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RODRIGO Y GABRIELA Live In France Rubyworks (2011)

Rodrigo y Gabriela

This fantastic Mexican duo seem to go from strength to strength; fresh from recording the latest Pirates Of The Caribbean soundtrack we get a quality live album. With growing popularity and equal confidence in their own repertoire there is now less reliance on covers compared to when I first saw them live 3 years ago.

The sound is as frenetic and wonderful as ever and I'm still amazed how two acoustics can produce such a full and intricate sound, and how a full set of instrumental music can remain so captivating.

This is twofold, it would be easy to blame it all on Gabriela's rhythm guitar, which is thumped, slapped and pounded between strokes like a drum kit; Rodrigo's lead is fast and furious too and the two of them work so well together. This is all out metal, just played on 2 nylon strung acoustic guitars.

The well trodden material that, if you don't recognise, you should or soon will, features many tracks from the pair's last studio album. '11:11' and 'Buster Voodoo' both see them at full throttle, and the opener 'Hanuman' is a bit of a classic.

The band's best song by far (well they're all good but this REALLY stands out) 'Tamacun' closes a rapturous show, which has the crowd singing the guitar lines. Amazing stuff, and the crowd reaction between every song is amazing.

A classic and thoroughly enjoyable set, with just a couple of very minor quibbles;

First, it's not long enough, second the fade out and in of the audience between some of the tracks, and third the lack of talking between songs (which I know they do and may have been due to the above). But that aside, I really enjoyed listening to this.


Review by Joe Geesin

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