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MASTODON The Hunter Roadrunner (2011)


Mastodon are not a band I had heard much of prior to this album, my loss as this is one fine progressive metal album. They started off as a straight ahead metal band, albeit with some prog/stoner rock mixed in, but by 'Crack The Sky' they added more prog rock and space rock influences. They continue this trend on this release and have produced a few monster anthems.

'Black Tongue' is a monster song - big riffs and a catchy chorus, with some menacing vocals. 'Curl Of The Burl' has been released as a single/airplay song and rightly so. Again, the band wrap a catchy melody in some monstorous riffing. The best two songs on the album, along with 'Creature Lives'.

On 'Octopus Has No Friends' and 'Creature Lives', the band tap into 70's space rock with weird synths and a chorus that Queens Of The Stone Age would love. Mastodon also know how to utilise their vocal talents, check out the harmonies on these two for proof.

'Bedazzled Fingernails' has a distinct Blue Oyster Cult flavour, in the musical arrangements more than the vocals. It doesn't always work though as 'Blasteroid' fails to match the high standard of the other songs on the album.

Those who enjoyed the band's earlier metal albums may not like all of this album but for those like me who appreciated the band's willingness to try varied musical avenues this is a 'must have'. Along with Black Stone Cherry, the best album released on the Roadrunner label this year.


Review by Jason Ritchie


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