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Pure Metal News: March 2006 Part 2

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March 2006 News: Part 1

THE ACCÜSED - are now part of the family  

We are proud to announce that the sensational comeback album of the legendary splatter rock icons THE ACCÜSED will be released by Nuclear Blast Records in Europe. The album is called "Oh Martha" and will please all the fanatic fans that missed the guys for many, many years. Martha Splatterhead will bring the good times back into our life. Be part of the mania! More infos on 

HAMMERFALL - "Artists For Life"  

HAMMERFALL singer Joacim Cans and guitarist Oscar Dronjak will be part of a Swedish ice-hockey team called "Artists for Life". The team will feature celebrities like football and ice-hockey legends, stand-up comedians, Mikkey Dee (Motörhead) and several other Swedish musicians etc.

The game be partly broadcasted on television and will be against a reality show team from Swedish ZTV. The entire happening is part of a charity event that put together football games, ice-hockey games etc. to raise money.

Amazing stuff! Weird, funny and a really good idea!

ANTHRAX - We barely made it out alive”  

ANTHRAX guitarist Scott Ian has elaborated on his previous claim that the band could not have continued without a reunion of their "classic" lineup — featuring singer Joey Belladonna and guitarist Dan Spitz. Explaining that "fu*ked-up contracts" are the reason he cannot be more specific regarding the exact reasons behind the group's decision to rejoin forces with Belladonna and Spitz, Ian said, "That's why I can't just answer a question. That's why I have to remain vague. Sorry, my ego just isn't that big. I don't need to hear myself speak. I can keep my mouth shut, especially when our lives in this business are on the line. 

[In a recent interview with Germany's Rock Hard magazine] John [Bush, ex-ANTHRAX singer] couldn't answer straight either [regarding the reasons for the reunion of the band's classic lineup]. You have to understand that sadly this is a business and for me to be specific would cause unbelievable damage to this band and all its individual members. We'd be done. Buried under a mountain of litigious bullsh*t and we wouldn't be able to dig ourselves out and continue this time. We barely made it out alive after 'Volume 8'. It would probably be easier for me to say nothing but I feel you [the ANTHRAX fans] deserve the respect you've earned from us. 

They may not be the answers you want but at least I'm here [to answer your questions]. I'm in the CDC [the official ANTHRAX fan club] all the time. I don't see anyone else being so proactive. This is my life and if you think for one second I take any of this for granted you are dead wrong. "Over the next few months we expect the air to clear for us. Until that happens, mum is the word."

ANTHRAX are expected to begin work on a new studio album with Belladonna and Spitz later in the year. 

SUBWAY TO SALLY - “Nackt” on the road  

According to the official homepage, SUBWAY TO SALLY, Germany's most successful "medieval" rock/metal band, have thanked all fans for a fantastic Christmas-tour back in 2005. Right now Eric Fish, Frau Schmit and the rest of the band are preparing themselves for the forthcoming “Nackt” Tour, set to take place in April 2006, and added some additional show due to high ticket sales! Confirmed dates are as follows:


07.04. D Leipzig - Anker
08.04. D Magdeburg - Factory
09.04. D Kiel - Max
11.04. D Hamburg - Grünspan
10.04. D Köln - alter Wartesaal
13.04. D Hannover - Capitol
15.04. D Gotha -Stadthalle
16.04. D Aschaffenburg - Colossaal
17.04. CH Zürich - Rohstofflager
19.04. D Mainz - KUZ
20.04. D Nürnberg - Hirsch
21.04. D Stuttgart/Ludwigsburg - Scala
22.04. D Ulm - Roxy
23.04. D Pirmasens - Quasimodo
24.04. D Bochum - Christuskirche (additional date)
25.04. D Bochum - Christuskirche(SOLD OUT)
26.04. D Wuppertal - Musiktheater Rex
27.04. D Osnabrück - Lutherkirche (SOLD OUT)
28.04. D Osnabrück - Lutherkirche (SOLD OUT)
29.04. D Bremen - Schlachthof
30.04. D Berlin - Passionskirche (SOLD OUT)
02.05. D Fulda - Kulturzentrum Kreuz
03.05. D Freiburg - Jazzhaus
04.05. D München - Backstage
05.05. D Berlin - Passionskirche (additional date)
10.05. D Münster - Jovel (Rockshow)
13.05. D Marktsteft bei Kitzingen - Benefizfestival
17.06. A Nickelsdorf - Novarock
07.07. D Osterode - Rock Harz Festival
08.07. D Mühlheim / Ruhr - Castle Rock Festival
13.07. D Kulmbach - Plassenburg
14.07. D Jena - F-Haus Open Air / Thüringentag
21.07. D Tuttlingen - Honberg Sommer
22.07. D Köln - Amphi Festival
05.08. D Wacken - Wacken Open Air


AGNOSTIC FRONT - More tourdates announced  

New York hardcore legends AGNOSTIC FRONT have announced more tourdates for the summer. Confirmed dates are as follows:

24.06. Le Means – Hellfest (France)
25.06. Desselt – Grasspop (Belgium) NEW!
28.06. Turin – Chico Bum Festival (Italy)
30.06. Mezotur – WAN 2 Festival (Hungary)
01.07. oitzschjora – With Full Force Festival (Germany)
06.07. Praha – Rock For People Festival (Czech Republic) NEW!
15.07. Dour – Dour Festival (Belgium)
04.08. Selestat – Zone51 Festival (France)
05.08. Lierop – Nirwana`s Tuinfest (Netherlands)  

ALL SHALL PERISH - In recording mute  

ALL SHALL PERISH are currently at Castle Ultimate Studios in Emeryville, Ca working on the follow up to their underground hit release “Hate. Malice. Revenge”! The album has yet to be titled but the band has released some song titles which include “We Hold These Truths, The Day of Justice, Last Relapse, The True Beast and Prisoner of War”

“We are done with drums, rhythm guitars, and we are about to start on vocals and solos! The new record sounds fuc*ing incredible; there is definitely something for everyone on this thing!”

The band has enlisted famed tattoo artist Adam Barton to handle the cover art for the album which is expected to be released late this summer.

THERION - Christofer retires from singing  

Christofer Johnsson, founder, songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist for the symphonic Swedish group THERION has announced today via the band's official website,, that he will be retiring from vocal duties. The following is an excerpt from his post:

"As was announced at the Metal Mania festivals, I am going to retire from vocals. The reasons for this are two: One is that I feel it's not fun to sing anymore (even though I have enjoyed playing the old songs on guitar). [My] voice is getting weaker over the years and I experienced problems at the end of the U.S./Canada tour.

The problem isn't only getting older, but rather that we basically never rehearse as a band and therefore, I don't keep my throat 'warm.' It simply doesn't work to not sing for half a year and then go on tour for two months and shout every evening. It used to work when I was younger, but now I feel it's not comfortable anymore and when it doesn't feel right, it's definitely time to stop.

The second reason is that we would like to stop playing old songs, anyway. By old I mean 'Lepaca Klifffoth' and older. We are now working on our 13th studio album and it is getting harder and harder to choose which songs to play live. The number of 'classics' - songs that we more or less must play - is growing all the time and we don't want to end up like one of those bands where you know beforehand 95% for sure what songs that are going to be played. 

We want to be able to have space to play a couple of unexpected songs each new tour. We, of course, realize that many fans will miss those old brutal songs, but we are convinced that those fans also will prefer to hear something new each time from the Theli album and onwards.

The ProgPower festival in England will be the final show where I do vocals on stage. This will be our 106th and final show supporting Lemuria/Sirius B. We will not be on stage again until 2007. I have planned a special surprise for this festival (not even the other band members know it), so don't miss this festival if you live in the U.K.!"

THERION will be releasing Celebrators Of Becoming, a 4 DVD+ 2 CD set (featuring over ten hours of video footage and two hours of live audio). 

IN FLAMES - Peter checks in from Holland  

IN FLAMES bassist Peter Iwers has posted the following message at the band's official website:

"Lying in my bed right now. It's 2 pm in the afternoon and I'm starting to consider getting up and taking a shower and some breakfast. Being on tour can sometimes be really slow. You sit around the entire day waiting for the magical time when you're about to play and then when you hit the stage it's great. The energy that we get to share with the audience is fantastic and something I feel very privileged to experience almost every day. Wow, I'm kinda deep this time of day it seems...hehe. Well, take care and I'll see you later here in Holland. Later"

VOIVOD - New song available for streaming!  

A brand new VOIVOD song, entitled "The X-Stream", has been made available for streaming at The track comes off the Canadian pioneering metal band's upcoming album, "Katorz", due in June.

VOIVOD recorded and mixed the album with producer Glen Robinson (ANNIHILATOR, TEA PARTY, GWAR) at Multisons studio in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and mastered the CD in New York.

The follow-up to 2003's "Voivod", "Katorz" is the first album in the band's 20-plus-year career that did not feature founding guitarist Denis "Piggy" D'Amour working alongside his bandmembers in the studio. D'Amour died August 26, 2005 in a Montreal hospital from complications of advanced colon cancer.

In order to record "Katorz", drummer Michael "Away" Langevin, singer Denis "Snake" Belanger and bassist Jason "Jasonic" Newsted utilized all of the guitar parts that Piggy had recorded for the record on his laptop with ProTools before his death.


THE OCEAN tour diary online! 

THE OCEAN are on their European tour right now. To read and see what´s happening just click here:

The band is doing an online tour diary. Feel free to check back there for updates! 


As UNEARTH wraps up the recording of their second album on Metal Blade Records with Legendary Producer Terry Date (Soundgarden, White Zombie, Pantera, Deftones); they will then embark this Summer as non rotating direct support on the legendary second stage on Ozzfest..

Unearth will have a non-rotating slot direct to Atreyu who are direct to second stage headliners Black Label Society. Prior to Unearth’s performance is Norma Jean then Bleeding Through.

Band Vocalist Trevor Phipps states, "Ozzfest 2006, another summer of drinking Miller Lite and Jagermeister. Another summer of playing for and hanging out with the best metal fans on the planet. Another summer of BBQ-ing and boozing with all of our friends bands. And another summer of kicking peoples a** with a new record. Honestly we are looking forward to this more than any tour we have ever done. We are straight up honored to be part of this tradition once again. See you all this summer!"

Known for raising the bar; Unearth are prepared to release their new album in August. With a solid foundation of 130,000 records scanned in the U. S. of their monumental Metal Blade Records Debut ‘the oncoming storm’ –this highly anticipated recording will be the blueprint for setting the standard for Metal and beyond.

No strangers to audiences worldwide, Unearth proves themselves repeatedly, laying audiences to waste on previous tours such as the legendary lineup of Ozzfest 2004 with Judas Priest, Slayer, and Dimmu Borgir and Hatebreed ; Atreyu, Sounds of the Underground 2005 with Lamb of God, Opeth and more; Slipknot and label mates As I Lay dying. Unearth took their relentless brand of metal overseas to pummel international audiences on the Download Festival in the UK and Rock Am Ring and Rock Im Park in Germany.

 CELTIC FROST: unveil CD/LP cover artwork for "Monotheist" & Euroepean tour dates ! 

On May 29th, one of the most anticipated metal albums of this year is going to be released on Century Media Records: Legendary CELTIC FROST’s new monumental, dark opus “Monotheist”! 

Now, the time has come to unveil the visual aspects of this highly anticipated gloomy masterpiece by granting you a glimpse at the extraordinary cover artwork of the album. “Monotheist” will be available in three different formats with three variations of the artwork: standard jewel case, limited edition digipak (including a slipcase with the regular jewel case cover artwork but an alternate interior cover and fold-out digipak sleeves as well as a poster) and for all you vinyl-lovers as a gatefold double LP. Both special editions will include an exclusive bonus track: "Incantation Against You" for the double LP and "Temple Of Depression" for the digipak.

This album's conceptual ideas not only extend to music and lyrics, but also to the exceptional visual design as created by Michel Casarramona and bassist Martin Eric Ain. Ain comments on the artwork as follows:  

"Monotheist is as personal as it gets. So is the artwork to this album. Michel had approached me at the very beginning of the creative process that would turn out to be Celtic Frost's new manifesto, with the idea of developing the art to the music. Both music and visuals served to shape each other just like we, the creators, where struggling with our own personal demons as a group and as individuals. What we have evoked or exorcised within these past years is now bound in form of this “record” for you to behold." 

The album release will be followed by live appearances throughout the summer, along with extensive subsequent touring activity.  

The dates so far confirmed for CELTIC FROST are:

May 31, 2006, Vosselaar, Belgium @ Biebob

June 1, 2006, Zaandam, Holland @ Kade

June 3, 2006, Gelsenkirchen, Germany @ Rock Hard Festival

June 10, 2006, Sölvesborg, Sweden @ Sweden Rock Festival

June 25, 2006, Clisson, France @ Hellfest

June 30 – July 2, 2006, Helsinki, Finland @ Tuska Festival

July 2, 2006, Roitzschjora, Germany @ With Full Force

August 4, 2006, Wacken, Germany @ Wacken Open Air 2006

August 26, 2006, Bergen, Norway @ Hole In The Sky Festival

More dates soon including a UK show

After this run of high class festivals CELTIC FROST will return to North America to play a massive North American tour that will kick off September 12th 2006 and last for almost two months. For the exact dates click on the following homepages: 

D.A.D - New album soon to be released

Scare Yourself European Release

Dear Friends,

At last! Between May 26 and May 29, 2006 “Scare Yourself” will be released in the following countries:

Czech Republic

The record company is
Sanctuary Records, with local distributors in each country.

Thanks to you all for helping Lawrence Of Suburbia reach #1 on the
Liga DK video c hart!!

Kind regards,


AS I LAY DYING coming back to Europe! 

AS I LAY DYING have confirmed several European shows in June! More to come so stay tuned! 

Confirmed UK headlining dates (Kerrang! will sponsor these UK dates)

Jun-15 London, UK @ Barfly 
Jun-16 Birmingham, UK @ Barfly
Jun-17 Cardiff, UK @ Barfly
Jun-18 Liverpool, UK @ Barfly
Jun-19 York, UK @ Fibbers
Confirmed Festival Dates
Jun-23 Herne, Germany - Pressure Fest
Jun-24 Clisson, France - Hellfest
Jun-25 Dessel, Belgium – Grasspop 

TURISAS, IMPALED, KRISUIN and more UK shows – update 


Brazillian death metallers are heading back to the UK to promote their recently released ‘AssassiNation’ check them out at the following venues:

March 2006

Tues 28th Southampton The Nexus Club

Weds 29th London Barfly

Thurs 30th Nottingham Horn In Hand

Fri 31st Brighton C2 


Death Metal freaks cheer up! A truly brutal package consisting of US acts Monstrosity, Deeds Of Flesh, Vile and Century Media artist IMPALED is coming over to Europe to deliver some sonic slaughter onstage. Finally the band are able to bring to these shores their latest aural autopsy "Death After Life". With the legendary Monstrosity, the masters of pummelling riff-orgies Deeds Of Flesh and underground hopefuls Vile, heavily Carcass-inspired IMPALED are in very strong company to make this an unforgettable death metal tour. So, don’t miss the band on their first extended trip to Europe in years!!!

March/April 2006

Tues 28th


Jilly´s Rockworld

Weds 29th



Thurs 30th


Josephs Well

Fri 31st


Edwards No8

Sat 1st



Sun 2nd


Engine Room


Wow, doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun .. it’s been a year since those Battle Metallers, Turisas paid a memorable visit to these shores. For those of you who already know what to expect from our Finnish Warriors, I know you’ll be down the front, those who missed it last time do not make the same mistake again .. grab your sword, mead and the nearest wench and get down to the Underworld on the 6th April. Battlelore in support

Thursday 6th April – London, Camden Underworld

 GRAVEWORM - Benefit show announced  

Italian gothic black metal band GRAVEWORM will take part in the fund-raising event “METAL FOR FAIRNESS” Festival set to take place Saturday, May 5th at the PLanet Music in Vienna (Austria). The earned profit will be donated to the ‘Amna Grenda Girl school in the region of Kosti / Sudan (Africa) and should help the children to renovate, improve the sanitary equipment and to finance serious teaching aids. GRAVEWORM will be co-headlining the event next to German BRAINSTORM.

Be there and support this fantastic idea!

Doors will open at 18:30h


Final Breath
Perishing Mankind

DIMMU BORGIR - Signing session @ musikmesse announced


Silenoz , Shagrath and Galder of Norwegian symphonic black metal masters DIMMU BORGIR have announced an exclusive signing session on Saturday, April 1st at the Musikmesse Frankfurt/Main (Germany). The Session will take place at the booth of their Norwegian guitar endorser ESP.

Get your personal autograph there! …

IN FLAMES - Peter checks in from Ireland  

IN FLAMES bassist Peter Iwers has posted the following message at the band's official website:

"Dublin - Ireland - Ohoy Sailors. We are in Dublin now for the first time ever and it's great to be here. You would think that I would take this opportunity to get out and see stuff, but I've actually spent the entire day in my hotel room. Enjoying some private time for a change, but tomorrow I'll be out and check things out. I've heard a lot of things about shows in Ireland, and I really hope that tomorrow's sold-out show will be as great as all those rumours promises. But I think so.

This whole tour has been amazing like I said before, and our first time as headliners on a UK-tour is working out really well so far as well. The shows have been crazy. One time, (at bandcamp) we went to the pub (of course) to watch some soccer with our friends in SEPULTURA. Of course the game was cancelled due to rain, so we decided to start a FIFA tournament on the x-box instead. So far only a few games have been played but hell what everybody gets wired up around this. Hehe… me too. That's it for now my friends."

RAGE - "It's the best of both worlds on this album"

In a recent interview with BW&BK, RAGE frontman/founder Peter "Peavy" Wagner discussed the difference between composing with an orcehstra for their new album, "Speak Of The Dead", versus the way they composed the classical pieces for the Lingua Mortis album in 1996:

Wagner: “It was a completely different thing this time around. First of all, Victor (Smolski/guitars) composed and arranged everything for the orchestra by himself. This guy comes from the country of music (Russia), so when was 6 he was studying cello, piano, composition, everything. 

He was never in a regular school, he was always at this music academy in Minsk (in Belarus) where his father was the headmaster. So, Victor is used to working with an orchestra and is trained to compose that kind of stuff, which meant it wasn’t a problem for him at all. He just did more work than he would have done for a regular Rage album.

I was involved at the very beginning when we discussed what kind of direction the new album was going to take, and I did compose some of the classical material, but when we got together to rehearse the ideas I saw that Victor had everything straight in his mind. He knew where the music was going, which was really great. I just stepped back and said, ‘Okay, you’re going to do your masterpiece now…’ (laughs). We decided that Victor would focus on the orchestral thing and I would take care of the metal stuff. So really, it’s the best of both worlds on this album.”

As previously reported, "Speak Of The Dead" was released on March 24th through Nuclear Blast. The track list, which features a 25 minute-long quite for band and orchestra composed by Smolski, is as follows: 'Mortituri Te Salutant', 'Prelude Of Souls', 'Innocent', 'Depression', 'No Regrets', 'Confusion', 'Black', 'Beauty', 'No Fear', 'Soul Survivor', 'Full Moon', 'Kill Your Gods', 'Turn My World Around', 'Be With Me Or Be Gone', 'Speak Of The Dead'.

Watch for the full interview with Wagner in BW&BK #96.

NEW AS I LAY DYING release!  

Long out of print, AS I LAY DYING’s earliest recordings have become harder and harder to find as the bands’ popularity continues to skyrocket. Now, available for the first time, Metal Blade Records and AS I LAY DYING have teamed up to bring "A LONG MARCH: THE FIRST RECORDINGS" to the metal masses. This single disc collection contains the original Pluto Records recordings of "Beneath The Encasing Of Ashes" and AILD’s much sought after "EP", while offering something entirely new!

Here's the complete tracklisting: 

I. The re-recorded...

THE EP - Newly recorded versions of the entire 2002 "EP"
1. Illusions
2. The Beginning
3. Reinvention
4. The Pain of Separation
5. Forever

II. The first two months (2001)...

6. Beneath the Encasing of Ashes
7. Torn Within
8. Forced to Die
9. A Breath in the Eyes of Eternity
10. Blood Turned to Tears
11. The Voices that Betray Me
12. When This World Fades
13. Surrounded
14. A Long March
15. Refined by Your Embrace
16. The Innocence Spilled
17. Behind Me Lies Another Fallen Soldier

III. A year later (2002)...

THE EP (original versions)
18. Illusions
19. The Beginning
20. Reinvention
21. The Pain of Separation
22. Forever

AS I LAY DYING´s two prior releases have combined sales of 400,000+ units in the U.S. only! The band will headline the SOUNDS OF THE UNDERGROUND 2006 U.S. Tour and will come to Europe in June to play shows in the U.K. and festivals in Europe! 

"A LONG MARCH: THE FIRST RECORDINGS" will be released the 19th of May in Germany/Austria/Switzerland and the 22nd of May in the rest of Europe!

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