davison, bassist Jake Schultz, and guitarists Chris Day and Scottie Henry welcomed new vocalist and Arkansa´s native Cory Brandan to their lineup and took their artful, technical noise to the proverbial next level, earning critical acclaim and a 2006 Grammy nomination (for Asterik Studios' awe-inspiring artwork) in the process, and embarking on a tough touring schedule that most recently found them on Ozzfest 2006's second stage.

Produced by Ross Robinson (At The Drive-In, From First To Last, Sepultura) at Radio Star Studios, the weird angles and difficult guitar figures that comprised "O' God, The Aftermath" are still present on "Redeemer", but that album's refined, very-much-studio feel has also given way to raw atmospheres in which you can practically see the sweat running onto the instruments. Brandan, who's already proved himself a formidable vocalist, fully comes into his own on "Redeemer" with a style that veers between unhinged screaming and down-on-his-knees melodic belting.

Slide it into your player, and you will feel "Redeemer" more than any other NORMA JEAN album. Emotional, spiritual, visceral, physical - this isn't just the third album the band wanted to make; it's the career-defining statement they had to!

The tracklisting for "Redeemer" is as follows:

1. A Grand Scene For A Color Film

2. Blueprints For Future Homes

3. A Small Spark Vs. A Great Forest

4. A Temperamental Widower

5. The End Of All Things Will Be Televised

6. Songs Sound Much Sadder

7. The Longest Lasting Statement

8. Amnesty Please

9. Like Swimming Circles

10. Cemetery Like A Stage

11. No Passenger : No Parasite

NORMA JEAN will be touring Europe in early 2007 together with He Is Legend (who will release their new album "Suck Out The Poison" through Century Media on January 15th in Europe) & a still to be confirmed third band, see below for the so far confirmed dates!

16.01.2007, Birmingham (UK) @ Academy 3

17.01.2007, Manchester (UK) @ Academy 3

18.01.2007, Sheffield (UK) @ Corporation

19.01.2007, Glasgow (UK) @ tba

20.01.2007, Leeds (UK) @ Cockpit

21.01.2007, Stoke (UK) @ Sugar Mill

22.01.2007, Portsmouth (UK) @ Wedgewood Rooms

23.01.2007, Oxford (UK) @ Zodiac

24.01.2007, London (UK) @ Islington Academy

more dates to be confirmed soon!

Jared Anderson RIP

Earache Records would like to express its condolences to the family and friends of Jared Anderson who passed away on October 14.

Jared made a lasting impression on the Earache catalogue with his contribution to the Hate Eternal album 'King of All Kings', as well as his masterful live performances with the band, a feat he was to repeat with equal class when fronting Morbid Angel after the departure of Steve Tucker.

Earache label manager Dan Tobin commented on Anderson's passing:

'I think Erik Rutan has pretty much said it all when it comes to expressing the regret and shock at Jared's passing. I only met the guy a couple of times when he came through the UK with Morbid Angel, but he struck me as a thoughtful and dedicated musician who was able to take on the challenges presented to him by both Hate Eternal and Morbid Angel. Particularly with Morbid Angel, he won over fans with his wholehearted commitment to the music and also the fans of the music. The response from the fans to the news of his death only goes to prove the positive impression he made on people.'

Severe Torture report from tour

Severe Torture currently on tour with Vader and God Dethroned have been keeping a diary whilst out on the road.

Here's the SEVERE TORTURE tour report so far:

"The tour started out on the 28th of September in Berlin(DE). After hooking up with Vader, God Dethroned and crew we picked our bunks in the nightliner.

This bus was going to be our home for 6 weeks and as far as our experience goes, this was the best and biggest bus we ever had! The first show was better than we expected. Turnout was good for a Thursday (200+) and people seemed to like us. It definitely was a perfect start of the tour!

The second day we went to Jena(DE). The venue was great and we spent the afternoon with some sightseeing in the center of the city. Turnout was good again and the audience was wicked as well. The beer tasted very good and both God Dethroned and Vader gave good shows as well.

Next on the list was Giebelstadt (DE). We definitely want to give a huge shoutout to the people there who organized the Bringer of Death-fest for the wonderful evening. More or less than 500 people showed up and gave us a warm welcome!

In Hannover(DE) we hooked up with some of our friends from Dew-Scented at the bar after the steaming hot show we did over there. It must have been about 40 degees Celsius on the stage that night! Getting in the ' Tourmode'

took a couple of days but now everything is the way it's supposed to be. The turnout so far has been great and the fans have been really kicking ass at all of the shows we've done so far.

The 5th show was in Mons(BE) and it's always good to play in Belgium! We played a tight show with a lot of crazy fans and after the show it was partytime with Jupiler, Chimay and belgian weed!

Yesterday we played the 'Nouveau Casino' club in Paris(FR). The club was packed with crazy metalheads who were out for blood and it was amazing! We had to shorten our setlist cause we arrived late at the club due some nightliner problems but that didn't stop us from giving a brutal show! The fans were great and after the show we hooked up with our friends in Aborted and we enjoyed Paris at night a little bit.

Today (04.10.06) we are playing Nancy(FR) in a club called Azimut 854. The club provides us with enough showers, a fitnessroom and enough backstage space and that's very much appreciated after yesterdays club. The show is sold out and our French fans are going crazy again! We love France!

Next is Lausanne(CH), big venue, good catering and a huge stage. The show went ok but some of us are feeling a little bit sick and with 20 people in one bus that isn't very comfortable. Dennis did a small DJ set after the show before the long trip we have ahead (900KM) towards Rennes (FR).

It had been four years since we last played Rennes (FR) and we had some good memories playing Antipode. So it was good to see nothing had changed and the crowd was sick as ever that night! Afterwards we had a cool parking lot party untill early in the morning with some die-hard metalheads. Rennes already proved to be a highlight on this tour.

In total contrast to the Rennes show, the show in Le Havre (FR) had to be cancelled because of obvious reasons. The venue was a discotheque which was totally unfit for concert shows. No PA, no lights, no backstage...NOTHING!

So we had to do what anyone else would hard! We took the nightliner to the nearby city of Caen and treated ourselves to some welldeserved R & R.

The tour continued on to Limoges(FR) (where Sardonic left the tour) and after that, Irun, where we last played four years ago on the Cannibal Corpse tour. So with the weather getting better we headed out to Vigo where we played The Iguana Club. This somewhat strange venue proved to be a setting for a very nice evening with a good audience and a killer athmosphere.

The next show in Porto (P) was another highlight on this trek. The Hard Club must probably be one of the most beautiful clubs around with a breathtaking view over Porto.

 Luckily we got the chance to check out the beautiful city and all that it has to offer. To top it off, we played to an incredible crowd that night and it was a special experience for us as well as for Vader and God Dethroned.

From Porto we went on back to Spain for the rest of the week with the first stop being Sevilla where spanish gorelords Avulsed were added to the bill for a one off stint. Again, the spanish crowd showed that they must be the craziest motherfu*kers on the planet. The venue was packed with a 450+ capacity. From Sevilla it was on towards Murcia on friday the 13th, and Madrid and Barcelona for the weekend.

The Madrid show was sold out and again the venue was packed with deathmetal fanatics and we, together with Vader and God Dethroned gave them a run for their money.

Due to the routine in our set we created space to add one more song to our set, this being the song "Impelled to Kill" from our sophomore release " Misanthrophic Carnage". Bashed, beaten and battered, the crowd left the venue at the end of the evening as we set sails towards the next show in Barcelona.

We arrived a couple hours too early at Mephisto club so we had some time to go to the beach and relax a bit. The show went very well and after that we took a hotel to sleap in a normal bed and take some good showers. Next day we had the day off in Barcelona and we took the oppertunity to do some tourist stuff and enjoy this city a bit."

To read more go to:

Catch Severe Torture with Vader on these dates:

Oct 20 2006 Bassano Del Grappa La Gabbia

Oct 21 2006 Anomalia Prato

Oct 22 2006 EndorphiN Club Althofen

Oct 23 2006 Rockhaus Salzburg

Oct 24 2006 Planet Music Vienna

Oct 25 2006 The Kantine Augsburg

Oct 26 2006 Abart Music Zurich

Oct 27 2006 Exhaus

Oct 28 2006 Bolwerk Sneek

Oct 29 2006 Biebob Vosselaar

Oct 30 2006 Bierkeller Bristol

Oct 31 2006 Rio Bradford

Nov 1 2006 Soundhaus Glasgow

Nov 2 2006 Temple Bar Music Centre Dublin

Nov 3 2006 Camden Underworld London

Nov 4 2006 Concorde 2 Brighton

Nov 6 2006 Turock Essen

Nov 7 2006 Patronaat Haarlem

Nov 8 2006 Schlachthof Bremen

Nov 9 2006 Effenaar Eindhoven

Deicide are forced to avert Canadian tour dates, but will appear on the hall

DEICIDE have been forced to avert and consequently cancel their 2006 Canadian tour dates due to paperwork issues with the Canadian venues.

DEICIDE are disappointed that they will not be able to come though Canada, due to circumstances that were out of their control, and will attempt to return to Canada on another leg of touring. DEICIDE are currently touring globally in full support of "The Stench of Redemption" and have recently stopped through New York City, completing a guest spot on SIRIUS RADIO'S metal flagship, HARD ATTACK.

The demonically charged, revealing interview is set to air on HALLOWEEN DAY on HARD ATTACK and will feature DEICIDE founders, Glen Benton and Steve Asheim, speaking candidly with HARD ATTACK'S DJ Mario! Also check out DEICIDE'S radio picks on SIRIUS' HARD ATTCK, slated to air throughout Halloween Day, and get an injection of music that is satanically DEICIDE approved!

Anata podcast to air this week at the Metal Observer

Swedish death metal masters, ANATA, have been praised for technical proficiency, originality, and adventurously progressive compositions - most recently manifested in their latest Earache release, "The Conductors Departure." ANATA have been busy composing a variety of new material and playing assorted show dates in support of "The Conductors Departure"

throughout Europe. One of the top international online metal resources, recently conducted a Podcast interview with Fredrink Schalin, vocalist and guitarist of ANATA. Check out the ANATA Podcast this week at snatch up your copy of "The Conductors Departure" at the Earache US and UK Web store today!

Backyard Babies - The Towers of London confirmed as support on the November UK tour

London's bad boys of rock and now the stars of their own reality TV show, The Towers Of London have been confirmed as the support act on the Backyard Babies November tour.

You can catch the chaos at the following venues:


Oxford - Zodiac


Dudley - JBs


Manchester - Academy 3


London - Mean Fiddler

The Backyard Babies new album ‘People Like People Like People Like Us' is available now and a new video for the track ‘Roads' will be available shortly.

With Passion complete tracking on forthcoming album

WITH PASSION have been arduously working to create an album that pushes musical boundaries, yet is still rhythmic and freezing to the metallic soul.

"The album has come out amazing," comments a proud Michael Nordeen, bassist of WITH PASSION, "...we're also excited to have Guy from THE RED CHORD on this record - tracks are being sent!" WITH PASSION have a few new tricks up their sleeve, with new vocalist Fidel ripping it up on the mic WITH PASSION are burning through show dates and delivering a revamped live show that signatures the intensity of "What We See When We Shut Our Eyes."

As earlier rumoured, the new album will feature guest vocals by Guy of THE RED CHORD (currently on tour with fellow Earache metallers MUNICIPAL WASTE), which is sure to yield vibrant metal musings! WITH PASSION will be returning home next week and are preparing for a full out live aural assault throughout 2007. "What We See When We Shut Our Eyes" is due out in early 2007 and track listing is as follows:

"What We See When We Shut Our Eyes" - Due out March of 2007

Triumph Over Tragedy
Through The Smoke Lies A Path
What We See When We Shut Our Eyes
Pale Horses Ride
Tales Of Sirens
R.J. Mac Ready
Forgotten Amongst Screams
Vengeance In Departure
A Road For The Worthy
Check out WITH PASSION online



Boys Night Out hit the UK!!!!!

Prior to getting down to work on the, as yet untitled, follow up to 2005's acclaimed Trainwreck album: Burlington, Ontario punk rock heroes Boys Night Out will hit the road in the UK this November:

09.11.2006 - Cardiff Barfly / 0870 9070 999

10.11.2006 - Manchester Roadhouse / 0871 220 0260

11.11.2006 - York Fibbers (Barfly) 0870 9070 999

12.11.2006 - Glasgow Barfly 0870 9070 999

13.11.2006 - Liverpool Barfly / 0870 9070 999

14.11.2006 - Birmingham Barfly / 0870 9070 999

15.11.2006 - London Barfly / 0870 9070 999

Check Boys Night Out video's and e-cards here:

POTENTIA ANIMI celebrate Christmas

The lord's dearest servants are back! And the brotherhood known as POTENTIA ANIMI wouldn't be POTENTIA ANIMI if they let the Lord's main celebration, the birth of His son, pass them by uncommented.

That's why these not-so-kosher monks honor us with an EP titled "Sind die Lichter angezündet?" ("Are the Lights on?"), presenting their very own statement about the birth of God's son. And the timing couldn't be more perfect: the beginning of the advent season, just before the whole Christmas business gets serious. Be prepared for December 4th, 2006!

On "Sind die Lichter angezündet?" there's something for everyone. POTENTIA ANIMI's humorous adaptations of classic German Christmas carols like „Morgen Kinder wird's was geben", Kling, Glöckchen, kling!" oder „Guten Abend, gute Nacht", will reach beyond their usual parish, well into the hearts of family celebrations complete with aunts and grannys.

Hier die Tracklist:

1. Des Jahres letzte Stund

2. Morgen Kinder wird's was geben

3. Es ist ein Ros entsprungen

4. Stille Nacht

5. Tausend Sterne sind ein Dom

6. Kling, Glöckchen, kling!

7. Oh Tannebaum

8. Schnabausens arme Kind

To live up to the tradition of these classic songs, POTENTIA ANIMI have used both prominent and exotic help. Prominent guest musicians such as cellist B. Deutung (INCHTABOKATABLES) and Alexander Goldmann with his modified church organ Lola (LOLA ANGST), and exotic instruments like Indian tabla drums and a lita (Indian guitar with 24,000 strings), which underline the musically ambitious character that POTENTIA ANIMI have preserved despite their rather obscene sense of humor.



Dezember 2006

06.12. - Hamburg - Markthalle

07.12. - Leer - Zollhaus

08.12. - Bochum - Matrix

09.12. - Herford - X

10.12. - Dresden - Alter Schlachthof

11.12. - München - Muffathalle

12.12. - Wien - Planet Music

13.12. - Nürnberg - Hirsch

14.12. - Mainz - KuZ

15.12. - Braunschweig - Meier Music Hall

16.12. - Ottweiler - Schlosstheater

17.12. - Ludwigsburg - Rockfabrik

18.12. - Aschaffenburg - Colos-Saal

19.12. - Bad Salzungen - Pressenwerk

20.12. - Amsterdam - Melkweg

22.12. - Berlin - Passionskirche

23.12. - Berlin - Passionskirche

HAMMERFALL - No. 1 in Sweden!!!

The hammer has fallen: "Threshold", the new album of Swedish Metal kings HAMMERFALL, has entered the official Swedish album charts on no. 1! It's the bands first # 1 in their home country since 2000's effort "Renegade". Congratulations!

CANDLEMASS - In search of a new singer

After the co-operation between the band and singer Messiah Marcolin has come to a complete end now (for an extensive statement, please check, CANDLEMASS are searching for a new lead singer now. The band states: "CANDLEMASS will start to look for a new singer as soon as possible. Watch our website. More info on the matter will come soon. In the meantime, don't try to send us tapes or CDs or links."

MASTERPLAN - Changes in personnel and early album details

Drummer Uli Kusch has left Masterplan to concentrate on his solo project Beautiful Sin citing "lack of any further creative juices and inspirational fire" between himself and long time friend and colleague Roland Grapow. Uli left on good terms and has already been replaced by Mike Terrana (Rage).

The band, currently in preparation for a new album which should see the light of day around the end of February 2007, has also announced details of its new singer. Replacing Jorn Lande will be none other than Mike DiMeo singer with Riot and The Lizards. Photos of the new line up will be released as soon as we have them.

The new line up will make its live debut with Saxon on a European tour that starts here in the UK. (See below).

Beautiful Sin will start recording for a new album, rumoured to be ready for Summer 2007, in the next few months.


It isn't even Christmas yet, but we at AFM are already preparing you for next year, in particular January and February which will see the release of Destructions "Best Of..." currently in production, and new albums by Masterplan, and Silent Force ("Walk The Earth")!

Forthcoming Live Dates for AFM artists


7th Nov.2006 Bradford, Rio's

8th Nov.2006 Dudley, JB's

9th Nov. 2006 Nottingham, Rock City

10th Nov. 2006 London, The Underworld.


The Underworld, London November 12th 2006

Masterplan - (with Saxon);

Feb. 28 - UK Glasgow Garage
Mar. 02 - UK Belfast Spring & Airbrake
Mar. 03 - IRL Dublin Temple Bar Music Centre
Mar. 04 - UK Manchester Academy 2
Mar. 06 - UK Wolverhampton Civic Hall
Mar. 07 - UK Nottingham Rock City
Mar. 08 - UK Cardiff Coal Exchange
Mar. 09 - UK London Astoria

Jon Oliva's Pain

30th March 2007 Prog Power Festival, Cheltenham Racecourse, Cheltenham.

Municipal waste in this week's Kerrang

Earache thrash heroes Municipal Waste appear in UK weekly rock magazine Kerrang! this week in an article titled "All hail the kings of radioactive party thrash" Land Phil signs a girls stomach with a sneer for the publication at the Boston show of their current tour with GWAR in the USA.

According to lead vocalist Tony Foresta the tour is "going great and hopefully it's going to make us rich. That way Ryan can buy a robot to play guitar and whilst he drinks beer backstage"

Catch Municipal Waste in the USA on the following dates:

Oct 26 2006 Headliners Music Hall, Louisville, KY

Oct 27 2006 Newport Music Hall, Columbus,

OH Oct 28 2006 Harpo's, Detroit, MI

Oct 29 2006 The Vogue, Indianapolis, IN

Oct 30 2006 First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN

Oct 31 2006 Eagles Ballroom, Milwaukee, WI

Nov 1 2006 House of Blues, Chicago, IL

Nov 2 2006 The Beaumont Club, Kansas City, MO

Nov 3 2006 Ogden Theater, Denver, CO

Nov 4 2006 Avalon Theater, Salt Lake City, UT

Nov 5 2006 Big Easy Concert House, Boise, ID

Nov 7 2006 Big Easy, Spokane, WA

Nov 8 2006 The Fenix (formerly the Premier) Seattle, WA

Nov 9 2006 Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver

Nov 10 2006 Roseland Theater Portland, OR

Nov 11 2006 Midtown Bend, OR

Nov 12 2006 Senator Theater Chico, CA

Nov 13 2006 New Oasis Sparks, NV

Nov 14 2006 The Warfield San Francisco, CA

Nov 15 2006 House of Blues San Deigo, CA

Nov 20 2006 House of Blues West Hollywood, CA

Nov 22 2006 Marquee Theater Tempe, AZ

Nov 24 2006 White Rabbit San Antonio, TX

Nov 25 2006 Gypsy Tea Room Dallas, TX

Nov 26 2006 Meridian Houston, TX

Nov 27 2006 House of Blues New Orleans, LA

Nov 28 2006 Floyd's Music Store Tallahassee, FL

Nov 29 2006 Culture Room Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Nov 30 2006 Jannus Landing St. Petersburg, FL

Dec 1 2006 House of Blues Buena Vista, FL

"Hazardous mutation" redux out on 30th October with special live DVD on Earache records.

Decapitated revise North American tour dates with Fear Factory

Polish death metal act DECAPITATED are currently corroding stages across North America in support of their latest Earache release, "Organic Halucinosis."

Converging traditional death metal, complete with blaring beats and shredding guitars paired with a new breed of innovation and technicality, DECAPITATED have captured the attention of metal lovers worldwide. DECAPITATED will be interviewed by metal mistress Jasmine St.

Claire this weekend and are slated to appear in Jasmine's next DVD installment of "Metal's Darkside," featuring interviews with some of extreme metals' darkest and most talented stars! DECAPITATED have had to revise tour dates and venues - check out DECAPITATED at the location and date nearest you!

DECAPITATED with Fear Factory, Suffocation, and Hypocrisy

10/26 The Boardwalk - Orangevale, CA

10/27 Oakland Metro - Oakland, CA

10/28 The Galaxy Theatre - Santa Ana, CA

10/29 The Key Club - Hollywood, CA

10/30 Marquee Theatre - Tempe, AZ

10/31 Chic's - El Paso, TX

11/01 Warehouse Live - Houston, TX

11/02 House of Blues - New Orleans, LA

11/03 Code - Tampa, FL

11/04 Culture Room - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

11/05 Backbooth - Orlando, FL

11/06 Jesters Pub - Fayetteville, NC

11/07 Jaxx - W. Springfield, VA

11/08 B.B. Kings Blues Club - New York, NY

11/10 Starland Ballroom - Sayreville, NJ

11/11 Crocodile Rock Café - Allentown, PA

11/12 Webster Theatre - Hartford, CT

11/13 Medley - Montreal, QC - CANADA

11/14 The Opera House - Toronto, ON - CANADA

11/15 Penny Arcade - Rochester, NY

11/16 Revolution Hall - Troy, NY

11/17 The Palladium - Worcester, MA

11/18 The Chance - Poughkeepsie, NY

11/19 Peabody's Down Under - Cleveland, OH 11/20 Embassy - London, ON - CANADA

11/21 Temple Club - Lansing, MI

11/22 Club Fever - South Bend, IN

11/24 Harpo's Concert Theatre - Detroit, MI

11/25 Metro/Smart Bar - Chicago, IL

11/26 Shooters - Saginaw, MI

11/27 Pop's - Sauget, IL

11/28 The Rock - Maplewood, MN

11/29 Ramada Conference Center - Winnipeg, MB CANADA 11/30 Exchange - Regina, SK - CANADA

12/01 Starlite Room - Edmonton, AB - CANADA

12/02 Warehouse - Calgary, AB - CANADA

12/03 Big Easy Concert House - Spokane, WA

12/04 Sugar - Victoria, BC - CANADA

12/05 Studio Seven - Seattle, WA

12/06 Roseland Theatre - Portland, OR

12/08 Gothic Theatre - Englewood, CO

12/09 Sunshine Theatre - Albuquerque, NM

12/10 House of Blues - Las Vegas, NV

12/16 Klub Jama - Krosno, POLAND (10th Anniversary Party!)

Vader + Masters Of Death live dates

Masters Of Death:
Sa 04.11. Islington / London (Uk) - Carling Accademy
Su 05.11. Dudley (Uk) - JB's


30.10.06 Bristol Bierkeller
31.10.06 Bradford Rio
01.11.06 Glasgow Soundhaus
02.11.06I Dublin Temple Bar Music Centre
03.11.06 London Camden Underworld
04.11.06 Brighton Concorde 2

DIMMU BORGIR - Recording update

Norwegian symphonic black metallers DIMMU BORGIR have entered Studio Fredman with producer Fredrik Nordström to begin recording their new album for an early 2007 release. DIMMU guitarist Silenoz checks in with the following recording update: "So, just to let you know, everything moves along nicely in the studio, perhaps a bit too well"?

With past studio ghost experiences in mind, something is just bound to happen" I'm sure of it. Well, apart from being the typical pessimist, at least it didn't take us too long to get all the basic rhythm guitar tracks down and even better - it sounds awesome!

A fat and razor-sharp tone, without compromise, hitting you right between the eyes! Proper equipment — Engl amps, ESP guitars and Seymour Duncan pickups — make things hell of a lot easier, I say. Leads/solos and acoustic/clean guitars will be laid down later when everything else is ready. Bass and keys are up next.

We expect it to sound nothing less than grandiose once this beast is finished. Oh, yeah, almost forgot, we have the album title as well, but we're not gonna announce it until the time is right!"

KATAKLYSM - DVD-artwork and track list revealed

Our Nothern Hyperblast monsters KATAKLYSM from Canada have revealed the artwork and setlist for their upcoming DVD "Live In Deutschland" (Release date: 26.01.2007)
See the content of the DVD/CD-package below!

Live at "The Party-San open air" (Germany) Disc 1 DVD

1- Like Angels weeping (The Dark)
2 -Where the Enemy sleeps
3- The Ressurected
4- Let Them Burn
5- As I Slither
6- As the glorious Weep 7- The Ambassador of Pain
8- Manipulator Of souls
9- Crippled & Broken
10- In Shadows & Dust
11- Face The Face of War
12- The Road To Devastation

Live At The Medley (Canada) / Bonus Footage
13- Illuminati
14- To Reign Again
15- The Awakener
16- Sorcery -The Test of time-
*Band profilers/interviews
*Band / Fan Pictures
*On the Road footage
*Videoclips : The Awakener, In Shadows & Dust, As I Slither, Crippled & Broken ,To Reign Again

DISC 2 " Live at The Party-San open Air" Audio CD

WINTERSUN - Mixing to start in May

The mixing for WINTERSUN's new album "Time" is finally scheduled to take place at Nino Laurenne's Sonic Pump Studios in Helsinki, Finland, in May 2007. Watch out for the release of the album in August 2007! Drummer Kai Hato about the delay of the record: "Jari is still working very hard to finish the album and to make the best possible second release for WINTERSUN. The release date is now planned to be somewhere in August 2007 but I promise that the wait will be worth it! We are very sorry for this delay! Have patience."

You can read the full statement here:

THUNDERSTONE - In the studio now!

Our Finnish melodic power metallers from THUNDERSTONE are in the studio right now to record their fourth album! The recording sessions are taking place in the Sonic Pump studios in Helsinki. 11 Songs will be on the regular version, 2 cover versions were recorded for the limited edition. Check out the studio diary at the following location to be up to date!

MENDEED - On tour with Napalm Death and Born From Pain

Don't miss our Scottish shooting stars MENDEED live on stage - the guys are on tour through Europe with NAPALM DEATH and BORN FROM PAIN at the moment!
Check the dates below!


27.10.2006 TRIER - Exhaus (D)
28.10.2006 LEIPZIG - Conne Island (D)
29.10.2006 PRAHA - Matrix Club (CZ)
30.10.2006 BUDAPEST - Kultiplex (H)
31.10.2006 LJUBLJANA - Orto Bar (SLO)
01.11.2006 WIEN - Planet Music (A)
02.11.2006 MüNCHEN - Backstage (D)
03.11.2006 REMISE - Will (CH)
04.11.2006 MONTIDIDIER - Coolness Festival (F)
05.11.2006 OPWIJK - De Nijdrop (B)
06.11.2006 EINDHOVEN - Effenaar (NL)
07.11.2006 BIELEFELD - Movie (D)
08.11.2006 FLENSBURG - Roxy (D)
09.11.2006 KöLN - Underground (D)
10.11.2006 FREIBURG - Cräsh (D)
12.11.2006 PARIS - La Locomotive (F)
13.11.2006 LES PENNES MIRABEAU - Jas Rod (F)
16.11.2006 BARCELONA - Sala Mephisto (E)
17.11.2006 BILLERE - Ampli (F)
19.11.2006 LONDON - Underworld (UK)

News from Rich Walker of the Miskatonic Foundation

In case you didn't realise, THE LAMP OF THOTH are now part of the MISKATONIC empire. Words cannot express how happy I am about this, rarely does England produce such quality mystical occult orientated Doom. They harken back to the elders of our beloved metal history such as PAGAN ALTAR, HELL or DEEP SWITCH. I predict geat things from them, listening to their demo's sends shivers down my spine.

I finished the layouts for the WARNING CD, will go to press I hope in the next week.

DESOLATION ANGELS will follow shortly after I recieve the WARNING back, we need to adjust some of the layouts on that (DA) and address some packaging issues quickly. DESTRUCTOR is postponed until I work out something with Jamie, it WILL happen, just not sure when, time constraints mean they cannot get into a studio just yet.

Will begin mastering HELL in the new year, need to meet up with Kev and Tony ASAP, so thats on the cards for around late spring I hope for the CD release first. THE LAMP OF THOTH album will be recorded next year too, hopefully spring, but we have to make sure everything is OK at their end first. Also around then should be PAGAN ALTAR "Mythical & Magical" on limited vinyl, and summer should see the release of the COLD MOURNING Demo's LP and THE LAMP OF THOTH CD

Represses will be made of the first SLOUGH FEG CD and REVELATION "Frozen masque" all been well. By then I hope to generate enough money to pay REVELATION their royalties at long last, and break into profit on the SLOUGH FEG seeing as Mike Scalzi spends money like nobody's business on hot tubs and masseurs.....

No prices are decided yet, just please wait. Once the ball gets rolling, it will seem unstoppable I hope. Somewhere amongst all that too will be HAIL BRITANNIA II as well....

Biomechanical guitar tabs online

Biomechanical have posted guitar tabs online to their latest album "Empires of the Worlds" which will be re-released on Earache with bonus footage and a cover of Judas Priest's Painkiller on November 13th 2006.

The tabs for all The Empires of the Worlds tracks apart from Sibelius

The latest addition the Enemy Within Tabs were created by Chris Webb and The Empires tabs by Jamie Hunt

The tabs were done for Guitar Pro 5. There are also two pdf files for those who don't have the Guitar Pro 5 program.

Catch Biomechanical live on tour with Exodus and see if your fretwork stands up to the dynamic guitar duo at these dates:

1-Nov-06 Wednesday UK Manchester Music Box

2-Nov-06 Thursday UK Nottingham Junktion 7

3-Nov-06 Friday UK Bradford Rio

4-Nov-06 Saturday Ireland Dublin Voodoo Lounge

5-Nov-06 Sunday UK Newcastle Trillians

6-Nov-06 Monday UK Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall

7-Nov-06 Tuesday UK London Underworld

8-Nov-06 Wednesday France Paris

9-Nov-06 Thursday Holland Eindhoven Effenaar

10-Nov-06 Friday Holland Haarlem Patronaat

11-Nov-06 Saturday Belgium Hasselt Muziek-o-droom

13-Nov-06 Monday Germany Osnabrück Rosenhof

14-Nov-06 Tuesday Germany Bochum Matrix

15-Nov-06 Wednesday Germany schweinfurt Stattbahnhof

16-Nov-06 Thursday Germany Berlin Kato

17-Nov-06 Friday Germany Saarbrucken Roxy

18-Nov-06 Saturday Denmark Copenhagen Kino

19-Nov-06 Sunday Norway Olso John Dee

20-Nov-06 Monday Sweden Gothenburg Sticky Fingers

22-Nov-06 Wednesday finland Oulu Teatria

23-Nov-06 Thursday finland Helsinki Tavastia

25-Nov-06 Saturday Poland Poznan Eskalup

26-Nov-06 Sunday Czech Rep Brno Faval club

27-Nov-06 Monday Austria Wien Arena

28-Nov-06 Tuesday Hungary Budapest Wigwam

29-Nov-06 Wednesday Serbia Belgrade SKC

30-Nov-06 Thursday Italy Padova Sottosopra

1-Dec-06 Friday Italy Siena Sonar Club

2-Dec-06 Saturday Italy Senigalia(Ancona) Mamamia

3-Dec-06 Sunday Italy Naples Duel Beat

4-Dec-06 Monday Switzerland Wil Remise

5-Dec-06 Tuesday France Lyon

7-Dec-06 Thursday Spain Villareal Salatal

8-Dec-06 Friday Spain Bilbao Santana

9-Dec-06 Saturday Spain Madrid Ritmo & Compas

10-Dec-06 Sunday Spain Barcelona Apolo 2

THRESHOLD - confirm album cover artist

Threshold have confirmed that their new CD artwork will be created by Thomas Ewerhard, who's credits include Kings X, Vanden Plas and Asia. Thomas Ewerhard has been responsible for Threshold's artwork since 1998, including the iconic Hypothetical and Subsurface covers.
The title of Threshold's new album will be Pilot In The Sky Of Dreams. The band plan to finish recording during November, with a release date planned for 2007.

HAMMERFALL - "threshold" charts

The story of success continues: Mightly HAMMERFALL conquered # 15 of the German Media Control charts with their new album "Threshold"! Thus the Swedes continue to stand for high quality over a longer period of time as their previous records also managed to capture the German Top 20 on a regular basis:

2005 "Chapter V - Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken" # 12
2002 "Crimson Thunder" # 13
2000 "Renegade" # 17
1998 "Legacy Of Kings" # 15

Also GREAT NEWS from HAMMERFALL's home country as the guys managed to enter the album charts on # 1 (!!!) there last week - "Threshold" on the top!!! More chart notations Europe-wide to be announced soon!

SIX FEET UNDER cancel X-Mass-Festival tour

Unfortunately we have to deliver bad news for all SIX FEET UNDER maniacs. The Floridian death metallers had to cancel their participation on this year's X-Mass-Festival tour, because they want to focus on the work for their new album.

The band has issued the following statement:
"We will not be appearing on this year's X-Mass Festivals in Europe. To all our European fans, please accept our apologies. We are currently in the studio 'till the end of the year working on our new CD, which will be released in spring of 2007."

THE COUNTY MEDICAL EXAMINERS have completed work on their Relapse debut, Olidous Operettas.

Olidous Operettas, the band's first recorded discharge in three years, was recorded and mixed at Tillinghast Workshop and is scheduled for a January 2007 release. The complete track listing is as follows: “Casper's Dictum”, “Morgagnic Anatomics”, “Necrotic Apologues”, “Blunt Force Flight”, “The Virchow Postmortem Procedure”, “Expeditious Evisceratory Mishap”, “Maturating Decompositional Gas” and “Kaleidoscopic Malacia”.

A sample of the Olidous Operettas artwork can be previewed here and a three minute audio teaser can be heard via the band's official MySpace page

THE COUNTY MEDICAL EXAMINERS (TCME) are a collection of real-life pathologists with an unhealthy adoration of and fixation on CARCASS. Formed by Dr. Morton Fairbanks M.D. (Guitar) and Dr. Jack Putnam M.D. (Drums), the band--rounded out by 63-year-old Dr. Guy Radcliffe--have always felt that the label "Carcass Clone" should be a badge of honor and distinction, and pursue that emulation with an almost religious zeal.

TCME have previously released one full-length and a split album (w/Sweden's GENERAL SURGERY) via Razorback Records.

MISERY INDEX tour dates

Misery Index has announced several more weeks of U.S. tour dates, extending their current headlining tour in support of their acclaimed new album Discordia.

MISERY INDEX are currently making their way up the east coast with support from labelmates F*CK THE FACTS and STRONG INTENTION on a Metal Maniacs sponsored run set to conclude in late October. The Baltimore-based quartet will then team up with SWARM OF THE LOTUS and INTRONAUT in early November to cover ground in the North East and Mid-West, concluding their tour with an appearance at the Auditory Assault Festival on December 2nd with NAPALM DEATH, ATHEIST, CRETIN and more.

Additionally, MISERY INDEX has completed work on their first music video for Discordia for the track “Conquistadores”. The video was filmed on location in Brooklyn, NY with director Rick Carmonaand producers Kim Resteghini and Melissa Manousos of Raging Nations Films. Still images from the video, which will make it's international debut shortly, can be viewed here.


***all dates from November 17 to October 22 w/ Strong Intention


October 17 Orlando, FL Back Booth (w/ F*ck The Facts)
October 18 Jacksonville, FL Thee Imperial (w/ F*ck The Facts)
October 19 Spartanburg, SC Ground Zero (w/ F*ck The Facts)
October 21 Allentown, PA The Sterling Hotel
October 22 Springfield, VA Jaxx (early show)
November 1 Baltimore, MD Otto Bar (w/ Goatwhore, Swarm of the Lotus, Strong Intention)

***All dates from November 2 to November 21 w/ Swarm of the Lotus, Intronaut***
November 2 Chicopee, MA Cabot Street Pub
November 3 Saratoga Springs, NY The SSCC
November 4 Brooklyn, NY Brooklyn Fireproof
November 5 Staten Island, NY Dock Street
November 6 New York, NY Lit Lounge
November 8 Rochester, NY Montage Grill
November 9 Southgate, MI The Modern Exchange
November 10 Chicago, IL Champs
November 11 Grand Rapids, MI The Rocker
November 12 La Crosse, WI Warehouse Nightclub
November 13 Eau Claire, WI House of Rock
November 14 St. Paul. MN Station 4
November 15 Fargo, ND Fargo VFW
November 16 Rapid City, SD Venue 8
November 17 Denver, CO Hubba's
November 18 Tulsa, OK Pinkeye
November 20 Fayetteville, AR The Dart Room
November 21 St. Louis, MO Just Bills
November 22 Toledo, OH Club Bijou (w/ Intronaut)
November 23 Columbus, OH High Five (w/ Intronaut)
November 24 Akron, OH Daily Double (w/ Intronaut)
December 2 Baltimore, MD Sonar (as part of the Auditory Assault Fest w/ Napalm Death, Atheist, Cretin, Embalmer, Total Fucking Destruction, Phobia and more)

THE HAUNTED release limited edition Bloodpack

Check out the super awesome Haunted Special! CM Mailorder Exclusive

- Limited to 1,000 Worldwide!!!

Special Haunted Pack Includes:
-Hand Numbered Bloodpack with floating Dead Eyeball for all you gore-heads out there.
-The Haunted Collector's 2 Disc Version of The Dead Eye - featuring a bonus DVD!
-The Haunted T-SHIRT (M / L / XL / XXL )
-The Haunted 2-sided guitar picks
-The Haunted Button

Track list: CD:
The Premonition
The Flood
The Medication
The Drowning
The Reflection
The Prosecution
The Fallout
The Medusa
The Highwire (bonus)
The Shifter
The Cynic
The Failure
The Stain
The Program (bonus)
The Guilt Trip

The making of The Dead Eye documentary
ALl Against All (video)
No Compromise (video)
99 (live at Metal Mania Festival 2005)
Abysmal (live at Metal Mania Festival 2005)

THE HAUNTED Launch The Making of “The Flood” Video Online

Swedish titans THE HAUNTED recently completed a stunning new video for the track “The Flood” with renowned director Roger Johansson (Arch Enemy, In Flames). Click on the link below for exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from the shoot.">The Making of "The Flood"

The track comes from The Dead Eye, their highly anticipated new album (in stores Oct. 31st) that is sure to surprise and possibly overwhelm the entire metal community. The group is set to make their triumphant return to the U.S. this November on the Blackest of The Black tour with Danzig, labelmates Lacuna Coil, Belphegor and Asesino (see below for their complete fall touring itinerary).

A special collector's edition of The Dead Eye will also be available, featuring two bonus tracks (“The Highwire” and “The Program”), a bonus DVD with the “Making of The Dead Eye,” music videos for “All Against All” and No Compromise” and two live audio versions of “99” and “Abysmal.” The videos and live tracks are all from rEVOLVEr, the band's 2004 album.

Since their inception, the group have been pigeonholed as a thrash unit, a moniker further solidified by their lineup featuring two ex-members of the legendary At The Gates, but the quintet have continually evolved over the years and strived to create offerings that defied the musical boundaries attached to the genre. With this album, THE HAUNTED ultimately prove that their songwriting prowess is indefinable and undeniable, hoping to show everyone that within this genre, there are no limitations.

On Oct. 31st, THE HAUNTED return with their most accomplished and dynamic work yet.

THE HAUNTED live dates

W/Danzig, Lacuna Coil, Belphegor, Asesino (Blackest of the Black)

11/17 The Fenix - Seattle, WA
11/18 Big Easy - Spokane, WA
11/19 Crystal Ballroom - Portland, OR
11/21 House of Blues - Las Vegas, NV
11/22 Soma - San Diego, CA
11/25 Marquee Theatre - Tempe, AZ
11/26 Sunshine Theater - Albuquerque, NM
11/28 Rainbow Ballroom - Fresno, CA
11/29 The Wiltern - Los Angeles, CA
11/30 The Catalyst - Santa Cruz, CA
Official Website -

Download your favorite RELAPSE RECORDS Artists toolbar & Win Prizes

Next time you want to search the web (i.e. google) use:
WWW.SEARCHWITHRELAPSE.COM and win big! Each day Relapse records is giving away prizes including Mastodon, Brian Posehn autographs & CD's w/unreleased Dillinger Escape Plan songs to random users. The search
results are from Yahoo! Simply search the web like you do everyday; Random searches trigger random winners.


Firefox user? Download our plug-in here:

You search, you win. Use it everyday. Its that easy.



...just in case you haven't heard it before, our 7th release on Metal Coven Records is out now: a split 7" single featuring Belgian Power Thrashers After All and Swedish Oldschool Metallers Ram!!

Both bands are featured with an exclusive own recording as well as a covertune by a classic metal cult band such as Venom and Cyclone!! The single is limited to handnumbered 520 copies, so be quick or be dead!!

You can take a look at the artworks and listen to excerpts of all four tracks at our profile!! So check it out and if you like it (or not), please leave a comment...

The price is 5 Euro + P&P (2 Euro for Germany, 4 Euro for Europe and 8 Euro for the rest of the world)!! Dealers and mailorders please ask for wholesale prices!!

All the best & Bang Your Heads,
Tobi, Dini & Flo
(Metal Coven Records)

ULTRA DOLPHINS debut full-length


While this won't be in stores and distros until November 7th, we just got the debut ULTRA DOLPHINS full-length MAR in the mail and it turned out totally sweet! The CDs are here now, and the vinyl should be here in about two weeks.

ULTRA DOLPHINS debut album, briefly titled MAR, represents a fairly major departure from the band's previous spazz-oriented, garage band freak-outs. Without losing focus on songwriting, the off-kilter structures move continually forward building up frantic but calculated momentum.

Several piano tracks accompany drums and noisy guitars along with well-placed vocal melodies. The result is a dizzying but somehow unified listening experience which features a band at the height of their creative prowess. The packaging for this thing is equally intense, with a 6-panel chipboard jacket and 12-page song book. A solid debut album to say the least, and a true masterpiece to say the most!

We're totally amped on how this beast turned out and you can check out three MP3s from the album here:

Vinyl folks, thanks for being patient, the 12-page booklets were actually kind of hard to get made so it got a bit delayed. We should have them in a couple weeks though and will make another press release then (and post the pressing info and photos of the vinyl then as well).

DIECAST Debut New Video On YouTube

The clip can be viewed now exclusively through Century Media's YouTube site, which can be accessed by clicking the link below.

NAPALM DEATH Headline The ‘Death By Decibels' Tour; Shoot New Video

This fall seminal grindcore pioneers NAPALM DEATH will annihilate the masses on the ‘Death By Decibels' Tour, their first U.S. headlining tour in more than five years.

The Decibel magazine sponsored trek kicks off on November 15th and also features A Life Once Lost, Dead To Fall and Animosity in the support slots with Arsis and Impaled joining on select dates. See below for the tour's complete itinerary.

NAPALM DEATH just completed an extremely successful run on the Monsters of Mayhem U.S. tour with Hatebreed, Black Dahlia Murder, Exodus, First Blood and Despised Icon in support of Smear Campaign, their highly acclaimed new album.

The disc, produced once again with Russ Russel, is an uncompromising, ferocious assault that continues to address serious social issues that plague today's society. The group recently shot a video for the track, “When All Is Said and Done,” with up-and-coming director Kevin Wildt (Set Your Goals, The Warriors); look for it early next month. Click below to check it out.

Barney Greenway (vocals) checks in with the following post tour report: “The Monsters tour seems like something of a whirlwind. It wasn't always pretty in the RV, but we came, played as fast as possible and then left with positive words in our wake pretty much everywhere.

I must admit that I expected some opposition beforehand over the things that the band projects lyrically, but there really was none to speak of. People that usually wouldn't go along to a Napalm Death show (mainly through not really knowing about us) were pretty wide-eyed over the intensity of the band, and have said they will come and see us in December, which is nice.

“I'd like to throw out a wide thanks also to all the bands and crew for making us feel so welcome. There was a genuine air of friendliness there, which is always encouraging. A special mention goes out to First Blood for sniffing out vegetarian restaurants in the unlikeliest of towns. Cheers all!”

After celebrating its 25-year anniversary, the band's goals still remain the same: to outlast every trend; to never compromise; to provide a political voice for the voiceless; and to create the most brutal, challenging music on earth.


W/A Life Once Lost, Dead to Fall, Animosity, Impaled, Arsis
11/24 Club Ritual - Levittown, NY
11/25 Club Infinity - Buffalo, NY
11/26 I-Rock - Detroit, MI
11/27 Pearl Room - Mokena, IL
11/28 Sokol Underground - Omaha, NE
11/29 Bluebird Theatre - Denver, CO
11/30 The Ritz - Salt Lake City, UT
12/01 The Venue - Boise, ID
12/02 Studio Seven - Seattle, WA
12/03 The Satyricon - Portland, OR
12/05 The Pound - San Francisco, CA
12/06 The Boardwalk - Orangevale, CA
12/07 The Galaxy - Santa Ana, CA
12/08 The Whisky - Los Angeles, CA
12/09 El Patio Ole Caribe - Mexicali, Mexico
12/10 Clubhouse - Phoenix, AZ
12/11 Chic's Bar - El Paso, TX
12/12 White Rabbit - San Antonio, TX
12/13 Meridian - Houston, TX
12/14 Howlin Wolf - New Orleans, LA
12/15 The Masquerade - Atlanta, GA
12/16 Jaxx - Springfield, VA
12/17 Sonar - Baltimore, MD
12/18 Peabody's - Cleveland, OH
12/19 Starlight Ballroom - Philadelphia, PA
12/20 The Stone Pony - Asbury Park, NJ
12/21 Knitting Factory - New York, NY

FU MANCHU Announce EP Release Show

California rock quartet FU MANCHU will celebrate the Nov. 28 release of their new EP, Hung Out To Dry, with a record release show at the Viper Room in Hollywood on Dec. 1. Although the Hung Out EP will be available for purchase at the show, a $6 pre-order for the 3,000-copy, limited-edition release is currently taking place at

Hung Out To Dry will be released in a unique dual format nicknamed “The Deuce,” in which a 7” vinyl single and a four-track compact disc will be packaged together in a gatefold seven-inch sleeve. It will include two tracks from the band's forthcoming tenth studio album and two others exclusive to the EP - an original song titled “Never Again,” and a cover of Van Halen's “D.O.A.”

Co-produced by the band members themselves, the Hung Out EP was recorded at Hollywood's Grandmaster Recorders (Tool, Nine Inch Nails, Black Crowes), while finishing touches were added at Oasis Mastering by Gene Grimaldi (Velvet Revolver, Pennywise, Rev. Horton Heat).

Two weeks before their Viper Room concert, FU MANCHU will debut new material from the Hung Out EP at the Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa, Calif. on Nov. 16. A flier is posted on the band's MySpace page,


EXCESSUM EP release show

Excessum will be performing a show with PT to celebrate the release of their EP on Thursday Nov 16, 2006
at 8:00 PM at the Koltura Club, Tel Aviv

ECHOES OF ETERNITY on Metal For The Masses compilation

The title track of our forthcoming debut album, "The Forgotten Goddess", will be available on the "Metal For The Masses" CD in November. You can only purchase this compilation at Hot Topic stores. I know everyone that has been following us over the past few months is ready to hear something new, so make sure you grab a copy next month!!!! I promise you wont be disappointed!!

Your semi favorite guitarist, Brandon

INCANTATION tour dates

Nov 1 2006 Modern Exchange, Southgate, MI
Nov 2 2006, Buckaroo's, Heath, OH
Nov 3 2006, Nite Cap Lounge, Chicago, IL
Nov 4 2006, Just Bill's Place, Overland, MO
Nov 5 2006, Static Bar, Topeka, KS
Nov 6 2006, Hubba's, Aurora, CO
Nov 7 2006, Kamikaze's, Ogden, Utah
Nov 8 2006, Grove Street, Boise, Idaho
Nov 9 2006, Studio Seven, Seattle, WA
Nov 10 2006, Hell's Kitchen, Tacoma, WA
Nov 11 2006, Satyricon, Portland, OR
Nov 12 2006, The Fourteenth Ward, Reno, NV
Nov 13 2006, Bourbon Street, Concord, California
Nov 15 2006, Showcase Theatre, Corona, CA
Nov 16 2006, Knitting Factory, Hollywood, CA
Nov 17 2006, The Jumping Turtle, San Marcos, CA
Nov 18 2006, Chics, El Paso, TX
Nov 19 2006, The White Rabbit, San Antonio, TX
Nov 20 2006, Red Rum, Austin, TX
Nov 21 2006, The Galaxy Club, Dallas, TX
Nov 22 2006, The Pink Eye, Tulsa, OK
Nov 24 2006, The Dart Room, Fayetteville, AR
Nov 25 2006, Nathan P Murphy's, Springfield,, Missouri


You can preview both Mountain Mirrors CDs (Lunar Ecstasy and the new self-titled cd) at Magnatune in their entirety.

The sound quality sucks a little, but it's good enough to experience the tunes.

Just a heads up if you're chilling out today.


With respect and gratitude,

Mountain Mirrors

FONDLECORPSE / FRIGHTMARE "Twice the Hate, Twice the Carnage" split CD!

To be released on Razorback Records in early 2007. All brand new exclusive, studio songs with amazing wraparound cover artwork by Adam Geyer along with interior artwork done by Putrid and Jeff Zornow!


Solitude Aeturnus's debut album "Into the Depths of Sorrow" and sophomore release, "Beyond the Crimson Horizon" will finally see a reissue courtesy of Metal Mind Productions out of Poland. Both albums were re-mastered for this reissue and several bonus tracks will appear including a pair of songs from the unreleased debut demo circa 1988. Release date is scheduled for November 21st.


TROUBLE to tour

"After many unpredictable setbacks, we now have release dates for most of the Trouble catalog. Psalm 9 and The Skull will be released worldwide on October 24th, with added footage from those eras. The new CD, Simple Mind Condition and Plastic Green Head will be released on February 20, 2007, with bonus footage for Plastic. Trouble will tour to support the releases starting in March of 2007.

A USA tour is in the works to be followed by two European tours slated for mid summer and fall. A new DVD featuring many new songs will be filmed during the European tours, So be sure to come out in full force to support the band. The Trouble unplugged CD featuring 40% new material and some of the old favorites will be completed the summer of 2007.

So after many obstacles concerning the business end of Trouble. Everything is finally in order (thanks to Escapi Music) once again, and you can expect that Trouble will continue to write, record, and tour for many many more years.

Simple Mind Condition was produced by Vinny Wojno (KREATOR, MACHINE HEAD) and features vocalist Eric Wagner, guitarists Rick Wartell and Bruce Franklin, drummer Jeff Olson and bassist Chuck Robinson (ex-THIS TORTURED SOUL).

Tracks to tentatively appear on the release include: 'Seven', 'Mind Bender', 'Goin' Home', 'Pictures', 'After The Rain', 'Arthur Brown's Whiskey Bar', 'Trouble Maker', 'Bad Situation', 'Beginning Of Sorrows', 'Reasons', 'Ride The Sky' (possible bonus track for Europe).

BATTLEWITCH Bradford-On-Avon gig, 10th November

The Black Cat - Bradford-On-Avon - November 10th

Other bands on the bill are ‘Chapterxiii' & local lads ‘Trashcan Heroes'.

Come dressed as your favourite King or Queen.

CAR BOMB sign to Relapse Records

Relapse Records is proud to announce the signing of Long Island, NY's CAR BOMB.

CAR BOMB (Michael Dafferner - vocals, Greg Kubacki - guitar, Jon Modell - bass and Elliot Hoffman - drums) was formed out of the dissolution of Dafferner and Kubacki's previous band NECK and have spent the past few years fine-tuning their brand of wildly progressive, technical style of heavy music. Modell also previously played as a touring member of SOILENT GREEN.

CAR BOMB has played with bands such as PSYOPUS, CRYPTOPSY and MOST PRECIOUS BLOOD as well as at the CRUMBSUCKERS reunion show earlier this year.

CAR BOMB's track “Solid Grey” also appeared on The Hardcore Street CD Volume 2 sampler alongside HATEBREED, BODY COUNT and more.

CAR BOMB will also pair up with BURNT BY THE SUN for a split 7" release. The split 7" features the CAR BOMB tracks "M^6" and "Pieces of You", the first new material from the band since the release of their self-titled demo, as well as the first new material from BURNT BY THE SUN in over three years.

The 7" will surface in the fall via Relapse. "M^6" can be heard via any of CAR BOMB's web (,, and pages.

Additionally, CAR BOMB have recently completed work on their first ever music video for the track “M^6”. The video was shot by Jeremy Jackson and the Filmcore crew (UNEARTH, CANNIBAL CORPSE, AS I LAY DYING, BRIAN POSEHN) in New York. A preview of the video can be viewed at



For those of you who don't yet have our self titled record, two more songs have been uploaded to the myspace page: "secrets of the mind" and "sunlight shines." Enjoy!

Upcoming shows:

11.04.06 Alley Katz, Richmond VA w/ Alabama Thunderpussy, The Last Van Zandt
11.16.06 Linwood Grill, Boston, MA w/ The Atomic Bitchwax, Ichabod, Angels of Meth, Bloodhorse
11.17.06 The Asylum, Portland, ME Megalith Fest '06 with The Atomic Bitchwax, Eldemur Krimm, the Brought Low, RPG, Ogre, and Ruler of the Raging Main
11.18.06 Pussycat Lounge, NYC, NY with A Thousand Knives of Fire, Negative Reaction, Maegashira and Tides Within

Right now we are laying low and writing new material for our next record. Gary is busy recording with Unorthodox, and playing gigs with Nitroseed. I have been making signs and riding mopeds, Pete has been flyfishing for Steelhead on the Columbia River in Oregon and building massive stone walls, and Will has been busy renovating his house.

Seeya soon!

Peace, Jake

Witches Brew presents: SCYTHE "Decay" CD

Order your copy now and get pounded by the heavy oldschool Death Metal of 'Bitterness' or float away on an atmospheric composition like 'Pretending Not To See'. This new masterpiece offers the perfect mixture between both extremes ! Add to that some oriental seasonings for a well rounded and varied 4th album somewhere between UNLEASHED and 90s VOIVOD.

Listen to both songs mentioned above:

Conveniently order at these locations:
USA / Canada / Mexico visit

New Zealand / Australia / South East Asia visit

Europe visit or

Support band TBA

31.01.2007 (SE) GÖTEBORG / Musikens Hus
01.02.2007 (SE) MALMÖ / KB

02.02.2007 (SE) HUSKVARNA / Folkets Park

03.02.2007 (NO) OSLO / John Dee

04.02.2007 (SE) STOCKHOLM / Klubben

AMON AMARTH live dates

Support band TBA

31.01.2007 (SE) GÖTEBORG / Musikens Hus

01.02.2007 (SE) MALMÖ / KB

02.02.2007 (SE) HUSKVARNA / Folkets Park

03.02.2007 (NO) OSLO / John Dee

04.02.2007 (SE) STOCKHOLM / Klubben

F*CK THE FACTS Canadian tour

Grind / metal powerhouse F*CK THE FACTS have announced a month's worth of Canadian headlining tour dates in support of their recent release, Stigmata High-Five.

F*CK THE FACTS (guitarist/founding member Topon Das, vocalist Melanie Mongeon, drummer Mathieu Vilandré, bassist Steve Chartier and new guitarist Jean-Louis Wittinger) will kick of this tour with a performance alongside label-mates BURIED INSIDE as part of the annual Ottawa Halloween Masquerade Bash/Show.

From there, the Ottawa natives will make their way across Canada and into the northern U.S. A listing of FTF tour dates follows this message with more to be announced shortly.

F*CK THE FACTS have been touring non-stop since the August release of Stigmata High-Five, recently completing two North American tours; the later being with teamed up with MISERY INDEX and the first as part of the Relapse Records Contamination Tour 2006.

An e-card previewing Stigmata High-Five can be viewed at


October 28 Richmond Hill, ON Jonny's Pool Hall
October 31 Ottawa, ON Babylon (w/ BURIED INSIDE as part of Halloween Masquerade Bash)
November 3 Trois-Rivieres, QC Le Maquisart
November 4 Cambridge, ON 69 Pick-Ups
November 5 Windsor, ON The Coach
November 9 Guelph, ON Shadow
November 10 Peterborough, ON Underdog
November 11 Oshawa, ON The Dungeon
November 12 Orillia, ON 2nd Last Call
November 14 Thunder Bay, ON Kilroy's
November 15 Fort Frances, ON The Ukrainian Hall
November 17 Winnipeg, MB Royal Albert Arms
November 18 Saskatoon, SK Walkers Night Club
November 19 Edmonton, AB Avenue Skatepark
November 21 Calgary, AB Scarboro Community Centre
November 23 Nelson, BC The Nelson District Youth Centre
November 24 Vancouver, BC The Cobalt
November 25 Victoria, BC Ferwood Community Center
November 26 Seattle, WA Sunset Tavern
November 28 Mandan, ND The Old Rats Lounge
November 29 Minneapolis, MN 720 Space
December 1 Burbank, IL Champs

WITCHCRAFT forced to return to Sweden

Sweden's Witchcraft who were to start their first US tour in Seattle on October 23 have been forced to return to Sweden for additional processing at the US Embassy in Stockholm. The tour, also featuring Portland-based Danava who have been performing all venues as scheduled, is now being reworked for a later start date with West Coast performances planned to be rescheduled at the end of the planned dates.

The band have their flights booked to return to the tour in Austin, Texas on Tuesday 31st October, Halloween.

Venues and dates for rescheduled dates will be noted shortly.

Rise Above Records, via Candlelight will reissue the band's self-titled debut in the US on November 14. The band's latest album, Firewood, is available in stores now.

And this from Ola:


As you may have noticed we did not show up at the start of the US tour because we were forced back to Sweden by the customs in Seattle.

The reason is that we did not have our temporary work visas because the approvals from the US were delayed. We gave it a try anyway without the visas and got caught.
We have done everything in our power to get to the US in time for the tour and those who think otherwise are wrong!

However, now we have our visas and flights booked for the Austin show on the 31:st of October!

We will try to reschedule the west coast gigs to the end of the tour (18th - 26th Nov).
Venues and dates for rescheduled dates will be noted shortly.

Danava will be playing the gigs as planned.

We are really sorry for the trouble this may have caused you and hope to see you all on the tour.

It will still be a killer you know!


Ola Henriksson, bassplayer in Witchcraft.

NUSE charity gig

NUSE would like to invite you out for a special cause. Everyone has lost someone to cancer and there is not a better cause to come out and HANG WITH US!!!!This is our only hometown show of 2006. Anyone who knows what we are about knows these hometown shows are special to us!! And for all you women out there our boys from UNDERCUT our giving out free breast exams!!! Come out and get them squeezed it could save you life!!! The show start at 7pm NUSE will go on at 9.




Fans of Dimmu Borgir and Opeth take note! Blackstorm's "AS BLACK AS THY CANDLES BURN" CD has been re-issued on a six panel digi-pak with three bonus tracks and new artwork. Produced by guitar wizard James Murphy formerly of Testament, Obituary and Death!

Very melodic Symphonic Black Metal. This CD is limited to 1000 copies! Available through Majestic Darkness, Zia Record Exchange, Metal Devastation Records and soon will be available nation wide in all Best Buy's!

IN THIS MOMENT debut album out soon

As an added incentive, pre-order IN THIS MOMENT's debut album BEFORE December 22, 2006...

-You will be included on the band's "thank you" list in the CD's booklet.
That's right, your name will be officially printed in the booklet forever! But that's not all!

-Anyone who pre-orders the album before street date will receive a 5" x 7" band photograph personally autographed by the band

-a 3-track CD single ( featuring two songs from the upcoming full-length Beautiful Tragedy plus an exclusive song

-an IN THIS MOMENT sticker

-a signed thank you letter from frontwoman Maria Brink!

The photo, sticker and letter will be mailed as soon as your order is processed.

VITAL REMAINS Tour Report; Erik Rutan To Produce New Album

Extreme metal titans VITAL REMAINS recently wrapped up their touring campaign for Dechristianize with a successful run alongside Dismember, labelmates Grave, Demiricous and Withered. This trek also capped off an extremely busy year which saw them tour the U.S. four times, further solidifying their status as one of the genre's hardest-working acts.

The group will now focus on completing their much-anticipated new album before heading into the studio with the renowned Erik Rutan (Cannibal Corpse, Goatwhore) early next year. This effort marks the group's second recording with Glen Benton (Deicide) on vocals, and promises to be their most blasphemous and devastating offering yet.

Tony Lazaro (guitars) checks in with the following report: "So our tour with the Swedes Dismember and Grave has come to an end. We had a killer time out there and want to thank all the bands we shared the stage with.

Thanks to all the metal fans that came out in support! It was great to go out on one more tour before we lock ourselves up in the practice space and finish witting the album. St. Pete, FL was a great stop as we got to hang out with Trey from Morbid Angel. A big thanks to him for coming out to the show and hanging out all night at the Hard Rock Cafe drinking until the sun came up.

"The mighty Erik Rutan took Dave Suzuki (guitars) and I up to visit his studio, Mana Recording. The place is so nice, and the gear they have is awesome! We can't wait to record our new album down there; it's going to be sick! With Rutan, Benton, Suzuki and me locked in a studio for a month, there's not enough holy water to wash away the mess we are going to make."

Click below to check out some photos of Dave and Tony with Erik Rutan at Mana Recording.

Official Website -

LACUNA COIL Announce Complete Fall U.S. Tour Itinerary

LACUNA COIL will make their triumphant return to the U.S. on November 17th as part of the annual Blackest of the Black tour alongside the legendary Danzig, labelmates The Haunted, Belphegor and Asesino. Following this two-week trek are two headlining dates in Mexico, which lead them immediately into a run as direct support to In Flames with The Sword and Seemless in the support slots.

This is the group's third U.S. run in support of Karmacode, their highly praised new album and wraps up a highly successful year with numerous highlights such as a main stage Ozzfest slot, a sold-out tour with Rob Zombie, a performance on ABC-TV's "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" and a Top 30 Active Rock hit single with the track “Our Truth.”

This tour also coincides with the launch of the group's new single for “Closer,” the third single from Karmacode. The radio mix and edit of “Closer” was done by Brian Malouf (Michael Jackson, Madonna, Pearl Jam), and the captivating video for the track, completed by the directorial team Fort Awesome (who also shot the group's acclaimed “Our Truth” clip), can be viewed by clicking the link below.

LACUNA COIL is currently in the midst of a European headlining tour with labelmates Poisonblack. The band is also nominated in the “Best Italian Act” category at the MTV European Music Awards, which takes place on Nov. 2nd. Fans are invited to vote at the "Italian Act" category and click "vota"). Do not try to vote more than once as your IP address will be recognized and your vote will be nullified.


W/Danzig, The Haunted, Belphegor, Asesino (Blackest of the Black)

11/17 The Fenix - Seattle, WA
11/18 Big Easy - Spokane, WA
11/19 Crystal Ballroom - Portland, OR
11/21 House of Blues - Las Vegas, NV
11/22 Soma - San Diego, CA
11/25 Marquee Theatre - Tempe, AZ
11/26 Sunshine Theater - Albuquerque, NM
11/28 Rainbow Ballroom - Fresno, CA
11/29 The Wiltern - Los Angeles, CA
11/30 The Catalyst - Santa Cruz, CA

Headlining w/Locals
12/02 Café Igauna - Monterrey, MEXICO
12/03 Salon 21 - Mexico City, MEXICO

w/In Flames, The Sword, Seemless
12/05 The NorVa - Norfolk, VA
12/06 Electric Factory - Philadelphia, PA
12/07 Webster Theatre - Hartford, CT
12/08 Starland Ballroom - Sayreville, NJ
12/09 The Palladium - Worcester, MA
12/11 Metropolis - Montreal, QC
12/12 Kool Haus - Toronto, ON
12/13 Agora Theatre - Cleveland, OH
12/15 Harpo's - Detroit, MI
12/16 Newport Music Hall - Columbus, OH
12/17 Metro - Chicago, IL
12/18 First Avenue - Minneapolis, MN
12/19 The Beaumont Club - Kansas City, MO

Official Website -


Splattered Entrails/Repugnant Stench split CD “Decomposing Drillpress Deformation” out soon.

Track listing:

Splattered Entrails:
1.) Rectal Muciform
2.)Urethroperineoscrotal Seapage
3.)Vats of Waste And Purulency
4.)Hemispasmic Convulsions
5.) Submerging The Fetus
6.) Gargling Liquidated Feces
7.) Acrid
8.) Guzzling Pus
9.) Fermented Gore Blasts
10.) Melted Flesh Shower

Repugnant Stench:



Repugnant Stench are performing a gig for Little Victories Animal Rescue Group on Saturday Nov 18, 2006 at Hyamp, 2001R 7th Ave, Huntington, WV 25703, US

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