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Monto Water Rats, London, 31 March 2010

Therapy? Photo by Mark Taylor

One of Northern Ireland's finest ever rock bands Therapy? are in town for a three night stint at this pub sized venue the Monto Water Rats located in London's not so glamourous Kings Cross.  Therapy? are to play a different set every night, the best of which will end up on a forthcoming live LP to be released in the summer, the first live offering from the band.

Tickets for these shows sold out quicker than it takes to get served a pint at closing time.  I was here on the last night of these shows and the atmosphere inside the venue was electric.  No more than 200 lucky fans were rammed inside the stage side of this bar. 

I took the option of listening to the band for the first few songs in the other bar where I could relax and watch the band on the TV screen (Even Manic Street Preacher James Dean Bradfield took this sensible option trying his best to look inconspicuous).  It was a hot night and all the doors were open so the band were nice and very loud.  Even those walking down the Grays Inn Road could enjoy the show, it was that loud.

Therapy? Photo by Mark Taylor

'Die Laughing' from 94's highly successful LP 'Troublegum' came early in the set and sent the temperature rising.  Many songs from the recent return to form 'Crooked Timber' were aired including the title track ,the reggae-ish 'Exiles' and 'Enjoy The Struggle' which has a riff lying somewhere between Pantera's 'Walk' and Marilyn Manson's 'Beautiful People' had the Therapy? faithful singing along.

This was a high energy gig with everyone including the band jumping up and down throughout.  This was not a night to start a fight for having your pint spilt.  The only time to regain some energy was during the 'Love Infernal' tracks 'Diane' and the heavy building of 'A Moment Of Clarity'.

Therapy? Photo by Mark Taylor

Andy Cairns led us back to the first single from twenty years ago with 'Meat Abstract', the Red Hot Chilli Peppers feel of 'Teethgrinder' was another winner before they sank their babyteeth into 'Skyward'.  The semi-detached 'Church Of Noise' got us pogoing to this funky bass number.

I made my way down to the front to take a few pictures and was soon covered in sweat from the partying fans.  At first I couldn't understand why my camera was only taking blurred pictures then I realised it was so hot down there that my lens kept on steaming up.

Coming back on stage for an encore of 'Screamager' Therapy? reminded me what a great band they really are.  If you think their days are over, screw that, forget about that.  You can remind yourselves how good they are when they will perform 'Troublegum' in its entirety at this year's Sonisphere Festival.

If the forthcoming live LP is anything like the temperature down the front tonight, then the album will be hot, hot, hot.

Review and photos by Mark Taylor

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