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Rising Stars


Centred around singer and actor Nikk Gunns, The Flame are a West London based commercial rock band whose sound is a subtle blend of America's finest stadium rock bands and the raw English bands of the 1960s. Nikk Gunns met up with Leigh Heggarty and the two now form a songwriting/playing/producing partnership.

1. Brief biography of the band (how it formed/past gigs/releases, etc,)

I started working with my guitarist and songwriting partner Leigh Heggarty in '97 when we formed The Flame, we have had several line up changes and then last November we lost the rhythm section and carried on for a while doing acoustic gigs. It was at this point that we decided to use session musicians and go out in my name rather than the band name. We have released 3 singles ourselves which sold well at gigs and are currently looking for a new manager and label deal.

2. Musical influnces on the band...

It's a great mix of the sound of the US stadium bands (such as Bon Jovi and Aerosmith) and the raw English 60's bands like the Stones and the Who.

3. Greatest achievement to date...

Our highest profile gig was with Ian Hunter, although we did play at Mick Jagger's brothers 50th birthday which was good. We have also played with members of Thunder and Iron Maiden in their various offshoot bands. We have also worked with producer Pip Williams (Status Quo, Uriah Heep etc) which was a great experience.

4. Current plans (CD's/tours)

I have just finished recording an acoustic album, have got a new website just coming together (, and am busy lining up gigs for later in the year.

5. What is the style/sound of the band?

See above re influences

Nikk Gunns

6. Who is your most dedicated fan(s)?

We have number of great fans, there are a couple of people who come to every show and that's kinda nice.

7. What do you think of the state of the current rock music scene? Is it easy to get gigs?

I don't think for an unsigned band that there is a great scene there!! It is harder now to get gigs- venues are looking for tribute acts or cover bands. The music business in the UK is strange at the moment- I just feel all bands should play instruments and not just dance and mime!!(I think you know what I'm digging at there!!!)

8. Where can the band be contacted at and how much/what CD's are available?

My new website ( will be up shortly, in the meantime you can contact me through my production company at to book gigs etc. We haven't worked out yet what CDs are gonna be on sale on the website.

Nikk Gunns (3 track demo) for more details E Mail

A three track demo, ‘Butterfly Girl’ has been recorded before (and is a firm favourite of my 4 year old daughter!), a heavy pop rocker with some very tasty slide guitar! One of the best songs he has recorded and fans of the Rembrandts/Butch Walker will love this track. ‘Change of Heart’ is a gem of a song - a hook filled chorus and very latter day Def Leppard in places. Again, some neat guitar soloing from Lee Heggarty adds greatly to the song. Final track on the demo ‘You Don’t Know Me’ is not bad either but for me the drum sampling spoils the track slightly but it’s still a decent song with a Stones/Faces vibe about it.
(Jason Ritchie)


Butterfly Girl
© 2003 Heggarty/Gunns. All rights reserved.

Interview © 2002 Jason Ritchie/
Format and edit: The Music Index.

All rights reserved.

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