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KROKUS Hoodoo Sony Music (2010)


Another day, another classic band blasts back this time Swiss rockers Krokus who had a good run of success in the 80's (including a Monsters Of Rock appearance) and have got through more members than Spinal Tap. The classic early 80's line-up featuring Marc Storace, Mark Kohler, Freddy Steady (yes he's the drummer), Chris Von Rohr (the only original member from the 70's line-ups) and Fernando von Arb got back together in 2007 and this is their new album.

They are not a band I had bothered with much before but boy this album makes you want to delve back into their past.

It sounds like Saxon's Biff Byford fronting AC/DC, a killer combination in any rock fans book. 'Drive It In' with its AC/DC riff and not very subtle lyric is a great opener, followed by more rifftastic rock in 'Hoodoo Woman', where the guitars take on a slight ZZ Top feel. The album takes a dip though with a throw away cover of Steppenwolf's 'Born To Be Wild'. This may have been better tucked away at the end of the album or as a download only exlusive. But 'Rock 'N' Roll Handshake' gets the album back on track with a simply massively catchy chorus.

'Ride Into The Sun' takes the pace down a notch whilst 'Too Hot' and 'In My Blood' crank up the riffs. 'Shot Of Love' gives the old air guitar a good workout, complete with 'Carry On' approved lyrics.

You can get this little beauty as a standard CD or with an added live DVD. Whichever one you choose don't miss out on this album as another classic band finds their mojo again.


Review by Andy Nathan


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