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THE WOLFMEN Married To The Eiffel Tower (2011)


Championed by the likes of Phil Jupitus, Mark Lamarr, and Jonathan Ross, it's a wonder that I've not heard of The Wolfmen before now. But maybe that's exactly why.

As ageing new wave / post punk rockers will almost certainly know, The Wolfmen are a band formed in 2005 by Chris Constantinou (vocals, bass, harmonica and flute) and guitarist Marco Pirroni, better known as two of Adam's Ants.

Pioneers of that revolution, they were with Adam through his spell in the spotlight, both have gone on to work with the Slits and Sinead O'Connor, and while Constantinou has fronted Jackie On Acid with Bow Wow Wow's Annabella Lwin, Marco's first gig was with Souxsie and The Banshees with Sid Vicious on drums. That's some pedigree.

The Wolfmen first saw the light of day in 2006 with a series of limited edition EPs and vinyl singles including soundtracks for Bravo TV's I Predict A Riot and two previously silent early 1990's fetish films. And while their debut album Modernity Killed Every Night (2008) slipped beneath my radar is was welcomed with open arms by those with weakness for post punk glam.

2010 sessions with The Dandy Warhol's Courtney Taylor-Taylor form the nucleus of their follow up Married To The Eiffel Tower. And once again it's an album that only British musicians of a certain generation could have conceived and delivered. Which is a breath of fresh air in these globalised times.

The album opens in a style (influenced by Constantinou's vocals and flute) that can only be described at what the early eighties charts might have sounded like had fate discarded Adam and give birth to Ian Anderson And The Ants.

Also included is the band's highly regarded single Jackie, Is It My Birthday (featuring Sinead O'Connnor), and a cover of a long lost, and unreleased, Velvet Underground number.

I listened to Prince Charming fairly recently and concluded it hadn't worn that well. But Married To The Eiffel Tower takes the concept and gives it a vibrant new coat of paint like only Constantinou and Pironni could. And for those of a certain age, that's going to be manna from heaven.


Review by Pete Whalley


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