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Pure Metal News: April 2007 Part 1

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Part 2

THE HAUNTED - Launch new video clip for "The Drowning"

Swedish THE HAUNTED have posted their impressive new video clip for "The Drowning" online. The song is taken from the band’s much acclaimed 2006 album "The Dead Eye" and you can check out the clip @ THE HAUNTED’s Century Media artist page!

You can also check out a stream from THE HAUNTED´s live appearance at Swedish National Radio programm P3 @ this location (just click the following link and watch out for THE HAUNTED´s feature in the center of the screen):

Currently touring the US with Dark Tranquillity, Scar Symmetry and Into Eternity, THE HAUNTED will return to UK stages on their own headliner tour together with old school thrashers Municipal Waste & the mighty WOLF towards the end of April to further present their most recent album "The Dead Eye" live. See below for a full list of dates!

Cursed Earth Tour 2007 - PART 1
With Municipal Waste + WOLF

April 28, 2007 - Leeds (UK) Cockpit
April 29, 2007 - Norwich (UK) Waterfront
April 30, 2007 - Newcastle (UK) Academy
May 01, 2007 - Glasgow (UK) Cathouse
May 02, 2007 - Dublin (IRE) Voodoo Lounge
May 03, 2007 - Liverpool (UK) Academy 2
May 04, 2007 - Birmingham (UK) Academy 2
May 05, 2007 - London (UK) Mean Fiddler
May 06, 2007 - Bristol (UK) Academy 2
May 07, 2007 - Oxford (UK) Zodiac


PARADISE LOST - Present new album cover; finished video shoot for "The Enemy"

PARADISE LOST present to you the stunning cover artwork for their much anticipated upcoming album "In Requiem", which will be released on Century Media Records on May 21st, 2007. The artwork was created by Greek artist Seth, whose gloomy designs already graced releases by Heaven Shall Burn, Rotting Christ, and the last Paradise Lost album (

Furthermore, PARADISE LOST just shot a video for "The Enemy" on the Crimean peninsula in Yalta with the Ukrainian director Edward 209 ( Edward 209 already proved his talent with dark and bizarre looking videos for Front 242 and In Strict Confidence, and you can expect something really special. See below for some stills from the video shoot!

"The Enemy", taken from the upcoming album "In Requiem" (out May 21, 2007), will be released on April 13, 2007 as a three track single including the album track "Beneath Black Skies" and the exclusive single track "Godless" as well as a video trailer of the forthcoming PARADISE LOST documentary "Over The Madness", in Germany, Switzerland, Italy & Austria ONLY.

Right after the video shoot PARADISE LOST co-headlined (with Testament) the Metal Mania Festival in Katowice / Poland where they debuted "The Enemy" live in front of 4.000 Polish fans. In times of digicam mania you can already watch it HERE !

If you can’t stand the crappy bootleg audio quality, you can pre-listen "The Enemy / Beneath Black Skies" on

On April 12, 2007 PARADISE LOST will do an exclusive DVD recording show at Koko in London, UK.

ARCH ENEMY - Recording new album / band checks in from the studio

After having announced the return of original guitarist Christopher Amott, ARCH ENEMY are now busy with the recordings of the much anticipated follow-up to the band’s most successful album to date "Doomsday Machine" (2005). The band is currently working on their next metal, yet not titled masterpiece with producer Fredrik Nordström at Sweden’s Studio Fredman, where the band actually recorded all their early albums up to "Wages Of Sin" (2001). ARCH ENEMY drummer Daniel Erlandsson checks in with an update on the recording process:

"Greetings all Arch Enemies!
As you might know we are currently recording our new album in Studio Fredman/Sweden. It's been a very smooth ride so far, working with engineers Fredrik and Patrik has been fantastic - these guys are pros!

Anyway, all the drum tracks are now completed. We recorded a total of 11 new ARCH ENEMY tracks plus some other extras that I'm sure you will hear about at a later point.
The new songs are very fresh at this moment. The new material is very varied, some songs are faster and more extreme than before while some songs are very heavy and melodic - but they all have the ARCH ENEMY imprint in capital letters!

I have no doubt that these songs will please those who like to bang their heads to the sound of pure fu*king metal!
Check out the pictures from the studio! // Daniel"

Furthermore, ARCH ENEMY has been confirmed to headline this year’s Up From The Ground Festival in Gemuenden, Germany (see for detailed info), taking place August 24-25, 2007.

Stay tuned for more studio updates in the next days!

DIMMU BORGIR - In Sorte Diaboli video premiere

Finally the day has come...the day all of you faithful DIMMU BORGIR scholars have been waiting for! Today you will truly be the ones who are first and see first. Of course we are talking about the long-awaited web premiere of the new DIMMU BORGIR video clip for "The Serpentine Offering"! Directed by Patric Ullaeus who also shot the "Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse" clip, you can prepare yourselves for yet another superior visual lesson in blasphemy & devil worshipping! Check out the ultimate DIMMU BORGIR news page to see for yourself what the whole Metal world will talk about soon...

AFTER FOREVER - Video interview online

Check out the video interview about the new album "After Forever" with singer Floor Jansen and keyboarder Joost van den Broek, which has been filmed during AFTER FOREVER's press days in Donzdorf, Germany, in the beginning of March:

EVILE wrap up Severe Torture tour and gear up to record Earache debut

Riding the thrash lightning to stardom, EVILE have recently wrapped up an extensive UK tour with death metallers SEVERE TORTURE and DESECRATION.

Recounting their tour experience on a recent MySpace blog EVILE declared, "Overall we had a fu*king great time. Want to say cheers to Severe Torture and Desecration." EVILE humorously note a day of the tour where they encounter a coven of "emos," citing that "the streets were swarming with people who can only see out of one eye (out of choice). We came upon this take away called "Salt & Pepper," it was also swarming with…..well, Emos."

Breaking away from the emo nemesis, EVILE wrapped up the tour at The Soundhaus in Glasgow, stirring up the pit and moshing with Dennis of SEVERE TORTURE! Check out more accounts on their MySpace blog at:

EVILE will be entering the studio in May to record their Earache debut album, "Enter the Grave" at Sweet Silence Studios in Copenhagen with legendary thrash producer, Flemming Rasmussen. Rasmussen has produced three thrash classics from Metallica - Ride The Lightning, Master of Puppets, and "...And Justice for All" - as well as material for MORBID ANGEL and many other legendary extreme acts! "Enter the Grave" is scheduled for a September 2007 release date.

Mortiis - Vinyl version of 'Some Kind of Heroin' to feature bonus tracks

Mortiis has announced that the limited edition double vinyl edition of the forthcoming remix album 'Some Kind of Heroin' will feature bonus tracks not found on the CD version.

The double vinyl comes with the following list of mixes, including two exclusive mixes and an additional 3 tracks not on the CD, as follows:

Twist the Knife (The Gibbering Mix by IMPLANT)
Broken Skin feat. Stephan Groth (Septic Wound Mix by XP8)
Gibber (PIG Remix)
Way Too Wicked (Psycoholic Comatose Mix) by THE KOVENANT
Gibber (Lysergic Club Mix by VELVET ACID CHRIST)
The Grudge (The Forgotten Dream by KUBRICK MIX)**
Broken Skin feat. Stephan Groth (FUNKER VOGT MIX)

The Grudge (Emotional Heresy by KUBRICK MIX)
Way Too Wicked (FLESHFIELD MIX)**
Decadent & Desperate (Therafuck Remix by DOPE STARS)
The Worst in Me (Extraction Mix by IN THE NURSERY)
Decadent & Desperate (Flickin The Bitch Switch Mix)*
The Grudge (Despectus)*
Gibber (Gibbering Idiot)
Way Too Wicked (Absinthium Mix)

** exclusive bonus mixes
* exclusive vinyl only bonus tracks

Says Mortiis about the exclusive material;

"I grew up on vinyl records, when CD came along and vinyl was dying Away I was gutted, CD still can’t stand up to the pure artistic space that is open to you on an LP.

The creativity that was explored with the vinyl format (especially in the 70’s) was pure magic and that died when CD came along. I think to some extent you can be creative with a CD too but it’s nowhere close. I try to get vinyl versions of everything we do, although sometimes that just doesn’t happen. We’re doing it now, and it is something I will be fighting for with every release we do in the future as well, to be as creative as possible in an environment that reflects that, vinyl records are a great medium to showcase cool ideas."

'Some Kind of Heroin' is released on April 16, Catch Mortiis now on his European tour with the Deathstars on these dates.


Click HERE to watch the new video for the track 'Hallucination' by Gallhammer. The song is taken from the recently released set, 'The Dawn of Gallhammer'.


Check out the brand new site for Nocturno Culto's debut film 'The Misanthrope', due to be released as a DVD/CD package on 23rd April. The site contains the video trailer, audio samples, screenshots and more.


Pre-orders are now being taken for the new film by Darkthrone's very own Nocturno Culto. Due April 23rd on DVD, The Misanthrope is a thought provoking and humourous insight into a world of solitude, chaos...and several Norwegians! NOTE: The first 600 orders from here will receive a signed copy of the DVD!

DEW-SCENTED - New video online

DEW-SCENTED have posted their new video online!
As announced before, DEW-SCENTED shot a video for the track "That´s Why I Despise You" some weeks ago with acclaimed director Patric Ullaeus (DIMMU BORGIR, IN FLAMES) in Sweden.

AS I LAY DYING recording new album

"It's been a while since our last update. We're in the studio finishing up drums today. With the exception of a computer crash, Jordan was able to finish the drums in just over three days of tracking. Soon we'll be going to my house and starting guitars, bass, and vocals. We've also scheduled a short US tour to start after we're done with the record." -Tim

CATARACT out of hibernation

We're looking forward to next month's Dance of the Days festival where we will introduce the new line up to a hardcore audience (TERROR and FULL BLOWN CHAOS will share the stage with us among tons of other bands)! More news soon! - CATARACT

DISILLUSION set up new merchandise and exclusive poster set

For all fans of "Back To Times Of Splendor": from today on we offer a BTTOS TRIPTYCH at the DISILLUSION store : Three posters form a continuous, 152cm long and 45cm high super poster with BTTOS cover and booklet motives. Printed on heavy poster paper. Highly decorative. Also, there is new "Gloria" shirts in different colours!

HATE ETERNAL - Bass player leaves, Alex Webster steps in

Former HATE ETERNAL bassist Randy Piro has released the following statement regarding his departure from the group:
"From the deepest pits of my heart I thank Erik Rutan, Derek Roddy, Jared Anderson (may he rest in peace), and everyone in the HATE ETERNAL family for believing in my abilities, and bestowing upon me the honour of playing in one of the most extreme bands the world has ever heard."

"HATE ETERNAL has played a massive role in my life, and I will always look upon my time spent jamming with Erik and Derek with warm emotions. I wish Erik Rutan and the band the world and its spoils, for the HATE truly is ETERNAL..."

It has now been officially confirmed that CANNIBAL CORPSE's Alex Webster will play bass on HATE ETERNAL's new album which is set to be released in fall 2007! Webster about the collaboration: "I am very excited to be participating in the recording of HATE ETERNAL's next album," Webster says in a statement. "Erik [Rutan, HATE ETERNAL leader] is an amazing guitarist and songwriter, and one of my best friends. As bassist for the new album, I will do my best to make the strongest contribution possible to a band that has already proven itself to be at the highest level of brutality and musicianship."

Webster and Rutan have had a close working relationship prior to collaborating on HATE ETERNAL's new album. Rutan produced CANNIBAL CORPSE's latest CD, "Kill" (2006).

"This record needs and deserves the best, and I think Alex is the best bass player I know," Rutan says in a statement. "He is one of my best friends and I know that Jared [Anderson] would be proud to have Alex be a part of HATE ETERNAL history. He was my first bass player in HATE ETERNAL when I started and am proud to have him back as a part of it."

MACHINEMADE GOD reveals details on upcoming album

"Alright, we re back from the first studio session. And believe me when I say that we’re happy to be still alive. The trip to Denmark was worse than anything we have experienced in our life. We had it all, from traffic jams to sh*tty weather, from a broken down van and uncharged cell-phones, running out of money, freezing and flooded studios...but we made it! So yeah, we're done with the instrumental part.

And it sounds already heavy...can’t wait to here the final mix. But first we have to track the vocals, which should happen pretty soon. But yeah, we keep you updated about everything as usual. Anyway, we keep being busy with shows as well, so check out the show-section, cause we added a couple new confirmed gigs. More is in the works and will be announced as soon as possible!"

"Our last studio session was successful and all drums, bass and guitars are tracked. This time we returned home save without any trouble, sh*tty weather or a broken van! We received the rough-mix of our songs yesterday and believe us, it sounds already damn heavy and we can’t wait for the final mix!

But first, we have to record the vocals, and that’s exactly what we’re starting with today. More news about the recording progress and some details about the album when we are back home!" - Flo MMG

The upcoming MACHINEMADE GOD album will be unleashed at the end of June 2007!

UNEARTH check in from the road

"So we just landed in the UK and we are all eager as fu*k to headline the UK and Europe for the first time. We have done some amazing European tours before, but it will feel damn good to play a full set and put on our show for our friends overseas. We are hitting up some smaller venues, most without barricades, so we can bring a real UNEARTH show..." - UNEARTH

FOREVER IN TERROR - New song online

FOREVER IN TERROR just posted a new track called "xy" on their official and brand new MySpace page ! The song will be included on the bands forthcoming debut "Restless In The Tides" which will be released via Metal Blade on June 15th (G/A/S) / June 18th (Europe)!

EPICUREAN sign to Metal Blade Records

Metal Blade Records has announced the signing of Minneapolis-based symphonic metal band EPICUREAN.

Formed in 2000, EPICUREAN quickly gained the attention in the Minneapolis metal scene and developed a reputation for being a powerful and unpredictable live act. In July 2006, EPICUREAN released their second CD, "A Consequence Of Design", and in February 2007, Metal Blade Records approached EPICUREAN with an offer that they promptly accepted.

EPICUREAN comments on their signing: "We are extremely excited about the signing, and what that means for the future of our band. To be a part of the Metal Blade family, along side so many bands that we have looked up to, is an honour indeed, and something we have only dreamt of until now."

EPICUREAN's "A Consequence Of Design", will be available exclusively on iTunes, Napster, Music Net, Sony Connect and MusicMatch in June 2007. Digital records offered via Metal Blade will also feature two exclusive bonus tracks.

To get an idea of what EPICUREAN is all about take a listen at

DISILLUSION need your help

The voting for the MUVI-award has started! This is one of the most prestigious film awards in Germany and the band has to face some huge competition from famous German popstars. Nevertheless, it speaks for the quality of their critically acclaimed clip (directed by Heiko Tippelt and Philipp Hirsch) for "Don´t Go Any Further" that they got picked for the final round!

The outcome is in the hands of all music fans! So please help the band and vote for their clip and spread the news! Help to make this a glorious victory for hard and heavy music!

More info on the award:

Direct link to the voting:

Everything is written in German, but it's pretty easy. You have to wait until the voting-window opens. Just scroll down a bit and you will find the DISILLUSION clip there!

Check out the video clip if you haven´t seen it yet:


"Hey everybody, we have just returned from a very successful tour of Europe. The tour took from one side of Europe to the other, from the West in Portugal to the East in Bulgaria, to the North in Finland, and many other countries in between. We really feel like every show was a success, and we want to thank all of the great fans who came to the shows and made the tour so killer. We would also like to thank our friends in DISAVOWED and URKRAFT for kicking ass as support on the tour.

For any of you in Europe who didn’t have the chance to see us on this tour but would like to, keep an eye on the tour dates section of . We are playing several festivals throughout Europe this summer (Wacken, Graspop, With Full Force, and Hellfest are all confirmed), as well as a few headlining dates in Russia and Iceland.

Thanks again to all of the fans who came out to the shows on this tour; we hope to see the rest of you this summer!"


DIMMU BORGIR - Myspace world wide music video debut

The DIMMU BORGIR videoclip premiere for "The Serpentine Offering" on April 3rd on Myspace was and is an unbelievably huge success so far! 20.000 visitors were checking out the clip during the first two hours, and now it’s already over 70.000 and the number is growing bigger by the minute. If you haven’t seen "The Serpentine Offering" (directed by Patric Ullaeus who also shot 'Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse') yet, just follow this link!

Deicide - "Desecration" video online

What could be better than an early holiday escape? Escape the holiday sickness by watching the new live video for "Desecration," from death metal masters DEICIDE, available now on and youtube.:

DEICIDE’S "The Stench of Redemption" has been popping up on top metal lists of 2006 everywhere and has appeared on list in, Metal Maniacs, and most recently on the top 5 list of metal authority, Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles! Rediscover DEICIDE in 2007 and see why "The Stench of Redemption" has won listeners over!

Don’ forget to check out the blistering video for "Desecration" and witness DEICIDE slaying the masses with harmonic corruption!

Sabotage UK news

Howdy folks!!

Long time...!
We're not hibernating, or dead, or whatever you thought happened to us...

Instead, we've been working hard to bring you, as always, strictly the best stuff out there...(and building a damn myspace page... Ugh..)

..... And we kick off the year with an exclusive!! Indeed, we're proud to present the FIRST EVER LONDON SHOW of CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX at The Underworld on Monday 9th April!! CBP feature member of post-rock seminal band MOGWAI, doom infamous ELECTRIC WIZARD & IRON MONKEY and 3D House of Beef; they play a nice chilled mix of ambient/ post rock/ low-fi which will soothe your Easter hangover just fine!

Also on the night a very very special guest, AllTomorrowsParties recording artist ALEXANDER TUCKER, as seen with the likes of Capricorns. Opening up for us is the lovely fella going under the name of TIM HOLEHOUSE, of Among The Missing fame, performing his acoustic solo stuff.So don't miss out, tickets are a mere £8 advance..!

And don't forget about all the other up and coming shows, particularly California' psych-doomsters ACID KING (with BLACK COBRA) on Friday 13th April, which is next week, for the ones like me who never know what day it is (raise your hands, don't be shy..!) also coming soon are the likes of EARTHRIDE, THE GATES OF SLUMBER and CENTURIONS GHOST on Apr 25th, 70's rock
legends MOUNTAIN with FIREBIRD on May 4th and the ROAD TO RUIN ROCK'N'ROLL CIRCUS with ORANGE GOBLIN, THE HIDDEN HAND and more! As usual, for all
details see our website

See y'all on Monday, better be there or else... !!


VARIOUS ARTISTS - Bands & label nominated for Metal Hammer awards

The nominations for the Metal Hammer Golden Gods 2007 have been revealed! Please visit this location and help the following NUCLEAR BLAST bands winning an award:

Best live band - IN FLAMES
Best international band - DIMMU BORGIR
Best newcomer - DEATHSTARS

And last but not least:
Best label - NUCLEAR BLAST

The Metal Hammer awards ceremony takes place at the Koko in London on June 11th. Bands to perform live sets include DIMMU BORGIR, LAMB OF GOD and TURISAS.

HAMMERFALL - New bass player announced

HAMMERFALL have announced a new bass player: Fredrik Larsson, original member of the band, has re-entered the realms of the Swedish steel gods and will replace Magnus Rosen from now on!

"I am very happy and excited to be back! I have known the guys for more than ten years and we have kept in touch all the time, so it is not as if I come in a complete stranger. We played a few songs together last weekend, and it felt like 1997 was just a couple of weeks ago", says Fredrik about coming back into the fold. Oscar comments: "Fredrik brings structure to the rhythm section and I think you will definitely hear and feel the difference when we play live".

"He plays with a pick, for one, and has a great groove and timing, all of which will make HAMMERFALL sound better than we ever have before", Anders remarks, and Stefan chimes in: "We are all very psyched about this and can't wait to get on the road again." "Fredrik recorded 'Glory To The Brave' with us, so he's definitely a part of the family. It's great to have him back!" adds Joacim.

Check out the revitalized HAMMERFALL at their gigs at Rock Hard festival ( Bang Your Head festival ( ), Masters Of Rock ( ) and more open air shows during this summer! More dates to be announced very soon.

Turisas to play at Metal Hammer’s Golden God Awards

Metal Hammer have announced that Turisas will be playing live at this years Golden Gods Awards Show. This years Awards will be held at London’s Koko on June 11th.

Warlord Nygard fromTurisas is super hyped to be on the bill "We just got back from the UK after playing Hammer’s Get In The Ring show where we had a great time, as always and apparently you guys can’t get enough of us - we have been invited back again! It feels good to be coming back for this year’s Golden Gods. It was a great party last year, and we are very excited to be playing the event in June. I hope the Golden Gods will be as hot and sweaty as last year!". Also playing this year’s Golden Gods Awards are Machine Head, Lamb of God and Dimmu Borgir.

Not only are Turisas playing at the show but the have been nominated for an Award for Best Underground Band - and they WANT your vote!!

You can vote for Turisas for best underground band by text or you can go and vote on metal hammers website:


The text code for Turisas for best underground band is MHUND A

And while you’re voting for Turisas …vote for Century Media who have been nominated in the Best Metal Label Category

The text code is MHLABEL E

You can text all those codes to 87103
Or you can also vote on the metal hammer web site

As with last years Awards there will be tickets made available to be in the audience - as soon as we have the details of how to apply for these tickets we’ll announce it


ONE MAN ARMY AND THE UNDEAD QUARTET - Monster still nameless - participate now

Don't forget about the running ONE MAN ARMY AND THE UNDEAD QUARTET competition: The Swedish Death'n'Rollers are still searching for a name for their monster mascot. Participate NOW and win some cool prices, among them the guitar singer Johan Lindstrand composed the first ONE MAN ARMY album on! More info here:

Deadline is on April 30th. Good luck!


We are extremely pleased to be able to announce that Viking metallers TURISAS have been confirmed to play at this years Download Festival.

Download Festival, this year, is celebrating it’s fifth anniversary, over the weekend of 8th, 9th, and 10th June. Based at the legendary Donington Park, it has become an essential festival for any rock fan. Selling out in advance, a massive 70,000 people descended on the site last year, and with tickets selling fast, 2007 looks set to be bigger and better than ever.

Never afraid to twist musical genres and turn them on their heads, Finnish six piece, TURISAS see music as a way of creating atmosphere, not a way to be labelled. Their sound is big, pompous and orchestral, but also features a lot of progressive elements and ethnic influences. They will celebrate the release of their forthcoming album ‘The Varangian Way’ (due to be released 28th May) by making their debut appearance at the Download Festival.

Warlord Nygard, TURISAS lead singer comments "Ten years ago, when this band was formed, when we were dreaming of playing the local youth centre, I remember how amazing it was to watch all those legendary bands on video play Donington. Now we're releasing our second album and it is just such a huge honour to be invited to take the stage and perform these new songs for the first time ever at such an amazing festival as Download for such a crazy crowd as we have learned to expect in the UK. Rain or shine, I want to see a sea of thousands of fists and hear your battle cry out loud and proud. Banners will fly high and pints raised towards the sky. My warriors - we meet at Donington!"

TURISAS are joining the already prestigious bill of over 30 bands already announced, with many more still to come - My Chemical Romance, Linkin Park, Iron Maiden are 30 Seconds To Mars, ANJ, Bloodsimple, Bowling For Soup, Bring Me The Horizon, Buckcherry, Chimaira, Devildriver, Dimmu Borgir, Dragonforce, Dream Theater, Drive By Argument, Enter Shikari, Evanescence, Gallows, I Was A Cub Scout, Job For A Cowboy, killswitch Engage, Korn, Lamb Of God, Machine Head, Marilyn Manson, Megadeth, Motley Crue, Shadows Fall, Slayer, Stone Sour, Turbonegro, Velvet Revolver, Within Temptation, Unearth & Wolfmother ……

The day of TURISAS’ performance will be announced shortly.

For ticket information please check the official Download website:

AMORPHIS - Live clip of 'The Smoke' available

Check out AMORPHIS live on stage at the Summer Breeze festival 2006, performing the great 'The Smoke' from their last album "Eclipse"! Be sure to catch the guys live this year at the following occasions:


19.04. FIN Turku - Klubi
20.04. FIN Eura - Osmantupa
21.04. FIN Jyväskylä - Lutakko
05.05. HU Budapest - A 38
25.-28.05. D Leipzig - Wave Gotik Treffen
02.06. ES Murcia - Lorca Rock Festival
21.06. FIN Järvenpää - Rockjuhannus
22.06. B Dessel - Graspop Metal Meeting
23.06. D Balingen - Bang Your Head Festival
06.-08.07. FIN Turku - Ruisrock
13.07. FIN Vaasa - Rockperry
14.07. FIN Joensuu - Ilosaari Metelli
28.07. FIN Kuopio - Kuopiorock
02.-04.08. D Wacken - Wacken Open Air
05.08. FIN Vantaa - Ankkarock
11.08. FIN Lammi - Pellavarock

And DON'T MISS AMORPHIS' brand new album, coming up on August 31st!

MNEMIC - European headliner tour + opener for Metallica

Danish modern metallers MNEMIC will embark on the "Mechanical Massacre '07" European headlining tour, starting on May 16th. NIGHTRAGE and SLOWMOTION APOCALYPSE haven been chosen as support acts. Check out the yet confirmed dates below!

16.05.2007 COPENHAGEN - Loppen (DK)
17.05.2007 AARHUS - Train (DK)
18.05.2007 GRONINGEN - Simplon (NL)
19.05.2007 HAMELN - Jochnroll Skatefest (DE)
20.05.2007 HAMBURG - Ballroom (DE)
21.05.2007 BERLIN - Knaack (DE)
22.05.2007 ESSEN - Turock (DE)
23.05.2007 STUTTGART - Club Prag (DE)
24.05.2007 MüNCHEN - Feierwerk (DE)
25.05.2007 ERSTFELD - Transilvania Live (CH)
26.05.2007 VILLACH - Volkshaus Landskron (AT)
27.05.2007 LUSTENAU - Culture Factory (AT)
28.05.2007 WIEN - Arena (AT)
30.05.2007 BRATISLAVA - Randal (SK)
31.05.2007 BUDAPEST - Kultopia (HU)
09.06.2007 TILBURG - 013 (NL)

29.06.2007 HADERSLEV - Kloften Festival (DK)
01.07.2007 PILZEN - Basinfire Festival (CZ)
13.07.2007 AARHUS - Vestereng (DK)

In other news, MNEMIC have been confirmed as opening act for mighty METALLICA at their gig in Aarhus, Denmark, on June 13th! "We are beyond stoked, beyond surprised, and MORE than happy to be a part of the METALLICA gig in Aarhus, Denmark!!" states guitarist Mircea. "It's definitely a dream come true for all of us. [...] We will, of course, make this day extra special, extra heavy, and extra metal!"

AFTER FOREVER - "Artist of the week" at myspace

AFTER FOREVER are "artist of the week" at myspace Germany starting today - which means that you can listen to the complete new album "After Forever" at the official band profile up to April 20th! Check it out NOW!

GOTTHARD - Video shoot for "The Call" finished

Last week the video for GOTTHARD´s first online single "The Call" - taken from the new album "Domino Effect" (release on April 27th) - has been shot in Nuernberg/Germany. Directed by Martin Mueller from RCN-TV the clip has been shot in the famous Grand Hotel.

There, the beautiful Richard-Wagner-Saloon as well as the Honeymoon Suite have been the locations for the shooting of the extraordinary clip. "As the song itself is a very traditional ballad we wanted the clip to be everything else than traditional", bass player Marc Lynn explained to the newspaper "Nuernberger Zeitung", which reported about the video shoot. "For example, we will have one scene, in which Steve Lee, our singer, sits in a restaurant with a girl and the waitress serves him a cut out heart." So we can look forward...

Municipal Waste bring back the Thrash with 'The Art of Partying'

Municipal Waste, undisputed kings of the new wave of Thrash Metal streaking across the globe, have finished work on their second Earache mosh masterpiece entitled 'The Art of Partying'.

Sticking it in the face of depressing modern eyeliner fuelled rock with a blatant disregard for their own safety in honour of the thrash party gods and armed with an arsenal of nuclear beer, boogie boards, food fights and steaming riffs, Municipal Waste have only one aim: to put the fun back into rock music.

Offering lessons in how to Party, the notoriously well experienced beer mad Virginia based band, return with 'The Art of Partying' which is building up to be one of the most anticipated records of the year. Fresh out of Zeus's' Planet Z studios drummer Dave Witte enthuses:
"We couldn't be more stoked with the outcome. Fast, furious and fun all rolled into one...a real animal."
'The Art of Partying' will be released on June 11th on Earache Records. In advance of the release the band undertake a full European trek in support of The Haunted at these shows.



UK metalheads Biomechanical will team up with fast rising thrashers Evile for a free show at Fopp Records flagship London store in Tottenham Court Road on April 30.

Entry to the event, while free, is strictly limited on a first-come first-served basis, and will kick off at 7pm at the store, at 220 - 224 Tottenham Court Road, London, W1T 7PZ (0207 299 1640).

Each band will play a special set. Biomechanical are fresh off their support tour with 3 Inches of Blood and now working on their new opus 'Cannibalised', while Evile are preparing to record their debut album 'Ente the Grave' with producer Flemming Rasmussen.

Fans are encouraged to get to the store early to catch these special sets. More details on Fopp's Tottenham Court Road store can be found here.

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