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Pure Metal News: March 2006

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March 2006 News: Part 2

HAMMERFALL - New album in October

HAMMERFALL guitarist Oscar Dronjak has posted the following message on the group's official web site:

"The Winter Olympics 2006 are over, and it ended on a high note for us: Sweden beat Finland 3-2 in the ice-hockey final, in a very exciting and nerve-racking game. Actually, the Finns were the most impressive team in this tournament, winning every match decisively until the final round and easily beating the second best playing team this year, Russia, in the semi-finals. 

But the Swedes played a beautiful game on the ice, cutting the Finns short on almost every occasion. I know our neighbors in the east (or west, for that matter…) won't agree with me, but it was a most fitting end to the XXth games, with Sweden winning their seventh (!) gold medal. Congratulations to everyone who made this the by far most succcessful Winter Olympics for our nation. And thanks for the great memories! I have only one question: what am I supposed to fill my days with now? :-)

"Well, maybe writing a little music would be a good start. Actually, we have more or less completed half the songs for the album, scheduled to be released in the end of October this year. I have a very good feeling about this, the music so far is very varied and, I think, of high quality. My gut tells me we will be building on the foundation of 'Chapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken' and expanding the horizons of what is HAMMERFALL even further. You all will find out eventually. I will post more news on this as we go, with some song titles and such in the coming months.

"The new issue of Sweden Rock magazine features an extensive eight-page tour diary I wrote on the STRATOVARIUS/HAMMERFALL tour last fall, and Anders [Johansson, drums] have written something as well which will be published in various Metal Hammers around Europe. Look them up if you want an insight in life on the road, I think you’ll find the reading both amusing and interesting."  


KATAKLYSM - Enter German charts  

Canadian death metallers KATAKLYSM have entered the German national album chart at position No. 76 with their latest masterpiece, "In the Arms of Devastation". The CD was mixed in Denmark by acclaimed producer Tue Madsen.

See KATAKLYSM devastating Europe on the NO MERCY FESTIVALS!

04.04 D Essen - Zeche Carl
05.04 D Ludwigsburg - Rockfrabrik
06.04 D Berlin - Fritz
07.04 D Glauchau - Alte Spinnerei
08.04 CZ Prague - Abaton Club
09.04 A Wien - Planet Music
10.04 D München - Backstage
11.04 CH Pratteln - Z7
12.04 FR Strasburg - La Laiterie
15.04 FR Paris - La Locomotive
16.04 BL Antwepen - Hof Ter Loo
17.04 NL Tilburg - 013


SOILWORK - European festival appearances announced  

Sweden's SOILWORK have lined up the following European festival appearances this summer

May 06 - Karmøygeddon Festival - Haugesund, DEN
Jun. 03 - Rock Hard Festival - Gelsenkirchen, GER
Jun. 9-10 - Sauna Festival - Tampere, FIN
Jun. 9-11 - Download Festival - Donington, UK
Jun. 15-17 - Hultsfred Festival - Hultsfred, SWE
Jul. 07 - Metal Town Festival - Gothenburg, SWE
Jul. 08 - Peace & Love Festival - Borlänge, SWE
Aug. 3-5 - Wacken Open Air - Wacken, GER


DEATHSTARS - Headlining show confirmed 

In addition to the already published festival appearances, Sweden's DEATHSTARS have announced another headlining show at Majfestivalen, set to take place on May 26th in Kristianstad, Sweden!  


ANTHRAX - Scott Ian: 'I am having so much fun'  

ANTHRAX guitarist Scott Ian has checked in from the Las Vegas set of the new VH1 reality TV show, tentatively titled "Supergroup", which features Ian alongside Ted Nugent (guitar), Evan Seinfeld (BIOHAZARD; bass), Sebastian Bach (ex-SKID ROW; vocals) and Jason Bonham (BONHAM, UFO, FOREIGNER; drums). 

Filming for the program commenced on February 22, with the premise being to lock several musicians in a house for 10 days and get them to write and record some new original music. Originally the network wanted the group to record an album, but at this time it is understood they will settle for one song and hope for more. In addition to the five musicians, star manager Doc McGhee (KISS) is in charge and is also living in the house for the duration of filming/recording.

Commented Ian: "I just got back from a strip bar with Evan. Shocking. Strip bars in Vegas? I am not locked in the house.

"This isn't 'Big Brother' or 'Surreal Life' or 'The Real World'. We can come and go as we please and will get as much out of this as we put in. Like college, only with Ted Nugent as your professor ripping on guitar.

"This is the ultimate summer camp.

"Ted taught me to shoot a bow today. I shot a perfect kill on a fake deer. I may be the first Jew to shoot an arrow.
"Paul Crook [former ANTHRAX/SEBASTIAN BACH guitarist] came over today and we jammed. He rips!!!
'The show we are doing is March 5 at the Empire Ballroom. I'm not sure how tix are being handled. They expect a sellout. I will post info tomorrow.
"I jammed 'Cat Scratch' with Ted today. Just him and I. Another Make A Wish moment.
"I am having so much fun."
"Supergroup" is tentatively scheduled to premiere on May 18.


KNORKATOR - Canada calling  

Due to an invitation of Toronto’s Goethe Institute, KNORKATOR will perform at the “Canadian Music week presents german sounds” at the Kathedral, set to take place on March 3rd. For more details click here.  


COMMUNIC - "Waves of Visual Decay" track listing  

Norwegian progressive/power metal nowcomers of 2005 COMMUNIC have completed work on their sophomore album, entitled "Waves of Visual Decay", at Hansen studios in Ribe, Denmark.

Commented the band: "The album will be close to an hour long, so the songs are all from 6-10 minutes and contains a good mix of some heavy stuff and a few more mellow songs. There will be some edits of some of the songs since most of them are to long to be played on radio or make a video of, so that's the reason for the edits. No bonus songs this time, as we didn't have time to get it done."

"Waves of Visual Decay" track listing:

01. Under a Luminous Sky
02. Frozen Asleep In the Park
03. Watching It All Disappear
04. Fooled by the Serpent
05. Waves of Visual Decay
06. My Bleeding Victim
07. At Dewy Prime

Upcoming COMMUNIC shows:
Apr. 07 - Stjerna Kro - Mandal, Norway
May 27 - The Rock - Copenhagen, DEN
Jun. 17 - Queens Of Metal Festival - Kleinwenkheim, GER
Aug. 17-19 - Ragnarock Open Air Festival - Oslo, NOR  


Brainstorm Gig Update  

“...we're proud to announce some more festival appearances in 2006! Still we're in the booking phase and you can be sure... there are many more amazing Brainstorm shows coming up in 2006 all over the world... also near your hometown! We'll tear down places in countries we've never been before... but wherever, whenever... the 2006 stageplot AND setlist will surprise all of you! Check out the 3rd part of the "INSIDE THE MONSTER-World Tour" .... and enjoy!”

10.03.06 Atarfe Vega Rock Atarfe-Granada (E) -

05.05.06 Metal For Fairness Festival, Vienna (A) -

19.05.06 Sägfestival Greding (D) -

27.05.06 Eternity Of Rock, Lichtenberg (I) -

02/04.06.06 Rock Hard Festival Amphitheater, Gelsenkirchen (D) -

16/17.06.06 Rock Am Härtsfeldsee Dischingen (D) -

30.06./01.07.06 Basin Fire Fest, Spalené Porici (CZ) -

15.07.06 Römerstein Open Air, Römerstein/Ulm (D) -

22.07.06 Earthshaker Fest, Kreuth (D) -

19.08.06 Ragnarock Open Air Oslo (N) -

30.09.06 Bloodstock 06 UK Metalfest Derby (UK) -


Desaster Gig Update 

04.03.06 SWE Sandviken - Rockklubben (w/ Deceiver) -

08.04.06 D Trier Exhaus "Tales from the Underground" Festival

21.04.06 D Bamberg Live Club (w/ Delirium Tremens a.m.)

22.04.06 D Weimar Kasseturm (w/ Avatar a.m.)

29.04.06 D Wesseling -Aula Gartenstr. Voll auf die Ohren Festival (w/ Tankard, Blood Red Angel, Guerilla, Jack Slater, Hexenhammer, Scornage a.m.)

03./ 04.06.06 D Bitterfeld - United Metal Maniacs Open Air (w/ Deströyer666, Dekapitator, Decayed, Primordial a.m.)

15.07.06 D Erbstetten - Metallic Noise Festival Open Air

10.-12.08.06 D Bad Berka - Party.San Open Air (w/ Deströyer666, Nifelheim, Hellrunar, Watain and more...)

25.11.06 D Hamm - Ragers Elite Festival(w/ Delirious and more...) 


EDGUY - Not scr*wing the fans  

EDGUY frontman Tobias Sammet has posted a statement on the band's official web site explaining why the band weren't selling any merchandise at their March 1 headlining show at Arenan in Stockholm, Sweden:

"As sad as it is, the company that holds the rights to sell the merchandise at that venue in Stockholm was asking for a ridiculously high commission. They have been doing that for years and so far all bands kissed a** and gave in to the absurd demands of those parasites. 

Just because they rather add the commission to the original sales price and hope that they sell at least a few shirts to those who are determined enough to buy them, according to the principle: Any money is good money, let's get all we can take. THAT'S NOT FAIR!!! In a band meeting we decided to rather not to sell any shirt than scr*wing our fans.

Stupid from a business point of view, but we do not wanna blow YOUR money into some businessmen's a**es. Fu*k that. I hope they will reduce their provision rates in the future. This step was unavoidable to give a signal. It's not acceptable to feed parasites with the money of our fans!!! We hope you understand that!"  


HAMMERFALL - Oscar comments on festival appearances  

"I know we have said to everyone that we wouldn’t do any more shows until the release of the next album, because that is how we normally do it. But due to the tremendous success of our last tour, we have decided to break from that form not once but twice: On July 21st, HAMMERFALL will headline the Earthshaker Festival in Kreuth, Germany! More details will follow in the coming months, but I can tell you right away that it will be something very, very special. Just you wait and see. 

The other one remains a secret still, but will be announced eventually. They will both be exclusive in the respect that they aren’t in the same territory and there will absolutely, positively not be any more. And they share something else in common as well. We feel that our fans deserve something extraordinary, and that’s exactly what these shows will be. They will both be unlike anything else from us. Just you wait and see. So, if you want to see HAMMERFALL live this summer, you now have two choices." 


VARIOUS ARTISTS - Earthshaker fest update  

HAMMERFALL and KNORKATOR have been confirmed for this year's Earthshaker Fest, set to take place July 21-22 in Kreuth, Germany. The festival billing is shaping up as follows (in alphabetical order):



AMORPHIS - Live on Finnish TV  

On Wednesday, March 8, AMORPHIS will appear live on Yle TV2's "Lista" show (web site) in Finland starting at 7:15 p.m. The first 50 fans to gather at the door of Yleisradio's Radiotalo (Radiokatu 5 D, Länsi-Pasila, Helsinki) will be invited inside to watch the show as studio guests. The program will re-air on Saturday, March 11 at 11:00 a.m.

Click here to watch the brand new AMORPHIS' video "House of Sleep"


KATAKLYSM - 'Crippled & Broken' video online  

Canadian death metallers KATAKLYSM have posted their video for the track "Crippled & Broken" at this location.(quicktime is required) The clip was filmed last month in Montreal, Quebec, Canada with Maurice Swinkel of Lowlife Media, with additional footage that was shot in remote parts of Holland. "Crippled & Broken", the band's first video from their new album, "In the Arms of Devastation", focuses on a war veteran suffering from the post-war syndrome.

KATAKLYSM are also scheduled to film a video for the track 'To Reign Again' with acclaimed director Maurice Swinkel of Lowlife Media (who recently completed the band's clip for the track "Crippled & Broken"). The new video will be filmed during the band's perfromances and touring activites at the No Mercy Festivals in April and will be released later in the year.


EDGUY - Guitar winner met the band!  

NUCLEAR BLAST is proud to announce the winner of the latest “win an EDGUY guitar” competition: Roman Willms met the band during their sold out „Rocket Ride“ European Tour in Hamburg at the “Docks” and received the brand new ESP-guitar right out of the hands of Tobias Sammet. Roman was extremely pleased, happy to meet the band and enjoyed the show very much! Who knows… maybe this was the birth of the next guitar hero? You never know... 



As all 3 headliners have now been announced, with Tool being confirmed as Friday’s main stage headline band, Century Media are please to be able to announce that ARCH ENEMY have been confirmed to play during the weekend, with day, stage & time to be announce later.

Having been tour buddies over the years with Iron Maiden, Slayer and Cradle of Filth, Arch Enemy are looking forward to coming back to Download after a fantastic appearance in 2004. Distinctive front-woman Angela Gossow will be adding a touch of glamour through her unique growls to compliment their successful brand of extreme metal. 

ARCH ENEMY have joined the increasingly amazing line up for this years festival in June bands confirmed so far are: 




NIGHTWISH - 'Best Finnish Artist' & 'Top-Selling Album'

NIGHTWISH were honored in the "Best Finnish Artist" and "Top-Selling Album" categories at the Emma-Gaala (Finnish equivalent of the Grammys), which was held on Saturday, March 4 at the Kulttuuritalolla in Helsinki.  


CANDLEMASS - Finish recording four new songs  

Swedish doomsters CANDLEMASS have recorded four new songs with producer Andy Sneap (NEVERMORE, ARCH ENEMY, MACHINE HEAD). 

The recordings took place last weekend at the new Polar studios in Stockholm, Sweden and the band say that they are very happy with the result.“

The songs are pretty much in the same vein as the stuff on the [self-titled 2005] reunion album, maybe a bit darker," says bassist/songwriter Leif Edling.

CANDLEMASS's next studio session will take place in May. The band's new album is tentatively scheduled for release in October 2006!


COMMUNIC - Progpower Europe confirmation  

Norwegian progressive/power metal band COMMUNIC have been confirmed for the ProgPower Europe 2006 festival, set to take place September 30-October 1 at JC Sjiwa in Baarlo, the Netherlands.

For more information, visit  



10.03 : Sala Gamma in Murcia (SP)

11.03 : Sala Vietnam in Riudarenes – Girona (SP)

18.03 : MJ Rouge Brique in Lodelinsart (B)

19.03 : The Factory in Liege (B)

08.04 : Magasin 4 in Brussels (B)

20.05 : Club Havanna in Reichelsheim (D) = new date !

26.05 : Donkey Shot in Heemskerk (NL) = new date !

10.06 : Devil Days Festival in Sankt Leonhard am Forst (A)

17.06 : Rotten Metal Festival @ Nighttown in Rotterdam (NL)




CATARACT tour update 

14.3.06 Frison, Fribourg – CH w/ Soulfly

15.3.06 Rohstofflager, Zürich – CH w/ Soulfly

14.4.06 TBA, Paris – F details TBA

15.4.06 Centre Socio Culturel, Chaulnes/Amiens -F Killer Fest w/ Dismember, Carnival in Coal, Destinity + more

16.4.06 Frontline, Gent – B Easter Hardcore w/ Teamkiller, Bloodshot, Clobbering time + more

22.4.06 Treibhaus, Luzern - CH w/ Palmer

29.4.06 Lokschuppen/Black Box, Rosenheim - D w/ Epitome of Frail

30.4.06 Alibi, Weingarten - D w/ Epitome of Frail, Edgecrusher

24.5.06 Abart, Zürich - CH RECORD RELEASE SHOW! support TBA

26.5.06 Eternity of Rock Open Air, Lichtenfeld - I bands TBA

27.5.06 Ancient Spirit Festival, Lahr - D w/ My Darkest Hate, Deadborn +more tba

9.6.06 Kulturhaus, Chur - CH support TBA

10.6.06 Devil Days Festival, St. Leonhard am Forst - A w/ Entombed, Dew-Scented, Belphegor + tons more

16.6.06 Metalliga Open Air, Lustenau - A w/ Unleashed, Ignite, Pungent Stench + more

17.6.06 Kuckucksnest, Berchtesgaden - D support TBA

9.7.06 Raiffeisenhalle, Unterbuch/Hartberg - A Burning Season Fest, bands TBA

14.7.06 Rock Well Open Air, Saarwellingen - D more TBA

15.7.06 SO25, Frankfurt - D w/ MachineMadeGod

22.7.06 Metalcamp, Tolmin - SLO w/ about a million of bands

29.7.06 Uniwiese, Stuttgart - Dumsonst und draussen, more TBA

XMAS FESTIVALS 2006 (with Six Feet Under, Gorefest, God Dethroned, Krisiun) 

8.12.06 Fritz, Berlin - D

9.12.06 Hellraiser, Engeldorf/Leipzig - D

10.12.06 Planet Music, Wien -

11.12.06 Backstage, München - D

12.12.06 Z7, Pratteln - CH

13.12.06 Rockfabrik, Ludwigsburg - D

14.12.06 Batschkapp, Frankfurt - D

15.12.06 La Laiterie, Strasbourg - F

16.12.06 Hof Ter Loo, Antwerpen - B

17.12.06 013, Tilburg - NL

18.12.06 Zeche Carl, Essen - D

19.12.06 La Locomotive, Paris – F 


MACHINEMADE GOD tour update 

06/04/06 @ Turock, Essen,GER

07/04/06 @ JuKuz, Taunustein,GER

08/04/06 @ Dance of Days Festival, Switzerland

09/04/06 @ Steinbruch Theater, Darmstadt, GER

06/05/06 @ Julius Leber Haus, Essen, GER

13/05/06 @ Exhaus, Trier,GER

14/05/06 @ Oberentfelden, Switzerland

08/07/06 @ Dock "Hotel zur Mühle",GER (*)

15/07/06 @ O25, Frankfurt, GER 

(*)- the show is on board of the „Schloss Ahrfels“ – the boatride starts at 09:00pm. Departure at the dock “hotel zur muehle” in Bad Breisig, Germany. The boat returns at 01:30am.  



AMON AMARTH DVD cover revealed 

On the 24th of April (21st in Germany/Austria/Switzerland) AMON AMARTH will finally release their highly anticipated 3-DVD-set „Wrath Of The Norsemen“ in Europe!

The 3-disc set will be released in a deluxe 10 page digipack with special gold-laminated slipcase - definitely something to look at! 

Main body of the content is the Cologne show from last year – filmed with 11 cameras, this was the longest show AMON AMARTH have ever played (23 songs!). Bonus footage includes interviews, behind-the-scenes of the DVD recording and other stuff filmed around the Cologne show! 

Discs 2 and 3 feature professionally filmed shows from Summer Breeze 2005, the Metal Blade Rrroooaaarrr 2005 (a show with a really unusual setlist!), Wacken Open Air 2004 and the release show for “Fates Of Norns” in Ludwigsburg (Germany) in 2004! 

Here´s the complete tracklisting: 

Disc 1:

DVD-recording show in Cologne (Germany) - 16.08.2005 


An Ancient Sign of Coming Storm

Pursuit Of Vikings

Ride For Vengeance

Masters Of War

The Last With Pagan Blood

Once Sealed In Blood

Bastards Of A Lying Breed

Fate Of Norns

1000 Years Of Oppression

Vs. The World

North Sea Storm

Releasing Surtur’s Fire

Annihilation Of Hammerfest

Friends Of The Suncross


Amon Amarth

For the Stabwounds In Our Backs

Where Silent Gods Stand Guard

Bleed For Ancient Gods

Victorious March

Death In Fire

+ backstage & other footage!

Disc 2:

Live at Summer Breeze festival – 18.08.2005 


An Ancient Sign Of Coming Storm

Pursuit of Vikings

Masters of War

Fate of Norns

1000 Years Of Oppression

Vs the World

For the Stabwounds In Our Backs

Victorious March

Death In Fire

Live at the Metal Blade RRROOOAAARRR – 02.10.2005

Sorrow Throughout The Nine Worlds
Dragons Flight Across The Waves
God His Son And Holy Whore
The Sound Of Eight Hooves
Thor Arise
Fall Through Ginnungagap
Burning Creation
And Soon The World Will Cease To Be
Valkyries Ride
Pursuit Of Vikings
Beheading Of A King
Revenge Of The Zombie (SFU Cover)
Death In Fire 

Disc 3:

Live at the Wacken Open Air 2004 

Victorious March

For The Stabwounds In Our Backs

Where Silent Gods Stand Guard

The Sound of Eight Hooves


Death In Fire

Pursuit of Vikings

Bastards of a Lying Breed

Masters of War

Vs The World

Bleed For Ancient Gods

Live in Ludwigsburg (Germany) – record release show for “Fate Of Norns”

For The Stabwounds In Our Backs
Vs. The World
Masters Of War
North Sea Storm
Thousand Years of Oppression
The Last With Pagan Blood
An Ancient Sign Of Coming Storm
Pursuit Of Vikings
Fate of Norns
Once Sealed In Blood
Death In Fire
The Sound Of Eight Hooves
Bleed For Ancient Gods
Where Silent Gods Stand Guard
Victorious March 


POTENTIA ANIMI sign to Staupa Musica worldwide! 

Metal Blade Records go medieval! No, not at all!

But as some of you might know, Metal Blade started a sublabel called Staupa Musica in 2004. In the beginning it was meant to bring German medieval music into all of Europe. The first two albums that Staupa Musica released outside of Germany were CORVUS CORAX’ “Seikilos” and POTENTIA ANIMI’s “Das erste Gebet”.

In the beginning of 2006 POTENTIA ANIMI decided to work together with Staupa Musica in Germany as well. As a result their second sin, “Psalm II”, will be released in Germany, Austria and Switzerland on April 28th (May 1st in the rest of Europe). 

Expect the five monks in best shape, telling again some (un)holy stories about the treasures and secrets that are hidden behind church walls (and that were meant to remain there!). Be lead into temptation by hypnotic medieval rhythms and archaic choirs and chants combined with poppy choruses and elements of modern (Hard) Rock. Frivolous and waggish lyrics, not quite meant to be taken seriously, are served on top.  

In February the German press already had the chance to have a listen to this masterpiece of medieval music with a modern approach! Listen what they experienced: 

„Someone who links medieval instruments and sacral choirs to dusty and quixotic church music, should experience POTENTIA ANIMI. It’s a musical and lyrical kick in the a**. They play a unique mixture of whimsical and cheeky lyrics below the waistline, guitar riffing and perfectly trained choirs. These monks couldn’t be more entertaining!“ Andreas Kais, Metal Heart Germany

“’Psalm II’ is a real masterpiece! […] These monks have the unique ability to arouse even extremely uptight people!” Thomas Manegold,

Here’s the tracklist of “Psalm II”:

01.) Intro

02.) Ave Maria

03.) Eifersucht

04.) Qui Per Mundum

05.) Anima

06.) Manus Ferens

07.) Drei Reiter

08.) Verlorene Haufen

09.) Bettelweib

10.) Non Major

11.) Die Räuber

12.) Ewigkeit

13.) Viva La More

To have a pre-listen to “Ave Maria” please click HERE!

More info: 

Check their amazing and extremely entertaining live show out here:  

17.03.06 D-HAMM - Mittelaltermarkt

14.04.06 D-CHORIN - Kloster Chorin

15.04.06 D-CHORIN - Kloster Chorin

16.04.06 D-CHORIN - Kloster Chorin

17.04.06 D-CHORIN - Kloster Chorin
27.04.06 D-BERLIN – K17 („Psalm II“-Record-Release-Party!)

30.04.06 D-ZELLA MEHLIS - Walpurgisnacht
01.05.06 D-OTTWEILER - Hexentanz Festival 2006
02.05.06 D-FRANKFURT -Nachtleben
03.05.06 D-HEIDELBERG - Schwimmbad
06.05.06 D-MÜNCHEN - Spectaculum Mundi
27.05.06 D-HOHENWESTSTEDT - Mittelaltermarkt

28.05.06 D-HAMBURG – Headbangers Ballroom

05.06.06 D-NEUNKIRCHEN - Mittelaltermarkt
17.06.06 D-KÖNIGSTEIN/Taunus - Burg Königstein
24.06.06 D-WERNESGRÜN - Brauerheihof Fest

21.07.06 D-TAMBACH - Open Air
22.07.06 D-WEISSENSEE -Runneburg
29.07.06 D-BÜCKEBURG – Mittelaltermarkt

17/18.08.06 D-ABTSGMÜND - Summerbreeze Open Air
19.08.06 D-AMMERANG - Mittelaltermarkt
20.08.06 D-AMMERANG – Mittelaltermarkt

25.-27.08. I-Schulderns – Südtiroler Ritterspiele, Churburg

31.08.06 D-KAISERSLAUTERN -Kammgarn
01.09.06 D-WUPPERTAL - LCB
03.09.06 D-HAMBURG – Mittelalatermarkt

08.-10.09.06 D - WETTIN - Burgfest

21.07.07 D-EINSIEDEL- Kulturinsel 


New Crowpath And Morbid Angel Reissue In Earache’s store 

Crowpath "Son Of Sulphur" CD 

Crowpath sharpens their knives and continues their blazing path of aural destruction with their sophomore album, “Son Of Sulphur”. Sacrificing none of the jagged technicality of their debut, “Red On Chrome”, the band has evolved into a versatile machine that seamlessly marries the grating, trainwreck chaos factor of modern death and grind with lumbering doom metal contractions that inhale the clouds and melt your kneecaps.

“Son Of Sulphur” emphasises Crowpath’s enthusiasm for dynamic musical growth without compromising their abrasive intensity or scab-coated attraction to perverse complexity. 

Morbid Angel "Altars Of Madness" Ltd Dual Disc CD/DVD + Replica Gig Ticket 

The all time classic debut from Death Metal legends Morbid Angel with bonus DVD material as part of the Dual Disc format. This is the band's first time ever on DVD format. 

The DVD side of the Dual Disc features the long sought after November 1989 Nottingham Rock City show filmed on four cameras with great sound as the band blaze through most of the cuts from the first record. 

The show was part of Morbid Angel's performance on the “Grindcrusher” tour alongside Napalm Death, Bolt Thrower and Carcass. The first 5000 pressing of the Dual Disc will feature a replica gig ticket.  

“Altars of Madness” has long been revered as the THE Death Metal milestone, featuring genre classics 'Maze of Torment', 'Chapel of Ghouls' and 'Immortal Rites'. First issued in 1989, the recording features the classic line up of David Vincent (bass/vocals), Trey Azagthoth (guitars), Pete Sandoval (drums) Richard Brunelle (guitars). 

Morbid Angel went on to become the biggest band in the Death Metal genre, even signing to Giant Records in America in the mid - 90's. The band's entire catalogue, some 9 albums, is still available via Earache. Morbid Angel catalogue sales total over one million records. 

Keep checking back for many many more hot releases throughout 2006.

*More Info on all new releases can be found at 


CRIMINAL announce new bassist, enter Terrorizer Readers’ Poll 

Anglo-Chilean thrashers CRIMINAL have announced Staff Glover as their new bass player, following the departure of original member Juan “Kato” Cueto. Glover had already stepped in during CRIMINAL’s 2004 European tour with SIX FEET UNDER.

“It’s a pity things didn’t work out with Kato, but his heart was obviously somewhere else,” comments singer/guitarist Anton Reisenegger. “After recording ‘Sicario’ we did three shows in the UK with CHIMAIRA, which all went great, and everybody was very optimistic regarding CRIMINAL, but unfortunately Kato decided to return to Chile. It was a bad case of homesickness.”

“It’s great to have Staff in the band though,” the frontman continues. “He’s a very solid player and a long-time friend of the band. We already had a great laugh on the SIX FEET UNDER tour. He’s got this dark sense of humour, which fits us perfectly. We are all in high spirits about our future as a band. Let’s hope this line-up lasts for a bit longer!”

In other news, the readers of Terrorizer Magazine voted CRIMINAL’s latest output “Sicario” as the 9th best album of 2005. The band members wish to thank everyone who voted for them.

CRIMINAL have lined up the following festival shows for the summer so far:

22.07.06 Urbach, Germany – Zabbaduschder Festival (w/BORN FROM PAIN, BELPHEGOR, DAVIDIAN, etc.)

25.08.06 Gemünden, Germany – Up From The Ground Festival (w/GOD DETHRONED, GOREFEST, SINISTER, etc.) 


MALEVOLENT CREATION - "Doomsday X" in the making  

Long Running Florida Death Metal warriors Malevolent Creation are currently in pre production for they're 10 studio album "DOOMSDAY X" for Nuclear Blast Records.The band is currently home writing and demoing material for there new creation to be recorded in May and mixed in June.

Recording's will take place in Pompano Beach,FL at Mercury recording studio's with producer/engineer Gus Rios and then off to Denmark with producer Tue Madsen for the mixing of the new if all goes well.This will mark the first time in the band's career that an overseas producer has been brought in for mixing, but Tue's track record speaks for itself and we feel that we will be in good hands' with Tue mixing the new album. 

We need to have a massive production for this 10th record because this recording mean's a lot to us and we plan on touring for the next 2 years in support of it. All the band's members are contributing to the writing of this new album so there will be a lot of different influences on this record. 

The music will be extremely heavy and insanely fast according to the band members. Malevolent Creation's line up now features original band members Brett Hoffman on vocals, Jason Blachowicz on bass. Jon Rubin on guitar, Phil Fasciana on guitar and drumming power house Tony Laureano on drums. 

Laureano has toured several times in the past with M.C, but now will make his debut studio recording with the band which is sure to be interesting. This line up will also do all upcoming tours in support of "DOOMSDAY X" which is expected to be released in September followed by a massive European tour with Disgorge and Skinless in support. Other touring options are being looked at as well. There is talk about a US Tour with Bolt Thrower in July -August but nothing is confirmed yet:

In other news Malevolent Creation just recently returned from a 6 week tour of europe with Bolt Thrower, Nightrage and Necrophagist and would like to say that this tour was the best tour we have ever been part of in the last 15 years. Most of the shows were sold out and Bolt Thrower is hands down the best band we have ever toured with and without they're help this tour would never of happened for us. We would truly like to thank B.T.s tour manager Graham and Jo,Martin,Baz,Gavin and Karl from the band for all they're help. An extra special thanks goes out to Phil,Andy,Keith and Sabrine from B.T.'s crew for all they're help throughout the "Those Still Loyal Over Europe Tour 2006".You guys fu*king rule!!!! Also, a big hello to our new friends in Nightrage and Necrophagist for being so cool and making this the best tour yet!

Malevolent Creation March, 2006


AMORPHIS - Chart results  

AMORPHIS take credit for their brilliant new album "Eclipse"! The current chart results are as follows:

# 1 in Finland
# 56 in Germany
# 69 in Austria
# 29 in Hungary

More chart notations to be announced soon.


MISERY INDEX - To tour Europe  

MISERY INDEX have been confirmed as the support act for FEAR FACTORY on the German leg of their upcoming European tour. Sparky Voyles (guitar) has just signed in and wrote:

“Hey guys! We're really excited to tell you that we will be doing the tour with Fear Factory in Europe. The tour starts in a few days and we really hope to see many of you at one of the gigs. METAL!”

Confirmed dates are as follows:
3/18 Bologna, ITA Estragon
3/19 Milan, ITA Rolling Stone
3/20 Treviso, ITA New Age Rock Club
3/21 Graz, AUT Orpheum Theatre
3/22 Vienna, AUT Planet Music
3/23 Worgl, AUT Komma
3/25 Berlin, GER Columbiahalle
3/26 Cologne, GER Live Music Hall
3/27 Hamburg, GER Markthalle
3/28 Aarhus, DEN Train
3/29 Copenhagen, DEN Pumphuset Club
3/31 Tampere, FIN Pakkahoune
4/1 Helsinki, FIN Nosturi
4/3 Stockholm, SWE Klubben
4/4 Oslo, NOR Rockefeller Music Hall
4/5 Gothenburg, SWE Kaaren
4/6 Malmo, SWE Kulturbolaget
4/8 Bristol, UK Anson Rooms
4/9 Manchester, UK Manchester Academy
4/10 Nottingham, UK Rock City
4/11 Newcastle, UK Newcastle University
4/12 Glasgow, UK Barrowlands
4/13 Leeds, UK Metropolitan University
4/15 Birmingham, UK Carling Birmingham Academy
4/16 Portsmouth, UK Pyramid Centre
4/18 London, UK Astoria
4/19 Norwich, UK University Of East Anglia
4/21 Bordeaux, FRA Theatre Barbey
4/22 Bergara, SPA Sala Jam
4/23 Madrid, SPA La Riviera
4/24 Porto, POR Hard Club
4/25 Lisbon, POR Incrivel Almadense
4/27 Barcelona, SPA Razzmatazz II
4/28 Toulouse, FRA SDF De Ramonville
4/29 Montpellier, FRA Rockstore
4/30 Paris, FRA La Locomotive
5/1 Brussels, BEL Ancienne Belgique
5/2 Lille, FRA Le Splendid
5/3 Amsterdam, NET Melkweg
5/4 Tilburg, NET 013
5/6 Luxembourg, LUX Den Atelier
5/7 Lausanne, SWI Les Docks 


DARKANE - Tourdates announced  

Swedish thrashers DARKANE will join SADUS and GORY BLISTER for a European tour that will launch on April 14th in Rotterdam, Holland. Confirmed dates are as follows:

Tour April 2006

14-4 fri NL Baroeg, Rotterdam
15-4 sat D Turock, Essen
16-4 sun NL Noordschok, Groningen (festival)
18-4 tue F Ubu, Rennes
19-4 wed F Locomotive, Paris
21-4 fri D Tor 3, Osnabruck
22-4 sat CH Rocking Chair, Vevey
23-4 sun IT La Gabbia, Bassano Del Grappa
24-4 mon IT Sonar Club, Colle de Val D’Elsa
25-4 tue IT Circolo Degli Artisti, Rome
26-4 wed A Monastery, Vienna
27-4 thu CZ Black Pes, Prague
28-4 fri D Exhaus, Trier
29-4 sat B Biebob, Vosselaar, evening
29-4 sat NL Kings Of Metal, Arnhem (festival) afternoon
30-4 sun NL 013, Tilburg


BLIND GUARDIAN - “Fly” in the charts  

BLIND GUARDIAN have entered several international charts with their new single “Fly”. The current chart results are as follows:

# 1 in Japan
# 4 in Spain
# 4 in Hungary
# 29 in Sweden
# 32 in Germany
# 52 in Austria
# 94 in Switzerland

More chart notations to be announced soon.


AGNOSTIC FRONT - Co-headlining the WFF-Festival  

New York hardcore legends AGNOSTIC FRONT have have been confirmed on the With Full Force Festival for Co-Headlining on Saturday! Get ready and BE THERE!!! 


LIQUIDO - Wolfgang signs in  

Hi everybody! It´s been calm in the last two months, concerning liquido. We´ve played no shows, but we´ve not been lazy! The new shop has finally opened (thanks Wolle and Paul!) and I´ve realized the shooting of a trash-video for "Flip To Play"! with a team of two camera-men, a wonderful assistant, and about 20 female actresses we shot at various places in Berlin, even in a nice small club called "Hotelbar" in mitte.

I´ve done my first director´s job and now we´re doing the cut, which is going to take some more days/weeks together with the post-production. Well, what I can say already is that it´s going to be really cool and really new, and people who´ve been knowing us for years will recognize our former stage-manager "onkel" in the leading role...!

He and all the others did a fantastic job! Thanks for that! As well Stefan and I are busy working in the studio on new songs for cages´ debut-album, which is going to be released in early autumn. The work is not proceeding easily, that´s why it´s probably going to take a little longer than expected, (which also has a timing effect on finalizing the "Flip To Play"-video...), but if you want to know more, just visit for more information on that. Soon we´re even going to have a studio diary there.

Liquido is going to play some shows in spring/summer (have a look at tour/tickets, there´s interessting shows coming up!) and there´s news concernig our DVD. The actual plan is to release our first DVD together with the first single of the upcoming album end of the year! That´s it for now from heidelberg! Cheerz to everybody, and don´t forget to have a glimpse on our new pics and on our official myspace-site! (  

Wolfgang and LIQUIDO

Liquido live 2006

31.03.2006 Nördlingen - Ankerhalle (+ Bananafishbones)
07.04.2006 A-Feldkirch/Zwischenwasser - Poolbar Festival
08.04.2006 CH-St. Moritz - Season Ending
03.05.2006 Mittweida - Sachsen rockt 2006
02.06.2006 Leipzig - Stadtfest
03.06.2006 PL-Tarnow - Music Marathon
10.06.2006 Neuisenburg - Open Doors
14.06.2006 Albstadt - Tropicana
16.06.2006 Geisenfeld - Bürgerfest (+ Bananafishbones & die Springer)
17.06.2006 Rostock - Campus Explosion (+ Massive Töne)
02.07.2006 TK-Antalya - Ö3 Summersplash
07.07.2006 Tangermünde - Festival
21.07.2006 Chemnitz - Turmbrauhaus Fest
22.07.2006 Forstinning - Rock am Forst (+ Jamaram)
29.07.2006 CH-Adlboden - Vogellisi Festival
12.08.2006 I-Südtirol -Franzensfeste
14.08.2006 München - Optimol Sommerfest
26.08.2006 B-Hamme - Mira Festival
23.09.2006 Sinsheim - Elsenshalle


EDGUY - Guest appearance during final ride  

Joining German metallers EDGUY on stage at the final show of their Rocket Ride European tour on March 4 in Fulda, Germany was none other than Gamma Ray guitarist Henjo Richter. Richter made an appearance during EDGUY's second encore, "Avantasia," in front of 2,000 "enthusiastic metalheads," according to a posting on GAMMA RAY's official web site.


 Cannibal Corpse KILL 

CANNIBAL CORPSE will release their new album “Kill” on the 24th of March in Germany/Austria/Switzerland (27th of March in Europe).  

There will be a limited luxury package available including a bonus-DVD featuring a complete liveshow (approx. 77 min.) with great sound, professionally filmed on the 8th of April 2004 in Strasbourg, “La Laiterie” / France. 

Tracklist CD:

1. The Time To Kill Is Now

2. Make Them Suffer

3. Murder Worship

4. Necrosadistic Warnings

5. Five Nails Through The


6. Purification By Fire

7. Death Walking Terror

8. Barbaric Bludgeonings

9. The Discipline Of


10. Brain Removal Device

11. Maniacal

12. Submerged In Boiling


13. Infinite Misery 

Tracklist BonusDVD:

Hammer Smashed Laiterie

(Live in Strasbourg 2004)

1. Shredded Humans

2. Puncture Wound Massacre

3. Fucked With A Knife

4. Stripped, Raped And Strangled

5. Decency Defied

6. Vomit The Soul

7. Unleashing The Bloodthirsty

8. Pounded Into Dust

9. The Cryptic Stench

10. They Deserve To Die

11. Dormant Bodies Bursting

12. Gallery Of Suicide

13. Pit Of Zombies

14. The Wretched Spawn

15. Devoured By Vermin

16. A Skull Full Of Maggots

17. Hammer Smashed Face  


Metal Blade Tour dates 


08.04.06 D Trier Exhaus "Tales from the Underground" Festival Info:

21.04.06 D Bamberg Live Club (w/ Delirium Tremens a.m.) Info: oder

22.04.06 D Weimar Kasseturm (w/ Avatar a.m.) Info: oder

29.04.06 D Wesseling -Aula Gartenstr. Voll auf die Ohren Festival CANCELLED!!!


29.04.2006 - Germany - Hauzenberg near Passau @ Walpurgis Metal Days – with Hate Eternal, Onkel Tom, Apo. Reiter

Belphegor, Dew-Scented and many more info:

10.06.2006 - Germany - Wachenroth @ Suffering Life Festival – with Disbelief, Aborted, Belphegor, Noise Forest, Debauchery and many more info:

23.09.2006 - Switzerland - Transilvania, Erstfeld @ METALFEST URI - with Carnal Forge, Disparaged, Mabon plus more



THE OCEAN final tourdates  

Here´s the final tourschedule for THE OCEAN. Please update your files! Changes are marked in red. All shows formerly marked as t.b.c. are now confirmed except for Bordeaux. 

15.03. Hamburg Fundbureau
16.03. Flensburg Kühlhaus
17.03. Roskilde (DK) Gimle
18.03. Aalborg (DK) 1000Fryd
23.03. Copenhagen (DK) Lades Kaelder
24.03. Schwerin Doktor K
25.03. Nürnberg Kunstverein (KV)
26.03. Prag (CZ) 007
27.03. München Orangehouse
28.03. Wien (A) Movimento
29.03. Graz (A) Arcadium
30.03. Torino (I) Sound Factory

31.03. Milano (I) Leoncavallo
01.04. Bolzano (I) Bunker
03.04. Santander (E) D-Manu w/Noesis
04.04. Vigo (E) Anoeta w/Porco Jones
05.04. Lisbon (P) Lotus Bar
06.04. Madrid (E) Staff

07.04. Bordeaux Heretic tbc
08.04. Poitiers (F) BCS w/Cortéz
09.04. Paris (F) Le Batofar w/Cortéz
10.04. Wiesbaden Schlachthof w/Death Before Disco/Federation X
11.04. Köln Sonic Ballroom w/The Anti Doctrine
12.04. Leuven (B) Sojo
13.04. Tilburg (NL) 013 w/Textures
14.04. Amsterdam (NL) Melkweg w/Textures
15.04. Sneek (NL) Bolwerk w/Textures
16.04. Bochum Bastion
25.04. Bonn Klangstation
26.04. Esch - sur - Alzette (L) Kulturfabrik
27.04. Karlsruhe Substage w/Ira
28.04. Grossrosseln (Saar) Rock im Warndt Open Air w/Lacuna, Letzte Instanz, Xandria u.v.a.
29.04. Würzburg B-Hof

30.04. Niesky Juz Holz
05.05. Berlin Knaack w/The Anti Doctrine
12.05. Jena Rosenkeller w/Transmission0

26.08. Gent (B) Ieper Hardcore Fest 



NIGHTWISH - Tracklist of "End Of An Era"  

Finland's NIGHTWISH have announced the final tracklisting for their forthcoming much-anticipated live CD/DVD package “End of an Era”, due out June, 2nd.

NIGHTWISH - End Of an Era - Live at Hartwall Arena 21.10.2005

1. Dark Chest Of Wonders
2. Planet Hell
3. Ever Dream
4. Kinslayer
5. Phantom Of The Opera
6. The Siren
7. Sleeping Sun
8. High Hopes
9. Bless The Child
10. Wishmaster
11. Slaying The Dreamer
12. Kuolema tekee taiteilijan
13. Nemo
14. Ghost Love Score
15. Stone People
16. Creek Mary´s Blood
17. Over The Hills and Far Away
18. Wish I Had an Angel


VOIVOD - "Katorz" is 'mind-blowing'  

Greg Prato of is reporting that VOIVOD are scheduled to release their new album, "Katorz", in June via The End Records. It will be the group's first CD since the passing of co-founding guitarist Denis D'Amour (a.k.a. Piggy), who died last August after a battle with colon cancer.

"It came about in unfortunate circumstances, but the result is mind-blowing," drummer Michel "Away" Langevin told "Right before his departure, Denis explained to me that he had recorded all the tracks that we had been working on with [bassist] Jason [Newsted] and [vocalist] Snake [Belanger] for the past two years.

He had recorded that on his laptop with ProTools, and even though he would have preferred to re-do the whole thing in a real studio, there was a chance that we could use the tracks. We built the album based on the guitar tracks, which was difficult, because normally, we go the other way around — we start with the drums, and then add stuff on top. But it sounds amazing."

"'Katorz' means 14 — it's the 14th effort of the band," Belanger added. "The first time Piggy put it together and gave us the demo was on CD, [and he had written] 'Katorz,' which is not the right way to write it. Of course [there is] an emotional side to it, so we took the demo, and the design of it will be his handwriting."



CATARACTs Kingdom 

Swiss metallic hardcore heroes CATARACT are back with their fourth album “Kingdom”! 11 Tracks of brutal heavy music are ready to be unleashed upon the masses by the 19th / 22nd of May! The album (which will also be released as a limited 2CD digipack) was recorded once again at Antfarm Studios and produced by Tue Madsen (HEAVEN SHALL BURN, CALIBAN, HIMSA, END OF DAYS, BORN FROM PAIN, KNUCKLEDUST…) who gave CATARACT the sound they were aiming for this time around!

Guitarist Simon Fuellemann speaks out on “Kingdom”:

„With this album we’ve built our own ‘kingdom’! Metallic Hardcore – ‘hard’ being the keyword! ‘Kingdom’ is a groundbreaking step forward without losing our own style!”

As mentioned above this crushing masterpiece of a thrashing beatdown will be released on the 19th of May (Germany / Austria / Switzerland) / 22nd of May (Europe) and features the following tracks: 

01. Kingdom's Rise

02. War of Cultures

03. On this Graveyard

04. Denial of Life

05. Tongues spitting Hate

06. March with your Battleforce

07. Sacrificed for the Wealth

08. Definiton of the Sacred

09. Legions at the Gates

10. Unforgotten

11. For their Sins

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