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Pure Metal News: July 2006

July 2006 News: Part 2

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New DISILLUSION album out on October 20th/23rd, 2006!

After 15 months of hard work at Salvation Recording - and therefore silence towards the outside world - first details about the new album by the exceptional Leipzig-based metal band DISILLUSION are becoming available.

During this time, the band had to defend the evolution of its very own sound through heated controversies, getting rid of stylistic boundaries and taboos left and right.

The end result is eleven unusual songs full of self-confidence. Heavy, grooving, cheerful, martial, demanding and danceable, all at the same time.

Despite the morbid cynicism resulting from the clearly modern sound of the new tracks, the euphoric and human components of DISILLUSION are still omnipresent.

So album number 2 won't be a gutless safety copy of the successful predecessor "Back To Times Of Splendor" - although there are some strong parallels:

The new album promises an equally orgiastic listening experience and has got the potential to cause quite a stir within the metal scene and beyond.

The recording of the album should be finished in July, and the record will be mastered in August by one of the big names in the business.

Titles of the songs and the album are still open - "there's too much that is still undescribable for ourselves" (Schmidt).

The album will be released on October 20th/23rd, 2006 via Metal Blade Records.

Line up:
Schmidt - vox, guit
Maluschka - drums
Barthel – guit
Brand new Insomnium video premieres at My Space!!

Candlelight Records today confirms September 18th as the UK release date for Above The Weeping World, the new album from Finland's Insominium.

Now available for viewing, the label has uploaded the band's new video for album track "Mortal Share" - bring your browser to

Recording at renowned Fantom and Finnvox Studios, Above The Weeping World contains Insomnium's skilled melodic death metal, stunningly heavier with even further dynamic and melodic variety than that of their previous efforts.

"This is by far the best Insomnium album", says vocalist/bassist Niilo Sevänen. "It is the first time we feel we really succeeded in the studio. We have nine great tracks on the album. As a band we are very happy with the end result."

For the past three years, Finland's Insomnium have quietly founded a strong sales history and supportive fanbase.
Their two recordings, In The Halls Of Awaiting and Since The Day All Came Down, represent mere glimpses into the potential of this still very young band.

Formed in 1997, the band recorded two demos before signing with Candlelight Records.

Metal Hammer says, "Insomnium are captivating from start to finish." Kerrang add, "Insomnium have grown into something truly remarkable."

The confirmed track listing for Above The Weeping World is:
The Gale, Mortal Share, Drawn To Black, Change Of Heart, At The Gates Of Sleep, The Killjoy, Last Statement, Devoid Of Caring, In The Groves Of Death


COMITY- Art metallers release debut on Candlelight!! 

Imagine Dillinger Escape Plan, Converge & Neurosis all rolled into a ball of melody and calm, and you're probably half way to understanding what Comity are about.

Chaotic and technical structures collide with atmospheric and oppressive feelings of frustration creating the basis of the band's music and artistic approach. This is their own unique vision of music.

Already having aroused curiosity from the international press and public, Comity have continued to push the limits, to an extent where its music has become an unorthodox but innovative downward spiral of self inflicting emotional chaos.

"French metalcore can be fierce. But this is a whole new ball game." Terrorizer

CROWBAR - Long deleted Sludgecore classic receives timely re-issue on Candlelight! 

Crowbar's 1996 album finally sees re-issue on Candlelight. With an album line-up featuring Jimmy Bower (Down, EyeHateGod etc) and Sammy Pierre Duet (Acid Bath, Goatwhore) it has been described as one of their defining releases.


FURZE - Candlelight Records sign Norwegian Black Metal band Furze!! 

Norwegian Black Metal band Furze is The Reaper's expression in the Music World.

This music produced its physical debut EP in 2000 and the debut album Trident Autocrat in October the same year. That album and the Necromanzee Cogent (2003) album, which is the start of this band, will both be re-released on Candlelight at the same time, finally making it available via real distribution channels, in 2006. 

"As well as being the main instrumentalist in Furze, Woe J Reaper, is also in charge of the lyrics. On the new album UTD he has company in the form of: Mr. De-C on session drums for 'Goatbreath' (the album's oldest lyrics, from Oct '97) and drums by the mighty Frost on two of the other album tracks.

Ada has written (but not arranged) and recorded a guitar intro for one of the tracks. Furze experienced severe line up problems in the old days but The Reaper has been more than able to work efficiently and productively with these recent drummers to maintain the unmistakable Furze style.

An enormous lust for the result Furze achieves and the will to keep working and not only talking (and then quitting) is the only way Furze have let others other than The Reaper convey his 'Furzement' through the years.

Certain personal limitations for what's envisioned for certain parts in certain songs make us search for external musicians we need in order to reach the highest and only goal: The Song-Vision to be completed. I could NOT have recorded the drums on the 3 mentioned tracks from UTD as a whole, but I did write a lot of what they performed there, and this was then followed up by the artists themselves. UTD is without doubt the strongest Furze album so far!"

The upcoming album UTD shows great development and is out on Candlelight Records in 2006.


To-Mera release debut album on Candlelight!

To-Mera break through the starting gate with Transcendental, an impressive debut collection of dark, progressive metal exceptionally written and performed by this English/Hungarian collective.

Featuring vocalist/lyricist Julie Kiss (ex-Without Face) and bassist Lee Barrett (ex-Extreme Noise Terror/Disgust), the band with over 25,000 enlistees in less than a year to their official My Space page, have a rising profile and genuine interest from curious music fans world-over.

The recording of Transcendental in May of this year found the band splitting studio time between the two countries that serve as the various members home base. With up-and-coming French producer Brett Caldas-Lima (Kalisia, Fairlight) the album is eagerly anticipated by those who came across the band's riveting 2004 demo (later receiving "Demo of the Month" honors from England's Zero Tolerance Magazine).

Transcendental is an ambitious, epic, and forward-thinking metal gem that will appeal to a wide array of music lovers.
Fans of Nightwish, Opeth, Nevermore, Symphony X, Meshuggah and Pain of Salvation and more pay mindful attention. 


New Starkweather recording in over five years! 

For many Philadelphia's Starkweather are still an untapped band for the masses yet they have been cited as influence to many of today's top selling metal/hardcore bands. Metal Maniacs says on an early listen to Croatoan, their long awaited new album, "rare is a band who personify, quite accurately, agony and despair through tranquil yet devouring movements. One of underground metal's soon-to-be classica, all hail Starkweather!"

Produced by Pierre Remillard (Cryptopsy), and featuring artwork by renowned artist Paul Romano (Mastodon, Earth, Godflesh), Croatoan is the result of years of meticulous work.

Perfectionists in every regard, Starkweather have nurtured the album (as they have their entire career) in their own way. And through it all, the band as always deliver a quality recording, a memorable performance and a charisma that is all their own.



Axiom is an addictive mixture of mathematical patterns with the brilliantly subtle implementation of acoustic guitars that strongly add to clarity in sound and the sense of threat and disaster. Ansur combine fast parts with slower parts but complex and eerie ones that are especially stirring when things get twitchy.

A wonderful song like "Interloper" is like a battlefield where those musical stabs-of-pain are divided among harmony and dissonance.

Axiom is an intense and intriguing record. If Ansur try and maintain this newfound course without falling into the pitfall of bombast, their future certainly won't look as grim as the world of Axiom. Having noticed this, it's almost unbelievable that the members from Ansur are all still aged below 20 when hearing what they're capable of.

It difficult to place in one particular genre, since their music shows inspirations from a whole bunch of genres and bands. The overall sound is very cold and almost industrial, and the riff-work draws my minds to both newer Satyricon and Thorns, as well as newer Dødheimsgard or Emperor in general. However, the rhythm section tends to drift off into far stranger areas, and some parts almost fall into the technical and progressive metal-category.


3 announce UK dates 

3, the Woodstock, NY-based five piece have been confirmed to join ATREYU and 36 CRAZYFISTS for their four UK shows in September 2006.

Signed by Metal Blade in 2005 they released their latest album ‘Wake Pig’ to critical acclaim earlier this year

Atreyu + 36Crazyfists + Chiodos + 3

September 2006
15th – London Brixton Academy
16th – Glasgow Barrowlands
17th – Nottingham Rock City
18th – Manchester Academy 


Inspomnium album details revealed – video premieres at Myspace 

London : Candlelight Records today confirms September 18th as the European release date for Above the Weeping World, the new album from Finland's Insominium.

Now available for viewing, the label has uploaded the band's new video for album track "Mortal Share;" bring your browser to 

Recording at renowned Fantom and Finnvox Studios, Above the Weeping World contains Insomnium’s skilled melodic death metal, stunningly heavier with even further dynamic and melodic variety than that of their previous efforts.

“This is by far the best Insomnium album”, says vocalist/bassist Niilo Sevänen. “It is the first time we feel we really succeeded in studio. We have nine great tracks on the album. As a band we are very happy with the end result.” 

For the past three years, Finland’s Insomnium have quietly founded a strong sales history and supportive fanbase. Their two recordings, In the Halls of Awaiting and Since the Day All Came Down, represent mere glimpses into the potential of this still very young band.

Formed in 1997, the band recorded two demos before signing with England’s Candlelight Records (home to Opeth’s original trilogy of records). Metal Hammer says, “Insomnium are captivating from start to finish."

Kerrang add, “Insomnium have grown into something truly remarkable."

Confirmed track listing for “Above the Weeping World” is
1. The Gale
2. Mortal Share
3. Drawn to Black
4. Change of Heart
5. At the Gates of Sleep
6. The Killjoy
7. Last Statement
8. Devoid of Caring
9. In the Groves of Death 
Catch the band live at the following shows.  
30.9 Bloodstock Festival, Derby, UK
13.10 Baroeg, Rotterdam, Netherlands
14.10 Dynamo, Eindhoven, Netherlands 

INSOMNIUM - Above the Weeping World out 18/09/06 

Wolverine to support melodic Progressive rockers Anathema in Uk 

Swedish progressive, melodic metallers Wolverine release their third studio album on Candlelight!

Wolverine are back and, strengthened by the new partnership with Candlelight Records, have released what the band see as their finest piece of work to date.

Recorded at Spacelab Studio, Germany, during the summer of 2005, 'Still' is the eagerly awaited follow-up to the critically acclaimed “Cold Light Of Monday”.

Although it is heavier than previous albums, it still retains the band’s knack for heartfelt and emotional song writing, combined with perfect performances.

Don’t let the fact that these Swedes have death metal origins put you off investigating this album: Dark it most certainly is, but this is powerful, melodic and emotional music that puts the band right up with the best in the progressive metal genre!
KKKKK review in Kerrang!

"Brace yourselves! One of the finest metal albums of 2006 just dropped" Alexander Millas “ Still out now on Candlelight Records”

See Wolverine on tour with Anathema

12th Sept Glasgow Cathouse , 13th Sept Manchester Academy 3 , 14th Sept Scala London


THRESHOLD - Welcome to Nuclear Blast! 

We're very glad to announce that THRESHOLD – THE Progressive Metal institution – has signed a deal with Nuclear Blast. Quote from Karl Groom and Richard West:
"We're delighted to join Nuclear Blast, it's a really positive move for us and we're looking forward to reaching a lot more fans across the world.

The label has a fantastic roster of bands and it's exciting to be part of the family. Watch out for great things ahead!"
THRESHOLD will enter the studio in August and October to record their next album, due to be released in early 2007.
A tour is scheduled for spring. We're looking forward to find out if the new material will be as excellent as "Critical Mass" or "Subsurface". But we're sure it will be. 


ECHOES OF ETERNITY - Just signed! 

Los Angeles-based quintet ECHOES OF ETERNITY recently signed to Nuclear Blast. The band – consisting out of singer Francine Boucher, guitarists Brandon Patton and James Urias, bass player Duane Cowan and drummer Kirk Clarrison –
combines the power and aggression of extreme Metal, the musicianship of Progressive Metal and the beautiful dynamics of the female voice, creating its very own sound.

"Echoes Of Eternity is thrilled to partner with Nuclear Blast Records, home to some of the best metal bands ever", states an euphoric band. "We look forward to a long and mutually prosperous future with the finest metal label on the planet."

The debut album will be released in 2007, containing the following songs:

Burning With Life - Expressions Of Flesh - Voices In A Dream - Circles In Stone - Lost Beneath A Silent Sky - Gardens Of The Gods - Towers of Silence - The Kingdom Within - The Forgotten Goddess – Adrift. 


SONIC SYNDICATE - Bandcontest winner announced! 

The winner of the Nuclear Blast Bandcontest is finally found!
Flashback: In the late summer of 2005, Nuclear Blast called up a giant competition, the so-called "Bandcontest".

In six months bands from all over the world should send in their music, evaluated by a Jury consisting of NUCLEAR BLAST and the following presentators:


The result: More than 1.500 candidacies arrived in Donzdorf! Months of listening to demos in front of the stereo and endless discussions followed. Now, half a year later - the winners are chosen!

We are proud to present you SONIC SYNDICATE from Falkenberg/Sweden! The six musicians (on average 20 years young!) come out on top of the competitors.

"We´re proud to have filtrated such a killer band out of more than 1.500 candidacies! The perfect mixture of heavyness, melodies and the factor X!" - Markus Staiger, President of NUCLEAR BLAST

17 year old guitar player Robin Sjunnesson about winning the band contest:

"SONIC SYNDICATE on NUCLEAR BLAST, what a fu*king dream! Who knew back in 2005 that one day we would be getting a call from one of the biggest and best metal labels in the world?

We have now been given this amazing chance to record an album and now its time for us to hit the rehearsal room and start writing some of the most kick ass songs we have ever written!"

The band plans to enter a studio in December 2006, in order to record their NUCLEAR BLAST label debut for an early 2007 release.

For more information, check out the website

The British Metalcore outfit FOREVER NEVER from Essex, England come in second. The price is a download cooperation with the Nuclear Blast Music Shop.

Last but not least: The third winner are the Neo Thrashers EARSHOT from Gaildorf, Germany. They will play the Up From The Ground-Festival in 2007!

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to all the bands that sent us their candidacies. We had the agony of choice and it wasnt easy at all! 


BLIND GUARDIAN - Exclusive song in musicshop! 

Fat news for all fans of Heavy Metal icons BLIND GUARDIAN.
From now on you’ll find “Otherland”, one more track from the upcoming album “A Twist In The Myth” exclusive on the Nuclear Blast Musicshop.

So grab it straightaway as long as the chunk is fresh! 



The live DVD slips perfectly into gear as expected. Only one week after the release, the DVD already reached gold status in Germany and left superstars like Pink, Ronan Keating and Scooter behind.

Even Madonna who also released a Live DVD two weeks after Nightwish had no chance! NIGHTWISH entered the german album charts at #3 and was several weeks at #1 of the DVD charts at the same time.

In Austria the DVD was also a long time on #2. The live DVD of Pink, which was released the same week, only entered at #32.
Last week the NIGHTWISH DVD pushed back the Pink DVD to #4 in Austria.

For comparison only: Madonna entered the german album charts at #8. No chart entry for Madonna in Austria by the way. Scooter also released their new live DVD the same day. They had to live with #29.

The new album of Ronan Keating only achieved #7. The NIGHTWISH chart pathway up to now: #2, #17, #22, #25
As seen in the daily trendcharts, the NIGHTWISH will also be in the Top 30 next week: #24, #29, #26,#29, #25

Also from Switzerland, we only have good news: #18, #31, #41, #30. This means that NIGHTWISH even climbed up again last week! 


Napalm Death report in from the studio

UK’s godfathers of Grindcore have finished recording “Smear Campaign”, the highly anticipated follow-up to last year’s “The Code Is Red…Long Live The Code”.

A preview on the album straight from the studio has just been posted online and can now be streamed at: website
Furthermore, NAPALM DEATH vocalist Barney Greenway reports in and gives his feedback on the recording sessions at Foel Studios together with producer Russ Russell and engineer Chris Fielding:
"We just spent a few weeks again in the studio in Wales where we already did "The Code..." and it was obviously such a good experience the first time around on "The Code..." session, that we decided to return.

Whilst we were not trying to compete with "Code..." or make the same album again it has to be said that "Smear Campaign" sounds twice as immense. We didn’t fu*k around getting the songs together but somehow "Smear Campaign" seems to come across as a more in depth experience.
It was very cool that Anneke from The Gathering offered to sing on the album. It’s really funny, because we never would have thought about having guest vocals before the "The Code..." but every vocalist has worked very well with the song they have contributed to.

Anneke?s style is clearly very different to that of for example Jello Biafra but what she does totally enhances the experience. It sounds pretty spooky.
Lyrics: I guess people know about the album title now but to give a brief explanation the general thread is actually a question asking why exactly we need religion to give us a basis to run our lives.

Can we not be trusted as human beings to make our own decisions? This applies in my eyes to everything from Christianity to Paganism to Satanism. Surely the world would be more peaceful without religious restrictions and all this false morality!"

Some definite song titles we can already reveal are: 'Rabid Wolves (For Christ)', 'In Deference', 'Atheist Runt', 'When All Is Said and Done', 'Sink Fast, Let Go', 'Shattered Existence', 'Fatalist', 'Call That An Option?'.

NAPALM DEATH’s newest work is set for release via Century Media Records on September 18th, 2006.

Now, after completing the new album, NAPALM DEATH will be hitting some of this summer’s festivals to deliver a dose of utter violent grindcore intensity onstage!
Napalm Death
30.06.2006 Roitzschjora (D) @ With Full Force Festval
01.07.2006 Vigo M Trento (I) @ Metalparty Festival
02.07.2006 Cuneo (I) @ Nuvolari Fest
03.07.2006 Roma (I) @ Forte Prenestino
05.07.2006 Porto Torres (I) @ Campo Sportivo
06.07.2006 Palermo (I) @ Bier Garten
07.07.2006 Cologne-BS (I) @ Grind Your Mother III
12.08.2006 Prague (CZ) @ Brutal Assault Festival
14.08.2006 Szczytno (PL) @ Hunterfestival
26.08.2006 Kavarna (PL) @ Thrash Til Death Festival 


Poisonblack – Release new album on the 28th of August 
“Well, long time no music, but now it is here, the next dose of POISONBLACK, entitled ‘Lust Stained Despair.’” Ville Laihiala
POISONBLACK was founded by Ville Laihiala, the voice of the legendary, but now defunct Sentenced, the founders of melancholy-driven Finnish rock that had several number one singles and gold albums in Finland.

POISONBLACK, however, was never meant to be just a project. “I have my heart and soul in POISONBLACK,” Laihiala stated, right from the beginning.

After releasing the debut-album, ”Escapexstacy” in spring 2003 and a tour with label mates Lacuna Coil, Moonspell and Passenger during the winter of 2003/2004, the band went through several line-up changes before finalizing the second album, ”Lust Stained Despair.” 

When they were looking for a replacement for original singer J.P. Leppdluoto (Charon), the band figured that only one person could really do the job: Ville Laihiala himself. “We recorded a good amount of the album a while ago,” Laihiala revealed, “but after it was mixed and mastered, the end result was not really what we were after in terms of sound and attitude. So we decided to wait, live and die a little and attack the songs again with the right state of mind.”

POISONBLACK took the time needed to finally sound like a tight unit on the album, as well as live. “It’s what the songs required from each individual in order to make us sound as poisonous as we do at the moment.”

In the spring of 2006, the band headed back into Tonebox Studio in its hometown of Oulu to record more songs. “We added additional feelings and frustrations to the already existing ones,” remembered Laihiala.

Right afterward, the album was mixed at Antfarm Studios in Denmark by Tue Madsen (The Haunted, Sick Of It All, Heaven Shall Burn), who added the right amount of edge and dirt to POISONBLACK’s songs, turning them into an organic rock experience.

“All three words in the title, ‘Lust Stained Despair,’ are individually giving a picture, a feeling about the music and lyrics.”

“Lust Stained Despair” will hit European stores August 28th, 2006. 

The band will play Qstock Festival in Oulu July 29th, 2006.


Fan 'Meet and GreetT' for Jon Oliva's Pain 

The new EP "Strait-Jacket Memoirs" is out and the build up to the new album has begun. The 'Voice Of The Mountain King' is on his way to the UK. 


Hear 'Maniacal Renderings' first!


Destruction - UK dates- London Date Added! 

Fresh from their outstanding US tour with Vader, German thrashers Destruction had now added a fifth date to those already announced for the UK in September.

The venue is still to be confirmed, but the band will now appear in London on the 5th. The dates now read as follows 
01.09.06 Fri: Bradford @ Rios
02.09.06 Sat: Newcastle @ Academy 2
03.09.06 Sun: Liverpool @ Academy 2
04.09.06 Mon: Birmingham @ Academy 2
05.09.06 Tues; London. Venue TBC.


CIRCLE II CIRCLE - New album title and concept revealed. 

American Power Metal heroes Circle II Circle have announced the title, track listing and release date for their new album, their third for AFM, due on the 16th October! Entitled "Burden Of Truth", the album deals with the concept first created by the books "Holy Blood Holy Grail" and "The Da Vinci Codes" and explores the theory of a Holy Bloodline extending up to our modern day.

Says song writer and ex Savatage man Zak Stevens of the project; " This is the record I’ve been trying to make my whole life and now it's finished what a great feeling it is to finally realize my aspirations after all these years; CIIC/Savatage fans are in for a HUGE treat with this. There's definitely some dark stuff on this record but if you really dig deep you'll see that there's a very positive out come.."

Recorded at the world famous Morrisound Studios "Burden Of Truth" will include 13 tracks:

1) "Who Am I To Be"
2) "Matter Of Time"
3) "Heal You"
4) "Revelations"
5) "This Is Your Reality"
6) "Evermore"
7) "The Black"
8) "Messiah"
9) "Sentenced"
10) "Burden of Truth"
11) "Live As One"
(Acoustically Enhanced Versions) "Into The Wind" and "Burden Of Truth" 
The band will also feature on the ProgPower festival in America this September;


3 join Atreyu and 36 Crazyfists on UK dates in September! 
3, the Woodstock, NY-based five piece have been confirmed to join ATREYU and 36 CRAZYFISTS for their four UK shows in September 2006.

Signed by Metal Blade in 2005 they released their latest album ‘Wake Pig’ to critical acclaim earlier this year

Atreyu + 36Crazyfists + Chiodos + 3

September 2006
15th – London Brixton Academy
16th – Glasgow Barrowlands
17th – Nottingham Rock City
18th – Manchester Academy 

GOREROTTED – Extra date added to tour with Cryptopsy

An extra show in Weston Super Mare on August 18th has been added to GOREROTTED’s upcoming tour with CRYPTOPSY.

The London show on August 19th has now been moved to the Mean Fiddler. The legendary Celtic Frost will be headlining with Cryptopsy, Gorerotted and She Said Destroy supporting.
It’s Celtic Frost's first time in the UK for years so expect a packed out show. Doors are at 4.30PM with Gorerotted hitting the stage at 6pm. It’s an early curfew so make sure you get down there in time!

GOREROTTED's Wilson and Ben are guest DJ's at HELLBOUND at the Mean Fiddler, London on Friday July 21st.
HELLBOUND is an earth-shaking Terrorizer sponsored soundclash of the very best new and classic tunes that takes place every third Friday in conjunction with ROCK at the Mean Fiddler in the heart of stinking London.
Expect a brutal set of tracks that rock GOREROTTED's sick and twisted world plus Metal Blade giveaways.
For more info:


12 August 2006 - Ghostfest Festival (Cockpit) - Leeds, England
13 August 2006 - Rock City - Nottingham, England
14 August 2006 –Satan’s Hollow, Manchester, England
15 August 2006 - An Cruiscin Lan - Cork, Ireland
16 August 2006 - Temple Bar Music Venue - Dublin, Ireland
17 August 2006 - Barfly - Glasgow, Scotland
18 August 2006 – Hobbits – Weston Super Mare, England
19 August 2006 - Mean Fiddler - London, England (+ CELTIC FROST)
20 August 2006 - The Waterfront - Norwich, England 


Deicide receive silver disc for “Scars of the Crucifix”

Independent Music industry trade body Impala have awarded Deicide’s last album “Scars of the Crucifix” a silver disc in recognition of European sales.

Glen Benton and Steve Asheim collected the disc on a recent visit to London and vowed to make sure new album ‘The Stench Of Redemption’ receives Gold.

Deicide release snippet of “Homage for Satan” on myspace
Satan’s favourite quartet, DEICIDE, have released an advance snippet of “Homage for Satan” from their forthcoming August 22nd release, “The Stench of Redemption”.

Check out the clip on MYSPACE


Anata blast from this weekend

Following the release of ‘The Conductor’s Departure’, their second album for Wicked World, Swedish razor-sharp death metallers ANATA will be tearing through the UK next week, catch them at the following venues

15 CARLISLE The Brickyard
16 BRIGHTON The Engine Room
17 GLASGOW The 13th Note Cafe
18 KINGSTON The Peel
19 MANCHESTER Hostile Club
20 IR DUBLIN Voodoo Lounge
21 HAWICK The Red Room Hawick


Municipal Waste to play extra shows
Those crazy mofos MUNICIPAL WASTE will be playing 2 extra dates on top of their appearances at READING and LEEDS festival this year.
Catch them at the following venues:

24.08.2006 EXETER Cavern Club
25.08.2006 READING Carling Festival
26.08.2006 LEEDS Carling Festival
27.08.2006 MANCHESTER The Star And Garter

At the Gates dual disc edition “Slaughter of the soul” reissue

Upon its original release in 1995, AT THE GATES' 'Slaughter of the Soul' was met with an enthusiastic, if slow burning response.

The mixture of aggressive Slayer tempos and melodic flourishes was relatively new, and the band found that they had to spread the new gospel by undertaking a series of lengthy tours on both sides of the Atlantic .

By the time they were done, the seeds had be sown and the album was about to go down in history as one of the most important and groundbreaking efforts of all time.

Issued here as a special Dual Disc edition, the album is updated with 'The Making of Slaughter of the Soul', a 35 minute documentary which focuses on the method behind the madness that led to the construction of a truly important Metal record.
Vocalist Tomas Lindberg and guitarist Martin Larsson, together with the now-legendary producer Frederik Nordstrom, take the recording process to pieces and attempt to explain how it became the monster it is now recognised as today.

Filmed by acclaimed director Patric Ullaeus (Dimmu Borgir, Lacuna Coil) and interviewed by top Swedish journalist Patrik Wiren, the documentary reveals the story behind the legend, with discussions about the recording process, the theory behind the record and the creative tension that drove the band forward.
Bolstered by deleted scenes and the 'Blinded by Fear' promo video, this really is the ultimate 'Slaughter of the Soul' package!
Earache release compilation cd “Chop your own head off”

"Chop Your Own Head Off" includes a 17-track audio CD featuring exclusive Earache material from MUNICIPAL WASTE, DEICIDE, SEVERE TORTURE, DECAPITATED, CULT OF LUNA and many more.

The CD also contains and exclusive peek into the Earache racing madness and includes a PC demo of the "Earache Extreme Metal Racing" game featuring AKERCOCKE and BIOMECHANICAL racing teams!

To round out the heavy stimulation, "Chop your Own Head Off" also includes a DVD disc packed with ultra-exclusive videos from Earache's current and past catalog, including previously unreleased material from death metal legends MORBID ANGEL.

What's the best part? All of these precious heavy jewels can be yours for ONLY £4.99! For more exclusive "Chop Your Own Head Off" information, check it out on MySpace at this location

"Chop Your Own Head Off" track listing:


01. DEICIDE – Homage For Satan (666 Mix)
02. DECAPITATED - Day 69
03. AKERCOCKE - Verdelet
04. CULT OF LUNA - Back to Chapel Town
05. EPHEL DUATH - Crystalline Whirl
06. MORTIIS - Way to Wicked (Absinthium Mix)
07. THE BERZERKER - Committed to Nothin
08. ANATA - Better Grieved Than Fooled
09. URKRAFT - The Inhuman Aberration
10. LINEA 77 - Charon
11. BIOMECHANICAL - Existenz
12. MUNICIPAL WASTE - Set to Destruct
14. BLOOD RED THRONE - Mephitication
15. NEURAXIS - Shatter the Wisdom
16. MISTRESS - At Arms Length
17. CROWPATH - Chased, Caught and Charged

* Bonus Feature: PC DEMO of "Earache Extreme Metal Racing" Game


02. HATE ETERNAL - Powers That Be
03. DEICIDE - Scars Of The Crucifix
04. LINEA 77 - Fantasma
05. CULT OF LUNA - Leave Me Here
06. MORTIIS - Decadent And Desperate (absentia)
07. SHORTIE - Truth
08. MUNICIPAL WASTE - Unleash The Bastards
09. BIOMECHANICAL - The Empires Of The Worlds
10. BEECHER - Function! Function!
11. EWIGKEIT - It's Not Reality
12. THE BERZERKER - All About You
13. ADEMA - Tornado'
14. ADDICTION CREW - What About
15. MORBID ANGEL - Enshrined by Grace
16. AKERCOCKE - Leviathan
17. SOCIETY 1 - Hate
18. WITH PASSION - Train Wreck Orchestra
19. USURPER - Kill For Metal

You can get a demo of Earache Extreme Racing game on the front of the current version of Playstation 2 magazine.  Earache extreme racing features music from and racing teams comprised of artists from Earache’s extended family.
Teams include: Municipal Waste, Decapitated, Biomechanical and Deicide

GOTTHARD - Single to chart in Spain

GOTTHARD's new, Spanish sung single "Tu Pasión", has entered the Spanish single charts on position 19! Congratulations!

KATAKLYSM - Summer festivals
Kataklysm recently completed with success the Metal Crusaders tour in North America. The band is preparing to head overseas to Slovenia's Metal Camp open air and Earthshaker open air in Germany..

In August the band will film during there appearance at the Party.san open air in Germany there first ever DVD " LIVE IN GERMANY" which will feature The whole show filled with an explosive set list , 30 min documentary on the bands 15 year history and a bonus live cd, release date is set for January 2007 via Nuclear Blast.

In other news Kataklysm have uploaded the brand new videoclip for the song "To Reign Again" filmed during the last euro. tour with pieces taken from Germany, France and the Netherland shows.

Kataklysm upcoming shows:

08/02/06 - Sudbury, ON @ Jubilee Hall
08/04/06 - Hamilton, ON @ The Dungeon
08/12/06 - PARTYSAN OPEN AIR (Germany) DVD Shoot!!
12/09/06 - Montreal, QC. @ Club Soda (15th anniversary show)

These will be the last shows for Kataklysm for the rest of the year..the band will then start a second run of touring in support of the latest onslaught "In The Arm of Devastation"

Kataklysm has confirmed "The Road to Devastation" headliner tour for January 2007, support acts are being worked on as we speak..stay tuned for more info!

BELPHEGOR - Joins the Nuclear Blast family!
Getting serious - BELPHEGOR sign with Nuclear Blast!

Death and damnation! With the Austrian Death Metallers BELPHEGOR, Nuclear Blast signed one of the most extreme Metal bands of our time. Vocalist / guitarist Helmuth is more than happy:

"BELPHEGOR are proud to have found a new partner with Nuclear Blast for our upcoming album. Over eleven months we`ve been working on Pestapokalypse VI

We continued to develop and refine the songs over and over again. Never before have we spent so much time in the rehearsal room, and never before have we put so much energy in our new material.

Andy Classen provided us with a massive wall of sound in the Stage One studios.

And - yeah - it`s cool to see that Nuclear Blast boast distribution ways and potential we never got to experience in our past. Pestapokalypse VI is our masterpiece so far! Hell awaits!!!"

The album will be released on October 27th, 2006.


I Belphegor - Hell´s Ambassador
II Seyn Todt In Schwartz
III Angel Of Retribution
IV Chants For The Devil 1533
V Pest Teufel Apokalypse
VI The Ancient Enemy
VII Bluhtsturm Erotika
VIII Sanctus Perversum
IX Das Pesthaus / Miasma Epilog

AMON AMARTH announce one-off London date in August

Swedish Viking death metal warriors AMON AMARTH have announced a special intimate on-off show in London on August 11th.

UK fans can expect to be some of the first to hear new tracks from the bands forthcoming “WITH ODIN ON OUR SIDE” album, recorded at Fascination Street Studios in Frebro, Sweden with producer Jens Bogren and due for release on Metal Blade on September 25th 2006. 

AMON AMARTH + GOREROTTEDFriday August 11th ­ LONDON Underworld Tickets £8.50 advance Stargreen 020 7734 8932 
Ticketweb 08700 600 100 


IMMORTAL are back!
This is the Black Metal sensation of the year: the organisators of the Wacken Open Air just announced IMMORTAL´S show for 2007.

The trio which disbanded in 2003 will return in the classic lineup Abbath / Horgh / Demonaz. The band had the following to say about these more than excellent news:

"IMMORTAL are proud to announce that we will headline Wacken in 2007. This will be part of a few selected exclusive shows next year, and Wacken will be the only show in Germany. Abbath, Horgh, Demonaz."


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