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Classic Grand, Glasgow
16 September 2011

Attica Rage, photo by David Wilson

Attica Rage have been around for a few years now and coming from Glasgow we should have crossed paths before now, but this is my first experience of the guys live.

Having released their latest album 'Road Dog' a few months ago to critical acclaim, including a 4/5 review on these hallowed pages, and played at the High Voltage festival during the summer, the band are on a bit of a crest of a wave at the moment.

They had chosen this homecoming gig as the perfect venue to record a live DVD for future release, to capture this peak for posterity...

Praying Mantis, photo by David Wilson

Special guests for the night were NWOBHM stalwarts Praying Mantis who resurfaced a few years ago on the live circuit and released their latest album entitled  Sanctuary back in 2009.

This was the first time the band had played in Glasgow since a support slot at the legendary Apollo in 1980!

Kicking off with 'Children Of The Earth' the band showed that although 30 odd years had passed, they could still rock with the best and they put in a highly entertaining 40 minute set.

The Troy brothers Tino and Chris founded the band in the mid 70's and clearly still have a great love for all things rock. The band may not have gone on to the same success as other bands of the time, Iron Maiden spring to mind, but they are still a bloody good rock band. If you get the chance to check them out I would recommend you do so as soon as possible.

Attica Rage, photo by David Wilson

The night though belonged to Attica Rage. As I said, the night was being filmed for a full length DVD and the band had drafted in a lot of friends to cheer them on.

The band's sound has developed on the new album from being a bit of a mix between Motorhead and Metallica to a more heavy blues rock sound which on the CD comes across well and live gives a different edge to the performance.

The band kicked off with a couple of older numbers before heading in to the newer material which went down well with the crowd, the band were performing the whole of 'Road Dog' throughout the show, although for a home crowd they were strangely muted and a bit reserved, not what I was expecting really.

Frontman Jonny Parr did his best to whip the crowd up as did Big C on bass and the band played their hearts out. The gig was a bit disjointed at times due to the filming and a couple of special guests coming and going on keyboards and, at one point, cello to play an acoustic number with Jonny on guitar.

Overall though it was a good show which I think was compromised a bit with the filming and I would like to catch the band again. No doubt, once edited, the DVD will be well worth the watch as well.

Review and photos by David Wilson

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