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Mike Tramp

Former White Lion frontman Mike Tramp is about to release 2nd album, 'Stand Your Ground', with current band Mike Tramp & The Rock N Roll Circuz. The Rock n Roll Circuz are the best backing band of Tramp's career, the album finds him sounding his best in years and the 11 songs on offer are well written and fresh sounding.

First impressions of 'Stand Your Ground' have a Springsteen meets Aerosmith vibe, mainly courtesy of massive sounding opening track 'Don't Let Them Put It On You', but the album is more than that- it rocks and rolls- just listen to the likes of 'Alright By Me' and 'Gotta Get Away'.

Those Aerosmith style backing vocals are apparent at various points throughout the album and then there is 'Got Me Crazy' which has the commerciality of Bryan Adams yet still maintains that classic Tramp sound.

'The World Is Changing' is a big, slow burning track that is reminiscent of White Lion's 'Mane Attraction' album whilst 'Straight From The Look In My Eyes' is more of that classic Tramp sound, then there is the sheer swagger of 'Say What You Will'. Album closer 'The Soldier Never Started a War' is a good song with a poignant story behind it- and is not the first song from Mr Tramp to feature this subject.

Mike Tramp himself has stated that 'Stand Your Ground' is his best work, even a masterpiece, and he may not be far off the mark there as it is a strong album from the often underrated Tramp.


Review by Nikk Gunns


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