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Borderline, London 8 September 2010

Photos by Noel Buckley

Starting the night off in the Crobar, a watering hole just around the corner from the Borderline is not the greatest idea when one has a gig to review as the evening can quickly get very blurry.  Luckily with three bands on offer tonight I was dragged off at a - sensibly - early enough time.  A night of gothic punky rock was awaiting.

Starting off the catfight was Kain fronted by the adorable Samara Kain.  Her new band tore through a set of Runaways induced songs at a fast pace.  Unfortunately not many were through the doors at this early time and many missed out because with songs as good as the rifftastic 'Merciless', you'll soon be hearing more about Kain once their debut album is recorded.

Five Second Rule, photo by Noel Buckley

London rockers Five Second Rule were sandwiched between the girl fronted bands tonight.  The spindly frontman Spider McRawl had the brave audacity of baring his chest with the slogan 'It wasn't me' sellotaped across it whilst standing next to the muscled tattooed torso of his bassist Frank Roar.  McRawl also cheekilly mocked the sparse crowd by telling them to move back.

It may be a while yet before fans get crushed down the front at a Five Second Rule gig, but the band did show promise with songs such as 'Clusterfuck' and the meat 'n two veg feel of 'Sunday Roast'.  A greasy feel of Motorhead with Scott Weiland-esque vocals should keep the post grunge generation happy.

Nemhain, photo by Noel Buckley

Miraculously the Borderline packed out ten minutes before Nemhain were due on stage with many PVC wearing beauties walking down the Borderline steps in their knee length boots, fishnet stockings and black lacy skirts making the place resemble a fetish convention.

Critics are divided over the musical abilities of Nemhain but it never did the Sex Pistols any harm did it? So never mind the bollocks about what some journo who has never picked up a guitar has to say about the band.  It's all about entertainment baby and lead singer Amber Erlandsson is a performer in more ways than one.

Nemhain, photo by Noel Buckley

The band play from the gutter with some some trashy gothic rock 'n roll mixing the sounds of Babes In Toyland and the Cycle Sluts From Hell.  Amber Erlandsson, who has dropped her alter-ego name of Morigan Hel for this band, is captivating.

A dark haired vampire with domineering looks, with bright blood red lipstick around her lips which are larger than you'll find on an a sex doll, dressed in black, wearing 4 inch high heels on knee length boots. Steady on Mark...I need to find a cold sponge (ed.)

Nemhain, photo by Noel Buckley

If that isn't enough to keep the male chauvinist or the inbetweenies happy, there is also the scarlet buxomness Lisa Dickinson on the bass who is more than just a doll. Keeping guard at the back is Adrian Erlansson who gives his kit some grevious battery harm when he's not dealing in a cradle of filth.

Those lucky ones down the front get some alcoholic refreshment from Amber Erlandsson when she injects some Jaigermeister and vodka from a huge syringe into the wide open mouths of her loyal followers.  She also becomes the self harming pryomaniac, as she burns three candles on her arms for birthday girl fan Emma, who also recieves a smacker on the lips from the singer.

My favourite song 'Ana' rocks with it's simpleness.  Amber screams her lungs out on the chorus, a bit like your sister's mate who would shout up to the top window rather than ring the door bell.

''Here's a song that we've raped and pillaged'', Amber declares before destroying 'Die, Die My Darling' giving the Misfits number a sadistic twist with the female vocals, followed by their own smacking 'Heroin Child'.

More covers are made their own.  The Gits' 'Second Skin' was the first single from their latest album 'From The Ashes' and I liked the slow, dark and moody cover of C.C.R's 'Bad Moon Rising' which gives the lyrics a new meaning.

Amber finishes the set rolling around the stage floor with her her head tilted backwards towards the crowd climaxing with the 'Speed Queen'.

Nemhain may not be everyone's cup of tea but I'm sticking with my red wine because Nemhain are the natural born sinners.

Set List : Dirty Weekend/ Ana/ Clear My Eyes/ Die,Die My Darling/ Herion Child/ From The Ashes/ Jane Doe/ Second Skin/ Bad Moon Rising/ Natural Born Sinners/ Speed Queen

Review  by Mark Taylor

Photos by Noel Buckley

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