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Pure Metal News: April 2006

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April 2006 News: Part 1

MNEMIC - Part ways with singer

According to bands official homepage, MNEMIC and singer Tony Jelencovitch have decided to part ways. “We wish Tony all the best for the future, and a replacement will be announced soon,” the band states in a short message.


EVIDENCE ONE - Recording new album, line up change  

Hello all you out there been some time, since the last news. There's a big change for E1 going on, which in fact might sound more tremendous, than it actually is. To make a long story short, Robby will not be a member of the performing band EVIDENCE ONE any more! ...the performing band that is! ;-) Robby decided to focus more on the production side of the business, which for EVIDENCE ONE means simply, he won't be performing live with the band any longer, but will still be writing, recording and producing the bands CDs, so there there will not be any change in sound, songs or quality! We've already started recording "E3" (working title), the first new track's entitled "Gallery Of Broken Glass", a killer speed up Melodic Metal track in the vein of "Virus In My Veins". So, don't worry, musically simply NOTHING will change.

As for the live shows, our upcoming concerts in Nuremberg with BONFIRE and both the BLAZE OF GLORY and the ROCK OF AGES festivals, we'll have Rami's close friend and JUSTICE pal Jörg "Warthy" Wartmann ( - Sonny, schnapp Dir da ein Foto!) in! That guy's smokin'!

That's it for now! Watch out for more!
Schimmi, Rami, Hutch & Lizard


HAMMERFALL - Oscar signs in


"We have now spent the past three days locked in a small room, going over the seven finished songs for the new album. Compared to the first rehearsal in preparation of 'Chapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken', this was a fuc*ing breeze! Back then, after the first day, everybody thought, 'This sounds absolutely terrible, what the hell is going to happen when we enter the studio? Chaos?' And I'm not talking about the music, more the performance, but because of that, also the songs themselves.

Personally, it had a lot to do with the fact that I was very unsure of my playing ability due to the motorcycle accident I had had the previous year. Anyway, we sounded absolutely horrible then, and we all expected a repeat of that this time around. And I believe that to be a reason for everyone being more prepared than perhaps ever before. Whatever the cause, by the end of yesterday's session, the seven songs all sounded remarkably well-played, and I got a pretty good overlook of the material.

"My initial feelings regarding the songs proved to be correct, as these three days left me with a very positive attitude towards the material! Granted, Joacim [Cans, vocals] didn't join us for more than a quick peek, he never does for the first rehearsal before a recording. There isn't much point for him to be there, as we spend a lot of time going over the details of the music, which usually leads to long passages where he just sits on his chair doing nothing. But my philosophy is that the songs have to be strong even without the vocals, because when they come into play a good track usually becomes great."

HAMMERFALL are expected to enter the studio this summer to begin recording their new album for an October 2006 release.


BLIND GUARDIAN - Hansi Kürsch discusses new album's direction  

Metal Asylum recently conducted an interview with BLIND GUARDIAN frontman Hansi Kürsch. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow:

Metal Alysum: Is the direction of the new album as orchestrated and layered with vocal harmonies as "Night at the Opera" or does it have more in common with "Imaginations from the Other Side" or even "Somewhere Far Beyond"?

Hansi: "Well, the working title of the album is 'Twist of the Mist'. We have about five weeks of mixing coming up so during that time is when we will decide on the album's title. Would I confuse you if I said we are consequently going in the direction of 'Opera' but with less orchestration? [Laughs] You can definitely hear the roots of the band on it, especially if you have the single for 'Fly' and on the song 'Skalds and Shadows', but there is a new direction as well. I think we have included the qualities of every album so far.

Of course, our target lies in the future, so it's not exactly to be compared with any of the albums we have done before. All the 12 songs differ drastically and go in different directions. There is a traditional section, a more modern section and a more orchestrated section. I am very convinced that this was the right step to do because every song contains great melodies. The album has a focus on melodies but not so as many layers like we did with 'A Night at the Opera'.

There are tons of guitar melodies and we tried to focus on the lead vocals more this time than on 'Opera' and we removed a lot of those backing vocal layers. 'Opera' was a very busy album, this time the attitude is still the same but based on a very strong melody line either played by Andre's guitar leads or my vocals. I think you can feel that in 'Fly' already and that is a great example of the new album."

Metal Asylum: It has been understood that your original drummer Thomen left the band and started SAVAGE CIRCUS because he was more interested in making music in the style of earlier BLIND GUARDIAN. Is that because BLIND GUARDIAN is phasing out that part of the band's history in the future?

Hansi: "Well, he really liked that stuff, as we all do, but it was more of both a mixture of artist and business matters. We all had a discussion and decided it was the best thing to do for everyone. It depends how you look at it addressing your question. If you look at 'A Night at the Opera' and find that a complete change for you then we have in a sense moved away from that part of the band's past but without really thinking about it. I think 'A Night at the Opera' is a consequence and development of what we have done before but that does not mean we have denied our roots or do not want to do that music anymore, it's just not the time for that right now.

That was the '80s and early '90s and we need to come up with something new and develop. We are progressive band and therefore it is important for us to have something different between all the albums. There was no discussion neither with or without Thomen whether we were going to do another 'Imaginations from the Other Side' or 'Somewhere Far Beyond'. As I said, it's nothing we would deny, and, of course, you can still feel those Celtic elements in the single 'Fly' or 'Skalds and Shadows'. We just write the songs we are comfortable with."

Read the entire interview at


Cannibal Corpse viseo now on line  

CANNIBAL CORPSE's video for the track "Make Them Suffer" has been posted online at

The song comes off the band's latest album, "Kill", which entered the German national chart at position No. 59. "Kill" also debuted at No. 170 on The Billboard 200 with first-week sales in the United States of just a little over 6,000 copies. In 1994, CANNIBAL CORPSE's "Vile" entered the Billboard chart at No. 151 (with a first-week tally of just under 6,200), making "Kill" the second-highest selling debut in the band's storied 17-year career.  


Lizzy Borden announce new guitarist, the search for a second guitarist is still underway.

The new guitarist for Lizzy Borden is Ira Black (Metal Church/ Vicious Rumors) "Ira came in, turned up and started shredding up the place, I can’t wait for everyone to hear him play all the Borden songs. The rehearsals so far have been just crushing! He’s just the new blood we’ve been dying for" Reports Lizzy...

See pix of Ira Black at and

Lizzy Borden have decided to go back to their classic line up of two guitarists, so they are still on the lookout for a second guitarist of equal abilities. 


Neaera record release show ticket sale 

"From now on all you people who want to come to our record release show on May 12th at the Triptychon in Münster can preorder your tickets via eventim ( venue is very small, so please order your ticket NOW!!

We will be supported by our friends in Fear My Thoughts and End of Days. The DARKNESS OVER EUROPE tour has been a great success so far, we are getting along very well with everybody and the reactions to the new songs we played were really awesome.

We hope to see you on tour or at latest on our record release show on May 12th. Oh yeah, our new album, LET THE TEMPEST COME, is out since last week, so check it out!" Neaera 

NEAERA liveupdate:

05.05. Düren, Komm

12.05. Münster, Triptychon (Record-Release-Show)

20.05. Brandenburg, HdO

26.05. De Haan (B), De Broodkasse

17.06. Trier, Summer Blast Festival

25.06. Herne, Pressure Festival

01.07. Münster, Vainstream Rockfest

15.07. Quierschied, Hells Kitchen Festival

29.07. Dieburg, Traffic Jam Festival

16.-18.08. Summer Breeze Open Air



AGATHODAIMON - Looking for bass player

Guitarist Sathonys posted the following news:

"Our bass player Darin "Eddie" Smith recently left, so we're looking for a replacement and are testing some potential candidates currently.

If you have a professional attitude and would like to apply for the job (area MZ/DA/FFM preferred), send a mail to: along with further info about you and your musical background.

Besides, the new website will be relaunched early next month. Meanwhile, check out the new page at myspace: and join our friends list if you like.Of course we're also working on the yet untitled successor of "Serpent's Embrace", a release date is set to November, 24th. More news soon!


The Inbreds complete recording process, European Tour announced 

South London stoner metal scumbags, THE INBREDS have completed work on forthcoming EP, entitled "To Romance The Serpent".

Now slated for a June release in Europe through Anticulture Records, the EP features 6 brand new tracks;

"Pilgrimage Into Oblivion"

"The Manwrecker"

"(Eternally) Damn the Humans"

"Connoisseur of Bad Taste"

"Knee Deep (In the Bayou of Mistrust)"

"Shooting from the Hip"

You can listen to promo track "The Manwrecker" here: 

The recording session wasn’t without its problems though, Dean got hospitalized with a severe case of mumps during the recording, Paul and Stu had bad Flu, and Dave did some damage to his wrist just before laying down his drum tracks in agony!

Guitarist Dean Leverett commented:

"So here it is. A little late (sorry!), but never the less, it’s done and sounds killer! A record produced by a British band that sounds like a British band and not another record by one of these 10-a-penny straightedge UK metal bands that are trying to sound like Trivium & Hatebreed, with an Emo haircut just to sell a few CD’s! That makes us proud of the record we have done and we’re looking forward to playing it live on our first European tour, in little over a week now.

On a personal note, I just wanna tell you that everyone in the band kicked ass in recording this EP, all put in 110%, despite everyone being either sick or damaged. We wanna thank Dave from Denounce again for stepping up and doing the drums for the CD and the tour. Dave is still gonna be with us until we find a permanent replacement.

We are already working on the NEXT record, and we will have some exciting news about who is producing it, in the next few weeks

Hope everyone enjoys the promo track, we will be filming a video for it once we return from Europe. See you on tour!"

The Inbreds will now be hitting the road with VALUME NOB (Superjoint Ritual, Crowbar, Graveyard Rodeo) beginning next week. Here are the full dates. For more information go to or

April (UK)

17th – The Harp Rock Bar, Croydon

18th – Radio interview with Total Rock Radio. 12pm (GMT) 19th – Brick Yard, Carslile 21st – Winter Gardens, Cleethorps 22nd – The Old Angel, Nottingham 23rd – Rock Café, Stourbridge 24th – Satans Hollow, Manchester 26th – Hobbits, Weston Super Mare 27th – The Brook, Southampton 28th – The Metro, London 29th – The Phoenix, Dartford – All Day Show. Outdoor Stage 

May (Europe)

1st – The Griemm, Gent (Belgium)

2nd – The Zol Bar, Aachen (Holland)

3rd – Moben Club, Hamburg (Germany)

4th – Firez, Berlin (Germany)

5th – Shooterz, Frankfurt (Germany)

6th – Metzgerstrasse, Hanau, (Germany)

7th – Gantzen Music Hall, Koln (Germany)

9th – 211 Club, Regensberg (Germany)

12th – Vagon Club, Prague (Czech Republic)

13th – TT Club, Dolni Harbatice (Czech Republic)

16th – Lampou Club, Plzen-Pen, (Czech Republic)

17th – Effect Club, Havlivkuk Brod (Czech Republic) 18th – TBC, Bratislava, (Slovakia)

19th – BARVY LETA / ZNJOMO ROCK FESTIVAL, Prague (Czech Republic)

20th – MC Teresa, Lituinov 

Conceived in 2001 as the product of several local London bands, featuring the three way riffage of guitarists Dean Leverett, Stu Cook and Paul Relf, the ruthless vocals of Joe Smith, and backed up by the rumble and clatter of bassist Jack Hubbard and drummer Dave Felstead, The Inbreds have evolved into a relentlessly touring stoner metal fu*k-machine.

Following a deal with Anticulture Records in March 2004, the band have toured across the country, performing with rising British and American talents such as Breed77, Labrat, Headbanger’s Ball favorites Mastodon, Entombed and The Atomic B*tchwax.

October 2004 saw the release of The Inbreds’ debut album ‘Groove Drenched Warfare’ featuring nine tracks of dirty grooves and more than enough metal to really get your ears in an arm lock! Cited by Metal Hammer as "Britain’s newest stoner rock heroes" and described in Burning Black magazine as "The perfect music to get drunk and drive to", The Inbreds are here to get wrecked and fu*k you up. 


CATARACT live update 

22.04.06 - Treibhaus, Luzern - CH
w/ Palmer

29.04.06 - Lokschuppen/Black Box, Rosenheim - GER
w/ Epitome of frail

30.04.06 - Alibi, Weingarten am Bodensee - GER
w/ Epitome of frail, Edgecrusher

20.05.06 - Springbreak Fest, Bürgerhalle zu Zofingen - GER

24.05.06 - Abart, Zürich - CH
Record Release Party Tickets :

26.05.06 - Eternity of Rock Fest, Lichtenberg - ITA

27.05.06 - Ancient Spirit Festival, Lahr - GER
Ancient Spirit Festival w/ My Darkest hate, Deadborn and more

02.06.06 - Eastclub, Bischofswerda - GER
support tba

03.06.06 - Reichstrasse, Quedlinburg - GER
support tba

05.06.06 - Gods Of Metal/Flamefest, Bologna - ITA
w/ Hatebreed, Maroon a.m.

09.06.06 - Kulturhaus, Chur - CH

17.06.06 - Kuckucksnest, Berchtesgaden - GER

14.07.06 - Rockwell Open Air, Saarwellingen - GER

15.07.06 - SO25, Frankfurt - GER
w/ Machinemade God

22.07.06 - Metalcamp, Tolmin - SLO

X-mas Festivals 2006

09.12.06 - Hellraiser, Engeldorf - GER
X-mas Festivals 2006 Six Feet Under, Krisiun, God Dethroned and more

10.12.06 - Planet Music, Wien - AUT
X-mas Festivals 2006 Six Feet Under, Krisiun, God Dethroned and more

11.12.06 - Backstage, Munich - GER
X-mas Festivals 2006 Six Feet Under, Krisiun, God Dethroned and more

12.12.06 - Z7, Pratteln - CH
X-mas Festivals 2006 Six Feet Under, Krisiun, God Dethroned and more

13.1206 - Rockfabrik, Ludwigsburg - GER
X-mas Festivals 2006 Six Feet Under, Krisiun, God Dethroned and more

14.1206 - Batchkapp, Frankfurt - GER
X-mas Festivals 2006 Six Feet Under, Krisiun, God Dethroned and more

15.12.06 - La Laiterie, Strasbourg - FRA
X-mas Festivals 2006 Six Feet Under, Krisiun, God Dethroned and more

16.12.06 - Hof ter Loo, Antwerpen - BEL
X-mas Festivals 2006 Six Feet Under, Krisiun, God Dethroned and more

17.1206 - 013, Tilburg - NED
X-mas Festivals 2006 Six Feet Under, Krisiun, God Dethroned and more

18.12.05 - Zeche Karl, Essen - GER
X-mas Festivals 2006 Six Feet Under, Krisiun, God Dethroned and more

19.12.06 - La Locomotive, Paris - FRA
X-mas Festivals 2006 Six Feet Under, Krisiun, God Dethroned and more 


Gorerotted confirmed as main support for both the CRYPTOPSY and OBITUARY UK tours. 

Vocalist Ben says, 'Yeah we're really looking forward to getting back on the road, our last show was in October 2005 so we're all fired up and restless! Along with Sepultura and Anthrax, Obituary are one of the bands that got me into death metal when I was like 12 or something so its gonna be an honour to share the stage with those fellas, and Cryptopsy are probably the best death metal band going right now so who else better could we hope to tour with!? Can't fu*kin wait! See you all soon, motherfu*kers gonna be drinkin till we're stinkin innit!"

Check out for more info and updates.


11 June 2006 - Mean Fiddler - London, England

12 June 2006 - TBC - England

13 June 2006 - Soundhaus - Glasgow, Scotland

12 August 2006 - Ghostfest (Cockpit) - Leeds, England
13 August 2006 - Rock City - Nottingham, England
14 August 2006 - Roadkill 350 - Liverpool, England
15 August 2006 - An Cruiscin Lan - Cork, Ireland
16 August 2006 - Temple Bar Music Veneu - Dublin, Ireland
17 August 2006 - Barfly - Glasgow, Scotland
18 August 2006 - Edwards No 8 - Birmingham, England
19 August 2006 - Underworld - London, England
20 August 2006 - Concorde 2 - Brighton, England



09.06. Hohenems – Tennis-Event-Center "Transmitter Festival" (Austria ) + THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER + LIAR + MAROON + DESTINY + KINGS OF NUTHIN’ + THE SETUP

10.06. Antwerpen – Hof Ter Lo (Belgium) + BLIND SIGHT

12.06. Köln – Live Music Hall (Germany) + BLIND SIGHT

17.06. Trier – Summer Blast Festival (Germany) + BLIND SIGHT

18.06. London – Mean Fiddler (United Kingdom ) + MAROON + BORN FROM PAIN

19.06. Glasgow – Cathouse (United Kingdom ) + MAROON + BORN FROM PAIN

20.06. Manchaster – Music Box (United Kingdom ) + MAROON + BORN FROM PAIN

21.06. Sheffield – The Plug (United Kingdom ) + MAROON + BORN FROM PAIN

22.06. Milton Keynes – Pitz (United Kingdom ) + MAROON + BORN FROM PAIN

23.06. Clisson – Hellfest (France) + BLIND SIGHT

25.06. Herne – Pressure Festival (Germany) + BLIND SIGHT

26.06. Schweinfurt – Alter Stadtbahnhof (Germany) + BLIND SIGHT + EVERGREEN TERRACE

28.06. Turin – Chico Bum Festival (Italy ) + BLIND SIGHT

29.06. Dornbirn – Conrad Sohm (Austria ) + BLIND SIGHT

30.06. Roitzschjora – With Full Force Open Air (Germany ) 



BORN FROM PAIN live update 

21.04. Eisenach – Bürgerhaus (Germany)

22.04. Magdeburg – Sackfabrik (Germany)

27.04. Essen – Turock (Germany) + THE SETUP

28.04. Bamberg – Laimbachtalhalle (Germany)

29.04. Meerhout – Groezrock Festival (Belgium)

30.04. Lichtenstein – Disco Sucks Fest III (Germany)

04.05. Piracicaba – Sp (Brasil) + TERROR

05.05. Belo Horizonte – Matriz (Brasil) + TERROR

06.05. Vila Velha – Es (Brasil) + TERROR

07.05. Sao Paulo – Hanger 110 (Brasil) + TERROR

12.05. Schleiden/ Gemünd – Walhalla (Germany)

13.05. Hameln – Regenbogen Joch`n`Roll Fest (Germany)

20.05. Veenendaal – Escape (Netherlands)

26.05. Heidenheim – Mosh Im Beet Open Air (Germany)

27.05. Torhout – Club de B (Belgium) + LIAR

16.06. Saarbrücken – Stoneage (Germany)

18.06. London – Mean Fiddler (United Kingdom) + MAROON + THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER

19.06. Glasgow – Cathouse (United Kingdom) + MAROON + THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER

20.06. Manchaster – Music Box (United Kingdom) + MAROON + THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER

21.06. Sheffield – The Plug (United Kingdom) + MAROON + THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER

22.06. Milton Keynes – Pitz (United Kingdom) + MAROON + THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER

23.06. Groningen – Simplon (Netherlands)

25.06. Clisson – Hellfest (France)

30.06. Roitzschjora – With Full Force Open Air (Germany)

08.07. Barcelona – Brutal Noise Fest (Spain)

13.07. Rakamz – Tokaj Festival (Hungary)

15.07. Dour – Dour Festival (Germany)

21.07. Urbach – Zabbaduschder Open Air (Germany)

29.07. Weißenfels – No Silent Backlands (Germany) )

04.-06.08. Wacken – W.O.A. (Germany)

12.08. Wateringen – Waterpop (Netherlands)

26.08. Gränichen – Open Air Festival (Switzerland)

30.09. Heerlen – SPPZ (Netherlands) + DO OR DIE 



MACHINEMADE GOD live update 

13.05. Oberentfelden – BörömPöPöm (Switzerland)

25.05. Saarland – Saarlouis (Germany)

01.07. Rhauderfehn – JuKZ (Germany)

15.07. Frankfurt - 025 (Germany)

22.07. Urbach – Zabbaduschder Open Air (Germany)  



THE OCEAN live update

25.04. Bonn Klangstation
26.04. Esch - sur - Alzette (L) Kulturfabrik
27.04. Karlsruhe Substage w/Ira
28.04. Grossrosseln (Saar) Mystic Festival w/Lacuna, Letzte Instanz, The Gathering u.v.a.
29.04. Würzburg B-Hof
30.04. Niesky Juz Holz
05.05. Berlin Knaack w/The Anti Doctrine
06.05. Bayreuth Glashaus
12.05. Jena Rosenkeller w/Transmission0
04.08. Fredericia (DK) Fredericia Hardcore Fest
05.08. Chemnitz Welcome Goodbye Summer Open Air w/Maroon u.a.
19.08. Dinkelsbühl Summer Brezze Festival
26.08. Gent (B) Ieper Hardcore Fest




IN FLAMES - “European headlining tour was great"  

IN FLAMES bassist Peter Iwers has posted the following message on the band's official web site:

"I am at home again and as I'm writing this I'm in my garden, having a coffee and just chilling! The European part of the tour was GREAT. Never in the whole world did I expect such a great turnout.

All the people we met and made friends with or just had a chat with made everything totally worthwile. Coming to Slovenia and Poland for the first time was amazing, and it's definitely not the last time. We will be coming around more.

To CRUCIFIED BARBARA, DAGOBA and SEPULTURA I'd like to extend my warmest gratitude for being such great bands and cool people to hang with. I had a blast with you guys. I really hope we'll have the priviliege to play with you again soon." 


EXODUS - “I got lots of metal left in me!”  

Australia's The Metal Forge recently conducted an interview with EXODUS guitarist Gary Holt. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow:

On when fans can expect the follow-up to 2005's acclaimed "Shovel Headed Kill Machine":

"We're already writing riffs for the next one. We won't have any big delays in between this one either. We've become quite the workers nowadays. I'm fired up. I got lots of metal left in me!"

On the departures of drummer Tom Hunting and guitarist Rick Hunolt:

"Tom's fine. His illness was all mental — he had a mental breakdown. Last time I spoke to him was on Christmas, and he says he's doing better but he doesn't sound all the way there yet. Rick decided to quit but he's got his own personal substance-abuse issues.

Yeah, it's been difficult but y'know, the only thing I can do is just soldier on. And now, this lineup is just so strong and everybody is just so involved and into it that we all can't wait to make the next album. Lee [Altus, HEATHEN] came in when we started recording just to do the solos and he wasn't involved in any of the writing. Paul [Bostaph, ex-SLAYER] came in when most of the stuff was written and finished. We're all real excited about actually collaborating together."

On how the band's new lineup is getting along:

"There are people who have been really close to this band for years who have seen us together and they say we seem closer as people than the old lineup. We actually spend more time together and we don't pull into a town and everybody kinda goes and does their own thing.

As much as I love those guys, with the exception of Zetro — I don't love him but I don't hate him anymore either — but Tom and Rick I love; but this bunch of guys, we have a great time together. It feels like we've been together for 15 or 20 years."

On how the record industry has changed since the band started 25 years ago:

"With 'Bonded By Blood', everything was real underground, y'know? That was on a label started by two fans, y’know? Now, the business I still hate many aspects of because it is a business and an art at the same time. But I'm wiser now and I don't allow other people to crunch numbers for me. I pay attention to that sh*t. When I was younger, I trusted everybody else to do what was in my best interests and that wasn't always what was the case."

Read the entire interview at  


CLAWFINGER - Zak signs in  

Vocalist Zak Tell has posted the following message on CLAWFINGER's official web site:

"Apart from me meeting up with Jocke [Skog, keyboards] to participate in the control arms manifestation [a political protest] and being in the studio two days ago just to remember what it's like, well, everything is simply about family! We know we have two and a half hectic weeks in France coming up very shortly, and then more dates in May, so basically everybody is busy doing nothing or stuff that is not related much to CLAWFINGER!

Well, actually Jocke is in the studio most of the time twisting knobs and drinking coffee so that's not totally true, but what I'm trying to say is that we're not in the creative writing mode right now! Somewhere in the back of our heads, however, I think we are starting to play around with the idea of making some new trax, it's just a question of putting those ideas together in our heads in a focused enough way to make something more out of it and actually get them down on hard drive.

We have been talking about which direction we would like to go with the new stuff and I get the feeling that it will be slightly different from the "Hate Yourself With Style" album. That said I still don't really know which direction it will go, I just get the feeling it will lead elsewhere. Your guess is as good as ours and the only info I can give you is that we want to mash things up even more, pick bits and pieces from all over the place and cross over a bunch of different influences!"


DARKANE - Meet Steve Vai, Jay Leno, and Bill Ward  

In their feature for the May 2006 issue of Metal Edge, guitarist Christofer Malmström talks about what it was like to meet Steve Vai, Jay Leno, and Bill Ward all within a span of three days during their 2005 maiden tour of the U.S. and Canada:

"That was really cool, 'cause I am a huge fan of Steve Vai, and I also got to shake hands with Jay Leno and Bill Ward, the drummer of Black Sabbath. On the fourth day, I was like, 'Who's up today?'"

On why the band decided to self-produce their latest release, Layers Of Lies:
"All the money went to buying equipment. So, to be totally honest, we couldn't afford a producer. [laughter]"


EDGUY - A solid chunk of traditional metal  

"Rocket Ride is a solid chunk of traditional metal. Frontman Tobias Sammet has a hell of a Dickinson-esque wail. 'Fu*king With Fire' is done with pounding drums, screaming guitars, and a chorus hook that would bring tears to Def Leppard's eyes.

There may not be an arena in the world big enough to contain the power of this song, a song epic in its scope of head-banging, fist-pumping, foot-stomping, air-guitar glory. The track has recently replaced Turbonegro's City Of Satan' as the official theme song of the Illinois Entertainer office, because we, like EDGUY, are nothing if not 'nasty, bad boys' (and girls)." - Illinois Entertainer

No stranger to pulling pranks, EDGUY frontman Tobias Sammet admits that the March 31st press release regarding David Hasselhoff and his CGI Ferrari was an April Fool's joke:

"Okay, so, how can I explain that?" laughs Sammet. "It wasn't true. Nuclear Blast asked me if it suited me and was it something I'd announce. As long as it's big bullsh*t, I'd announce anything, so I said, 'Let's go for it.' We really did meet him (Hasselhoff), but it was two years ago. Isn't it customary to pull First of April pranks in the U.S. as well?" 


EXODUS - Never surrender!  

Long hailed as the band that spawned the burgeoning Bay Area Thrash scene in the early '80s, one cannot discuss the power and influence of EXODUS without going into the genealogy of metal music. The most important thing for everyone to know is this: the words "quit" and "surrender" do not exist in Gary Holt's vocabulary.

Currently on tour through North America in support of Shovel Headed Kill Machine, EXODUS will make it extremely obvious that their kill tank has only one gear: straight ahead like a mechanical battering ram, which explains why the album went on to rank #3 in a nationwide "Top 5 Albums of 2005" poll by Decibel Magazine. "When it comes to writing and performing the thrash metal they helped invent more than two decades ago," cites Outburn Magazine, "EXODUS can hold their heads high as the reigning kings."

EXODUS' attitude-driven sound is carried out with the brutality of military vengeance. Punctuated by the wide range and reckless fury of Rob Dukes' caustic, cholera-infested vocals and replete with gang vocals, SHKM spills over with raw, heart-racing Gary Holt/Lee Altus lead guitar riffs and solos that give the record its soul.

The thunderous pull of Jack Gibson's precise bass work locking in with the furious abandon of Paul Bostaph's breakneck double-bass beats and complex snare and tom patterns results in an undeniably bestial rhythm section. "Standard metal sounds like love songs compared to the musical violence of EXODUS' Shovel Headed Kill Machine," commended DRUM! Magazine, and no truer words could have been spoken.


MESHUGGAH - Influence Tool  

MESHUGGAH's musical reach will never cease to amaze fans and musicians alike.

In a recent interview with Kerrang! magazine, guitarist Adam Jones of Tool spoke about their new album which will be "packed with plenty of eight minute-plus twisted riff-a-thons, odd-tempo polyrhythms, and the band's trademark: eerie interludes. We've all been listening to a lot of MESHUGGAH. I see a lot of them in us and us in them, and they really have a very experimental prog side to them. I don't think it was like, 'Okay, right here we're going to play like MESHUGGAH,' but more 'Oh my god, that's come out a MESHUGGAH moment." 


SCAR SYMMETRY - From here to eternity  

Swedish melodic death metallers SCAR SYMMETRY's brand new album, "Pitch Black Progress" will be reviewed in the May issue of Guitar One's "Heavier Things" column. The album has also been voted "Album Of The Month" by Rock Hard Magazine in Greece.

The band recently competed a video shoot for the album's lead-off track, "The Illusionist," available here and are currently performing throughout Europe on the Neckbreakers Ball tour with labelmates HYPOCRISY, SOILWORK, AMORPHIS, and ONE MAN ARMY AND THE UNDEAD QUARTET. 


SONATA ARCTICA - Henrik signs in  

A road update from SONATA ARCTICA keyboardist, Henrik "Henkka" Klingenberg:

Hello everybody ! I just wanted to drop you a quick line to tell y'all what's going on. We played our first show in Germany in Herne with Saxon and Doro among others. We started off in Sweden with three headlining shows and this tour will have a total of 26 shows in 10 countries. So far everything's gone pretty well and it feels great to be back on the road.

Yesterday was a bit of a nightmare for me personally 'cause my keyboard rack broke down 5 minutes before we hit the stage. Luckily I have a backup system, and though I had to use some different sounds, we managed to play the show which is the main point anyway. This day will probably pass pretty fast, fixing the gear and doing some interwievs, and at nine it's showtime again. This night we have a drive of 800km to Budapest, where we'll play tomorrow. I'll try to check back in a couple of days."

To view photos from the European tour, visit this link.

The track listing of the 70-minute live CD (which differs from the DVD track listing) included in the For The Sake Of Revenge release is as follows:

01. Intro
02. Misplaced
03. Blinded No More
04. Fullmoon, extract from “White Pearls Black Oceans”
05. Victoria's Secret
06. Broken
07. 8th Commandment
08. Shamandalie
09. Kingdom for a Heart
10. Replica
11. My Land
12. Black Sheep
13. Gravenimage
14. Don't Say a word
15. The Cage / Vodka
16. San Sebastian (Japan Bonus) 


THERION - Tracklisting of six disc set  

Sweden's THERION will be releasing a six disc set (4 DVDs/2 audio CDs) entitled Celebrators of Becoming in North America on June 13th.

Available in two versions, fans will get to choose between the luxury digi-pak and regular versions, but both will contain all discs. THERION want to make sure both versions are affordable for all fans.

The complete track listing for the 6-disc set is as follows:

Disc I: Live in Mexico City
01. Blood Of Kingu
02. Uthark Runa
03. Seven Secrets Of The Sphinx
04. Asgård
05. Son Of The Sun
06. Invocation Of Naamah
07. Typhon
08. Draconian Trilogy
09. Flesh Of The Gods
10. Schwarzalbenheim
11. Ginnungagap
12. In Remembrance
13. Wild Hunt
14. The Invincible
15. Melez
16. Rise Of Sodom And Gomorrah
17. The Khlysti Evangelist
18. Siren Of The Woods
19. Quetzalcoatl
20. Wine Of Aluqah
21. Cults Of The Shadow
22. To Mega Therion
23. Iron Fist

Disc II: Tour Report 2004-2005

Contains a soundcheck, an improvised soprano a capella, an improvised drum solo, backstage footage, a day in Bolivia + over 30 songs recorded in 16 countries in Europe, North America, South America and Asia. Among those songs are: the Russian National Anthem, W.A.S.P.'s "I Wanna Be Somebody," "Black Funeral," "Black Sun," "Crowning Of Atlantis," Motörhead's "Iron Fist" (with special guests TRISTANIA and TRAIL OF TEARS), "Caffeine" (TRAIL OF TEARS + THERION as special guests on stage), and much more.

Disc III: Various Stuff - Live At Wacken 2001
01. Seven Secrets Of The Sphinx
02. The Invocation Of Naamah
03. Cults Of The Shadow
04. Birth Of Venus Illegitima
05. In The Desert Of Set
06. Te Rise Of Sodom And Gomorrah
07. Wine Of Aluqah
08. To Mega Therion

Video Clip Section
01. Pandemonic Outbreak (1992)
02. A Black Rose (1993)
03. The Beauty In Black (1995)
04. To Mega Therion (1996)
05. In The Desert Of Set (1997)
06. Birth Of Venus Illegitima (1998)
07. Summernight City (2001)

This disc also contains the art film "The Golden Embrace," studio reports from the recordings of "Lemuria" and "Sirius B," and more.

Disc IV: Historical Journey - 1989-2001
01. Paroxysmal Holocaust
02. Asphyxiate With Fear
03. Dark Eternity
04. The Return
05. Pandemonic Outbreak
06. Enter The Dephts Of Eternal Darkness
07. Dawn Of Perishness
08. Baal Reginon
09. Wings Of The Hydra
11. Melez
12. Symphony Of The Dead
13. A Black Rose
14. Dark Princess Naamah
15. Let The New Day Begin
16. Dawn Of Perishness
17. Black
18. Cults Of The Shadow
19. To Mega Therion
20. Under Jolly Roger
21. Black Sun
22. Rise Of Sodom And Gomorrah
23. Enter Vril-Ya
24. Behind The Scenes
25. Riders Of Theli
26. Theniemannbrothersjam
27. To Mega Therion
28. Wings Of The Hydra
29. Behind The Scenes
30. Seawinds
31. Secret Of The Runes
32. Summernight City
33. The Beauty In Black
34. Behind The Scenes

Discs V + VI:
Audio from the Mexico City show.


CATARACT bonus disc upgraded! 

The limited first edition (digipack) of the new CATARACT album “Kingdom” has been upgraded! The bonus disc will now contain 10 songs! Here´s the complete tracklisting of the bonus disc: 

1. Devon (re-arranged, re-recorded/-mixed/-mastered by Tue Madson, taken from "Great Days of Vengeance", originally released by Lifeforce Records)

2. Vulcano (re-arranged, re-recorded/-mixed/-mastered by Tue Madson, taken from "Great Days of Vengeance", originally released by Lifeforce Records)

3. Red Clouds (re-arranged, re-recorded/-mixed/-mastered by Tue Madson, taken from "Martyr's Melodies", originally released by Lifeforce Records)

4. Loss of a Smile (re-arranged, re-recorded/-mixed/-mastered by Tue Madson, taken from "Golem", originally released by Ferret Music)

5. I Regret (live at the Metal Blade Rrroooaaarrr, 2nd of October, 2005)

6. Reborn From Fire (live at the Metal Blade Rrroooaaarrr, 2nd of October, 2005)

7. Skies Grow Black (live at the Metal Blade Rrroooaaarrr, 2nd of October, 2005)

8. Fuel (live at the Metal Blade Rrroooaaarrr, 2nd of October, 2005)

9. XXX (live at the Metal Blade Rrroooaaarrr, 2nd of October, 2005) – NASTY SAVAGE cover song

10. Nothing´s Left (live at the Metal Blade Rrroooaaarrr, 2nd of October, 2005) 

Swiss metallic hardcore heroes CATARACT are back with their fourth album “Kingdom”! 11 Tracks of brutal heavy music are ready to be unleashed upon the masses by the 19th / 22nd of May! The album (which will also be released as a limited 2CD digipack) was recorded once again at Antfarm Studios and produced by Tue Madsen (HEAVEN SHALL BURN, CALIBAN, HIMSA, END OF DAYS, BORN FROM PAIN, KNUCKLEDUST…) who gave CATARACT the sound they were aiming for this time around! 

Guitarist Simon Fuellemann speaks out on “Kingdom”:

„With this album we’ve built our own ‘kingdom’! Metallic Hardcore – ‘hard’ being the keyword! ‘Kingdom’ is a groundbreaking step forward without losing our own style!” 


THERION - Tour dates and support acts announced  

Sweden's THERION have announced GRAVE DIGGER and BENEDICTUM as the support acts for the following European tour dates in January/February 2007:

Jan. 17 - Essen, GER @ Weststadthalle
Jan. 18 - France @ TBA
Jan. 19 - Lichtenfels, GER @ Stadthalle
Jan. 20 - Antwerpen, BEL @ Hof Ter Loo
Jan. 21 - London, UK @ Mean Fiddler
Jan. 23 - Paris, FRA @ TBA
Jan. 24 - FRA @ TBA
Jan. 25 - Barcelona, SPA @ Razzmatazz 2
Jan. 26 - Madrid, SPA @ La Riveria
Jan. 27 - Bilbao, SPA @ Santana 27
Jan. 28 - France @ TBA
Jan. 29 - Milano, ITA @ TBA
Jan. 31 - Lubljana, SLO @ VPK Mediapark
Feb. 01 - Zagreb, CRO @ Boogaloo
Feb. 02 - Salzburg, AUT @ Rockhouse
Feb. 03 - Vienna, AUT @ Planet Music
Feb. 04 - Budapest, HUN @ Petofi Hall
Feb. 05 - Belgrad, SER @ SKC
Feb. 07 - GER @ TBA
Feb. 08 - Langen, GER @ Stadthalle
Feb. 09 - Pratteln, SWI @ Z7
Feb. 10 - Glauchau, GER @ Alte Spinnerei
Feb. 11 - Munich, GER @ New Backstage
Feb. 13 - Krakow, POL @ TBA
Feb. 14 - Warszawa, POL @ TBA
Feb. 16 - Tilburg, NETH @ TBA
Feb. 17 - NETH @ TBA
Feb. 18 - Hamburg, GER @ Markthalle



A good friend of German Avantgarde metallers DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER has uploaded a remix-version of the song "Barmherzigkeit" (org. released on the 2004 effort „SAMURAI“) to apply for the soundtrack of the Russian movie "Wächter der Nacht" ("Night Watch")! To vote for the track's new version and to watch the clip, click HERE! DO IT … NOW!  


DEW-SCENTED - live shows announced  

German extreme metallers DEW-SCENTED have announced several live shows for 2006!

Dew-Scented 2006 live-shows:
28.04.2006 PASSAU - Walpurgis Metal Days VI Festival (DE)
29.04.2006 MILLERY/LYON - Underground Metal Festival 4 (FR)
05.05.2006 WEIL DER STADT/STUTTGART - JuHa Kloster (D)
06.05.2006 ESSEN - Julius-Leber Haus/Bloodfest (D)
07.05.2006 BEAUVAIS - Metalliance II (FR)
20.05.2006 METZ - Metiz' Art Festival (FR)
16.06.2006 SCHWEINFURT - Queens Of Metal Open Air (DE)
07.07.2006 OSTERODE - Rock Harz Open Air (DE)
21.07.2006 URBACH/STUTTGART - Zabbaduschder Open Air V (D)
22.07.2006 WOLFSBURG - Schlachthaus Metal Open Air (D)
11.08.2006 BAD BERKA - Party.san Open Air (DE)


KATAKLYSM - Explain European tour cancellation  

Canadian death metallers KATAKLYSM have issued a statement explaining their decision to pull out of the remaining dates on the BOLT THROWER European tour. It reads as follows:

"KATAKLYSM have been forced to cancel the remainder of the Euro tour with U.K. death metalers BOLT THROWER for reasons beyond the band's control that have to be dealt with back home. The band would like to add that they had a great time and the tour was a complete success and the strongest for KATAKLYSM ever. The band would like to thank CANNIBAL CORPSE and BOLT THROWER for the great opportunity to tour with these great bands.

All the shows missed after Saarbrücken, Germany will be rescheduled in September as KATAKLYSM is planning their headlining tour for the fall in Europe. Also big apologies for the missed Helsinki show but I'm sure the fans will understand that when you board a flight that says Flight 666 To HEL (abbreviation for Helsinki) and get barely get there on time and lose all your guitars and equipement and luggages (still haven't found Maurizio's a week later!), it's hard to play the show. We will make it up as soon as we can! We will also post the ticket stub of that flight 'coz is a classic!!! All Metal Crusaders dates will not be affected by this in the States."


GOTTHARD - Unpluged in Switzerland  

Switzerland's GOTTHARD have issued the following update:

"On April 28th, 2006 the new Gotthard live album, Made In Switzerland, will finally be released. It comes with a special bonus DVD showing last year's memorable and magical live concert in the Hallenstadion in Zurich, Switzerland. This release will be celebrated with a very special event at the Rose d'Or festival in Lucerne, Switzerland.

And you can be part of the event, when Swiss Star-TV talkshow Claudia's Sofa with Claudia Laesser and her guests Gotthard will be recorded. After that you can watch the sneak preview of the new Gotthard-DVD „Made In Switzerland” and the height of the evening will be an exclusive unplugged live concert of GOTTHARD!

So, join us on Thursday, April 27th 2006 from 20h30 (9:30 PM) at Hotel Schweizerhof (Bringolf Saal), Schweizerhofquai 3a, 6002 Lucerne, Switzerland. The entrance is free but be aware, there is only a limited number of seats available and that means: first come, first serve. We are looking forward to seeing you in Lucerne on Thursday."


CANDLEMASS - New album in the making 

From his Stockholm apartment, founder/bassist Leif Edling provided BW&BK exclusive details and aired a couple of demos for the follow-up to last year's self-titled comeback. While neither the music, nor lyrics have been completed (he's currently demoing the material with friend/Krux singer Mats Leven), Edling is sure of one thing, "I'm trying to write a concept story, just a loosely based concept, escapades from society.

I want to express myself in a way that gives the finger to what's going on in society. Sweden is a mecca of reality shows: people who know nothing, can do nothing, stupid exihitionists. It gets headlines, which p isses me off. I believe in paying taxes and that there should be a social safety net, for people who are sick and can't work, but I wonder, 'Where does our tax money go?'

Edling revealed that their forthcoming album may be delayed until early 2007 due to frontman Messiah Marcolin's vocal chord infection. The operatic god will not be able to sing until August at the earliest (by doctors orders) and the band will record the entire record without vocals and Marcolin's tracks will be dubbed in by producer Andy Sneap (NEVERMORE, ARCH ENEMY) at the end of summer.


COMMUNIC - press results and new web-design  

Norwegian Progressive/Power metallers COMMUNIC have re-launched their official web site at, fitting the band's new layout for the forthcoming effort „Waves Of Visual Decay“ (in stores: May 19th, 2006). Check in and enjoy…

“Waves Of Visual Decay” has also received top results in several magazines. Here´s a short overview:

Rock Hard 9,5 / 10 Points Soundcheck # 1 “Album of the month”
Metal Hammer 07 / 07 Points Soundcheck # 1 “Album of the month”
Heavy 12 / 12 Points
Metal Heart 10 / 10 Points

Scream Soundcheck # 1 “Album of the month”

Powerplay 08 / 10 Points

Stay tuned for more amazing news on COMMUNIC,… soon!


DIMMU BORGIR - Ruling Norwegian TV  

DIMMU BORGIR ”Sorgens Kammer del II” is the most wanted Metal video in Norway by NRK “Svisj” (National TV)! Congratulations ;-)

The most wanted lists are based upon sms votes from the viewers.


THERION - Tour dates announced  

Sweden's THERION have announced their European tour dates in January/February 2007:

Jan. 17 - Essen, GER @ Weststadthalle
Jan. 18 - France @ TBA
Jan. 19 - Lichtenfels, GER @ Stadthalle
Jan. 20 - Antwerpen, BEL @ Hof Ter Loo
Jan. 21 - London, UK @ Mean Fiddler
Jan. 23 - Paris, FRA @ TBA
Jan. 24 - FRA @ TBA
Jan. 25 - Barcelona, SPA @ Razzmatazz 2
Jan. 26 - Madrid, SPA @ La Riveria
Jan. 27 - Bilbao, SPA @ Santana 27
Jan. 28 - France @ TBA
Jan. 29 - Milano, ITA @ TBA
Jan. 31 - Lubljana, SLO @ VPK Mediapark
Feb. 01 - Zagreb, CRO @ Boogaloo
Feb. 02 - Salzburg, AUT @ Rockhouse
Feb. 03 - Vienna, AUT @ Planet Music
Feb. 04 - Budapest, HUN @ Petofi Hall
Feb. 05 - Belgrad, SER @ SKC
Feb. 07 - GER @ TBA
Feb. 08 - Langen, GER @ Stadthalle
Feb. 09 - Pratteln, SWI @ Z7
Feb. 10 - Glauchau, GER @ Alte Spinnerei
Feb. 11 - Munich, GER @ New Backstage
Feb. 13 - Krakow, POL @ TBA
Feb. 14 - Warszawa, POL @ TBA
Feb. 16 - Tilburg, NETH @ TBA
Feb. 17 - NETH @ TBA
Feb. 18 - Hamburg, GER @ Markthalle


THE RIVER - debut album soon to be released 

For the past 6 years the UK's The River have been forging their own brand of Oneiric Doom Metal incorporating seriously heavy riffing, enchanting female vocals & lashings of melody.

Having produced 4 exceptionally well received demos (which enabled the band to play live with The Lord Weird Slough Feg, Reverend Bizarre, Brocas Helm and Esoteric) the band have now signed to Retribute Records.

Their debut CD 'Drawing Down The Sun' is set to show another significant progression in both playing and songwriting, incorporating some left of field ideas with monumentally heavy riffs.

Rest assured the band's knack of writing un-ashamed yet challenging Doom Metal will be further explored with this release!

Release Date: May 2006 



In Flames confirmed for the Download Festival 2006 

Nuclear Blast Records is proud to announce:

IN FLAMES are now confirmed for this year’s Download Festival –

In Flames have after the successful new album “Come Clarity” and a VERY successful UK headline tour secured a mainstage slot on the Sunday – the last day of the festival.

See for more info!

If you missed them on the recent UK tour AND at last years Download festival – DON’T miss the opportunity to see them live here – the live reviews don’t lie:

Kerrang: KKKKK – Metal Hammer: 9/10 – Rocksound: ”This is the true face of metal in 06” – Big Cheese: 4/5 – Powerplay magazine 10/10

Birmingham Evening Mail: 4/5

After having finished their most successful European tour to date last week, In Flames are currently at home in Gothenburg relaxing and preparing for their upcoming, second US headline tour of the year. For more info on In Flames check:  

As you already know, we also have CATHEDRAL and SOILWORK playing this year at The Download Festival.

Cathedral are playing the Gibson stage on the Friday and Soilwork take to the Snickers stage on the Sunday.  


Callenish Circle live dates 

Friday 26.05: Donkey Shot in Heemskerk (NL) + 1 support

Friday 02.06: Het Podium in Hoogeveen + 1 support

Saturday 15.07: Bloodstock Open Air @ Catton Park in South Derbyshire (UK)

Saturday 30.09: Sleutelrock @ De Peuk in Valkenburg/ZH (NL)

Friday 13.10: Hedon in Zwolle (NL) + 2 supports

Machinemade God live updates 

2006-05-06 Julius Leber Haus Essen

2006-05-13 börömpömpöm Oberentfelden (CH)

2006-05-14 Exhaus Trier

2006-05-25 Stoneage Saarbruecken

2006-06-16 Alter Stadtbahnhof Schweinfurt + Evergreen Terrace

2006-06-17 Reithalle Dresden + Hatebreed

2006-06-18 Schlachthof Bremen + Hatebreed & Evergreen Terrace

2006-06-19 Underworld London + Evergreen Terrace (UK)

2006-06-20 Peterborough Peterborough + Evergreen Terrace (UK)

2006-06-21 Jilys Rockworld Manchester + Evergreen Terrace (UK)

2006-06-22 Rio Bradford + Evergreen Terrace (UK)

2006-06-23 Furnace Swindon + Evergreen Terrace (UK)

2006-06-26 Alter Stadtbahnhof Schweinfurt + Black Dahalia Murder

2006-06-29 O25 Frankfurt + Evergreen Terrace

2006-07-01 JuKuZ Rhauderfehn

2006-07-05 Kantine Augsburg + Evergreen Terrace, Agnostic Front

2006-07-06 KATO Berlin + Evergreen Terrace

2006-07-07 Falkendom Bielefeld + Evergreen Terrace

2006-07-08 Dock "Hotel zur Mühle"/Ship: "Schloss Ahrenfels" Bad Breisig

2006-07-15 O25 Frankfurt + Cataract 


ARMORED SAINT European Tour dates 

23.06.2006 NL – Arnhem – Willemeen

24.06.2006 D – Balingen – Bang Your Head Festival

25.06.2006 B – Dessel – Graspop Festival

27.06.2006 GB – Sheffield – Corporation

28.06.2006 GB – Belfast – Spring & Airbrake

29.06.2006 GB – Glasgow – Cathouse

01.07.2006 GB – London – Underworld

16.07.2006 I – Toscolano Mademo – Evolution Festival  



10.03.2006 E - Granada - Atarfe Vega Rock
05.05.2006 A - Wien Planet Music - Metal for Fairness Benefizkonzert
19.05.2006 D - Greding - Sägfestival
27.05.2006 I - Prad a. Stj. - Eternity of Rock Open Air Festival
03.06.2006 D - Gelsenkirchen - Rock Hard Festival
16.06.2006 D - Dischingen - Rock am Härtsfeldsee
01.07.2006 HR - Spalene Porici - Basin Fire Festival
15.07.2006 D - Römerstein - 2. Römerstein Open Air Festival
22.07.2006 D - Kreuth - Earthshaker Festival
05.08.2006 CH - Pratteln - Metal Dayz
18.08.2006 D - Cuxhaven - Deichbrand Festival
19.08.2006 NO - Oslo - RagnaRock Open Air Festival
30.09.2006 UK - Derby - Bloodstock Festival 


CATARACT additional live dates 

08.07. Szombathely (Ungarn)

09.07. Burning Season Fest - Unterbruch bei Hartberg (A) 


VARIOUS ARTISTS - "Heavy Metal auf dem lande" DVD release  

To celebrate the upcoming release of the anticipated DVD “Heavy Metal auf dem Lande” – due on May 12th – NUCLEAR BLAST is proud to announce several public presentations in selected cinemas all over Germany:

Kino im Sprengel, Hannover, 28.- 30.04.06
Scala Tuttlingen, Tuttlingen, 04. - 10.05.06
Spektrum, Villingen-Schwenningen, 10.05.06
Brazil, Schwäbisch Gmünd, 18. - 20. & 22.- 24.05.06
Prestige-Filmtheater, Künzelsau tba.
Gloria-Kinocenter, Geislingen an der Steige tba.
Residenz-Kino, Radolfzell tba.
Babylon, Berlin tba.


In Flames - & Cathedral for Metal Hammer Awards 2006  

The METAL HAMMER AWARDS 2006 are coming up in June and the voting has started. The nominations for the fourth annual Metal Hammer Golden Gods awards — which take place on Monday, June 12th at the Koko in Camden, North London, this year — were announced today.

Support of fans of IN FLAMES and/or CATHEDRAL is VERY MUCH appreciated! Please take the time and vote here!

The following nominations this year are:

Best Live band: IN FLAMES
Best Underground Band: CATHEDRAL
Best Shredder: Bjorn and Jesper – IN FLAMES

Please help spreading the word and have everyone you know vote! 


BLIND GUARDIAN - To release orchestral album in 2008  

Guitarist Andre Olbrich of the German power metal giants BLIND GUARDIAN revealed in an interview with Metal Temple magazine's Michael Dalakos that the band has been working on a strictly orchestral album, due for release in 2008. An excerpt from the interview follows:

Metal Temple:
Virgin never really took care of releasing your albums with bonus material and cool editions. Will this ever change?

"Yes! There will be a limited-edition pack with one bonus track from our upcoming orchestral album. I don't know what else Nuclear Blast Records is planning but they are more active than Virgin..."

Metal Temple: Orchestral album?

Andre: "Yes, this is material we are writing the last eight years and we have never found the time to release the album. But now we have almost finished the songwriting and we've started the production with our producer Charlie Bauerfeind and Viktor Smolski [RAGE] who is involved in the orchestral recordings. The album will be released in 2008."

Metal Temple: We are talking about strictly new material...

"Yes, new material, just orchestra and Hansi [Kürsch] singing. It is without the heavy metal parts! There are really good things there and really hope we will tease you with the song we will put on the album."

Metal Temple: I am pretty sure that you will! If you had the ability to change one thing in the music industry, what would that be?

"Oh, so hard [Laughs]... There are so many things ’d like to change [Laughs]. it is pretty unfair for musicians that work for years on the music they create and get in the end very little money in exchange. They get the smallest piece of the pie. It is unfair."

Read the entire interview at 



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