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Pure Metal News: April 2006

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April 2006 News: Part 2

CANNIBAL CORPSE entering German and U.S. Billboard Charts! 

We are extremely excited to announce that the new CANNIBAL CORPSE album "Kill" has entered the official German Longplay Charts on position 59! 

For the second time in their long career, CANNIBAL CORPSE has debuted on the BILLBOARD TOP 200 ALBUMS CHART at #170 with 6049 units scanned with the release of their highly anticipated and praised album "KILL"! In 1994 "Vile" debuted at #151 (with 6175 units scanned), making "KILL" the second highest selling debut in the bands storied 17 year career!!! With a confirmed spot on this Summers Sounds of the Underground tour alongside Behemoth and The Black Dahlia Murder this will definitely be the year for true death metal! Metal Blade & Cannibal Corpse wish to thank everyone of their fans new and old who made this possible!


PHOENIX MOURNING video shoot done and new E-Card is finished! 

We would like to thank the guys over at Altair Clothing for the endorsement, we are thrilled to sport the clothing they have hooked us up with!! Make sure you check them out, the product is amazing! We also just wrapped up the performance portion of the video for Across Twenty-Six Winters. The shoot went way better then we had ever imagined it could. It was an absolute honor and pleasure to work with Adam Grabarnick on the shoot and we are confident the final product will be mind blowing. We will have pictures up very soon of the shoot and the video will air sometime in mid April, so stay tuned! 

Don’t forget about the show this Friday (March 31st) at Lillians and of course the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival in late April!! Check the tour section for specifics. I'm sure you noticed the new intro/e-card as well; we would like to thank Matthew from Pixelspread for his continued amazing work over the years. Also touring plans are in the very immediate future, so make sure you check back to the site often for all the updates.


POWERWOLF busy writing new songs!

The wolves have started writing the follow up to last year's "Return in Bloodred". Once again Attila Dorn and his fellow creatures will descend to the darkest places of their souls to create another piece of scary vamipirc wolfish metal. Songs such as "Bloodfever", "We take it from the living" or "Carpathos the great" will carry on where "Return in Bloodred" left, adding a heavier edge as well as an even more haunting atmosphere. Legions of the wolf - look forward to the end of the year and await the wolves' mighty 2nd coming!!!!!


PSYOPUS new album update! 

Psyopus will enter Watchmen Studios in Lockport, NY on June 24th with Doug White to begin recording their next album for Metal Blade Records. Titled "Our Puzzling Encounters Considered," the album will feature new drummer Jo n Cole (a Boston native) and will likely consist of twelve tracks. There's been talk of doing a totally outlandish Psyopus EP on BMA again at some point featuring ridiculous camp fire songs, lounge music and all sorts of cracked out tech-grind, but that most likely won't be for a long time. In the meantime, check out of webstore for some new Psyopus merch.


ONE MAN ARMY AND THE UNDEAD QUARTET - Joining "Metal Therapy" festival 

Due to the cancellation of IMPALED NAZARENE, Swedish Death'nRollers ONE MAN ARMY AND THE UNDEAD QUARTET have been added to the billing of the French Metal Therapy festival, taking place on April 15 th in Amneville. Thus the line up looks like this: 

















ANTHRAX - Scott Ian to guest on HBO's 'Deadwood' 

ANTHRAX guitarist Scott Ian was recently featured as an extra on HBO's "Deadwood". Scott plays a bodyguard protecting George Hearst. Check out a photo at THIS LOCATION. Look for the "Deadwood" episode featuring "gunslinger Scott" to air sometime this June. For more info on Deadwood head to this THIS LOCATION.

The band will be undertaking a three-week European headlining tour in April, with BEYOND FEAR (featuring ex-JUDAS PRIEST and current ICED EARTH frontman Tim "Ripper" Owens) supporting. 


HAMMERFALL - Details about charity hockey game 

More details have been revealed about the charity ice-hockey game that HAMMERFALL members Joacim Cans (vocals) and Oscar Dronjak (guitar) will participate in on Thursday, March 30 in Vättlehallen in Stenkullen, outside of Göteborg, Sweden. The event is being arranged by and will begin at 4:00 p.m. (match starts at 6:30 p.m.).

Cans and Dronjak's teammates include sports stars Thomas Ravelli, Pontus Kåmark, Håkan Mild and Patrick Carnbäck, as well as comedians Jan Bylund, Anders Eriksson and Per Fritzell. Other musicians featured on the team are MOTÖRHEAD/ex-KING DIAMOND drummer Mikkey Dee and ALIEN vocalist Jim Jidhed, among others. They will be facing HCZ, a hockey-in-training squad from a show on ZTV, and clips from the surely hotly contested game will air on said channel at a later date 


KNORKATOR - Signing session announced 

Germany`s most band of the world”, the ultimate boygroup KNORKATOR will be holding a signing session on Thursday, April 15 between 16:00 p.m. and 17:00 p.m. at the NUCLEAR BLAST Shop Halle! BE THERE…!!!

Leipziger Str. 64
06108 Halle
Tel. 0345 / 69 49 666


HAMMERFALL - Next chapter 

HAMMERFALL guitarist Oscar Dronjak checks in about the new album on his blog:

"This is where we stand at the moment: Seven songs for the new album are all but finished on my part, Joacim [Cans, vocals] is hard at work on the five he has gotten from me so far. Stefan [Elmgren, guitar] has been involved in two of these seven songs, writing most of one completely by himself (a first for a track with vocals). 

We have a wide range of songs this time around as well, and I have a very good feeling about the material so far. And since the recordings will commence in a just over two months, that is a comforting feeling to have, let me tell you!"

HAMMERFALL's latest album, "Chapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken", was released in April 2005 and was produced and mixed by Charlie Bauernfeind (BLIND GUARDIAN, Helloween).



Friday 26.05 : Donkey Shot in Heemskerk (NL) 
Friday 02.06 : Het Podium in Hoogeveen (NL) = new date ! 
Saturday 17.06 : Rotten Metal Festival @ Nighttown in Rotterdam (NL) = whole festival is cancelled ! 
Saturday 15.07 : Bloodstock Open Air @ Catton Park in South Derbyshire (UK)


THE OCEAN news update

“Just a short note from tour... we got through the toughest part of it and we're back in Germany right now... looking forward to some sold-out gigs with TEXTURES in the Netherlands. Our tour diary has been updated, and we keep updating it whenever we get the chance to with new pictures. Sometimes we get pictures via email weeks after the show, so check back frequently”
click here. and read about all the rock'n'roll lifestyle, tragic incidents, overweight vans and crusty Millionaires. Stuff like this only happens when you are on the road. It's worth checking out!


POWERWOLF live update

23./24.06.2006 D - Balingen @ Bang Your Head Festival 
21./22.07.2006 D - Kirnbach @ Moosenmättle Open Air 
15./16.09.2006 D - Anröchte @ Braincrusher Festival 
30.09.2006 D - Kusel @ United Metalheads Festival 
16.12.2006 A - Vienna @ Christmas Metal Festival



Some news from Stefan Weinerhall, the heart & soul of FALCONER:

The new FALCONER album will be entitled: “Northwind”.

Some of the titles will be: Catch the shadows, Northwind, Legend and the lore, Waltz with the dead, Long gone by and Tower of the queen. Song titles that really fit the musical atmosphere of the album!

“Northwind” will be released in September/October of 2006. The first edition of the album will contain a bonus disc with four traditional songs in Swedish and a short documentary of the recording session. 
In July the last recordings and the mix will take place and meanwhile I'm coming up with more details and additions to the orchestrations. 
Mathias is penning down the harmony and choir arrangements. This time around you will get more folky and classical instruments added to the songs, something that really enhance things and make it more colourful. I tell you, I'm dying to hear the final result. There's never been a FALCONER album this thought through, produced and filled with nuggets of gold…



FOU are headlining their release party for the new album “Sterling Black Icon” on Friday, 14th of April at the Café Central in Weinheim, Germany. Of course you can also buy the new album there. Support bands are DEADBORN and WORLDESCAPE. Be there!



Some news from Flemming C. Lund, the guitar shredder of THE ARCANE ORDER: 

Yesterday THE ARCANE ORDER entered Jacob Hansens studio for a bit more than 3 weeks to record our debut album "The Machinery of Oblivion" for Metal Blade Records. We are so excited, and simply cannot wait to start recording the result of the last months intense rehearsing and songwriting!

The cover for the album, which is being designed by Sons of Nero from the US, is almost ready and so everything is starting to take shape. We are really happy with the cover result so far. These guys truly understood exactly what we wanted! So the last two days we'll just try to sort out the last few details, and then we are set to go. We will try to update this homepage and our The Arcane Order blogspace at Myspace as often as possible with studioreports, pictures and perhaps videoclips. 

So check back often! Later metalheads!! 

The debut of THE ARCANE ORDER will be released in August of 2006!


Strapping Young Lad re-release, European Festivals & new album 

This summer will be a feast for every SYL fan. The Canadian Extreme Metal deviants Devin Townsend, drum-legend Gene Hoglan (ex-Death, ex-Dark Angel), bass master Byron Stroud (also Fear Factory) and axeman Jed Simon tour Europe, including festival appearances at UK Donington’s Download, Bologna’s Flame Fest, Sweden’s finest Hultsfred Festival and Finland’s Provinssirock - more dates tbc:

03.06.2006 France Jarny Du Chateau De Moncel / Jarny Festival
05.06.2006 Italy Bologna Flame Fest
06.06.2006 France Lyon Le Transbordeur
07.06.2006 France Paris L'elysee Montmartre 
09.06.2006 UK Castle Donington / Download Fest
11.06.2006 Belgium Vosselaar Biebob 
12.06.2006 Holland Amsterdam Melkweg
13.06.2006 Holland Tilburg 013
14.06.2006 DK Copenhagen Lille Vega
15.06.2006 Sweden Hultsfred Festivalen
17.06.2006 Finland Seinajoki Provinssirock

On June 12th 2006 Century Media Records is proud to re-release STRAPPING YOUNG LAD’s 1995 debut album “Heavy As A Really Heavy Thing” in Europe. A masterpiece that changed the metal world forever. The re-issue features a re-mastered version of this classic debut, 4 bonus tracks, the “S.Y.L.” video and a 12 page booklet with extended liner notes from Devin himself. 

As Devin recalls, “I had finished with the Wildhearts just prior to this [1994], and they were so anti- everything that I decided to take a similar approach while focusing on dissonance and just being as over-the-top as I could. Songs didn’t really matter; it was just the intensity and the vibe plus lots of humour. Screaming and laughing are pretty close, I think, and I have just never been ‘hard’, so we do what comes naturally, right? Right.“
So enjoy the rebirth of a genre-defining classic!

“Heavy As A Really Heavy Thing” (re-issue)
European street date: June 12th, 2006
In the Rainy Season 
Cod Metal King 
Happy Camper (Carpe B.U.M.) 
The Filler - Sweet City Jesus 
Skin Me 
Satan’s Ice Cream Truck (hidden bonus track from original pressing)
Japan (originally a Japanese bonus track)
Monday (previously unreleased bonus track)
Exciter (European bonus track from original version; Judas Priest cover version)
+ “S.Y.L.” video clip 

Strapping Yound Lad have never been a band to look backwards, so in addition to this re-issue they are set to deliver a new studio album as well. The band is in the studio right now working on “The New Black”. Stay tuned for more news from the world’s most extreme Metal machine.


CATTLE DECAPITATION Title of new album announced, search for new drummer, and more! 

Humans of earth: 
It is now time to fill everyone in on the GORY details of late… 

Cattle Decapitation is happy to announce Karma. Bloody.Karma as the title of the next record. 
NO, there is not any religious significance of the title. NO, the name does not imply that we’re “crazy vegans” trying to push our lifestyle onto people (as a lot of gabbing internet idiots like to pigeonhole us as). It is simply about the “greatest natural disaster of all time,” humanity, and revenge for its effect on this planet. 

This will be the most nihilistic, pessimistic and hateful record we’ve ever done lyrically, and musically you can expect, what one of our friends has said perfectly about it, a very “schizophrenic” release! Imagine the Caninus split material, just longer in every way. Karma.Bloody.Karma features guest appearances by Joey Karam (The Locust) and John Wiese (Sunn0))), Bastard Noise) and was produced by Billy Anderson (Swans, Mr. Bungle, Melvins). Available July 2006! 

Here’s the goddamn track list: 
1. Intro 
2. Unintelligent Design 
3. Success Is…(Hanging By the Neck) 
4. One Thousand Times Decapitation 
5. The Carcass Derrick 
6. Total Gore 
7. Bereavement 
8. Suspended In Coprolite 
9. Alone At The Landfill 
10. Karma.Bloody.Karma. 
11. The New Dawn 
12. Of Human Pride & Flatulence 

As of March, 2006 Michael Laughlin has left Cattle Decapitation for personal reasons. Unfortunately, this leaves us in the predicament of trying to fulfill our upcoming tour obligations without a drummer.

Therefore we are asking drummers that would be interested in filling in for our upcoming tours with Necrophagist and From a Second Story Window (with the potential of becoming a permanent member) to submit a recording (audio or video) of themselves playing either the song No Future off of our split with Caninus and/or Reduced to Paste from Humanure. 

Let it be clear that we are not looking for creative interpretations of the songs. A calypso version of "Reduced to Paste" is not necessary. We would like for prospective drummers to be able to play hit for hit what is being performed on the above recordings. 

Either you have it or you don't. Sloppy double-bass or slow blasting is not acceptable. 

Our live set will be approximately 35 minutes a night for the aforementioned tours, so applicants should be prepared for a barrage of learning over the course of the next five weeks. Basically, we need a human drum machine. 

We plan to have 5-6 brand new unreleased songs in our set in addition to various selections from the split with Caninus, Humanure, To Serve Man and Human Jerky for a total of around 11 songs. We will provide able prospects with recordings of the unreleased songs upon reception of successfully rendered versions of No Future or Reduced to Paste. 

A link to No Future and REDUCED TO PASTE can be found on our My Space site:

These tours start May 11th. You may reach us at or at our page with submissions. 


We have a new addition to Cattle Decapitation. A new second guitar player by the name of Kevin “Fetus” Bernier, of L.A. ’s Watch Me Burn/Fetus Eaters/Deadfood/Vomitcore Records, has just joined the ranks. He’s been an amazing friend of ours since the beginning and we’re very excited to start playing live with him. We’ll try our hardest to have him ready for the Necrophagist tour! 


The long awaited destructo-ambient masterpiece by Cattle Decapitation's Travis Ryan and Daft Alliance’s Nathan Berlinguette is NOW AVAILABLE!!! 40 minutes of electronic and organic apocalypse for fans of Sunn0))), Lull, and Thomas Koner. Limited edition special packaging handmade and hand numbered of 100 copies will be available on a first come first serve basis!!! 

These copies will be available only via mail-order and a select few stores picked by Post Replica. Available only while supplies last. PAYPAL - $10 U.S. ppd/$12 international ppd to:

Check for sound clips and for more details on shows as they unfold! 
Travis Ryan - Human Resources/Director of Culinary Arts 
-Cattle Decapitation-



Metal Blade Records and AS I LAY DYING have teamed up to bring forth the long out of print of, AS I LAY DYING’s earliest recordings. These special recordings have become harder and harder to find as the bands’ popularity continues to skyrocket.

Now, available to the metal masses for the first time, A LONG MARCH: THE FIRST RECORDINGS. This single disc collection contains all of the original Pluto Records material including 2001's Beneath The Encasing Of Ashes as well as both a new recording and the original recording of AILD’s much sought after 2002 EP, while offering something entirely new. In stores May 19th / 22nd 2006!


Download THE RED CHORD’S ‘Blue Line Cretin’ at!

Starting on April 17 th you can download The Red Chord’s track ‘Blue Line Cretin’ off their highly praised release Clients exclusively through Fuse TV and FYE. The track will be available for free download April 17th through April 23rd so make sure ya stop by and get the track before it’s too late! Also be sure to catch the band on this summers Ozzfest on the second stage along side Black Label Society, Atreyu, Bleeding Through, label mates Unearth, and many more! 

You can download ‘Blue Line Cretin’ at the following locations:


ANGEL BLAKE posts preview to new video 'Forsaken'!

The video for The Forsaken is being edited as I type. But, of course we can offer a pre-view for the
visitors. Check out this VIDEO page boyz 'n girlz...


STARWOOD almost finished with new record!

The Starwood record is almost done and it is amazing! We are all so happy with the way it’s coming out… I think you all are going to love it. There has already been some interest in that arena and we haven’t even finished the record yet. 

So, as soon as we finish recording and get the mix just perfect we are going to shop it around. We’re not sure how long this process is going to take, and we are not going to rush it because we know it will be worth the wait to release it the right way. So keep the troops going in full force! 

Starwood is bringing something very special to the table. We want to thank all the street teamers that are out beating the Drum for Starwood, your passion is contagious and we can feel your energy everyday while we record. Just knowing you’re out there, and waiting patiently for new Starwood makes us work that much harder in the studio to make this record just for you. So keep the fires burning Starwood is coming!


BORN FROM PAIN checks in from the road!

Hey, what's up everybody? We are half a week into our tour and we already played a great couple of shows. Bulgaria showed us a lot of love. The shows in Varna (most eastern show we ever played) and especially Sofia just killed it! We did Bukarest, Romania last night. Absolutely killer again. 

People out here appreciate everything that comes their way and are not as jaded as people sometimes are in Western Europe . Anyway, complete madness at the Fire Club. Also here thanks everyone for making it this great! Thanks so much to Alex as well for managing those Bulgarian and Romanian shows. Also visited Bran Castle today. That's the castle the infamous Vlad Dracul used to reign from. His legend is huge, his castle is boring... 

Oh well... Grabbed the souvenirs and started driving to reach Budapest . We're done with 6 hours, another 4 to go... I love these roads....


LIQUIDO - Wolfgang signs in 

We've played our first shows this year, and it's been a great start for this year's summer season with many great shows coming up! 

This weekend has been intersting in two ways: for the first time we played a show in St.Moritz, well known to all the readers of boulevard 
magazines, and it's been an excellent night there! Two pictures with us enjoying our time there can be seen on "pictures" on our homepage.

The other interesting news is, that we've made a bet with the organizers of the show in Feldkirch/Austria last saturday: if Germany's football team reaches the finals of the Fifa world championship, we'll be back there for just the "unkosten"/travel expenses, but if our team will be eliminated from the championship tournament after the preliminary round, i.e. doesn't reach the 1/8-finals, we'll be playing there again next year to usual conditions with a specialty: the organizers and waitors there have to work wearing nothing but an apron (schürze) and a tie! We've had a few beers, but nevertheless it's a deal!! it's going to be an exciting worldcup! 


Wolfgang and Los Liquidos

LIQUIDO live 2006 

16.04.2006 München - Tonhalle / Energy Music Tour

03.05.2006 Mittweida - Sachsen rockt 2006

04.05.2006 Greding - Hippodrom

02.06.2006 Leipzig - Stadtfest

03.06.2006 PL-Tarnow - Music Marathon

10.06.2006 Neuisenburg - Open Doors

14.06.2006 Albstadt - Tropicana

16.06.2006 Geisenfeld - Bürgerfest

17.06.2006 Rostock - Campus Explosion (+ Massive Töne)

28.06.2006 I-Cava Manara - Festa della Birra

30.06.2006 I-Luzzara - Festival (+ Tying Tiffany)

02.07.2006 Türkei/Antalya - Ö3 Summersplash

07.07.2006 Tangermünde - Festival

21.07.2006 Chemnitz - Turmbrauhaus Fest

22.07.2006 Forstinning - Rock am Forst (+ Jamaram)

29.07.2006 CH-Adlboden - Vogellisi Festival

12.08.2006 I-Südtirol - Franzensfeste

14.08.2006 München - Optimol Sommerfest

26.08.2006 B-Hamme - Mira Festival

16.09.2006 Plauen - Sternquell Fest

23.09.2006 Sinsheim - Elsenzhalle 


IN FLAMES - Scuzz TV special 

UK’s finest, SCUZZ TV, is about to host an IN FLAMES special this coming weekend.

It will feature old videos and also live footage from the legendary London Hammersmith Apollo show.

You will also get the chance to win an ESP guitar signed by the band. The time for this IN FLAMES special is Sunday @ 2pm UK time.

- Perfect excuse to get out of that boring Easter dinner…

You can also vote for your favourite Nuclear Blast videos and see them on Scuzz TV here


I - Sign with Nuclear Blast 

"I", the new band fronted by Immortal’s ABBATH, has signed a deal with Nuclear Blast for their upcoming album.
Featuring members from IMMORTAL, GORGOROTH and ENSLAVED, and lyrics by former IMMORTAL guitarist Demonaz, you can expect an explosive album later this year!

The band will enter the studio at the end of April and will be available for interviews later.
The first chance to see "I" live will be at the Hole In The Sky festival in Bergen, Norway, August 26th.

Abbath - voice
T.C. King - bass
Ice Dale - guitars
Armagedda - drums


SIRENIA - To introduce new singer! 

Norwegian based Gothic Metal band SIRENA finally announced a new singer! This is what guitar player, growler and songwriter Morten Veland states about his new band mate: 
"SIRENIA is finally ready to introduce their new female singer. Her name is Monika Pedersen from Denmark, born 1978. Monika has been dedicated to music all her life, and has loads of experience from other bands, projects, choirs etc. In addition she has been working with several professional singing teachers in Luxemburg and Denmark. From now on she will have an important role in SIRENIA’s music, and we all look forward to a future collaboration." 


AMON AMARTH DVD-set postponed!

Dear friends,
Many of you have seen the bad moon rising in the past. And yes, we need to postpone the release date of the AMON AMARTH 3-DVD-set “Wrath Of The Norsemen” to May, 12th (G/A/S) and 15th (Europe). 

Due to technical reasons (which in this case means a problem in manufacturing) we need to do so.
Thanks for your understanding.


MENDEED - Sign with Nuclear Blast 

Nuclear Blast proudly announces the signing of UK shooting stars MENDEED. The Glasgow based youngsters play a stunning mixture out of Thrash Metal, Hardcore and maidenesque guitar solos and already gained high popularity in their home country England, opening for acts like ANTHRAX, CRADLE OF FILTH, SLIPKNOT, TRIVIUM, BLEEDING THROUGH and SHADOW'S FALL! Soon the guys will support FEAR FACTORY on five European shows plus embark on the Unholy Alliance Tour in October / November with mighty SLAYER! Watch out for the thrilling debut "This War Will Last Forever", produced by Mark Daghorn, set to be released in June 2006.

David Proctor - Vocals
Chris Lavery - Bass/Vocals
Steven Nixon - Lead Guitar
Steph Gildea - Guitar
Kevin Matthews - Drums


HAMMERFALL - World Championship song 

HAMMERFALL vocalist Joacim Cans has teamed up with former Helloween and current Masterplan drummer Uli Kusch to write a song for the upcoming soccer world championship. Entitled "Glorious," the song will feature Swedish singer Mikeyla as the main vocalist, with special guest appearances by Ralf Scheepers (PRIMAL FEAR), Tobias Sammet (EDGUY), Roland Grapow (MASTERPLAN) and Oscar Dronjak (HAMMERFALL). The production is taking place in Sweden April 24-25.

In other HAMMERFALL news, on April 14th, Joacim will participate in the TV4 show "Rampfeber" (translation: "Stage Fright"). There, he'll be teaching Uffe Larsson how to sing Twisted Sister's "We're Not Gonna Take It."

"Rampfeber" features celebrites getting paired up with artists who will try to teach them all aspects in how to perform: everything from choice of stage clothes and stage choreography to how to use their voice the best and impress everyone watching. Following their training sessions, contestants get judged by a jury when they present their act on the show on Friday evenings. The judgees will decide whether the contestant is good enough to qualify for the next round.


ONE MAN ARMY AND THE UNDEAD QUARTET - Second strike in the making! 

ONE MAN ARMY AND THE UNDEAD QUARTET, the new Swedish band featuring former THE CROWN vocalist Johan Lindstrand, have commenced the songwriting process for the follow-up to their debut album, 21st Century Killing Machine.

"[I have] great inspiration right now and I'm writing lyrics constantly and it feels so great," Lindstrand writes on the band's web site. "I have now lyrics for half an album, but the hard part will, of course, be to arrange it with music, but it will be fun as hell. Some riffs have been popping up as well, and the other guys are writing lots of good stuff too, so the next one will definitely be more split up when it comes to the songwriting. We are a band of five, and everyone has equal thinking and that's very promising for the whole process."

ONE MAN ARMY AND THE UNDEAD QUARTET will be performing throughout Europe on the Neckbreakers Ball tour with labelmates HYPOCRISY, SOILWORK, AMORPHIS, and SCAR SYMMETRY. 


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