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Pure Metal News: June 2006

June 2006 News: Part 2

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SCAR SYMMETRY - Confirmed for Progpower UK  

Swedish Melodic Death metallers SCAR SYMMETRY have been confirmed for next year's ProgPower UK festival, scheduled to take place in Chelltenham, England, on March 31st 2007. More info to be revealed soon on

Don't miss SCAR SYMMETRY live this summer / fall:

03.06. S Stockholm Klubben (with DARKANE and HYDROGEN)
22.07. D Kreuth Earthshaker Festival
21.-23.07. SLO Tolmin Metal Camp
17.-19.08. D Dinkelsbühl Summer Breeze
01.10. NL Baarlo ProgPower Europe
31.03.07 GB Chelltenham ProgPower UK


MNEMIC - Name new vocalist!  

Danish Metal Machine MNEMIC have named Frenchman Guillaume Bideau (Scarve) as their new vocalist. The band recently commented on the news and their enthusiasm over the decision.

"As you've probably heard from other sources, the new singer of MNEMIC is Guillaume Bideau from Scarve. Now it's official, and it's official when we say its official. Guillaume impressed us in the rehearsal and in the studio. First off he nailed the old songs 110%, and second we did a demo one of the new songs with him, which turned out like a multilayered vocal metallic opera. He will definitely bring the sound of Mnemic to the next level and we are more than happy to have him in the band as the new frontmonster!"

A longtime member of Scarve, Bideau issued his first statement as the singer for MNEMIC hours ago on the band's website.

"I'm extremely proud and happy to be joining MNEMIC. This is definitely a big turn in my musical career and I feel more confident than ever. I was in Scarve for almost 8 years and I'm leaving this band today without any feuds between the guys and myself, they totally understand my choice and decision. Sometimes things don't go as planed unfortunately, but the band still has plenty of time to finish the new album. I really wish Scarve all the very best for the future, I know they'll move on.

MNEMIC is exactly the kind of crazy shit I was expecting to be part of! It's going to be an amazing, open minded human and musical adventure and I'll be able to be 100% myself in this band. I can't wait to join them in studio to record that damn new album! Trust me, it will be kicka**!"

The band will enter Bomb Shelter Studios in downtown Los Angeles in the next couple of weeks to begin tracking for their yet-to-be-titled third album for Nuclear Blast Records, due out in early 2007. 


KATAKLYSM - Issue tour update..  

"So we are over a week into this Metal Crusaders tour in the States…the kick off show in Montreal was phenomenal as always, Toronto was off the hook, New York was a sell out and Chicago was loud as fu*k, seems like lots people have our new album and know all the new songs, very well Kataklysm is definitely growing rapidly in America .. loving the vibe on the tour, Destruction is a pleasure to watch every night, Italy's Graveworm deliver a power punch performance and Vader kill!!..all the bands get along and its been a party, the soccer world cup will start on the 9th. Germany is playing Poland so there will be some competition on the tour buses between the Vader boys and Destruction..its heating up!!..Ill be cheering with Graveworm for far so good !"

Kataklysm plan to head back to Europe in the fall for a headlining tour supporting there supporting there critically acclaimed album "In the arms of devastation"
stay tuned for more details soon.. 


BARCODE - New singer announced  

After having parted ways with former shouter Butch in January, Danish Hardcore steam-rollers BARCODE finally announced a new singer: SS Graveyard aka BloodKill, who is also employed as frontman of the Danish Metal band DEMOLITION INC. "

What had always been Butch’s trademark – aggressive and fierce vocals, yet with a delicate sense of tone delivered with immense headroom and authority – SS Graveyard has it all", states the band on their official website

BARCODE are presently working on six new songs, first results are supposed to show up very soon.


NIGHTWISH - Launch official videoblog  

Finland's NIGHTWISH have launched an official videoblog that will allow fans to watch the band during their rehearsals this summer. Check it out at this location.

"End of an Era" contains recordings/footage of NIGHTWISH's final concert with singer Tarja Turunen, which took place on October 21, 2005 at the Hartwall arena in Helsinki, Finland. In addition to the live footage, the DVD includes a slideshow of pictures from the Hartwall show and a 55-minute documentary, "A Day Before Tomorrow", featuring behind-the-scenes footage of the band in the 15 days prior to the Hartwall Show. The documentary was edited y Timo Halo, who also edited and directed the "From Wishes To Eternity - Deleted Scenes" and "End of Innocence" movies that were released on previous NIGHTWISH DVDs.  


SONATA ARCTICA - DVD tops Finnish chart  

SONATA ARCTICA's live DVD, "For the Sake of Revenge", has entered the Finnish Music DVD chart at position No. 1. The CD version of "For the Sake of Revenge" landed on the national album chart at No. 26.

"For the Sake of Revenge" was recorded at Shibuya AX in Tokyo, Japan on February 5, 2005 and was mixed by Pasi Kauppinen at Studio57. The mastering duties were handled by Svante Forsbäck at Chartmakers. 


NILE - Summer Festival update  

Egyptologists NILE have been added to the billing of the Italian Evolution Festival. Don't miss the guys at the following open airs this summer:

24.06. B Dessel - Graspop
25.06. F Clisson - Hellfest
01.07. NL Bergum - Waldrock
15.07. I Brescia - Evolution Festival 


AMON AMARTH in mixing mood!  

“Finally after five very long - but productive - weeks all recording is done and today we started mixing the album. Nine tracks have been successfully recorded - no thanks to the huge amount of alcohol consumed, but nonetheless successfully and we can now reveal some of the titles; “Valhall Awaits Me”, “Hermod´s Ride To Hel (Lokes Trechery Part I)” and “Runes To My Memory”. More titles will be revealed shortly.”

(Amon Amarth)

In another news Metal Blade have posted a clip with the song "Fate of Norns" from the “Wrath Of The Norsemen” DVD.
Download and watch it here: Fate of norns  


CATARACT cancel Flamefest 

Dear all, we had to cancel our show at italy's biggest event for metal/hardcore music, the Flame Fest in bologna. Our apologies go out to the promoters who got us on the bill in the last minute and of course to all the people who were there expecting us. Here's why we couldn't make it: Number one: Our Van broke down on the way back from our show in Quedlinburg on Saturday, a hose of the charging system bursted - I hope I'm translating this right.

We got help from the road rescue who could fix it but told us to look for the nearest service station to get the hose replaced. We agreed with the rental company to return the van in Zürich. Number two: the rental offered us a replacement van for Monday morning, but they couldn't tell us what time.

So we had to cancel our plans of driving to Milano, spending the night there and travelling the second half on monday. As we finally got an availability time for the new van (1000hrs monday morning), we also faced a serious time problem: there was no chance we could drive to Bologna in 4 hours, especially as the main route through St. Gotthard tunnel is currently closed. So we decided to call it off.

Again, we're very sorry about this whole hassle; we tried to inform the promoters but we couldn't reach anyone with the numbers we had.

We will return.

On a different note, our shows in Bischofswerda and Quedlinburg were killer and definately worth the 12 hours it took us to get there! Cheers to all the bands we've played with (especially Detrimental Threat for lending us the drumkit) and of course the whole crew at Eastclub and Reichenstrasse. Last but not least, all of the maniacs for showing up, supporting the metal and hardcore underground... especially the 350 madmen and women in Quedlinburg - another night to remember! Also thanks to the guy explaining us how to make "hackepeter" out of a pig, hahaha!


Seventh Plague changes name to FOREVER IN TERROR  

One of Metal Blade’s recent signings Seventh Plague, composed of 5 seventeen year old musicians out of Streetsboro, OH, recently changed their name to FOREVER IN TERROR as another band in the US had already trademarked the name.

As the band states "Forever In Terror was a name we kicked around for quite some time so finding out we had to legally change our name was actually a blessing in disguise. Forever in Terror was a title of one of our older songs plus it’s all over the demo artwork, and we had been asked on several occasions if that was the band name. I guess, in the end, things work out the way they should."

Be sure to check out the band in action on tour this summer! More information on Forever In Terror tours and the recording of their debut Metal Blade release will be posted over the next few months. 


GOD DETHRONED - some news about our status of the recordings 

Tomorrow producer Joerg Uken will start on the mix of our new album called, "The Toxic Touch". These will be the songtitels: "Typhoid Mary", "On Wings of Pestilence", "Falling Down", "Away From Emptiness", "Hating Life", "Bleeding Mirrors", "Fail to Exist", "Macabre World" and "2014".

The artwork is being made as we speak by Jacek Wisniewski who also did the cover for our "Lair of the White Worm" album. We've seen the first concepts of the artwork and it looks very promising. Mix and mastering should be finished before the end of June and the release is scheduled for October through Metal Blade Records. 


UNEARTH back home from European Sounds of the Underground! 

What's up everyone? We just got back from a killer tour on the European edition of the Sounds of the Underground. We want to thank our fans for coming out in full force every night. We were literally blown away by your support and were stoked at the reaction to the new songs we debuted. We will be coming back for a full Euro/UK tour this fall to support our new record III: In the Eyes of Fire.

In the meantime, we are going to shoot a video on June 5th with the famed Darren Doane (Darkest Hour, Every Time I Die, As I Lay Dying, etc...) for a song off the new record titled GILES.

After the video shoot we will be gearing up for a headlining Canadian run with All That Remains, A Life Once Lost, The Red Chord and If Hope Dies. We understand that there are some cats up in Montreal and Toronto that are bummed we are not hitting their cities on this run, but there are zoning reasons from other tours we have coming up that are keeping us from playing there in June. Don't fret though, we will be back sooner than you all think...we will keep you posted.

Lastly, Ozzfest 2006 is right around the corner and we couldn't be any more excited to be one of the second stage headliners. Black Label Society and Atreyu will finish off the stage after us and complete a killer all day line up of second stage bands. Our show will be stepped up this summer, so come on out and catch the show and a new song or two. Till next time...



Nicke Andersson (Entombed, Nihilist), Robert Pehrsson (Runemagick, Deathwitch) and Magnus Hedquist (Grinderbitch, Ruthless Mausoleum) return to Death Metal in new band Death Breath!

"We basically share the same perception of what Death Metal is and decided to form Death Breath. Call us reactionaries or puritans but in hindsight extreme metal never sounded better than it did between '85 and '89.

Death Breath is Death Metal in it's purest and most primitive form." - Nicke Andersson

The debut album will be released in September and it features guest vocal appearances from Scott Carlson of the legendary Repulsion and Jörgen Sandström of Grave, Entombed, Vicious Art etc. 




This summer of violence has started out with the re-issues of BORN FROM PAIN's first and second full-lengths on GSR Music; Reclaiming The Crown, the 2006 Edition, includes a full length bonus cd featuring all "Immortality" mcd (sold out) tracks, all 3 tracks from "Swift, Silent, Deadly - split" CD w/Redline and the previously only Japan and Comp. released track Rise From Ruin.

All of that for the price of a regular full length cd! Sands of Time, the 2006 Edition, includes a DVD with 3 live shows, altogether about 1,5 hour of BORN FROM PAIN's crushing live skills. All of that still for the price of a regular full length cd as well. So pick that stuff up! 


We are happy to announce that the vinyl version of "In Love With The End" will (finally) be seeing the light of day on Hypertension Records from Belgium. Look for it's release this summer! 


THE OCEAN searching for new singer! 

“Due to a number of reasons we are going to part ways with our main vocalist Meta in the long run. Meta will still be performing all upcoming shows with us.

We're looking for a dedicated new singer with a powerful screaming voice and a good range of vocal styles. Further prerequisites are rhythmical precision, experience, articulation, a powerful and intimidating live-presence, unbridled passion for music and the willingness to, and time for (!), extended worldwide touring.

If you are interested in trying out, and if you know our songs and albums, write to, subject: "vocals", and tell us about you and why you think you are the right man for us. We will reply to serious and promising enquiries only!

Looking forward to hearing from you,”



COMMUNIC - To replace Exodus at the Byh Festival  

Norwegian chartbreakers COMMUNIC have just been confirmed to play at the German Bang Your Head!!! festival, scheduled to take place from June 23rd to 24th in Balingen. Thus the band replaces Thrash veterans EXODUS which cancelled their appearance recently. 


HAMMERFALL - To film video with Swedish athletics  

HAMMERFALL guitarist Oscar Dronjak has posted the following update on his official blog:

"The 19th European Athletics Championships are being held in Gothenburg in August, and we were going to shoot a video together with a couple of the Swedish athletes - much like we did with the curling team (who went on to win the Olympic gold medal, I might add), only with a specially written, previously unreleased track.

The athletes were Robert Kronberg (110 meter hurdles), Alhaji Jeng (pole vault), Johan Wissman (200 meters) and Kajsa Bergqvist (high jump). Robert especially had been looking forward to this for a long time, apparently, and seemed to enjoy every minute of the long day. He played drums in a few takes (!), and rocked for all he was worth, as did the others. I'm sure it will be a really funny video!

The highlight of the day for me was definitely the opportunity to do a couple of high jumps. That was always my best sport in school, and I haven't tried it since then. 1.45 meters posed no problem at all, and neither did 1.55, but when I raised the bar another ten centimeters, my body said, 'You know what, brotha, even all my little Hulkamaniacs couldn't force me to get up and jump now.' (Why my body sounds like Hulk Hogan, I'll never know.).

Too tired from last night's drinking and not enough sleep — that's what I told myself, at least — I could muster one proper jump but no more. Determined to clear the height later, I let it rest. For a while. After lunch, I felt ready to attack the bar again, and just barely missed. Kajsa Bergqvist, most likely the best female high jumper in the world came over to the mat.

I was kind of nervous, not only because she has won virtually everything there is to win and is the current world record holder indoors (2.08 meters), but also because I've always admired her. ;-) She gave me some helpful advice, and then I tried it again.

Wouldn't you know it, I practically sailed over the bar (I touched it a little, but it stayed in place)! Clearing 1.65 meters wearing stage clothes and only socks, I was quite proud of that effort! I have posted a video of one of the first jumps in the video section here on MySpace:

HAMMERFALL recently entered the studio to begin recording the follow-up to 2005's Chapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken, tentatively due this fall. Song titles set to appear on the album include "Carved In Stone," "Titan," "Dark Wings, Dark Words," "Shadow Empire," "Rebel Inside," "Threshold," "The Fire Burns Forever," "Howlin' With The Pac," and "Natural High."


DARKANE - Confirmed for Graspop Festival  

DARKANE have confirmed their upcoming performance at the Graspop Metal Meeting festival on Friday, June 23rd in Dessel, Belgium. 


THE ARCANE ORDER - The Machinery Of Oblivion 

THE ARCANE ORDER have finished the recordings for their debut album “The Machinery Of Oblivion”! Expect a sonic mixture of Thrash Metal with a modern approach. THE ARCANE ORDER have combined the best of past and future to create a completely original style.

Perfectly produced by Maestro Jacob Hansen, THE ARCANE ORDER is the new powerhorse in Danish Metal!

“Today we finished our upcoming album with the last few details. The result is really, really great! We are very much looking forward to getting it released in August. Expect an album similar in style to the promo songs spiced up here and there with more extreme and faster parts, but also very groovy and melodic parts that'll make your head bang non-stop!” Flemming C. Lund/THE ARCANE ORDER 

Tracklisting “The Machinery Of Oblivion”

1 Prologue: The Machinery of Oblivion

2 Infinite Ghost Anathema
3 The Superior Collision
4 In A Hail Of Deadly Bullets
5 Servants Of A Darker World
6 Bloodlust
7 A Sevenfold Condemnation
8 Breathe The Poison
9 Flames Of Liberation
10 The Sanity Insane

Check out two album songs in DEMO-VERSIONS at this URL: 


Born From Pain news 

Metal Blade Records is giving away some BORN FROM PAIN goodies. Make sure you enter this competition if you are interested in getting some free BORN FROM PAIN merch. Winners will be announced within the upcoming 2 weeks (before Hellfest). Click on the banner on the website 


Primordial news 

PRIMORDIAL have lined up two shows in Ireland: 

12.06.06 Vicar street, Dublin supporting Opeth.

Going to be at least 1200 people there so Primordial's biggest show in Ireland ever ! 

08.07.06 day of darkness festival, co.laois. Ireland

5th installment of Irelands fast growing underground festival, Primordials first appearance in 5 years also!

Also appearing are Moonsorrow, Destruction, Morphosis, Hexxed and many others 


KATAKLYSM - To film partysan show for DVD  

"Our Norther Hyperblasters, KATAKLYSM, have confirmed that they will be filming their entire co-headlining show at this year's PARTYSAN open air festival in Bad Berka / Germany. The show will be professionally filmed and stated for release for the end of the year in a double DVD release. The DVD will be entitled "KATAKLYSM Live in Germany" and the second bonus DVD "The Test of Time", which will feature footage spanning over the band's 15 year career. Interviews and various videoclips will also be included. The Canadian cult act is currently touring the U.S. to promote their latest effort "In the Arms of Devastation" live." 


SIRENIA - To enter studio in July  

"Norwegian Symphonic Goth Metal act SIRENIA are currently more than busy with their new songs. Vocalist Morten Veland (who also sings for TRISTANIA) posted the following news on the band`s official website "The song material for the upcoming CD is more or less complete; we are just working on the last details at the moment. It seems we will start the recordings by the end of July. The upcoming full-length album will consist of nine brand new SIRENIA songs — no cover songs or remix material this time." The band`s upcoming, yet untitled third album will mark the first appearance of new female singer Monika Pedersen with SIRENIA. The album will also be the band`s debut with Nuclear Blast." 



'Slit' new album recording completed !!!

Slit have just finished recording their debut release for Anticulture Records.

The album is titled 'Ode To Silence' and is due for release in September 2006.

Slit hail from Malta and feature Omar Grech from Beheaded on guitars !

The album release will be supported by a UK and European tour (September 2006).

Slit has already played and toured with band such as Rotting Christ, Happy Face, Gutworm, Viking Skull... 



'Happy Face' will enter the studio this week to record their second album!!

The album will be release in September throught "Anticulture Records" ( and supporting by a European Tour in September 2006.

Happy Face have already toured Europe 3 times with band such as The Berzerker and Deicide.

HAPPY FACE will also perform at the HELLFEST on friday 23th of June !!!

HAPPY FACE : 4th best new commer in Terrorizer Magazine poll !!! 


IN FLAMES - Confirmed for the Unholy Alliance tour 2006  

Nuclear Blast Records is very proud to announce that In Flames are confirmed for the UNHOLY ALLIANCE tour 2006!

In Flames will be main support to the mighty SLAYER on the whole European leg of this tour and the UK dates looks like this:

30.10.2006 CARDIFF - CIA Arena (GB)
01.11.2006 BIRMINGHAM - NEC (GB)
02.11.2006 GLASGOW - SECC (GB)
03.11.2006 MANCHESTER - Men Arena (GB)
19.11.2006 LONDON - Brixton Academy (GB)
20.11.2006 LONDON - Brixton Academy (GB)


DIMMU BORGIR - To record new masterpiece  

"DIMMU BORGIR guitarist Silenoz just checked in to enlighten all the fans of Norwegian Black Metal with some news regarding the upcoming album and a brand new endorsement deal. "We're playing a few festivals this summer, so no vacation for us! We’re quite busy writing for the new album.

Scheduled to start recording in October with Fredrik Nordström in Fredman Studios in Gothenburg, for a release early next year. I can also inform you that DIMMU BORGIR are proudly endorsed by ESP Guitars!" Drumming on the yet untitled work in progress will be Hellhammer of MAYHEM fame. We expect nothing less than a pitch black masterpiece as the successor of the brilliant and epic "Death Cult Armageddon"...  


NIGHTWISH - Sensational chart entries  

"NIGHTWISH's way truly seems to be paved with gold: their deluxe DVD + CD package "End Of An Era" containing footage of the last concert with singer Tarja Turunen in Helsinki, hit the charts big time.

Released on June 2nd, the DVD entered the German longplay charts at a sensational # 3 and has been certified gold today!!!!!! This means 25,000 sold units. Also, according to a posting on NIGHTWISH's official web site, "End Of An Era" was certified gold in Finland one day after its release. The DVD has sold 9,000 copies so far and the double live CD has shifted over 15,000 copies. Congratulations to our Finnish heroes!"

More international chart positions:

#3 D album charts
#7 UK rock + metal album charts
#3 NL DVD charts
#18 CH album charts
#2 A DVD charts
#1 FIN DVD charts
#2 ES DVD charts
#24 F album charts


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