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The Roundhouse, London 3 July 2010

Ozzy, photo by Mark Taylor

Ozzy Osbourne is now a household name but sadly not just for being the Godfather of Metal.  He almost lost that status after making a moany dithering old fool of himself on the reality show of his family the 'Osbournes'. Ozzy is now back doing what he loves best. Making albums and performing on stage.

The double 'O' is at the legendary Roundhouse (So called because it's round), the smallest venue Ozzy has played in the capital since The Forum on a club tour back in '88.  A time when a young slim long blond haired guitarist by the name of Zakk Wylde first shredded with the band.

With a new band Ozzy has just made his best album in two decades with 'Scream'.  Tonight's show is a promotional tool for both Ozzy and iTunes Festival.  To obtain a ticket, you had to be one of the lucky names pulled out of a hat on the iTunes Facebook or Myspace campaigns.

Gus G, photo by Mark Taylor

For dedicated fans, the eyes were on new guitarist Gus G (So called because his real name is Kostas Karamitroudis...try screaming out for his name and you'll end up sounding like Daffy Duck.).

Gus G has brought more of a melodic sound to Ozzy's band not heard since Jake E.Lee was committing the ultimate sin.  In fact only three songs from the Zakk Wylde era are performed tonight and two of those are slow ballady songs, so comparisons are kept to a minimum.

It's 'Bark At The Moon' and 'Shot In The Dark' where the band sound vibrant and fresh again.  Gus G bringing a more commercial sound to the fore dismissing the Pantera crunching sound of recent years. 'Let Me Hear You Scream' is the only new track played tonight is a crowd pleaser where we duly oblige by screaming back.

Ozzy, photo by Mark Taylor

For 'Mr.Crowley' there is a note perfect introduction from keyboardist Adam Wakeman (So called because he is the son of Rick, the Yes man who also played keys on Sabbath Bloody Sabbath.).  Ozzy's voice may get a bit of a enhanced help these days but it's all about entertainment baby.  Ozzy hobbles across the stage with the gaze of Tommy Cooper on acid.

'Faeries Wear Boots' is first of five Black Sabbath numbers tonight, oddly which all are from the 'Paranoid' album.  Drummer Tommy Clufetos doing an admiral job even looking like a youthful Bill Ward with his beard and pony-tailed hair.

Ozzy throws more buckets of water out over the audience than what you would recieve at a Tiswas convention.  With time moving on it was time to board the 'Crazy Train' where once again Gus G made the song sounding closer to the original than in recent years.

For a four song encore with Ozzy prompting the crowd to shout ''One more song.'', we gathered in our masses to sing along to 'War Pigs' and end in fine headbanging fashion for 'Paranoid'.

The Prince of Darkness still shines brightly.

Set list : Bark At The Moon / Let Me Hear You Scream / Mr Crowley / I Don't Know / Fairies Wear Boots / Suicide Solution / Road To Nowhere / Shot In The Dark / Rat Salad / Iron Man / Crazy Train ...encores Mama ,I'm Coming Home / I Don't Wanna Change The World / War Pigs / Paranoid

Review and photos by Mark Taylor

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